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A Series of 4pp. Gospel Tracts for distribution

after Preaching. Price 1s. per 100.

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FIFTH SERIES. 1. The Sower

7. The Dragnet 2. The Darnel of the Field

8. The Merciless Bondman 3. The Mustard seed

9. The Labourers hired 4. The Leaven

10. The two Children 5. The Treasure hidden in the 11. The Guilty Husbandmen 6. One Pearl of great price

12 The Marriage Feast

The Darnerd seed


10. The Guilty

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It is not without interest, and sometimes of importance, to take into account the order in which the Epistles were written, as far as it can be ascertained : where it cannot, we are entitled to gather that it is of no practical moment.

From Corinth the apostle Paul wrote his earliest inspired letters, both the Epistles to the Thessalonians. The subscription at the end of most manuscripts and copied by our translators is given up as unauthorised and untrue. They were written, not from Athens but from Corinth. Probably the error arose from a misconstruction of 1 Thessalonians iii. 1, which rather disproves the hasty deduction. Timotheus with Silas carried the report of the Thessalonian state to the apostle at Corinth (Acts xviii. 5), where he abode some eighteen months; and thence no doubt he wrote both. The First carries its own evidence in its joy over their freshness; the Second indicates a decline in their enjoyment of the blessed hope, and the consequent inroad of the enemy. If a date may be safely suggested, the First was about the close of A.D. 52, the Second in A.D. 53. ...

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