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even Jesus Chrift? And how shall the preacher, like a wise master-builder, pre? pare them to be an habitation of God through the Spirit (c); unless, while in every part of his labour of edification he inces Fantly refers them to the fundamental doc? trines of the Cross, and to those doctrines traces backward every motive, warning, adinonition, and encouragement; he aligns separate and adequate attention to every Christian grace, to every form of fin? un. Tefs he' Ipecifically developes the characterir. tic marks and customary bearings of each'; the occasions on which the virtue is most needed and most difficult, the sin most frequent and most ensnaring; the delusions by which the range of the virtue will apparently Þe curtailed, and the pretences by which its obligation will be plausibly undermined ; the difguises under which the lin will veil itself, and the palliations by which it will extenuate the guilt of concession?

Farther : The Christian Preacher is zealously to allot an extraordinary measure of

exertion to those branches of religion, s whether do&trinal or practical, which he bsdiscovers to be grossly misunderstood, or a lightly regarded, by many of his congrega

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tion. To all whom he is appointed to feed . he is to give their portion of meat in due

jealor dat and he is to distribute spiritual food in a manner suited to the ability which different individuals possess of digesting it, and to the need which they have of

meat to the adult, milk to How vom 1979 D10W2060 299817 babes (e). Some of the doctrines which

misma DOO Das Doutor he inculcates as of the highest importance some of the pradical duties which he defa

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nounce indispensable; pride, felf-righteoul1197 Iwo doigt 19000 290gb 901 Il inefs, worldly-mindedness, will alluredly

1 dodwydanouisills du brol take offence. At one period the Galatians were so fondly attached to St. Paul, that the 10 Silsam, Apostle impressively represents them as de

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him. Afterwards, their sentiments were 10 boo,1190gi Vielor, 9d Of T9voli

completely changed. Phey were alienated 89910tigo era v

i d b3bis 30%,video from the Apostle. hey regarded him as nais (2) Luke, xii. 42.194 () Hebr. v. 12. 14.


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their enemy. Why? St. Paul discloses the reason. The Galatians regarded him as an enemy because he told them the truth (f ). He spoke to them withoyt dif guise. He humoured not their prejudices, He declared that which was right, however unacceptable, however offensive, he knew that the truth would prove to them. If tò his own converts St. Paul himself could not preach the truth without giving offence, let not the faithful minister of the present day hope that his discourses fhall offend none. If he perceive that some are offended, what fhall be his condua? He shall pity them. Heshall pray for them. But he cannot change his course. He most persevere. He reads in the discontented eye of his auditor, “I 'approve not thy doctrine. I relish not 'thy ftrictness,” He turns his ear to the voice of the Moft High: Son of man! I have made thee q watchman to the bou fe of Ifrael: therefore bear the word at My mouth, and give them warning from . Speak My words unto them, whether they will bear, or whether they will forbear (g). Is he to: obey Man or God? Is he to be a pleaser of men, or of God? He is to approve himself to his own master. He is to persist in ex6) Gal. iv. 15, 16. (8) Ezek. ii. 7. iii. 17.'.


plaining the whole counsel of God, in fet ţing forth the fincere word of Jesus Christ, precept apon precept, precept upon precepty line upon line, line upon line, bere a little andithere a little, in meekness - instrufting thofe that oppofe themselves; in humble hope thar peradventure an hour may come, when God will give unto them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth (7}. 1:1::

Lastly; the Chriftian Preacher is to preach not himself, but Christ Jefus the Lordí i.). He ferves the Lord Chrift, for Chrift he is an ambassador : his master's glory, not his own, must he pursues. The pulpit' he is to regard not as the throne of his exaltation, but as the place where he iš to manifest himfelf the servant of all for the sake of Jesus (k). He is not to affume to himself consequence, as though he were lord over the heritage of God. He is not to' seek to have dominion over the faith of his brethren. He is not to convert the house of God into a theatre for the display of his erudition of his imagination, of his eloquence. Devoted to his master's honour, absorbed in solicitude for the falvation of his flock; how thall he (1) *Ilaiah, xxviii. 10. 2 Tim. ii. 25. (i) 2 Cor. iv.s. 14) Ibid. i n fo


make himfelf, his own reputation, this own authority, his lowri i fecularb advantage the end and object of his preaching fı How shall heo thus i hypocritically professi shimself worker together with Chrif ? How shall he thus profane the ministry of the word of life CMOS STL erti pou ao jovob 90 1790 W BOBINA 1409 06:18 noivoi -All I proceed to the duties of a Christian hearert din 1979. & Visions 0976 plan goBy contemplating the devious tracks 3 in Whichs the catele siiand the obftinatel are bewildered, we are taught to discerne and to value the path of safety. Consider them the in worthy inatives cand vievis, with which men too often present themselves as hearers of sermonsont ain

; 121960 7o. Many persons attend public sworthip, and preaching as one part of it, from rufe itom, or from a regard to their character.

They see the neighbourhood flockivig to the ehwch a therefore they go thitheray They i perceive that orderly and respectable iperbfans make a point of regular attendance : and they are not unwilling to embrace the

fameapethod of being efteened orderby and - respectable Alman of this desgription has -- fatisfied his wishes by Thewing himself in I\the churcheTo be observed as ferming


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