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ACTS, XXV111. 24.

^nd some believed the Things which were spoken; and some believed not.

CT. Paul, delivered by his false accusers in Judea into the hands of the Roman governor, perceived that no prospect of preserving his life remained,but by an appeal unto Caesar. Exercising therefore the right of a Roman citizen, he demanded to be sent to the Emperor, that by him the cause might be examined and decided. He was accordingly conveyed, as a prisoner, to Rome. His first care, on his arrival in that city, was to assemble his countrymen, the Jews: to satisfy them, that he had never purposed, in appealing unto Cæsar, to exhibit any complaint against the Jewish nation j and distinctly to set before therri that faith in Jesus pf Nazareth, the promised,


Saviour, for which he was an ambassador in bonds. HIs^ cS^ntrymen'^epliedV'ttial no charge against himself had reached their ears j that they1 had received but imperfect accounts concerning the doctrine which he professed; that they knew ft, however, to be universally spoken against; and that they were desirous of hearing a full statement of his opinions. A day was appointed. Numbers came to his abOdec Earnest for .their conversion, and zealottsVribrv.&e glory of his Master, he expounded to them the Scriptures, and teslified the kingdom of God, persuading them concerning-Jesus, ,iofh cut of the law ofMoses, and out of t%c- prophets, from morning till evening: ^vVhait was the effect of his labour? Soiree SelievBl the Things which were spoken; and some believed not. Some believed: Why? They could not resist the power and wisdom with, which, he spoke. They were willing JEd listen to the truth; therefore their preju?dices yielded. They turned their eyes to the light; therefore the light shone not In vain. They discerned in Jesus of Nazareth the undeniable characters of that Messiahs to whom the Law and the Prophets, ,bar,e witness: they discerned them with joy and thankfulness j therefore they glorified

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., How stands the cafe with reflect rtq Christians? To them universally is the Revelation- 'of Jesus Christ addressed,: TO them Moses and the prophets, and all the inspired writers of the New Testament, deliver their testimony concerning the Redeemer of mankind. To them the Sabbath, as well as many an intervening day, opens the houses of God, that, after humble supplication and sincere thanksgiving, they may hear the words of eternal life. To them, the ministers of religiOtrteaseh"6t to direct appropriate instructiony^easettot to unfold the whole counsel of'God; "to unveil the radical corruption of . hirmah nature; to make manifest the power, the deceitfulness, and the consequences of sin;'to display the grand doctrines of redemption and sanctification; to explain and enforce the precepts, admonitions, and exhortations of Holy. Writ; to animate the righteous by the examples of saints of antient days; to alarm the guilty by the fate of former rebels against the Most High; to strengthen the feeble, to confirm the wavering, to convince the gainsay er, 'to comfort the afflicted, to instil caution into the rash, humility into the presumptuous. The wol i ministers

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