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190 82

193 91 10 The engraved Fac-simile of a Field-Book to be

stitched by itself.

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Page 3, Last line but one, for which read and.

48, Last line but two, for lines read line,
68, Laft line, for chain-lines read line.
75, Laft line but two, for divide into read divide it into.
84, Instead of 4600 in the 7th line from bottom, and 5800 the

4th line from the bottom, read (10400,) which is the sum

of the former two numbers, . . .105, The line BC in the second Diagram, should be numbered 875

instead of goo.

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119, Second line, for 15 Perches read 16 Perches.
121, Third line, a comma should follow long instead of links.
123, At the bottom of the Diagram, for oo read (500.)

126, Second line, for zo read (200.)
.. 128, Tenth line, for 406= AE read 404=AE,

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