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Close by this is another little octagon of Most of these affecting features of her vermillion cloth-alas! poor Edward captivity I have hitherto explored ; filled, it was begged from the remnant of thy it is true, with feelings of lofty excilefirst uniform in which thou wentest so ment. But since then I have studied her gallantly to thy first battle--and never to history, or rather both its factions; the return ! The breaking hearts that one adverse to the lovely martyr, I ap. mourned thy loss, grasped in eager search proached with coolness and as much every relic that might serve as thy memo- impartiality as I could muster ; but rial; but this little patch, that to me into the others I plunged with all brings such lively recollection of thy the ardour of unchained impatience. . I manly form and pride-glowing features, was like one, who after a dry walk in was unthought of, and remained to blend the dog-days' reaches the green margent its history with its parti-coloured compa- of an exuliing river, and compels himnions.

self to pause under the old lonely brown Such is patchwork-a parterre of un- oak, lest the change should be too hasty. fading flowers-a cabinet of cheap curio -He reaps, however, the fruit of his sities, and a tapestry, whose stories, if forbearance by the plunge he at last not depicted in the glowing semblance of makes into the refreshing ecstatic tide. colours, are no less vividly impressed by And now, with conviction on my mind, the powerful pencils of fancy, memory, it will not be the ignis faluus of dazor association.

zling romance, but the steady though Apropos, of tapestry, I must see all painted magic lantern of history, that

will enable me to linger with delight on I will revisit those I have already seen, spots which feudal darkness overshadowed and make pilgrimage to those I have not once, and which modern enlightment yet inspected.

has abandoned now. To me the Marian The towers that cast their huge and Castles will no longer be the objects of menacing shadows upon her feeble, thin, an interest made up of curiosity as well but faithful retinue, like giants by the

as sympathy. The breadth of the moat side of distressed damsels of old,--the -- the bulk of the ramparts—the altitude vast portals that opened as if to swallow of the turrets--the arches--the heraldic up this shadow of regality, the high and shields, will not long detain my attention. echoing courts of gloomy magnificence, It will be enough that Mary Stuart hath that only testified, by their mailed strength dwelt in them; that their iron walls and and colossal grandeur, the rank and im. gloomy grates have had their adamanportance of their visitant, the wearisome tine hardness put to shame by the invinturret stairs that have been sanctified by cible fortitude of an innocent heart. the ascent of that symmetric foot, with

It will be enough that their severest many a sob and sigh of grief and fatigue privations were incompetent to unqueen a between; the painted chambers, whose diademed brow ; and that their meanest, gorgeous tapestry, impictured with all their most cheerless chambers (while the legends of romance, or the tragedies they were her dwelling) became palaces of history, shewed her nothing so romantic illuminated by the presence of the

fairest, as her own adventures--nothing so tra- the gentlest, and the highest-hearted gical as her own life; the deep embayed princess, that ever experienced how oriels, from whose open lattice her soft empty was the title of the Lord's eyes grew dim with tears, her fragrant anointed! lips quivered with complaint as she looked But of all places for reverie, the most afar io the princely forest or the purple

inventive is mountains ; the high-testered beds, whose damask, or velvet, or. cloth of gold,

Let the old eastern tales, or our own marked her through the livelong night, romances, tell of this or that wonder, as the livid lamp shewed her the splendid of Tartarian wooden horses careering opulence of her titled gaolers ; the fire. under you through the air ; or magic place where, by the winter's blaze, she boats bearing you without oar or rudder and her poor faithful wenches plied the to the sorcerer's castle. I know no mamany coloured embroidery, or laid sadly chine so wonderful as my bed. down the tambour frame, for the melan. I say machine for is it not one ? choly solace,

Look at this old settee of mine, for To tell sad stories of the death of kings ::

instance. Come, strip ! off with your How some have been deposed; some slain in earthly'weeds, and don that truly fairy Some haunted by the ghosts they dispossessed; cap now, or I should call it a Fortuna

vest; a nightshirt-nobody wears a night. Some poisoned. by their wives ; some sleeping tus cap. Ascend the high mattrass

leave only so much of the old damask




All murdered.

