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Printed for R. Griffiths:
And Sold by T. Becket, No. 82, Pall Mall.

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T 0 T H E - •

Titles, Authors* Names, &c. of the Publications reviewed in this Volume.

N. B. For Remarkable Passages, in the Criiicismt and Extrafls, fee the INDEX, at the End of the Volume.

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ftncM An's Phiios. and Chetnic. Essays,
Vol. II. 45S
BLAcksToNs's Reports, ire. with hi*
Life, I
BiANcroRt) Races, a Novel, 314
Blrton, the famous Diviner, Memoirs
relative to, 553
Bonn Yc A n l r's Mensuration* Sec. 47*
Bowyer's Crit. Conjectures, Sec, on the
New Testament, tl'j
Brououton on the Inftwnct, 199
Bruce.'* First Principles of Philosophy,
new Edit, 154

Bryant's Observ. on Rowley, 36
BortoN'i Nat. History, translated, 337
Buroess'i Edit, of Djwii'i Miscellanea
Ci Mem, 478
Burn It's Account of John Earl of Ro-
chester, A'«u F.du. 477
Burnit's General History of Music,
Vol. U. tjf


Candid ut, a Farce, 4-,8
CaValLo on-Air, AC. 3$l
Cecilia: or, Mem. of an Heiress, 45J
CxriDi, Ciunt dt, his Essay on Natural
and Artificial Electricity, »Sa
Chirington's Memoirs, 38S
Chester, Bishop of, his Confutation of
the Errors of Popery) cltrRctcd from
Archbishop Seeker, 399
C110It d'Hiflcirct inttrijsattttt, Set, ass
Collection os American State Pa-
pen, 4**
Colonel Ormlty, 69
A % \ Coil*

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