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as are according to his command, and will man's inability to satisfy justice, upon the be acceptable unto him.

other hand, but by Jeius Christ : there

fore it is said, they are become dead to the OBSERVATIONS.

law by the body of Christ. I. Unbelievers, who have never yet V. Ere this bond and obligation could fied in to Christ, are lying under the law be loosed and cancelled, justice behoved to as a corenant of works; and they are lo have a complete fatisfaction made, and fast tied unto that rigorous husband, and Christ therefore behoved, in name of a!! bound over to subjection thereunto, ihai his own people, to lay down his life, and there is no loosing of the tye;, while they offer up his body upon the cross, for no remain such they are still bound to yield less could stop the mouth of justice; chere. perfect obedience, and that in their own fore it is said, By his body. strength, which is impossible; and that VI. In dealing with the adversaries of under no less penalty than the everlasting truth, we should not rigidly stick unto curse of God: this is clearly implied, terms and expreflions, if the truth may while he says, they are now become dead to be gained otherways, left it turn to a mere the law.

litigation and strife about words, which · II. Believers in Jesus Christ have that will but occasion conteniion, and no edifiprivilege, beyond others, that they are now, cation ; for Paul will not needlelly irritate being in Christ, as free from the curse them, by using an expression which he faw that was due to them by the covenant of might well be forborn, without any pre works which was broken, and from any judice. to truth; and whereas he should obligation to study, in their own strength, have faid, according to the comparison, complete conformity unto that law, for And now the law is dead to you, he says, life and salvation, as if there were no Ye are dead to the law, which maketh no other poflible way for attaining justification less for his purpose. and falvation but by so doing; for Paul VII. Believers have Jesus Christ for fays, they were now become dead to the law. their husband, and the rye which is be

III. If people were thoroughly convin: twixt him and them is a strait and indir. ced that they had a room in the affection solvable tye, set out here by the tye of of pastors, it would much help them to marriage betwixt married perfons, so that profit by them, and to receive the truth neither life nor death, things present por at their hands; and therefore ministers, things to come, persecution nor distress, on the one hand, should study, with all can diffolve the same; hence is he often good conscience, to walk so as may serve called our husband, 2 Cor. xi. 2, and they to convince their people that they love are here said to be married to another, viz. them tenderly; and, upon the other hand, Christ. people should beware, to entertain jealou- VIII. There is no union to be made fies of their paltors, knowing how preju- up betwixt Christ and a foul so long as dicial that will prove, and what a hinder they are tied to the law as their husband : ance it will be unto their profiting: there these covenants of works and grace will fore the apostle doch again fay, my bre not join together, in whole or in part thren.

for if it be by works, it is no more o IV. So straitly are people by nature grace; and if of grace, it is no more bo bound over to the curse of God, and the works: and before a man can expe&t lif law of works, that there is no possibility and salvation thro? Christ, he most whollto get this bond loosed, because of God's renounce the law, and the righteousne justice and truth, upon the one hand, and I thereof; his former husband must be dea

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that we should serve in newness of spirit, , cised their power and efficacy through all and not in the oldness of the letter. the members of our body, and faculties of

our soul, and fired them up to act wick. THis last end of the marriage with edness and iniquity, which deserved death;

