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The sepulchre was gaping wide,
Its closing-stone was roll'd aside,
And shuddering crowds press'd r.und
to win
A sight of the foul scene within
The charnel-steam, too strong to bear
Ascended on the healthful air,
And groaning deep for him who slept,
E'en Christ stood at the grave, an
He wept! but His was not the tear
Of human grief on human bier,
That gushes, trustless of to-morrow,
In unassuaged excess of sorrow.
And yet he wept; though there ho
In puwer's unquestion'd plenitude,
While every sacred drop that fell
Was life to death, and death to hell

But closer now, and closer grew
The press of the surrounding crew,
Who deem'd he came to mourn, not
save, -
As he stoop'do'er the dead man's grave,
Aud gazed with self-communing air
For a short space in silence there.
Nearer he stoop'd, and yet more near:
Hark! heard ye not, like trumpet clear,
His life-shout in that mouldering ear 2
Forth sent the tomb its bidden birth,
For He who called was God on earth !

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Printed by Alills, Jowett, and Mills, (late Bensley, Bolt-court, Fleet-street.

divine appointment, and strong confidence in his time to receive any communication from him, or God. His daughter Louisa had, for about seven to inqaire respecting his prospects beyond the months, enjoyed a clear evidence of the pardon- grave. He was beloved by the people who ening love of God, and had become an active distri- joyed the benefit of his labours, and who sinbater of Religious Tracts, and a Collector for the cerely regret the loss they have sustained. Vissions. She died at the age of twents, happy

J. A. in God; so that within five days the father and daughter entered the heavenly rest.

Jan. Joth:-At Draycott, in the Derby Circuit, G. M.

Miss Ann Newton, She was brought to a knowJan. 9th, At Ereter, the Rev. Caleb Sim ledge of the truth under the ministry of the Rev. mons, aged seventy. He was an Itinerant John Nelson, sen., when about thirty years of Prracber in the Methodist Connexion twenty age, 1 he soundness of her conversion was eight years. His last appointment was to the evinced by a consistent course of religious and Banwelt Circuit, in 1820 and 1821. The sub- moral conduct. Her attachment to the Re. requent part of his life was spent chiefly at deemer, and his people, was sincere and ardent : Starcross, in the Teigmouth Circuit, where he and at the close of a protracted and severe al usually preacbed twice on the Lord's Day, and fiction, which she sustained with great Chris. frequently twice a week besides, till within two tan resignation and fortitude, her fears of anor three months of his decease. He removed proaching dissolution were happily dissipated : from Starcross to Exeter, for the benefit of his and, without any immediate intimation of her bealth, only two days before he died. His denth departare, she fell asleep in the Lord, in the was suddes, and no religious friend arrived in sixty-third year of her age.

H. S. H.


FRANCE, and Spain, and Portugal, Character'd without, within,
Weep yé, weep ye, each and all! Share, and AGONY, and sin,
Still ye trade in blood and pain,

By the accusing spirit shown,
When the earth has curs'd the chain. Tells how deep ye are undone.
Long has righteous vengeance slum-
ber'd ;

Every je wel in your crest,
Yet has every sigh been pumber'd: Golden realms of East and West,
Not a Negro's dying prayer

Shall at once be reft away,
Has been scatter'd on the air;

Till your might is gore and elay; Not a ferter's clapk, a groan,

And in one last funeral flame But has risen before the 'THRONE ! Sink dominion, hope and name. Wrath shall be no more delay'd;

Hlear the more than prophet. call, Blood før blood shall be repaid.

France, and Spain, and Portugal ! Ye shall see the heavens unroll,

Pulci. Where a more than mortal scroll,


Hosea ii. 14, 15.
Lift up your bearts to things above, From hence He shall our comforts raise,
Ye partners in distress ;

From hence our vineyards give;
Allur'd, and brought by Jesu's love, And by his all-restoring grace
Into the wilderness.

Our drooping souls revive.
With us expect again to bear

Hé from the depth of misery His comfortable voice,

Shall lift his mourners up, And feel his great salvation near, And, lo! he gives us now to see And evermore rejoice.

