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minutest accuracy your sensations in cases of competition. Men, reflecting with complacency on their affable deportment towards their inferiors, on that ground take frequent credit with themselves for . humility: and actually become puffed up with arrogance in the contemplation of their imaginary meekness. Biit bring them into contact with their equals and rivals: and the dominion of Pride is flagrant. Unless your bosom is swayed by unaffected humility in your intercourse with equals and with rivals; unless habitually and universally you mind not high things; conceive not that you are not the slave of Pride because you condescend to men of law estate (/),

(i') Rom. xii. 16.

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Zeal illustrated by the Character of Jehu,

'2 Kings, x. 16.

.Conic with mc^ and see my zeal for the Lord.

TN regions where civilization has made but feeble advances, opinions grossly erroneous prevail concerning some of the most valuable productions of the earth. Substances which, among nations enlightened by science, are daily introduced with signal utility in medicine, in manufactures, in various arts which smqothen or embellish the paths of life, are indiscriminately neglected and despised : or, in consequence of mischievous effects produced by a ram and unskilful application of them, or by heterogenous mixtures with which they are debased, 'become objects of aversion and of

dread. Zeal illujirated by the Char after of Jehu. 153

dread. Or having been found, in casual trials, to be endued with beneficial powers; they are extolled as invested with a kind of magical influence, and are blindly employed as possessed of universal efficacy. Similar misconceptions not unfrequently predominate even among ourselves concerning highly estimable endowments of the mind : and predominate from similar causes, a very inaccurate insight into the nature of those endowments, and a hasty and unwarrantable use and appropriation of them. Thus by some, genius is admired as an all-powerful talent, grasping without an effort the treasures of Taste and Knowledge: while by others it is depreciated as unfitting the intellect for patient research, and terminating in tinsel and superficial attainments. And thus it is that industry at one lime is dignified as nearly superseding the necessity of penetration and 'invention: at another is degraded as cold, plodding, servile, insensible to refinement, the associate of pedantry aud dulness.

Among mental qualities there is scarcely, perhaps, one more commonly misunderstood and less accurately appretiated than zeal. One class of men, surveying with indignation the timidity and selfistiness of the

lukelukewarm, applaud that conduct in themselves as unsophisticated zeal, which is deeply tinged with indiscretion, insubordination, and unchristian vehemence. An opposite class, deeming zeal but another name for fiery intolerance and enthusiastic wildncss, abhor it as restless, sanguinary, and fanatical: and look with suspicion on moderation itself, until it has subsided so low as scarcely to be distinguishable from apathy.

Corns %vith me, and fee my zeal for the Lord. Such were the words of self-commendation, which Jehu addressed to Jehonadab, the son of Rechab. The spirit by which Jehu was actuated, the spirit to which he assigns the denomination of zeal for the Lord, is to be measured and estimated by his actions. An examination of his conduct will enable us to draw forth into clear light, and to detach from extraneous incumbrances, the characteristic features of genuine zeal for religion.

I. The undertaking in which Jehu was engaged was the extermination of the family of Ahab. By the murder of Naboth, and by habitual idqlatry, Ahab stood condemned to death under the impartial justice


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of the divine law. The sentence was denounced In the place where dogs licked the blood of Naboth, shall dogs lick thy blood, even thine. I will bring evil upon thee; / wih take away thy posterity; and will make thine bouf like the house of Jeroboam, the son of Nebat, and like the house of Baafha the son . of Ahijah, for the provocation wherewith thou has provoked me to anger, and made Israel to fin {a). In consequence of his contrition and humiliation before God, the destruction of his house was delayed. Because Ahab humblcth himself before me, said the word of the Lord to Elijah, / will not bring the evil in his days : but in his son s days will I bring the evil upon his house (b). Ahab was now dead. In the vineyard of , Naboth the dogs had licked his blood. His sons Ahaziah and Jehoram, successively inheritors of his throne, and fearless of the impending judgement, persisted in idolatry. In the Xwelfth year of the reign of the lat-' ter prince the hour of retribution arrived. By the special appointment of God,'Jehu was anointed to be king over Israel; and was at the fame time commissioned forthwith to eradicate the house of Ahab. Thus

(a) j Kings, xxi. 19. 22. (b) 1 Kings, xxi. 29.

8 faith

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