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SEC I. . Of the Origin of the Methodist
Episcopal Church .

SEC : Articles of Religion i
SEC III. Of the General and Yearly Con-

ferences .* - - - -
Sec iv. Of the Election and Consecration

of Bishops, and of their duty -
Sec v. Of the Presiding Elders, and of

their Duty . . . . .
SEC VI. Of the Election and Ordination :

of travelling Elders, and of their

SEC yıl. Of the Election and Ordination

of travelling Deacons, and of their

Duty :. :.:
Sec vui. Of the Method of receiving

Preachers, and of their Duty ."
Sec ix. Of the Duties of those who have
the charge of Circuits

Sec x. Of the Trial of those who think

they are moved by the Holy Ghost to

preach . . . . .
SEC XI. Of the Matter and Manner of

Preaching, and of other public Ex-

SEC XII. Of the Duty of Preachers to

God, themselves, and one another



SEC XIII. Rules by which we should con.

tinue, or Desist from Preaching at

any place - - - - - 56
Sac xiv. Of visiting from house to house ;

guarding against sins that are so
common to Professors, and enforcing

Practical Religion - - -
Sec xv. Of the instruction of Children
SEC Xvi. Of employing our time profita-

bly, when we are not Travelling or

engaged in public exercices :
SEC XVII. Of the Necessity of Union
among ourselves

- - 69
SC XVIII. Of the Method by which im-

moral Ministers or Preachers shall
be brought to Trial, found Guilty,
and reproved or suspended in the In-

tervals of the Conferences.
SEC XIX. How to provide for the circuits

in time of Conference, and to pre-

serve and increase the Work of God. 73
Sec XX. Of the Local Preachers ..
SEC XXI, Of Baptism - -
SEC XXII. Of the Lord's Supper
SEC XXIII. Of Public Worship -
SEC xxiv. Of the Spirit and Truth of

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SEC I. The Nature, design, and general

Rules of the United Societies .
Section Of Class Meetings - -
Soc . Of the Band Societies ...

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SEC I. Of the Boundaries of the annual

Conferences, &c. .. .
SEC Ir. Of Building. Churches, and the

Order to be observed therein .

SEC III. Of the qualification, appointment,

and duty of the Stewards of circuits 190

SEC IV. Of the Allowances to the Min-

isters and Preachers, and to their

Wives, Widows, and Children

SEC v. Of raising annual Supplies for the

Propagation of the Gospel, for the

making up the Allowances of the

Preachers, &c. - - - . - 194

SEC VI. Of the Chartered Fund ' 200

Sec yii. Of the Printing and Circulating

of Books, and of the Profits arising

therefrom '. - - - .

SEC VIII. Local Preachers to have an Al-

lowance in given cases . -
Sec 1. Of Slavery : : :

The following BOOKS are published under the

patronage, and for the use of the Methodist E.
piseopal Church, in the United States of Amer.
ica, and to be had of DANIEL Hitt and Tho.
MAS WARE, No. 192 corner of Church and
White-streets, New-York, Superintendents of
the Book Business for the said Methodist
Church, and of the Methodist Ministers and

Preachers in their several Circuits.
THE Methodist Hymns, two books bound

together, 87} cent's
Methodist Discipline, 37 cents.
Coke's Commentaries, 6 vols. $48.
Notes on the New-Testament, by the Rev.

John Wesley, $3
Wood's Dictionary of the Bible, now in the

The Saint's Everlasting Rest, 87) cents
Wesley's Sermons, 9 vols. $6 50 cents
Fletcher's Checks, 6 vols. 85
Life of the Rev. John Fletcher, by Mr. Ben.

son. A new and improved edition, never

before published in America, 81 Experience of several eminent Methodist

Preachers, a new and enlarged edition, $1 The experience and ministerial labours of se

veral eminent Methodist Preachers, never

before published in America, $1 Experience of Mrs. Hegter Ann Rogers, with

her Letters, 75 cents Law's Serious Call to a Holy Life, 70 cents Appeal to Matter of Fact and Common Sense,

by the Rev. John Fletcher, 70 cents Experience and Gospel Labours of Benjamin

Abbott, 75 cents.
Alleine's Allarm and Baxter's Call, 50'eents

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