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who died for you, and is not a humed to call you brethren ? Youth is the season when the perception of delight is the most lively, Shall you be penetrated with a feeling of obligation, with tender emotions of gratitude, towards an earthly benefactor; and unthankful to Him who giveth you all things richly to enjoy? Youth is the season of Itrength and alacrity. Shall the Muggish fpirit, the inactive feebleness, of agę be seen Zealous, in labours for the glory of God; and shall you be torpid as to his service? Youth is the season of inexperience. Shall you be earnest in the pursuit of human knowledge, obedient to human counsel; and negligent of the light which Jehovah has revealed, that it may be a lantern to your path, of that universal wisdom which is given by inspiration from Him, and is able to make you wise unto salvation through faith which is in Cbrift Jefus? Youth, viewed with a reference to the protracted term of mortal life, possesses the fruits of but a short period for growth in grace. If the faint of an hundred years looks back froin his deathbed with regret and self-abasement on his progress in the qualifications by which he is to be rendered meet to be a partaker of the inheritance of the saints in

light: do you, whose progress is as yet comparatively smail, you whose career may to-morrow terminate in the grave, linger and loiter and trifle on your way?

; II. Under the preceding head was in: cluded reverent acquiefcence in the doctrines and the commandments of the word of God. Hence the mind naturally proceeds to the subject of docility under human instruction.

To parents, as instructors, the place of pre-eminence is assigned. Hear the instrucțion of thy father; and forsake not the law of thy mother. For they shall be an ornament of grace unto thy head, and chains about thy neck (6). In the parent are united in a degree not to be paralleled in the cafe of any other earthly superior, authority and affection : authority established on peculiar foundations; and affection impelled by peculiar motives to temper the exercise of command, and so to guide the reins as to render controul productive of the highest attainable benefit to the individual under subjection. But according to the general order of nature, with the ancient is wisdom,

(1) Prov. i. 8, 9.. iii.


and in length of days is understanding (c). Men live not for themselves alone. The aged in the vicissitudes of their pilgrimage have collected experience for the young. Such is the appointment of Providence. Let youth respect the wisdom and the mercy of the appointment. It is good for a man that be bear the yoke in bis youth (d). To those who have the rule over you whether it be to watch for your souls as they, that must give account; or to impart their acquisitions in literature, in science, in professional skill, in the arts and the transactions of life; render, to each according to his station and office, the deference which is due. To God alone be infallibility ascribed. But remember that the ground-work of im. provement is a teachable spirit. Distrust yourself. Welcome with respectful attention the advice of your seniors; fpontaneously seek counsel from their better judgment. Your contemporaries in age,

however amiable their difpofitions, howÉ ever promising their talents, are exposed

by youth to those very delusions by which your own opinionş are likely to be milled, by which the eyes of your elders may no

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(c) Job, xii. sz.

(d) Lament. ii. 27:

longer longer be dazzled. On what account did the ten tribes revolt from Rehoboam? Because be forfook the counsel of the old mon that bad food before Solomon his father ; and answered after the advice of the young men that were brought up with him (e). When your monitors kindle not with the admiration with which you gaze on the object before you; when they'rate it at a value far inferior to that with which your fervid fancy has arrayed it : fay not to

yourself; “. Their feelings are chilled and **** deadened by time. Their understand

**ing is darkened by the mists of years.

“They are no longer competent to appre1." ciare the satisfactions within my reach, - "the gratifications belonging to the prime .“ of life." If, in the fulness of self-suf

fiçient confidence, you refuse them credit for superiority in wisdom : recollect at least the obvious advantages under which they exercise their judgement. They have trodden the length of the paths, on which you are but about to enter. They have tried by experiment the attainments, concerning which you decide only from speculaţion.

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III. Closely allied with the Christian obligation of docility under the instruction of friends who are advanced in life, is the duty of habitual reverence for age. Thou shalt rise up before the boary bead, and bonour the face of the old man : I am the Lord. ře younger, submit yourselves unto the elder (f). When Timothy was commissioned by St. Paul to correct with episcopal control the disorders subsisting in the church at Ephesus; mark the tenderness which he was commanded to exercise in checking the faulty proceedings of a superior in age : Rebuke not an elder : but intreat him as a father; and the elder women as mothers. Against an elder receive not an accusation but before two or three witnesses (8). If such was to be the conduct of Timothy, when invested with judicial authority over the aged: what ought to be your conduct? How repugnant to the injunctions of the Holy Ghost, how abominable in the fight of God, is contemptuous neglect in behaviour to the old! What detestable enormity rests on the head of those, who convert the infirmities of age into a subject of derision? If to



(f).Lev. xix. 32. 1 Pet. v. 5. 1, 2, 19.

(8) 1 Tim. v.


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