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to leave no chance for me to improve upon them. All students regard with respect Ward's History of English Dramatic Literature and are grateful for the Cambridge History of English Literature, while such works as Lee's Life of William Shakespeare and Baker's The Development of Shakespeare as a Dramatist have become simply a part of the general tradition. In the Cambridge History , I feel especially indebted to the several articles by Mr. Harold Child, and also to the one on “ The Drama and the Stage” by Professor G. H. Nettleton, while the latter writer's English Drama of the Restoration and Eighteenth Century has proved altogether indispensable. Some simply written but very accurate works for school use have helped again and again. Such are the Introduction to Professor C. G. Child's edition of The Second Shepherd's Play, Everyman, and other Early Plays, MacCracken, Pierce, and Durham's An Introduction to Shakespeare, and Neilson and Thorndike's The Facts about Shakespeare. Constantly I have had to avail myself of the results of the studies of Professor F. E. Schelling; to Professor Barrett Wendell I must ever be grateful for helpful criticism; while to President W. A. Neilson and Professor J. M. Manly I feel an indebtedness difficult to express. Back and forth between these last two teachers it was long my happy lot as a student to pass; their works are frequently cited in the notes; and while neither of course is responsible for any statement on my own part, it is a pleasure to take this occasion to thank two men who in themselves So excellently represent the highest ideals of modern scholarship


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