curtains' open as may enable you to an instant that too passes away. I am watch with swimming eyes the reddish suddenly with some dear friend, roaming reflection of the flickering wood-fire ed- through meadows that glitter at noontide, dying through the chamber! How fast plucking fragrant flowers, wooing the it is converting in its mystic light the sun by blue brooks, or shunning him in shadows of the ebony cabinet, ihe tall shady thickets; the dearest and the swing-mirror, the sprawling table and sweetest interchange of heart and thought the other furniture, into so many phan is all the while enhancing these pleatoms gathering round your couch ; as if sures with the brother of any heart's to bear you to the regions of romance, heart. On a sudden, some horrible as. whither your confused senses tell you sailant rushes upon me, my friend flies that you are bound !

and leaves me lo my fate ; and I, in paDeep midnight reigns around. The roxysms of dismay, unroot at length my gallery dour is closed_a disheartening stiffened feet, speed over space that silence shuts me out from the sympathy, lengthens as I traverse it,-climb over the society, apparently the protection of gates that twist round my limbs-scramman! The lamp is now extinguished ; ble through hedges that hold me back and, nestling in my bed, my winking in their briars, and leap down craigs eyes scarce perceive the apparitions and where my breath leaves me, and my vanishings of the low embered grate— feet never touch the ground. my dull ears scarcely catch the solemn This scene past, I seem to find myself converse which the winds are holding just retired to rest --when, lo! a sudden with the potent stars-my limbs have sight invades my eyes, and twenty rists forgotten their nerve and lustihood that of my bedroom ceiling pour forth spouts bore them in the morning over the dis- of flame; the whole house is rocking tant moor--my mind relaxes those de. with roars of conflagration, which darts lightful powers that rapt it in the glories up through the crevices of the floor be. of the lettered volume, and the dark neath my feet ; the door is locked and ponderous wainscot of the flame-um- the use of my hands is gone. I hear bered room begins to flit from my sight them shriek my name-I shriek in re. -uil at length, full swooping on every turn, but they hear me not. Volumes of vanquished sense, sleep seizes his willing fire advance tlirough the room ; then slave. As at the drawing of a curtain ensues a dark mist, and I find myself in the whole scene changes !

the vicinity of the sea ! A delicious What tracts of fairy land appear ?- sunny landscape, a massive castle, and what regions of wonder, whether de. soft lawns and majestic pine woods! It lightful or dismal, you instantly visit ? is the neaptide, and I am watching from In one short night, ages of existence a high hill at a distance the Titan battalia seem to be included—in a few brief hours of billows that hurl themselves upon the you joy, and grieve, strike and suffer, sounding shore. On a sudden there is a love and hate, live and die !

horrid yell, and, without power to flee, I Mercy heaven! what wild gothic hall discern an enormous mass of water, high shuts me in? through nine iall lancet as heaven, rolling towards me, and I am windows, what a strife do I witness in swept away amidst' nameless monsters-the night sky! The moon shoots madly unless Spenser can give them a name. from her serene state with all the flames of a meteor-hellish light flakes the 80

Most ugly shapes and horrible aspects

Such as dame. Nature's selfe mote feare lemn sable of the air; and millions of ghosts are seen busy in horrid antics, or Or shame that ever should so fowle defects vying in works of 'bale, now glaring in

From her most cunning hand escaped beethe light, now yelling in the darkness. Spring-beaded "hydras, and sea-should'ring

All dreadful pourtraicts of deformittee: Forests, towns, and spires, are shewn me

whales; in that strife of gloom and flame, and the Great whirlpoole's which all fishes made to forests are uprooted, the spires cleft, and the towns fired. In an instant this wild Bright Scolopendras, arm’d with silver scales,

Mighty Monoceros, with immeasured tayles., horror vanishes, and a worse succeeds. I am still in that vast hall-alone in The dreadful fish that bath deserved the name darkness, and in silence that makes my Of Death, and like him looks in dreadful ears tingle--my hair stand on end-and


The griesly Wasserman, that makes his game my flesh creep, From the farthest end

The flying ships with swiftness to pursue ; of the ample apartment, a something - The horrible sea-satyr that dotli shew apparently too horrible for my wildest His fearefull face in time of greatest storie : imaginings to scan, advances upon me

