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by bringing in these words out of Malachi, | appointing them to everlasting life, for the As it is written, Jacob have I loved, and glory of his free grace, and so makes choice Efau have I hated, lo confirm his gloss. of fome, as he thinkeih fit, leaving the

VI. There is no man on earth whose relt, aod hath no way designed all to life; judgment we must follow, as the cnly rule for here is mention made of election, (which of interpreting of scripture; but the Spirit always imporreth the taking of some, and of God speaking in the scriptures, is the leaving of others) and the elder is made to only rule; and therefore scripture can only serve the younger; and Jacüb is loved, and interpret scripture, and we must expone nor Efau. See John vi. 37. Rev. xx. 15. darker places by places which are more. 1 XI. All these whom God hath fet his full and clear, after the example of the love on from eternity, are individually apostle, who explains what he meaneth by and particularly condescended on, and that dark place cited out of Genefis, by known to the Lord, 2 Tim. ii. 19.: for that clearer, Jacob have I loved, &c. Jacob have I loved, and Efau bave I bat

VII. So rich a treasure is the word, that ed; they are particularly pitched on. not only are the truths therein held forth XII. This decree by which some are profitable for iostruction and admonition, &c. predestinate to life, and others to death, is but also the very circunstances are signifi-| not pendulous or conditional, depending cant, as the time when such and such a thing upon something in man; such a decree bewas faid, and useful for the more full clear- ing unfuitable for him who is altogether ing of the mind of the Lord; which should perfect, as being no act of his will at all; call us to more exact study of the scrip. fo that the decree cannot be conceived to tures, and such useful circumstances: for be this general confuled act, I will save we see the apostle lays much weight upon such and such if they believe; but this the time when it was said, The elder Mall absolute particular act, I will save such and ferve the younger, viz. before they were such particular persons: therefore we hear, born; and therefore says, The children that he loved Jacob, and there is no con" being not yet born, &c.

dicion mentioned; and before the children VIII. Carnal reason being enmity against were born, or had done either good or evil, God, Rom. viii 7. and all his ways, cannot it was absolutely faid, the elder shall serve be soon captivated by the truth, nor will the younger. not be foon convinced of it; and therefore | XIII. As this decree of predestination there must be line upon line, and one in. in God, is peremptor and particular, fo is stance upon the back of another : therefore it permanent and immutable; his will is says he, And not only this, but when, &c. stable and unchangeable, so that whom he

IX. The Lord Jehovah, the great Cre- loveth, he loveth to the end; seeing there ator of heaven and earth, is sovereign Lord can nothing fall out in time, but what he and absolute Disposer of all his creatures, hath decreed fhall fall out, and so hach and hath absolute power to dispose of them clearly foreseen; nor can there any thing both as to soul and body as he pleasech, be able to hinder him from effectuating all being his handy-work : for here, he | what he purposeth; and theretore his pur. leveth Jacob, and hates Esau, and makes poses are not as man's, who can neither the elder serve the younger, and all ac- , foresee events, nor resist all occurrences cording to his own purpose, which is elfe- which vary every day : therefore it is said, where called the good pleasure of his will, that the purpose of God according to election Eph. i. 5.

might /tand; hence we hear of their names X. God by an everlasting decree, hath being writen in a book, Phil. iv. 3. Rev. separated some of mankind from the reit, 1 xxi. 27. Luke x. 20.

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