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in to Chrift: and all these, and these only. I ty to Christ's image in glory, as adopted whom he has chosen to himself, will in children of God; and if God fo surely did due time be eifectually called in to Christ, ordain and elect them to life, as that, in Acts ii. 47, and xiii. 48., the called accord sime, he appointed effectually to bring ing to his purpose, i ,

them to falvation, and to the actual poffelXIV. Whatever good accrue to believers fion of glory, by the means appointed, and by afflictions, they should beware of im- lo in bis decree knie with an indissolvable puting that to any deserving in themselves, tye, life, and all the means leading to life but should look higher to another spring, then sure amictions cannot wrong such, . and see the rise of it in the free and un- but may rather work for their good; for changeable purpose of God: for he leads what can wrong such whom God has everthem up to this fountain, saying, To them lastingly decreed to bring to life, and ef. .. who are the called according to his purpose. feétually to bring about the ineans where

XV. God may prove himself the hearer by they shall certainly be brought to life: . of prayers, and may answer the grones of But so it is, that God hath had thoughts kis own children, which they send up in a of good towards such, having foreknown time of allliction, tho' affliction continue them, and predestinated them to glory, and be not taken off, by bestowing upon even to be conformed to the image of his Son, them as good, or better, making them verse 29. and thar so, that also he hath physical and healthful: for this verse may firmly decreed to bring about the means be looked on (as we shewed in the expli- leading towards life, as effectual calling, cation) as answering an objection of this and justification, and at length glorificatinature, from the last verse.

on, verse 30. Here then is a golden chain

of falvation, wherein the first rise of it, VERSES 29. 30. For whom he did fore the progress, and period of it, are sweetly kngo, he also did predestinate to be con- and excellently linked together, every link formed to the image of bis Son, that be whereof is more masly than another, and might be the first-born Jamong many breall of them full of consolation ; which for thren.

po clearness we mall further explain. And Mbreover, whom he parafinate, them he .. then, he says, Whom he foreknew; forea

also called: and whom he called, them knowledge may import, God's prescience, be also justified: and whom he justified, or knowledge of things. before they come them he also glorified.

to pass, as Acts ii. 23. but here it is more

comprehensive, taking in with it God's saIN these verses, the apostle confirmeth vour and good-will, and so imports as much I his last argument, which was this, I as fore-acknowledged, and is such a knowThat all things work together for good ledge, by which he severeih his people to these that love God, being called ac from che rest, and so includes an act of his cordiog to the purpose and decree of God; will, as being the same, upon the matter, Therefore we hould be content of afflicti- | with his decree, Rom. xi. 24 and with the ons when the Lord is pleased to carve them good pleasure of his will, Eph. i. 5. for out to us. Now that all things work to. there, as here, predestination followeth; gether for good to fuch, he proveth thus; and thus we are said to be elected according If such who are the called according to to the foreknowledge of God," 1 Pet. i: 2. so his purpose have had a room in his esti then, this is a foreknowledge of favour mation and affection, and out of his mere and good will, according to which the good-will and pleasure, were predestinat: Lord is said to know his own, Pfal. i. 6. ed and elected to eternal life, to conformi- 1 2 Tim. ii. Ty, and whom he rejects, he is

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baving this seal, The Lord knoweth them hold his glory, John xvii. 24. yet as in all that are his. Rom. ix. 11. For the children things Christ has the pre-eminence, Col. being not yet born, neither having done any i. 18. so in this sonship, and glory followgood or evil, that the purpose of God according thereupon, he has a far greater share ing to election might stand, not of works, than any man or angel is capable of; fo but of him that calleth. But the only cause that he is the first-born among many brethren. is, the good pleasure of his will, Eph. i. 5. XVI. Believers sharing, in their own his own free grace, Rom. xi. 5. and will, kind and measure, of that glory which Exod. xxxiii. 19. Rom. ix. 15. and firm Chrift hath in heaven, doch no way lessen purpose, Rom. ix. ll. and here, his fore- | the glory of Christ, their head and elder koowledge ; for, whon be did foreknow, brother; but so much the rather it servthese he did predestinate.

eth to exalt Christ, that he hath many XIII. So rich and wonderful has this made conform unto his image; it tendeth love of God towards such whom he fore- the more to illustrate and extol the glory knew been, that the life which he had | of Christ, that there are some poor creaappointed for them should be no less than | tures advanced to that honour, as in some the fame in kind, in a manner, as that measure to look like him, and shine in glory which his only Son Jesus Christ, as Medi- with him: therefore it is added, That be ator, hath in glory; he ordained them to might be the first-born among many brethren. no less, than to be sharers of that same XVII. Believers, as they are all one glory which Christ enjoyeth: and thus body, of whatsoever kindred, nation and they are said, to be like him, 1 John iii. 2. language they be, and so have a strong and to appear with him in glory, Col. iii. 4. ) and near union and relation each to other, and here, glory is said to be a conformity having all one Spirit, one faith, one baptism, unto the image of shis Son; and so thobe | Eph. iv. 4. 5. 6. and being the adopred lievers cannot now reach their copy, but children of one Father, Matth. vi. y.; so do in many things offend; yet at that day, whatever difference be among themselves, they shall be completely like him in holi- in respect of gifts and parts, all are alike ness, according to their capacity; and fur- fib to Christ, and have the same interest ther, shall fit with him upon his throne, in, and relation to him, as their Father, Rev. iii. 21. and so be like him in glory. and so they are brethren to his Son, that

XIV, No created angel or man could is Chrift: that he might be the first-born have challenged any right, or laid any among many brethren. clair unto this most excellent inheritance, XVIII. Howbeit the number of the gothing of this was due to them as crea- elect, in comparison of the reprobate, be tures of God, nor never would they have but small, and so called, a little flock, Luke been partakers thereof, if God had not xii. 32. and few chofen, Matih. xx. 16. and freely, of his own good pleasure, purpof- xxii. 14. yet in themselves, absolutely coned and designed this for them, and them lidered, they are a great number, and hence for it: tberefore he is said to have pre- called, a world, John iii. 16. and vi. 3 3. destinated them to be conformed unto the 2 Cor. v. 19. Rom. iv, 13. compared with image of his Son.

11. 1 John ii. 2. and many, Rom. v. 15. XV. Though believers shall partake of | 19. so here they are called, many brethren. the glory of Christ, as adopted sons, and in this respect, have that glory given to l ' From verle zoth OBSERVE, them which the Father gave to Christ, ac- I. As God, according to his own good cording to John xvii. 22, that is, that they pleasure, and counsel of his own will, hath may be with him, and that they may be. I appointed and decreed, that some shall cer-..

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