Huge Ziffios, whom mariners eschew

No lesse than rockey, as travellers informe; nothing but an agonised grasp answers And greedy Rosmarines with visages deform. my enhorrored efforts to scream, and in


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to see,


-Bui Nature here puts a boundary to by a sort of Taliacotian process, a pair of her sufferings, and I awake,-my eyes artificial skirts were grafted, accompanied startling, my limbs trembling, my heart me through Wales, among mountains palpitating, iny whole system deranged! where the eagle dwells alone in his supYei, oh, the bliss as perception slowly remacy. It was the sole adjunct who was returns, like moonlight on a subsiding with me, when I rambled along the banks storm, and by the still-glimmering fire- of the Sawthy, when the lark was abroad light appear ihe old beloved dormitory, and singing in the sky, or the shy nightthe damask cur hs, the polished wain- ing fung her song to the winds from scot, the walnut cabinet, the low sofa, among the hushed dells of Keven-gornuth. and the book-encumbered table-sure It was at my back when I climbed the comforters, reassuring my betossed mind! loftiest peak of Cader-Idris, and when

My parched lips pour an orison to the with feelings not to be described, I looked Throne of Grace, and straight alights an down upon sapphire clouds floating in angel on my pillow, and gives me sweetly quaint huge masses at an immense distance wild and soothing waking dreams, that, below me, and saw through their filmy leading my pleased fancy through ruinel chinks the glittering of thirty lakes, the halls, haunted castles, caves of banditti, faint undulating line of a thousand billovers' bowers, adventureful forests, – lowy ridges, or the blue expanse of the mines frequented by fairies, lowers whence drowsy ocean, dotted here and there the necromancer reads the stars, moor with a passing sail, and bordered far land granges of strange encounters, towns away on the horizon by the dim bounof old bygone histories-flings over all the daries of ine Irish coast. Moreover, it sweetest and the brightest, and the most was at my back when I plunged chinengaging colours of REVERIE !

deep into the isle of Ely bogs, in which picturesque condition I was shot at (and

of course missed) by a Cockney sportsCHAPTER ON OLD CUATS.

man, who had mistaken me for a rare (Concluded.)

and handsome species of the wild duck.

But by far the most singular adventure There is yet another light in which old in which this old-fashioned appanage coats may be viewed : I mean as chro ever bore a part, was one which took niclers of the past, as vouchers to parti- place at night-fall at a lonely dwelling cular events. Agesilaus, king of Sparta, in the neighbourhood of the Black Mounalways dated from his last new dress. tains. I had been sporting over those Following in the wake of so illustrious delectable wastes for the greater part of a precedent, I date from my last (save a day, and having as usual shot nothing one) new coat, which was first ushered but an old furze bush, was making the into being during the memorable period best of my way home towards the vit. of the Queen's trial. Do I remember lage in where I had taken up my quarthal epoch from the agitation it called ters, when the shades of night somewhat forth? From the loyalty, the radicalism, .suddenly and inconveniently dropped the wisdom and the folly it quickened around me. I say inconveniently, for I into life ?--Assuredly not. I gained no- knew little or nothing of the neighbourthing by the wisdom. I lost as much by hood, and as is always the case on such the folly. I was neither the better nor occasions, took the wrong by-path, the worse for the agitation. Why then which led me far down into a romantic do I still remember that period?' Sim- hollow, in the centre of which stood a ply and selfishly from the circumstance lone, gloomy-looking hut. I think I of its having occasioned the dismembere never saw so forlorn an object. Its every ment-most calamitous to a poor annui- lineament spoke of solitude and murder. tant !-of the very coat in which I have While hesitating whether or not to pass the honour of addressing this essay to the this cut-throat tenement, a light glanced public. In an olfactory crowd, whom suddenly forth from one of the fissures her Majesty's " wrongs" had congrega- that time and neglect had made in its ted at Hammersmith, my now invalid walls. This decided me; I felt that I habiliment was transformed after the now stood a fair chance of gleaning some fashion of an Ovidian metamorphosis, information respecting my road; where the change is usually fron the brandishing my gun like a quarter-staff better to the worse, from a coal into a --for I had consumed all my powderspencer. In a word, some adroit con- I strode resolutely forward, though not veyancer eloped with the binder flaps, without certain 'awkward' misgivings, and by, so doing, secured a snuff-box which a satirist might have tortured into which played two waltz tunes.

