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2dly, Neglect not family-catechising. Oblige them to get the shorter Catechism, and labour to make them understand it by examining them, For which cause ye have many good helps laid to

your hand.

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3dly, Often inculcate on them their sinful and miferablc state by nature, and the salvation for them in Jesus Christ.

4thly, Join a practical exhortation with your catechifing. It might be profitable to close the çatechising on every question of the Catechism up. on a particular head, with a short admonition'to them by way of use. Ex. gr. on the first, Well, mind that the great thing ye have to do in the world, is to glorify God; and that the great thing ' ye have to seek, is the enjoyment of him.

Sthly, Inculcate upon them, and train them up in a reverence and esteem of the ministry of the gospel, as an ordinance of Christ for the salvation of sinners. And oblige your family to a conscientious attendance ; none of them to fit at home that are capable of profiting by the word, without a reason that will bear weight before God, 1 Cor. 1. 21. I urge this the rather that some are train, ed up in a neglect, or in a contempt of it, to the insnating of their poor souls. Mind the children of Bethel.

6thly, Inculcate and labour to impress them with the belief of the vanity of the world, and tha

imposibility of finding a rest to their heart in any ..çreature. Tell it them from the word, your own and their experience.

7thly, Inculcate and labour to impress them with the belief of the full happiness to be found in a God in Christ, held forth to them in the promise of the


as ye

gospel Solemnly affure them, that there they may find a reft to their heart, and that God is offering himself to them as such.

8thly, Make it known to them, how good a master God is ; how pleasant the way of holiness is : what an ill master Satan is; how contrary and odious sin is to God; how dear it stood Chrift; how bitter it will be to the finner here or here. after.

9thly; Put them on praying by any means, "and teach them to pray, and inculcate on them the neceffity of it.

rothly, Make known to them how God is a God of exact justice, and purest truth : and from thence,

love their souls, endeavour often to inculcate on them, and impress them with a horror of injustice in the least things, and of lying in any case, The sad way some are brought up in those points, leave them without any conscience of common honesty or truth.

And mind that precept must be upon precept, pre: cept upon precept, line upon line, line upon line, here a little and there a little, Il. xxviii. 10.

And be not discouraged though ye see not the fruit. The fruit may come when ye are in your grave. Mind Manasseh's conversion, when his godly father was dead and gone.

Now, ye young folk, and young ones, for whose cause so much has been faid, I will leave this text, with three words to you, and a great offer.

1. Christ and the devil is striving about you. Christ is striving for you by his minifters, your parents, and malters, that show a concern for your soul, and by your own consciences. The devil is

striving striving to hold you, by his temptations, a vain world and wicked, and your own lufts. But the devil is a murderer, the world is false, and your lusts are deceitful, which" ye will find if ye trust them.'

2. Ye are between the lofing and the winning now.

If Christ get you when ye are young, ye will serve him with life and spirit: if the devil prevail, the elder ye grow, ye will go the farther from God. For youth goes with a great swing right or wrong.

3. Eternity is at stake with you ; eternal well or eternal woe, according to the fide ye shall chuse.

I offer Christ to you, and declare that he is willing to be yours, and make you happy for ever, and be a rest to your hearts : Matth. xxii. 4. Tell them which are bidden, Behold, I have prepared my dinner : my oxen and my fatlings are killed, and all things are ready: come unto the marriage. Prov. viii. 17. I love them that love me, and those that seek me early fall find me. Remember this, and say Amen.



A Collection of SERMONS on fe

veral important Subjects in Divinity.

By the late Mr BOSTON of Ettrick.

The Texts are as follow, 1. Luke xiii. 5. I tell you, Nay: but except ye

repent, ye fball all likewise perish. II. Prov. vi. 10. 11. Yet a little sleep, a little

Number, a little folding of the hands to seep.

Sa shall thy poverty come as one that travelleth, -- and thy want as an armed man. III. LUKE xxiii. 42. Lord, remember me when

thou comeft into thy king dom. IV. Eccl. viii. 1 1. Because sentence against an

vuil work is not executed speedily; therefore the heart of the fons of men is fully set in them to do evil. V. LUKE VL. 46. And why call ye me Lord, Lord,

and do not the things which I say? VI. JOHN xiii

. 8. If I was thee not, thou hast no part with me. VII. 1 Tim. vi. 12. Fight the good fight of faith. VIII. PHIL. iii. 3. For we are the circumcifion,

which worship God in the Spirit, arid rejoice in

Chrift Jefus, and have no confidence in the flesh. IX. Rev. xxi. 22. And I saw no temple therein :

for the Lord God almighty, and the Lamb'are

the temple of it. N. B. The above Texts are largely opened up,

and applied. To be printed from the Author's-original Manu


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