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THE Publisher of the Pilgrim, in presenting this first number of the vork, has laboured under difficulties always attendant on the commencement of a new publication, but which will be obviated in its future progress. He relies upon the liberality of his friends and the public, to overlook whatever defects they may observe, and promises his best exertions in future, to justify his claim to patronage. The Pilgrim is offered to subscribers on the following

CONDITIONS. The work will be published in monthly numbers of 40 pages each, octavo; printed in a handsome style, on fine paper.

Each volume will be embellished with a copperplate Engraving.

The numbers will be stitched in printed covers, and sent to any part of the country, according to order.

The price will be $2 per annum, payable on the delivery of the 6th No.-A deduction of 25 cents will be made to those who pay in advance.

Any person procuring six subscribers, and becoming responsible, shall receive a 7th; for any number over 20, a deduction of 1-5th, over 50, 1-4th, over 100, 1-3d.

For the purpose of enlarging the subscription, the second number of the Pilgrim will be delayed until the latter part of June. After which, the numbers will appear regularly, the early part of every month.

All communications may be addressed to the Editor, or 10 STEPHEN DODGF, New-Haven. It is expected that all correspondents, except such as vrite for the work, will pay their own postage,


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