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glorify God on this behalf. BUffed art thou •pphen rnen shall revile thee, and fay all manner of evil concerning thee falsely for the Jake of Christ. Rejoice and be exceeding 'glad (A). Maintain not an unhallowed silence, when evil is set before thee. .With meekness, yet openly and firmly, bear thy testimony to the commandments of thy Redeemer. Confess Him before men; that, when Hefl.hall appear, thou may eft havs confidence^ and not be ashamed before Him fit His coming (/).

VIII. A duty whose claims on youth are particularly strong, whose sphere embraces every duty already inculcated, finally presents itself. This duty is Exertion.

He that gat her eth in summer, is a wife son (m). If to require much from those to whom much has been committed be a rule of equity so obvious, as to have established by the common consent of mankind itsauthority over worldly transactions; do you forget that God has promulgated this identical rule as the criterion of your final doom? The line of exertion traced

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out by the hand of duty for the youth of either sex will be varied by the elevations and depressions, and by every other variety of local circumstances, which diversities of rank and situation introduce into that part of the map of life through which in different instances it is conducted. And in all cafes the exertion of young women will predominate in the unobtrusive offices of domestic life; that of the robuster sex in the laborious cares -of business. Rejoice then, ye young, in your strength; rejoice, not that you have strength for toilsome dissipation 'and sinful indulgence, but strength to dedicate to God: strength to sustain the declining years and requite the early solicitude of a parent; strength to uphold a brother or a sister tottering in the rugged paths of tribulation; strength to succour a circle of relatives and friends in proportion to their respective claims and necessities; strength to prove by active and diversified usefulness that you love your neighbour as yourself; strength to superintend and guide in the fear of God.a household or progeny of your own; strength to labour in the discharge of the duties' attached to the station in which He who disposes the lot of all men has ordained that you should: labour for Him. Rejoice, ye. young: rejoice.and glorify your Redeemer. Be not partakers of other men s Jini: keep yourselves pure* Bear fruit abundantly unto Christ. Lay up treasures for life everlasting. Era pipy1 your, unbroken, vigour, your , unclouded minds, as instruments of righteoufnefsjmto holiness; instruments for promoting, the temporal, and eternal welfare of yourr self and of all with whom you are, .connected. . Be diligent in well-doing, Be »ot ensnared into a pursuit of trifles. !Work» thou who art entering, on the days of thy prime, work for God and for man. . Then, when thy limbs tremble with age, and languor creeps .over thy frame; then shall . thine heart be cheered with the remembrance of. past exertion i. then shalt.thou . bless the'grace of God, which disposed ^nd enabled theci to bear with faithful perseverancethe burthen and heat of In the subjects which 'have occupied the present and the preceding discourse, you have contemplated,, my youthful friends, the principal, marks of that..scriptural.character, for,the attainment of which your God commands you to come forth and be separate from the world. %puch not the unr . clean thing. A solemn and most comprehensive

hensive injunction! You are surrounded .by contagion* Contamination lurks ori every side. The objects which custom and example obtrude on youf regard ate too often like unto whitedsepulchres', which indeed appear beautiful outwardly, but within are full of dead mens bones and dll uncleanness. The paths which you are invited to tread lead among graves -which appear not, and the men that walk over them are not aware of them. Linger not in the precincts of destruction. Sport not amidst the breath of infection. Pity the wretched victims of corruption: but come out from among them and. be ye separate. Such is the mandate! Does the Father of mercies issue a command unaccompanied with encouragement to obedience? Never. What, in the present instance, is the encouragement \ I will receive you, and will be a Father unto you, and ye' sjall be my sons and daughters', faith the Lord Almighty. What though folly shuts her doors against your return? My portals open at your approach. What though pride disclaims your friendship? I will love yoU as a Father. What though the world disowns you as her children ? Ye Ihall be my sons and daughters, faith Jehovah. Within the scope of this promise what blessing sing is not comprised! To be rescued from the dominion of darkness and translated into the kingdom of light; to be transformed from enemies into servants of the Most High; to be made objects of love t.6 Insinite Goodness; to be sheltered under the wings of Omnipotence; to be guided by the superintendence of Eternal Wisdom; to be washed in the blood, sanctified by the grace, accounted as the brethren, of God's Incarnate Son; to receive into our hearts the Spirit of adoption whereby we cry, Abba, Father! to have the Spirit it/elf bear witness with our spirit that we are the children of God; to he heirs of God and joint-heirs with Christ; to rejoice under every earthly trial with joy unspeakable and full of glory in the hope of an incorruptible inheritance of bliss: these are among the privileges of the sons and daughters of the Almighty. Having therefore these promises, dearly beloved; let us cleanse ourselves from allflthinefs of flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God. Mark the earnestness of affectionate entreaty with which the Apostle animates you to labour for the high prize of your calling. I speaky he cries, almost immediately before he delivers the words of the text, I speak as unto my children. *i Bear

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