Christ, viz. cbedience, and fruitful. ) and they broughi forth fruit unto death, neis in good works, he presseth here, and as .heir husband, so that, as it were, confirmeth and illustrateih it from the con- death was the proper owner and father fideration of their carriage and walk while of these fins. Now, would the apostle under their old husband ; and fo shewerh say, if it was so with us, while under cur how equitable and just it is, that now, old husband, is it not reasonable, that while married to Christ, they should now, while we are urder a new husband, bring forth fruit unto God; therefore he we should serve him? that now while we says, when we were in our unregenerate are delivered from the law, and that coveestate, under the law, or coveranc, of nant of works, that being dead wherein works, in the flesh, being only tickled with we were held; chat is, the law, in respect the outward sound of the law, defiicute of of its intolerable and inexorable rigour, the inward Spirit of grace; while we were being now abrogated; or, sin and corrupin that carnal state in which we were tion, which tyranniously held us formerly, born, and which we had from Adam by being now flain and dead, as to its full carnal generation, whereby we are allo strength and vigour; (this is all one, for gether filthy in soul and body, and every when this body of death in us is slain, the way obnoxious unto fin, and led away law cannot condemn :) or, we being dead with corruption, and our defiled nature, to the law, as some copies have it, and then the motions of fin, that is,' sinful, cor. accordingly, is rendered by some; see the Tupt molions which are against the law of margin of some Bibles, and this is one God, for this is a Hebraism, which doch with the former; for whether the husband frequently occur ; and well- they may be or the wife die, the marriage tye is loorcalled passions which affect the soul, and ed,) we should serve in newness of spirit, draw the whole man away, such passions and not in the oldness of the letter; that and affections as stir up to fin, so that by is, that we might serve God in that new motions of fin is meant, in a word, all the estate which we have obtained by the motions of the understanding and will both, Spirit of God, for it is the Spirit that and so comprehendeth our evil thoughts, doth work a change in us, 2 Cor. iii, 6.; counsels, purposes, and all affections which or by new obedience, both in thoughi, flow from this natural corruption, and word, and in deed; and true holiness, drive on to fin: Which were by the law; flowing from a spiritual frame and new that is, 'which were the more irritated and constitution, and done in a spiritual manstired up, the more the law curbed and per, and to a holy end, and helped on by held in by prohibitions and comminations; the Spirit of grace; and not in the oldas any sticking thing will have a worse fa- nefs of the letter, according to the revour that the sun shine upon it, and that nor of the old covenant, or works, haynot thro'any fault of the sun, but because ing only an external fhew of obedience, of its own unfavoury nature. Now, says without any heart change; not having he, these motions of lin, which were so the law written in the heart, but only in far from being restrained by the law, that tables of fione; for the law to the unrethey were the more stired up, and grew generate is only a bare letter, and never the more violent, did work in our members | Speaks in to the heart. to bring forth fruit unto death; they exer


had and per, and to a holy ena, auu vor


From verse 5. OBSERVE, black works of darkness: tirese motions,

work in our members. I. The state of unregeneracy is a most | VI. As sin and corruption within natural fintal, vile, corrupt, and abominable eltate, folk are strong and vigorous, and have the at are of lip and corruption, wherein the faculties and members of the inan as so foul is plunged in sin, and can do nothing | many under-slaves ready at command, and but fin, being under the mastery and do- | very instrumental ; fo is its work answerminion thereof;. for such, are faid to be able: lin will not rest, within, but must in the fleb; wholly environed and over break out into some external act to God's whelmed therewith, and euwraped there dishonour; if it be not restrained; and the

first motions of fin are so broody, that they II. While a man is under the covenant are never choaked till fin in soine member of works, and not married to Christ, all or faculty be in some measure perfected, the motions and stirings of his foul are James i. J 5.: for those motions bring forth tainted with sin, his understanding and all fruit. the motions thereof, his will and all its : VII. As the state of unregeneracy is a actings, and all his affections and passions state of death; so all the actions of such as {nell rankly of the state of sin he is in: are in that state, are near of kin to death, therefore are they called motions of fin. the result of them all shall be death: and

III. So mighty and proud are those ex however these, in acting fin, mind this orbitant, fintul motions in the unregenerare, little, but intend and forecast other things;

that there is no heming of them in, no yet they may make themselves sure there- dam can keep them in, so strong and vio of: Therefore they bring forth fruit unte kat is their current; nay, the more they | death.. are bared and damed up, the more fierce

From verse 6. OBSERVE;, cod uptractable are they; for they break cut and burst out by the law, even that I Believers in Christ are brought law which should have been a bar in their out of that state of corruption in which way, and -laid a restraint upon them, they they were conceived and born, and no take occasion at to rush forth with great more. liable to the condemning sentence of er force.

the law; and that yoke which once was IV. These notions and inclinations in wreathed about their necks, as well as Othe unreconciled, are not only finful in thers, is now loosed, fo great a.change ihemselves, but also they are the seed and doth grace make in souls: for the apostle pawn of more mischief; they are not idle fays, But now. we are delivered from the law.

ad filept, but broody, and have power II. This deliverance could never have Cand efficacy with them: therefore they are been wrought so long as the law and coaid to work, and bring forth fruit.

venant of works stood in full force as to V. Howbeit graceless, unrenewed fouls them, and corruption and sin within them may account themselves happy in that retained the old strength; but the coveplerable and finful condition wherein they | nant or law of works, behoved first to be are; yet in very deed their condition is dead, and corruption in part slain : There. pol miserable and deplorable, being al. | fore it is added, that being dead wherein we 1uzether flaves to fin, not having so much were held; and hereby shewerh the way i one member either of soul or body how this deliverance was brought about.

2e, but all of them as so many under III. Believers were once no less under crvants to fin, or as so many shops where the slavery of corruption within, and dofin and corruption are working in the 1 minion and tyranny of the law than others,


forth fruit they are bell. This del

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