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be required. When we contemplate the light with which we have been favoured: nationally and individually, what are we? What punishment do we not deserve? While the judgements of God are abroad in the world j\ may the inhabitants of this our country learn righteousness! While the horizon is saddened with the encircling tempest, while the thunders of vengeance are roaring in every surrounding land; may there be wrought in us through faith in the Lord Jesus the broken and contrite heart which God will not despise! To Him who giveth to all men liberally and upbraideth not, let us plead for the gift of faith, the foundation of all other gifts from heaven, in constant prayer. Let us strengthen our faith by the study of his word ; by religious meditation; by contemplating the fervent piety, the persevering holiness, the unshaken fortitude, the labours of love, the joyful endurance, the triumphant death, of eminent believers in Christ Jesus in antient or in later days. Let us encourage ourselves in our earthly pilgrimage by habitually looking forward with the eye of faith to the things unseen, that better* country, that blissful home, that incorruptible inheritance, that city with eternal foundaVol. II. G g tions tions whose builder and maker is God, which is the substance of our hope. Let us believe in the Lord Jesus Christ; and we shall be preserved from the storms of time, or be strengthened to sustain them. Let us believe in the Lord Jesus Christ; and however fierce may be the fiery trial which comes upon us, however our eyest may be consumed with grief and wax .ola) because os all our enemiesp, we shall be saved Vfiih everlasting salvation.



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irtiTTM sr. ;f,„j3)a THOMAS GISBORNE,'M. A.

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Are printed forT. Cadell and W. Davies, Strand.

f. OERMONS, Vol. i. zd Edition, 8s. In Boards.

. #. A FAMILIAR SURVEY of the CHRISTIAN RELIGION, and of History as connected with the Introduction of Christianity, and with its Progress to the present Time. Intended primarily for the Use of young Persons, ostilher Sex, during the Course os public or of private Education. 8vo. 3d Edition, corrected. 8s. in Boards,

3. An INQUIRY into the DUTIES of MEN in the higher and middle Classes of Society in Great Britain, resulting from their respective Stations, Professions, and Employments. a Vols. 8vo. 5th Edition, i4s. in Boards.

4. An INQUIRY into the DUTIES of the FEMALE SEX. 8vo. 5th Edition, 6s. in Boards,


investigated and applied to the Constitution of Civil Society. 4th Edition, corrected and enlarged. To which is added, a new Edition, with an Appendix, of Remarks on the late Decision of the House cf Commons respecting the Abolition ps the Slave Trade. 8vo. 7s. in Boards.

6. WALKS in a FOREST; or Poems descriptive of Scenery and Incidents characteristic of a Forest at different Seasons of the Year. 6th Edition corrected. Elegantly printed in one Volume, and adorned with Plates. 6s. in Boards.

t 7. POEMS, Sacred and Moral. 3d Edition, with Additions. Elegantly printed in one Volume, and adorned with Plates. 6s. in Boards.


tfevt Editions of the following have lately leeit published by T. Cadell and W. Davils, in the Strand.

i. SERMONS tin several Subjects, by the Right Rev. Beilby Poneus, D D Bistiop of Loadon. 8th Edition. a Vols. i4s. The second Volume may be had separate. Price 6s. in Boards.

2 SERMONS preached to a Country Congregation t To which are added a few Hints for Sermons; intended chiefly for the Use of the younger Clergy, by William Gilpin, Prebendary os Salisbury, and Vicar of Boldre, in New Forest. 3 Vols. 8vo. 21s. in Boards. The Volumes are sold separate.

3. An EXPOSITION of the NEW* TESTAMENT, intended as an Introduction to the Study of the Holy Scrip* tures, by pointing out the leading Sense, and Connection of the Sacred Writers, by the fame. 3d Edition, a Vols. 8vo. Price i4s. in Boards.

4. SERMONS, by Hugh Blair, D.D. one of the Ministers of the High Church, and Professor of Rhetoric and Belles Lettres in the University of Edinburgh, zid Edition, 5 Vols. il. us. in Boards.

5. SERMONS, by the late Rev. John Drysdale, D. D. F R. S. Ed. one of the Ministers of Edinburgh, &c. &c. With an Account of the Author's Life and Character, by Andrew Dalzel, M. A. F.R.S. Ed. Professor of Greek, &c. &c. in the University of Edinburgh. 2 Vols. i2s. in boards.

6. SERMONS, by George Hill, D.D. F.R.S. Ed. Principal of St. Mary's College in the University of St. Andrew; one of the Ministers of that City, ana one of His Majesty's Chaplains in Ordinary for Scotland. 8vo. 6s. in boards.

7. DISCOURSES on various Subjects, delivered in the English Church at the Hague, by Archibald Machine, D.D. Member of some Foreign Academies. 8vo. ad Edition, 8s. in Boards.

. 8. SERMONS, by William Leechman, D.D. late Principal of the College of Glasgow. To which is prefixed, some Account of the Author's Life and his Lectures, by James Wodrow, D.D. Minister at Stevenston. 2Vol*. 12s. in Board;.

9. ADDRESSES to Young Men, by James Fordyce, D.D. 3d Edition. 2 Vols. 7s. in Boards.

i0. SERMONS to Veung Women, by the fame. 2 Volt. 12tli Edition, 6s.

1i. ADDRESSES to the Deity, by the fame. 3d Edi.

tion, 3s. 6d.


Printed by A. Stralian, Primrn-Swti, Lender*.

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