apprehensions, in the direction whence The same coat, on which subsequently, the light proceeded, and was fortunate

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enough to secure a position, which, with But this was a trifle compared with out being seen or heard, enabled me to the more momentous secret that en. see and hear, all that took place within grossed my whole thoughts. For two the hut.

days and nights I did nothing but ponder And a most picturesque discovery I in my mind the way in which I could made ! Salvator Rosa would have given best disburthen myself of it. At first I his ears to have been beside me. At the thought of telling everything to my further end of the ruin, holding a lamp landlord ; but when I reflected on the in his hand, whose wild fitful glare fell character of my communication, there with strange effect upon his dark swarthy appeared a someihing so strange-so rolineaments, stood a brawny ruffian, with mantic—so altogether outre about it, a face eloquent of burglary. Near him thatm-will the reader credit my weakwas stationed another worthy, younger, ness ?-I actually had not the courage though equally ferocious in aspect ; with to incur the hazard either of being black grizzled hair ; side-long look, like laughed at, or scouted as a fabricator. a fox on a poaching tour : snub nose, But the mind, like the body, when and mouth from ear to ear. Both were overcharged, must find a market for its speaking in under tones ; and as the surplus commodities. In other words, younger, in reply to some question put it must have a vent for its uneasiness. Í by his companion, stole a fearful glance soon felt this to be the case ; and after about him, I observed a spot of blood bearing my secret about with me a full on his forehead, and that his hands were fortnight, it became at length so wholly stained with the same crimson hue. Hor• insupportable, that I resolved, come ror-struck by such a sight, I was just what might, to rid myself of the burden; preparing to retreat, when the following and accordingly, by my landlord's adsentences, spoken at intervals in a whis- vice-to whom I imparted every partiper that sent a thrill through every vein, cular-set out for Carmarthen, which riyetted me to the spot.

was the nearest civilized town, in order “ Whereabouts did you catch her, to put the whole affair into the hands of Owen ?"

the proper legal authorities. “ Just in the lane by the pool side; she It so happened, that the day of my was walking alone, so, as I owed the old arrival there was the second of the aswoman a grudge, I'm-and here the sizes, and as the magistrate before whom wretch chuckled like a fiend" made no I was advised to lay my case, was in more ado, but grasped her by the neck, court, I made the best of my way thither, and cut her throat !”

and arrived just in time to hear the trial “We must go and fetch her away of two murderous-looking felons, in then to-night; and above all, cover up whose intelligent faces I at the very first the blood with earth, or else”.

glance recognised my old acquaintances What followed, I was unable to make of the hut. The wretches then were at out; enough, however, had been said, length detected! Thank God! I invoto convince me that I was standing within luntarily exclaimed, and waited with 2 yard of two deliberate murderers.- throbbing heart the particulars of the What a situation! Alone, at night, in solemn charge. In a few minutes, the the wildest part of the Black Mountains, trial commenced. The counsel for the with iwo such villains : I felt that one prosecution drew forth their briefs ; those movement, were it ever so slight, one for the defence looked ominous and full sound, were it ever so fine, might reach of apprehension ; the Judge shook his their practised ears, and prove my in. wig ; the Jury frowned in horror ; the stant destruction. But I had little time Court was hushed in awful expectation, for reflection, for the ruffians making a and— Owen Rees and Davy Thomas sudden move towards the door, I moved were formally called on to plead Guilty off also, nor ever once halted, till cut or Not Guilty, to the charge of having, short in my career by a projecting black on the night of the 20th of June the thorn, which had attached itself, after a very night on which I had overheard very unconnubial fashion, to my person. their conversation,-"-stolen a Goose, With the usual difficulty I procured a the property of Sarah Stubbs, Alias divorce from this annoyance; and after Long Sal, spinster"!! rambling about some hours, up one lane, Shade of Martinus Scriblerus, was down another, coasting this moor, and ever sample of the bathos equal to this?, crossing that, I at length got into the right

Monthly Mag. track, and arrived at my quarters with the sole inconvenience of having my coat a second time dismembered, like Absyrtus, by his kind aunt Medea.


per by it,'

Che Naturalist.

