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JUN F 1939


THE following pages may be considered as a very proper sequel to "Family Conversations on the Evidences of Revelation," published by the American Sunday School Union; but it seemed desirable to the Committee of Publication, on many accounts, that they should not be published as one volume. The conversations which follow, "contain a brief view of doctrines, upon the belief and practical influence of which depends the salvation of our immortal souls."

It may be proper to mention, that the conversations are not wholly imaginary— parts of them having actually taken place, not without beneficial results. That they may, by the divine blessing, be rendered profitable to many, is the author's most fervent wish.



THE children with whom the parents are supposed to converse, are from twelve to seventeen years of age, and the names


ELIZA, and


who, together with the FATHER and MOTHER,

make the fire-side circle.

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F. WE are now to converse on some of the infinitely important and deeply interesting discoveries of divine revelation. You are not, however, to imagine that you are to hear of things altogether new, for your minds have been made familiar with them from your infancy, by the endearing and valuable instructions of your most affectionate mother; but we shall take a closer and more connected view of these precious truths, which are otherwise unknown, excepting by the revelation of Jesus Christ. These truths are of such a nature, that they communicate the purest light to the darkened understandingthe most sublime and elevating joys to the contrite heart-and are fitted to assimilate our souls to the image of the infinite and ever blessed God.

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