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Brcviarium Cbronologicum.


Describing the

Terms and Most Celebrated Cha-
Racters, Periods andEpo-
c H A's used in


By Giles Strauchiusi D; D. and Publiek Pro-
fessor in the University of Wittebergh.

Now done into Englifi from the Third

Edition, in Latin. By


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And Enlarged with all the usefuflest things

(omitted by the Author) taken from Dr. Beve-
ridge'i Institutions! Chronologic^ and Dr. bolder of
Time; as also the Epocha's of the Principal King-
doms ind States oi Euros: with Tables,'calculated
to the Authors Method.

L 6 N D 0 N:

Printed for A. Bosvjle at the Dial and
Bible against St. Dmstart s Church in Fleet-
street. 1704.

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I Here present thee with the Translation of an Author who has never yet appeared in an English Dress; one so famous far that fort of Learning he treats oj\ that I thought it might prove no ungrateful Work to the Publick to make him speak our Language, which has hitherto been so great a Stranger to Chronology, the Subject which our Author here so learnedly handles. In it thou wilt find that Accuracy, Method, and Exact? nefe, that it may justly be esteemed the most useful Book os this kind that has ever yet appeared abroad in the World, and veithall so fully written, that it contains all that is necessary to be taught a young Qentleman concerning Chronology.

The Usefulness of this Study I cannot better recommend to thee, than in the Words of the Ingenious and Learned Mr. Lock; who thus expresses himself upm this Occasion in his Extraordinary Thoughts concerning Education (p. 327.) With Geography (fyshf) Chronology ought to go Hand in Hand ,

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