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part of that blessed liberty wherewith CHRIST hath made ship, different forms and usages may without offence be abstance of the faith be kept entire; and that, in every

clearly determined to belong to Doctrine must be referred fore, by common consent and authority, may be altered, ded, or otherwise disposed of, as may seem most convenient : people, “according to the various exigencies of times and

gland, to which the Protestant Episcopal Church in these r GoD, for her first foundation and a long continuance of :tion, hath, in the Preface of her Book of Common Prayer, inat “The Particular Forms of Divine Worship, and the appointed to be used therein, being things in their own , alterable, and so acknowledged, it is but reasonable that portant considerations, according to the various exigencies of such changes and alterations should be made therein, as to s of authority should, from time to time, seem either necessary

hath not only in her Preface, but likewise in her Articles and he mecessity and expediency of occasional alterations and Forms of Public Worship; and we find accordingly, that, happy mean between too much stiffness in refusing, and too mitting variations in things once advisedly established, she hath, al princes, since the first compiling of her Liturgy in the time h, upon just and weighty considerations her thereunto moving, ch alterations in some particulars, as in their respective times nient; yet so as that the main body and essential parts of the e chiefest materials, as in the frame and order thereof) have still m and unshaken.”

n in these different Reviews and Alterations hath been, as she n her said Preface, “to do that which, according to her best ight most tend to the preservation of peace and unity in the Auring of reverence, and the exciting of piety and devotion in the and, finally, the cutting off occasion, from them that seek occasion, against her Liturgy.” And although, according to her judgment, y thing in it contrary to the Word of GoD, or to sound doctrine, or

an may not with a good conscience use and submit unto, or which

ensible, if allowed such just and favourable construction, as, in

ought to be allowed to all human writings;" yet upon the principles

m, it cannot but be supposed, that further alteration would in time

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e read through once every month, as it is there appointed,
:vening Prayer. But in February it shall be read only to
onty-ninth day of the month.
!, March, May, July, August, October, and December, have
e: it is ordered, that the same Psalms shall be read the last
which were read the day before; so that the Psalter may
of the next month ensuing.
th Psalm is divided into twenty-two Portions, and is over-
me; it is so ordered, that at one time shall not be read above
I of reading from the Psalter as divided for Daily Morning
ay read one of the Selections set out by this Church.
ting and Thanksgiving, appointed either by the Civil or b
ority, the Minister may appoint such Psalms as he shall
on, unless any shall have been appointed by the Ecclesiastical
set out for the occasion; which, in that case, shall be used,


wing. Evening. Morning. Evening. ms 19 Psalms 89 | EastER-DAY, Psalms 2 Psalms 113 45 110 ! 57 114 85 132 111 118 6 102 Ascension-DAY, 8 24 32 130 15 47 38 143 21 103 22 64 Whitsunbay, 48 104 o 88 68 145

use one of the Selections, instead of any one of the above


AMENT is appointed for the First Lessons at Morning and so that the most part thereof will be read every year once, is appointed.

AMENT is appointed for the Second Lessons at Morning and

hat Lessons shall be read every day, look for the day of the month
llowing, and there ye shall find the chapters that shall be read for
at Morning and Evening Prayer; except only the Moveable
not in the Calendar; and the Immoveable, where there is a blank
of Lessons; the proper Lessons for all which days are to be found
o: Lessons.
of Fasting and Thanksgiving, the same rule is to obtain as in
: discretion of choice is allowed on occasions of Ecclesiastical
l those of Charitable Collections.

whensoever Proper Psalms or Lessons are appointed, then the
essons of ordinary course appointed in the Psalter and Calendar, if
ent, shall be omitted for that time.
the Collect, Epistle, and Gospel, appointed for the Sunday, shall
week after, where it is not in this too. o


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