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HYMN 304. L. M. NEwTON.
Wheat and tares. Matt. xiii. 37–42.

I HO’ in the earthly church below,
The wheat and tares together grow;
Jesus ere long will weed the crop,
And pluck the tares in anger up.

2 Will it relieve their horrors there, To recollect their stations mere 2 How much they heard, how much. they knew, How long among the wheat they grew

3 Oh! this will aggravate their case !
They perish under means of grace ;
To them the word of life and faith
Became an instrument of death.

4 We seem alike when thus we meet,_ _

• Strangers might think we all were wheat; But to the Lord's all-searching eyes, Each heart appears without disguise.

5 The tares are spar'd for various ends,
Some for the sake of praying friends;
Others, the Lord against their will,
Employs his counsel to fulfil.

6 But tho’ they grow so tall and strong,
His plan will not require them long;
In harvest when he saves his own,
The tares shall into hell be thrown.

HYMN 305. 8, 7, 4. Newton.

Prayer for a Revival. Ps. lxxxv. 6.

I Solo. visit thy plantation:
Grant us, Lord, a gracious rain :
All will come to desolation,
Unless thou return again.
Lord, revive us;
All our help must come from thee.

2 Keep no longer at a distance;
Shine upon us from on high,
Lest, for want of thine assistance,
Every plant should droop and die.

3 Let our mutual love be fervent,
Make us prevalent in pray'rs;
Let each one esteem'd thy servant,
Shun the world's bewitching snares. .

4 Break the tempter's fatal power;
Turn the stony heart to flesh;
And begin from this good hour
To revive thy work afresh.


Ezek. xxxvi. 37. 1 Co.; sacred Spirit, from above, And fill the coldest heart with love; Soften to flesh the flinty stone,

And let thy godlike pow'r be known.


2 Speak, Thou, and from the haughtiest

Shali'āoods of pious sorrow rise;
While all their glowing souls are borne,
To seek that grace which now they scorn.

3. Oh, let a holy flock await,
Num'rous around thy temple gate,
Each pressing on with zeal to be,
A living sacrifice to thee.

4 In answer to our fervent cries,
Give us to see thy church arise;
Or, if that blessing seem too great,
Give us to mourn its low estate.

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1 S in soft silence, vernal show’rs
Descend and cheer the fainting
So in the secrecy of love,
Falls the sweet influ'nce from above.

2 May we this heav'nly influ'nce find,
In holy silence of the mind,
And every grace maintain its bloom,
Diffusing wide the rich perfume:

3 And lands beneath the burning sky,
Which now are desolate and dry,
Ere long the blest effusions share,
And sudden greens and herbage wear.

HYMN 308. L. M. Doddardge.

Beholding transgressors. Ps. cxix. 158.

§ 1 Soft human nature sunk in shame;

4. See scandals pour’d on Jesus' name; The Father wounded thro’ the Son;

The world abus'd, the soul undone.

2 See the short course of vain delight,
Closing in everlasting night;
In flames that no abatement know,

Kindled by sin the source of wo.

3 My God, I feel the mournful scene;
My bowels yearn o'er dying men;
And fain my pity would reclaim,
And snatch the fire-brands from the flame,

4 But feeble my compassion proves, And can but weepwheremost it loves; : Thy own all-saving arm employ, # And turn these drops of grief to joy.

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HYMN 309. L. M. DoDDRIDGE. | Vision of the dry bones. Ezek. xxxvii. 3. 1 I OOK down, O Lord, with pitying eye, - See Adam's race in ruin lie; Sin spreads its trophies o'er the ground, And scatters slaughter'd heaps around. 2 And can these mould'ring corpses live? And can these perish'd bono 2


That, mighty God, to thee is known;
That wond’rous work is all thine own.

3 Thy ministers are sent in vain,
To prophesy upon the slain ;
In vain they call, in vain they cry,
Till thine almighty aid is nigh.

4. But if thy Spirit deign to breathe,
Life spreads thro' all the realms of death :
Dry bones obey thy pow'rful voice;
They move—they waken—they rejoice.

HYMN 310. C. M. DAvis.

.As the Rain, &c. Isa. lv. 10, 11.
I Boo the genial showers descend
Upon the fruitful field;
What blessings iu their train attend,
What kind effects they yield.

2 "Tis God himself the ground prepares,
His Spirit sows the land;
And ev'ry pleasant fruit it bears,
Is nurtur’d by his hand.

3 In vain the husbandman would toil,
And scatter seed in vain; |
Did not the Lord refresh the soil,
With gentle show’rs of rain. |

4 Spirit of influence now descend Like rain upon the ground ! -| Thro' the wide worlds the gospel send,

And make its fruits abound. - | 240

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