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JMinister of the JNew Jerusalem Church, Cross Street, Hatton Garden, London.


“For we have not followed cunningly devised fables. 2 Peter i. 16.

“Beware, therefore, lest that come upon you which is spoken of in the prophets; Behold ye despisers, and won.
der and perish : for I work a work in your days, a work which ye shall in no wise believe, though a man declare it
unto you.” Acts xiii. 40, 41; Hab. 1. 5. .

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B O S T ON :


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The present Edition of this Work is a reprint entire of the last English Edi tion, without alteration or omission.

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The occasion and design of the following work are suffi. ciently explained in the Introductory Section; it is there. fore unnecessary to say anything on those subjects here.

In the former Edition, to save room, a large portion of the matter was thrown into the form of Notes; and a further portion was printed in very small type as an Appendix. Considerable inconvenience, however, resulted from this arrangement; and when a new edition was called for, a very general wish was expressed that the Notes should be incorporated with the Text. This, therefore, with some exceptions, has now been done.

If, however, the arrangement adopted in the first Edition had its inconveniencies, it perhaps had its conveniences also. As remarked in the Preface to that Edition, those who prefer small books to large, especially on theological subjeets, might, by that arrangement, gratify their taste, by confining their reading to the Text alone: if this should sufficiently interest them to raise a further appetite, they could then, if they pleased, read the Notes also. To retain, in the present Edition, an equivalent advantage, all the longer SECTIONs have been subdivided into distinet PARTs, each PART dis

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