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A CONSCIENCE QUICKENED.--At the Business Men's Prayer-meeting, it was stated that a hardware merchant, in New York, said that religion ought to be carried into all our business transactions. We ought to be the same on the week days as on the Sabbath; the same in the counting-room as at the communion-table. A manufacturer, who had furnished him with goods, followed him to his store, and said, “I was in the meeting, and heard what you said. I have to confess that for the last five years I have charged you five per cent. more than I have any of the rest of my customers. I now wish you to take your books, deduct five per cent. from all my bills, during this time, and charge it to me.” A few days after, the same merchant said that he had several hundred dollars paid to him that had been due twenty-eight years. There had been no time, within twenty-five years, when the same man could not have paid the debt. His conscience had lately been quickened by the power of the Holy Spirit.

PERSONAL EFFORT.—During the past year, a young man in this city was converted, who since that time, by personal effort, has been enabled to bring twenty-five or thirty persons into the kingdom of Christ.

A young man from Springfield, who resided in this city a short time, was converted at the Young Men's Christian Association, returned to his native city, and by personal effort has brought thirty individuals to Christ.

The last member of a Sabbath school class in this city professed religion last Sabbath. Several recent conversions, the result of personal efforts in this city, were stated to have taken place. Great would be

the company of preachers, if every professor of religion would preach the word wherever he goes. Such a simultaneous effort would gather in a glorious harvest of souls.

STANDING UP FOR JEsus.—The hymn of Wesley was sung, 89th of the selection :

" Jesus, Thy blessing and righteousness
My beauty are, my glorious dress;
Midst flaming worlds, in these arrayed,
With joy shall I lift up my head."

An interesting fact in connection with this hymn was stated.

A young lady in England, belonging to an aristocratic family, was converted by the instrumentality of the Wesleys. Her father was very much enraged. He made a party of pleasure, and told his daughter that she must play the piano for them to dance, under the penalty of being disinherited and driven from his house. The party took the floor ready to commence the dance, and she took her seat at the piano; but instead of playing a dancing tune, she sung and played this hymn. The company were greatly surprised and deeply affected. The result was, that the father and all the family were converted, and became firm friends of the Wesleys as long as they lived. This young Christian stood up for Jesus.

CONVERSION AND ITS RESULTS.-It was stated that an intemperate seaman was converted by the agency of a daughter, fourteen years old. She entreated her father to come to Christ, knelt down and prayed for him. This so affected him that he forsook his cups, and came to Jesus.

The following hymn, composed for the Old South Prayer-meeting, by Hodges Reed, Esq., was sung in the month of February 1859 :

From day to day, from year to year,

We in this chapel bowed,
And called upon the God of heaven,

And watched for mercy's cloud.
Seven times we watched, seven times we prayed,

And still no sign was given;
The earth beneath our feet was dust,-

Above, the brazen heaven.
Faith wavered, and hope languished, too-

“Save, or we perish, Lord!”
Then rose the cloud from out the sea,

And blessings on us poured.
Like a strong wind the Spirit came,

And breathed upon the slain;
Fast fell the rain, and all around

The earth grew green again.
This place has been the gate of heaven-

Thy promise, Lord, is sure;
And we will still, from day to day,

Pray on, and doubt no more.
And while we pray and labour on,

The sound of rain we hear:
Again let clouds o'erspread the heavens,

And plants of grace appear.

A COUNTRYMAN CONVERTED.—An individual was invited to attend a neighbourhood prayer-meeting, consented to go, but afterwards declined. He had come from the country to the city to get rum. This he could not obtain in the place where he resided. He thought that if he should become a Christian, he must forsake intoxicating drinks. This was the reason why he declined to go the meeting. But, on the evening of that meeting, he strayed by the house where the meeting was held, and stopped on the sidewalk; he heard prayers requested for a young man who had refused to come to the meeting. He heard

enough to know that he was the person prayed for. This deeply affected him. He trembled like an aspen-leaf, and on the sidewalk cried for and obtained mercy. He returned to his home, set up a prayer-meeting, and about twenty persons have been converted.

THE CLOUD LIFTED UP.—At a neighbourhood meeting, in this city, after several brethren had prayed, one impenitent person knelt down, and cried, sobbing aloud, God be merciful to me a sinner!” Others prayed for her. She arose from her knees, saying, The cloud is lifted up." While they were calling on God, He heard and answered.

calling on the clown her.

THE DEAF Principal of the present at the ting facts

THE DEAF AND DUMB EMBRACING CHRIST.-Rev. Mr. Turner, Principal of the Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb at Hartford, was present at the meeting this morning, and gave some very interesting facts relating to the conversion of a number of deaf mutes, connected with the institution. A young man now in the asylum, and who was there when a boy for five years, and then left, went, when about sixteen years of age, as an apprentice to learn the machinist business. He remained at the trade until he was twenty-one, and when he had earned fifty dollars he left his place, and went to the asylum for the purpose of gaining more knowledge. He had been there but a few weeks, when Rev. Mr. Turner, the principal, received from him the following note, which we give verbatim :

“I repent of my sin, and trust in Christ. I do not sleep all night. I feel great trouble and misery. I confess sin to God one month since."

He did not understand the language very well, and meant by this that he had been one month confessing his sins. Mr. Turner gave him good instruction; he soon was converted, and has been an exemplary Christian ever since. His fifty dollars carried him through six months of the asylum. He is now going through another six months, at the expense of the institution. A short time since, Governor Banks was at Hartford, and made the acquaintance of the young man; and, learning his anxiety to obtain an education, promised him a year's tuition, at the expiration of his six months, in May, at the expense of the State of Massachusetts.

Mr. Turner also stated that, some little time since, two of the deaf mutes attended a prayermeeting in a village near by. It was proposed in the meeting that prayer should be offered for them. All eyes were of course turned to them. One of them afterwards said he noticed this, but did not know what it meant. He became seriously impressed at the meeting, and he and his sister were both, subsequently, and in a very few days, converted. This fact was given to show how prayer was answered.

FEAR GOD RATHER THAN MAN.—A salesman had sold a bill of damaged goods to a customer. The clerk, in making out the bill, said, “You are aware, I suppose, that these are damaged goods.” The customer refused to take them. The salesman said to the clerk, “You have prevented the sale of these goods. It was a cash trade, sir; it was a cash trade, and you have prevented the sale, and I will report you to the firm." The clerk said, “When ? I am ready to go with you now.The salesman declined' going, fearing probably that he should be

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