An open door of hope.

Only " .. . E'en now we sweetly call to mind

The former Gospel-days, .

The joy of our first love we find,

The ecstasy of grace.
- We sing the glories of the Lamb,

And feel his blood applied,

• As when we out of Egypt came, . .. But newly justified.



TRANSLATED BY JOIN BOWRING, ESQ. Wno leaves the' Almighty God to reign He comes unlook'd for; and whene'er Supreme, and trusts alone in God, He comes, both peace and joy are there. Him shalí the' Almighty One naiptain; Tben deem not, in thy gloomiest hour, Though dark and dismal be his road,

That God abandons thee to woe : Yet he niay rest in peace, for he

Wilt thou mistrost His awful power, Is shelter'd by the Deity.

Or wilt thou doubt His goodness ? No! How vain are sighs! bow vain regret! Yet a few hours, and time shall prove Complaint could ne'er subdue distress ; His changeless, countless, matchless, E'en though with grief our couch he wet, love. We shall not therefore weep the less.

His rule is wondrous; at His will No! tears but add a gloom the more

This mighty universe, with all To that which was so dark before.

Its-beings, vibrates, or is still ; Be still, be silent, wait awhile;

And kingdoms rise, and kingdoms fall: There's comfort yet from God for thee: He lifts he lowly, sinks the high, His light amidst ihe gloom shall smile, In His uncounsellid Majesty. All-wise, all-good, all-knowing He:... 0 then be calm, and tread serene, He made us, and from him there's

With prayer acd praise, life's varying nought Conceal'd of deed, or word, or thought. "Tis gay with flowers; its paths are green, When joy should dawn, He joy decrees; And thou’art guided hy thy God : But only sends that joy to bless :

Be calm ; for at the worst, thy rest, . But oft His searching vision sees

Is near, and heaven will make thee Joy in apparent wretchedness :


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BY THE REV. LIONEL THOMAS BERGUER. The sepulchre was gaping wide, Not faster answers to the flash Its closing-stone was roll'd aside, Or Heaven the illuminated ash, And shudderiog crowds press'd r.uud Than, following that resistless word, to win

The Dead sprang forth before his Lord, A sight of the foul scene within

B und haud and fout with funeralThe charnel-steam, tvo strong to bear clothes; Ascended on the healthful air,

In life, in breathing life, be rose,. Aud groaving deep for him who slept, Anil cast amid the astonish'd crowd, E'en Christ stood at the grare, an from his freed limbs, the loosen'd wept.

sbroud! He wept! but His was not the tear Healih's crimson light o'erspread his Of human grief on buman bier,

face, That gushes, trustless of to-morrow His eye was fire, his step was grace ; In unassuaged excess of sorrow.

No trace of what it was before And yet he wept; though there lio The metamorphos'd body wore;. stood,

But, like the first-forin'd of mankind, In power's unquestion'd plenitude, Ere his full heart imigbt utterance find, While every sacred drop that fell : Coinplete in sense, and limb, and mpa Was life to death, and death to hell ! " tion, . But oloser now, and closer grew

Absorb’d he stood in rapt devotion,, The press of the surrounding crew,

While through each uncollapsing vein Who deem'd he came to mourn, not

The rushing life-streams burst again.. save,

All turu'd tu Christ; but him, with eye Ashe stoop'do'er the dead man's grave, Serenely lifted to the sky, Aud gazed with self-communing air Symbol nor sign of outward power, For a short space in silence there. Distinguish'd in that holy hour: Nearer he stoop'd, aud vet more near: His haud yet on the warble rested, Hark! beard ye not, like trumpet clear, Where late the revelling worm was His life-shout iu that mouldering ear? rife, Forth sent tlie tomb its biddev birth, . And awe-struck multito les attested For He who called was Goj ou earth! “ The ResuRRECTION and the Life!"

Printed by Mills, Jowett, and Mills, (late Bensley,) Bolt-court, Flect-street.

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l'ainted by JRFNION Fupraved by W T FRY

by Appointment in the $175, 17utre,

4.City Road

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