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2 Tim. iii- 7.

£v{r learnings and never able to corne to the Knowledge of the Truth*

A Description equally emphatical and disheartening! But to whom is it applicable? If there were such characters in an age painfully emerging from Jewish and Pagan darkness; art there such in modern days? If such characters are to be found among the most obscure and misguided sects; are there such in the bosom of the national church? In ancient and in modern times, among sects and in the establishment, of such characters there have been and there are multitudes. Is it possible? Shall man be ever learning, and never able to attain knowledge? Shall man labour, shall he labour in the pursuit of re* ligious truth, and reap no fruit from his exVol. IL B ertioas?

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vealed W6rd of God. There is his comV million to preach: there is the religion; which he is to preach. He is to preach trier' Gospel. He is to preach Jesus Christ, ari&T him crucified. He is to unfold the'great plan of salvation for fallen man through faith in the atoning blood of a Redeemer. He is tq teach the indispensable necessity of the renewal of the heart unto holiness through the" fanctificatlon of the Spirit of grace. Ther corner stone on which he is to build is. Jesus Christ. On that corner stone he is to build, not hay and jlubble^ but sound and precious materials, materials which wist endure the trial even of fire; pure and genuine" Christianity, the unchangeable doctrines and commandments of the Son of God.

Again; the Christian Preacher fi. t<r preach the whole of the Gospel. He is to magnify the justice no less conspicuous than the mercy of Jehovah. He re'topro-^ claim the eternal Vengeance reserved for the impenitent sio less loudly than the glories. prepared for the-justified servants of Christ. He is not to dwell chiefly upon doctrines to the neglect of practice; nor on practice to the disparagement of doctrines. He is to preach true doctrine as the ground-work of holy practice: arid to inculcate holy , 6 practice

practice as the fruit of true doctrine. He' is to labour to be the instrument of enlightening the understanding, and also of purifying the heart. While he teaches that man is justified by faith alone, not by the deeds of the law; he is to convince his hearers that their hope will be vain, unless they add to their faith virtue. How shall the architect raise the palace, unless an immovable foundation shall first have been established? But how (hall the pile be completed, jf year after year his mind be wholly absorbed in illustrating and displaying the foundation? With his plummet und his square continually in his hand, he unremittingly proves every part of his work whether it rests on the foundation. To the foundation every apartment, even every ornament, of the structure has an ultimate and a discernible reference. But he fails .not to bestow distinct'and due regard on the form, the proportion, and tha purpose, of every apartment; on the na.f ture and the position of every ornament. How shall the preacher, like a wise masterbuilder, edify his hearers into a spiritual housey at living and holy temple in the Lord (I?)) unless he founds it on the appointed rock,

(i) i Pet. ii. C. i Cor. fii. isi, ij. Ephcs. ii. 21.

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