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in Jyour 'own eyes; to distrust your own powers; to deem humbly of your Own attainments; to seek for wisdom from the experienced; to honour all men; in lowliness of mind to esteem others better than yourself; to decline the haunts of temptation; to repress the sallies of vanity; to nip affectation in the bud; to resist the suggestions of pride; to turn a deaf ear to the persuasions of ambition; to recoil from the voice of flattery; to receive blessings, with lively consciousness of demerit;' tq resign them with thankfulness that they have been enjoyed so long; these are among the lessons of diffidence. Plainness and modesty of apparel are indispensable tokens of diffidence. So pronounces St. Paul, when, in contradistinction to decorations consisting in goldandpearls and cosily array, he directs that women should adorn themselves with Jhanufacedness \d) 'Diffidence is likewise inseparable from meekness. Their union is repeatedly presupposed in the injunctions of Holy Writ. Thus when the female sex is warned by St. Peter against a fondness for exterior embellishments; the Apostle, according to the di

(</) i Tim. ii. 9.

vine vine wisdom stamped on every page of the Scriptures, subjoins: Let their adorning be the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit; an ornament which, however undervalued, neglected, or despised by the world, is in the fight of God of gnat price [e). If lowliness and humility, if conviction of inherent weakness, if gratitude for undeserved mercies, are requisite in every Christian: from every age and sex diffidence is required. If the obligation is to be strengthened by consciousness of inexperience: it weaves additional ties around youth. If 'delicacy of frame and of mind, naturally predisposing to diffidence, are especial indications of the divine will: then is the want of diffidence peculiarly offensive in young women. The declared object of the Scriptures with respect to the female sex is to form a retiring character. To be keepers at home; to guide the house; to be obedient to their husbands; to bring up their children; to unite sear, modest and respectful deference, with cbq0££onverfation; not to be idlers, nor tattlers, nor bufy-bodicsr nor wanderers from house to .house; these are among £he sacred precepts designed to impress and to

v{*) i Pet. Ui. 4.

D d 4. sustain sustain it.: 'Against that character the prevailing system of modern education arid modern proceedings declares war. If the precept to he adorned ivith foamesacedness, when presented to parents and instructors, be received with passive acquiescence intending no practical regard; it experiences favourable treatment. More frequently, it is encountered with a smile of self-complacent sagacity, with open indifference, or with undisguised contempt; as an antiquated injunction abrogated by established custom, a maxim annulled as inconsistent with the superior tasteand breeding of a polished age And the pupil whoiis unfortunate enough to betray symptoms of a tendency to exemplify it, hears her conformity' to a scriptural model, her observance of a scriptural duty, pronounced vulgarity and ignorance of the'world; and is taught that the adorning which God has bestowed and enjoined is in the eyes'of enlightened fashion a blcmish and a disgrace. The leading concern of the greater nuniber of those persons, who as relatives or guardians have the superintendence of young Women, seems to be, first, to train pp the pupil in accomplishments for the purpose of display; and, afterwards, to push her forward into ', ''.. occasions occasions contrived for .displaying 'therm To act.thus Is,styled " doing justice" to her! If, from '.these lessons and ^ this discipline she mould Tesenpe with the feelings of diffi'clerice unsubdued; she is consigned to the influence.of that general and unabashed similarity, which constitutes, in the apprehension of multitudes, the ease and perfection of modern manners. Remember, ye young, the instructions of your God. Let not custom with her countless, worshippers seduce you to deem effrontery politeness; or to regard a Christian grace as dependent on the sanction of an idol. Come out from among them, and be ye separate. r , . . 'r'.. . i ;.' -, .:.;..' , But while diffidence is affiduoufly cherished as no less in itself awirtue than as the ornament and guard of every other virtue ; let not its nature be so misconceived, its influence so unwisely extended, as to rob the mind of,self-possession. Amidst ingenuous humility and. retiring meekness, let discernment t©vrperceive .the track of duty, promptitude to enter it, perseverance to ahide in it, be unimpaired. Let not Christian mpdesty degenerate into false shame. Be not ashamed, when it concerneth thy soul. For there is aflame that bringeth


Jin: and there is aJJiame which is glory ana grace. Accept no person against thy sotU; and let not the reverence of any man cause thee to fall. Be not thou ashamed of the law of the Most High. Be not thou ashamed of the testimony of our Lord {f). Ridicule is the weapon which the diffidence of youth

^is least able to parry. 'Take then to thyself the shield of faith. That shield no dart of the wicked one can penetrate. When finners entice thee, consent thou not.

Follow not a multitude to do evil. Remember


Him, who for thy sake hid not his face from shame and spitting, endured the cross, despised the sbaj/ie (g). Remember his awful denunciation: Whosoever shall be afoamed 'of me and my words, of him shall the Son of man be ashamed when be cometh in his own glory and the glory of the Father (/&). Remember the Apostles of your Lord, who rejoiced that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for bis name (/). As Christ has suffered for us arm yourself likewise with the same mind. Is any man suffer as a Christian, let him not be ashamed', but let him

{/) Eccl'us, iv. 20—22. xlii. i, a. 2 Tim. 5. 8. (Sr)Jf.l. 6. Heb. xii. 2. (b) Mark, viii. 38. Luke, is. »5. (*) Acts, v. 41. , '.j

- glorify

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