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therefore to close this discourse with some short admonitions, partly directed to those who have endeavoured to come unto Christ that they might have life; partly to those who have not hitherto fled for refuge to the appointed Saviour,

Those then who have come unto Christ let me exhort to remember that, as a tree is known by its fruits, so is faith to shew forth its reality by good works. Let them give diligence to hold: fast the true doce trine of the Gospel. And let them give equal diligence to adórn the doctrine of God their Saviour in all things. Jesus Christ gave himself for us, that he might " redeem us from all iniquity; and purify to himself a peculiar people zealous of good works... Christians are commanded conti- i nually to grow in grace, and in the knowledge of their Lord and Saviour. They are to strive day by day to subdue fin; to gain, the mastery more and more over the evit dispositions and the evil practices to which they are especially exposed. As long as they remain in the body they will perceive with St. Paul, that the flesh lufteth against the spirit, and seeks to bring them into captivity to sin; that in them, of";

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themselves, dwelleth no good thing; that the good which they would do, which they wish, and confess themselves bound in confcience to do, they often do not; that the evil which they would not, the evil which

in their hearts they condemn, which they " acknowledge that they ought to avoid, they often do. Continue therefore instant in prayer, in watchfulness, in diligence to shun temptations, in holy exertions to withstand them. Fulfil your duty as a soldier, of Christ Jesus. Would you lay hold on eternal life? Fight the good fight of faith; persevere in well-doing. If you draw back from Christ, he will draw back from you." Unless you persevere in faith and holinefs unto the end, you cannot be saved. Remember too, that you are to study to promote on every occafion the glory of the Lord Jesus. Let your light fo shine be

fore men, that they may fee your good : works, and glorify your Father which is -. in heaven. Let the happy effects of reli*gion on your principles, on your tempers,

on your manners, on your actions, recommend religion to others. Employ your influence, your talents, your example, in the fervice of Christ; and in the greatest of all services to your fellow-creatures, in

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winning them to the knowledge and love of that fålvation, which is in Christ Jesus, and in him alone. If you serve , not your Redeemer in zealous obedience ; where is your gratitude, where is your love? If you labour not to forward the extension of his kingdom; where is your zeal for his

glory, where is your pity for man? · With respect to those among you, who bave not yet turned unto the Lord Jesus ; I could scarcely say too much, if your attention, perhaps already wearied, would allow me to enlarge, on the wretchedness and danger of your situation, and on the madness of continuing in it. You have disregarded the great object for which you were sent into being. You have lived 'fo this world. You have added fin to fin without repentance. You have defied the indignation of Almighty God. You have despiled his Son Jesus, who stooped from the throne of his glory, and became man, that he might die for you upon the Cross. "You have scorned his offers of mercy, and

done despite to the Spirit of Grace. You lie as yet under the judgement of everlasting

condemnation to the lake of inextinguish· able fire. What is your purpose? Do you design still to set the Lord God OmnipoG 2


tent at defiance; still to trample on the blood of his Son ; still to resist the Holy Ghost? For you then what remaineth, as furely as the Word of God is true, but wrath - unchangeable, tribulation and anguilh, when the Lord Jesus shall be revealed in flaming fire to take vengeance on those who know not God, and obey not the Gospel? Repent ye: even yet repent and be saved. But perhaps you are appalled by the apprehenfion that after so long a period of slavery to the works of the devil, it is too late for you to repent. If these be your only alarms, hear for your encouragement the recorded declaration of God himself. As I live, faith the Lord, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked. Turn ye; turn ye. Why will ye die ? Hear the words of the Prophet, Let the wicked man forfake his way, and the uns righteous man his paths : and let him return unto the Lord, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for be will abundantly pardon, Hear the solemn asurance of Christ himself: Him that cometh unto me I will in no wise cast out.' To whom is this languiage addressed from above? To you. You avow your belief of the Scriptures. While you credit the Scriptures, is it possible for you to doubt of Christ's willingness to re

ceive, to forgive, and to bless you, if you will come unto him that you may have life eternal? Delay, then no longer. Put not his forbearance to any farther trial. The time of your continuance on earth may be drawing to a conclusion. The hour of grace may be nearly past. The last sands of the glass may be running out. Seize the opportunity which is yet afforded to you. Use the time which is yet in your power. Come unto the Lord Jesus, and you thall find that he is gracious. Persevere from this time forward with godly sincerity in faith and love, and holy obedience : and all your former transgressions shall be blotted from his remembrance ; and you shall receive through his merits a crown of glory, an inheritance of bliss that endureth for ever,

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