(says she,) before I knew that they shone by night, a number of these lantern flies,

which I shut up in a large wooden box. In Kirby and Spence there is a very I awoke in a fright, and ordered a light

In the night, they made such a noise, that interesting statement of the number of eggs laid by various insects; the musca from whence the noise proceeded : as soon

to be brought, not being able to guess meridiana, a common fly, lays two; other flies, six or eight ; the flea, twelve opened it, but was still more


as I found that it came from the box, I the burying beetle, nicrophorus vespillo, and let it fall to the ground in my fright, thirty ; many flies, under a hundred; the silk-worm moth, about five hundred; and as many insects as came

out, so many

on seeing a flame of fire come out of it; the great goat moth, cossas ligniperda, different flames appeared. When I found one thousand; acarus Americanus, more than a thousand; the tyger moth, 'calli- this to be the case, I recovered from my

alarm, and again collected the insects, morpha caja, sixteen hundred; some cocci, two thousand; others, four thou- much, admiring their splendid appearsand; the female wasp, at least thirty of these insects, is sufficiently bright,

The light,” she adds, of one thousand ; the queen bee varies consi. derably in the number of eggs that she that a person may see to read a newspaproduces in one season, in some cases

“ The light emitted by the fire-fiy, it may amount to forty or fifty thousand or more ; a small hemipterous in- proceeds entirely from the hollow part or sect, resembling a little moth, alcyrcdes insect being luminous. Dr. Darwin con

lantern of the head, no other part of the proletella, two hundred thousand. But all these are left far behind by one of the jectures that the use of this light is merely white ants, termes falali, č. bellicosus

to prevent the insects from flying against of Smeathman, the female of this insect objects in the night, and to enable them extruding from her enormous matrix not

to procure their sustenance in the dark. less than sixty. eggs in a minute, which He seems, however, not to have consimakes 3,600 in an hour, 86,400 in a day, train of night insects are possessed of this

dered, that very few of the numerous 2,419,200 in a lunar month, and the luminous properly, and all the functions enormous number of 211,449,600 in a

of these are performed with perfect reguyear! Probably, indeed, she does not always continue laying at this rate : but larity: Its most essential use is, no doubt, if the sum be set as low as possible, it

as in the other luminous tribes, to point will get exceed that produced by any in them the same purpose, in this respect,

out the sexes to each other ; thus serving other known animal in the creation. The sturgeon is said to lay 1,500,000 eggs;

as the voice does in the larger animals. and the cod fish 9,000,000. In the Bri. The head in this species is large, and tish Museum there are several specimens somewhat ovat. The wings are varieof the above insect, whose abdomens are gated, and the lower pair are each mark. extended to an amazing size, they are

ed with a large ocellated or eye-like spot.

Sometimes the insect is seen of three or completely filled with eggs.

four inches in length."


A correspondent in “ The Technologi

Traits of History. cal and Microscopic Repository,” states, " that the most vivid of all the luminous SAYINGS AND DOINGS OF POPES. insects, is the great lantern fly, fulgora

(For the Olio.) lanternaria, which affords a light so Leo the Tenth, admiring the huge great, that travellers walking by night masses of money, which, by his indul. are said to be enabled to pursue their gences, he had raked together, said to journey with sufficient certainty, by three Cardinal Bembus,“ See what a deal of or four of them being tied to a stick, and wealth we have got by this fable of carried in the manner of a torch ! It is Christ.” And when he lay on his deathcommon in many parts of South Ame- bed, the same Cardinal rehearsing a text rica, and is described by Madam Merian, of scripture, to comfort him, he replied in her superb work on the insects of Suá Away with these baubles concerning rinam. She gives an entertaining account Christ.”. of the alarm into which she was thrown Adrian the Sixth, before he was Pope, by the flashing light which proceeded taxed many errors and abuses in the court from them in the dark, before she had of Rome, but having attained the Pope. been apprized of their shining nature. dom, when he was pressed to reform them

sro The Indians once brought me,' said, " when I was a child, I thought like

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