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indeed is the least of all seeds : but when it is grown, it is the greatest among berbs, and becometh a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in the branches thereof. Another parable spake he upto them ; The kingdom of heaven is like unto leaven, which a woman took, and bid in three measures of meal, till the whole was leavened. do. xvi. 18: And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my Church ; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. do. xxiv. 14: And this Gospel of the kingdom sball be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations ; and tben shall the end come. John, xv. 16: Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain : that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you. Compare this with MAT. xxviii. 19, 20: Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost : teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you : and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.


NEW TESTAMENT PROPER NAMES. N. B. The Old Testament names occurring in the New Testament

are not included in the following List, as they are reserved for the Old Testament part.

A. A-bad'-don, the destroyer. Ab-i-le'-ne, the father of the apartment, or of mourning. A-bi'-ud, father of praise, or glory of my father. A-cel'-da-ma, A-sel-da-ma, the field of blood. A-cha'-i-a, A-ka-yah, grief, or trouble. A-cha'-i-chus, A-ka'-e-kus, a native of Achaia. A'.chim, A-kim, preparing, confirming, or revenging. Ad-di, my witness, adorned, passage, prey. Ad-ra-myt-ti-um, the court of death, the mansion of death.. A'-dri-a, the name of a city which gives name to the Adriatic

sea, now the gulf of Venice. Ag-a-bus, a locust, or the feast of the father. A-gar, Hagar. A-grip-pa. This word is Latin, and signifies one who at his birth

causes great pain, who is born with his feet foremost. Al-ex-an-der is a Greek word, and signifies one that assists men,

or one that helps stoutly, or one that turns away evil... Al-ex-an-dri-a, a city in Egypt. Al-pha, the first letter of the Greek alphabet, marked A. VOL. IV.


Al-phe'-us, a thousand, otherwise learned, or chief.
Am-phip-o-lis, a city encompassed by the sea.
Am'-pli-as, large, extensive; a Latin word.
An-a-ni'-as, the cloud of the Lord.
An-drew, a stout and strong man.
An-dro-ni'-cus, a man excelling others, a victorious man.
An'-na, gracious, merciful.
An'-nas, one that answers, that afflicts and humbles, or gra-

cious, merciful. An'-ti-christ, an adversary to Christ. An'-ti-och, for or instead of a chariot, or equal in speed with

a chariot. An'-ti-pas, for all, or against all. An-tip'-a-tris, for or against the father. A-pel'-les, I exclude, l separate. A-pol-lo'-ni-a, perdition, destruction. A-pol-los, one that destroys and lays waste. A-pol-ly-on, one that exterminates or destroys. Ap’-phi-a, Aph-e-a, that produces, or is fruitful. Ap-pi-foʻ-rum, a town so called from Appius Claudius, whose

statue was erected there. Aq'-ui-la, an eagle. Ar-che-la'-us, Ar-ke-la'-us, the prince of the people. Ar-chip’-pus, Ar-kip-pus, a governor of horses, or master of

the horse. A-re'-op-a-gite, belonging to the council. A-re-op'-a-gus, the hill of Mars; a place where the magistrates

of Athens held their supreme council. . Ar-e-tas, one that is agreeable, that pleases, that is virtuous. Ar-i-ma-the-a, a lion dead to the Lord, or the light of the

death of the Lord. A-ris-tar-chus, Ar-is-tar'-kus, a good prince, the best prince. Ar-is-to-bu'-lus, a good counsellor, good advice. Ar-ma-ged-don, the mountain of Megiddo, or the mountain of

the Gospel ; otherwise the mountain of fruits, or of apples. Ar-te-mas, whole, sound, or without fault. A'-sia, muddy, boggy. A-syn'-cri-tus, incomparable. A-the-ni-ans, inhabitants of Athens. Ath'-ens, so called from Athene, or Athenaia, Minerva. At-ta-li'-a, that increases, or sends. Au-gus'-tus, increased, augmented; or royal, majestic. A-zoʻ-tus, Ashdod.

B. Ba-rabʻ-bas, son of the father, or of the master; or the son of

confusion and shame. Bar-a-chi'-as, Bar-a-ky-as, Barachel. Bar-je-sus, son of Jesus, or Joshua.

Bar-jo'-na, the son of Jona, or of a dove.
Bar'-na-bas, the son of the prophet, or of consolation.
Bar-sa-bas, son of return, or of conversion; or son of rest, or.

son of swearing. Bar-thol-o-mew, a son that suspends the waters. Bar-ti-me'-us, the son of Timeus, or of the perfect and honour.

able. Be-el-ze-bub, Baalzebub. Be-re'-a, heavy, weighty. Ber-ni'-ce, one that brings victory. Beth'-a-ny, the house of song, or of affliction ; otherwise the

house of obedience, or the house of the grace of the

Lord. Beth-es'-da, the house of effusion; or the house of pity, or

mercy. Beth'-pha-ge, the house of the mouth, or the drain of the

valleys, or the house of early figs. Beth-sa’-i-da, the house of fruits, or of food, or of hunters, or

of snares. .
Bi-thyn'-i-a, violent precipitation.
Blas'-tus, one that sprouts and brings forth.
Bo-a-ner'-ges, the sons of thunder.

Cai'-a-phas, a searcher, or he that seeks with diligence.
Ca-i'-nan, possessor, or purchaser, or one that laments, or the

builder of a nest. Cal-va-ry, the place of a scull. Ca-na, zeal, or emulation; otherwise possession, lamentation,

the nest, cane, or staff. Can-da'-ce, who possesses contrition, or pure possession. Ca-per-na-um, the field of repentance, or city of comfort ;

otherwise the propitiation of the penitent, or the town of

pleasure, the handsome city. Cap-pa-do'-ci-a, Cap-pa-doʻ-she-a, Caphtor. Car-pus, fruit, or fruitful. . Ce-dron, black, or sad. Cen-chre-a, millet, small pulse. Ce'-phas, a rock of stone. Ce'-sar, a Latin name, from the word Cado, I cut ; because he

was cut out of his mother's womb; or from the word Cæsa

ries, a head of hair, which he is said to have been born with. Ces a re-a, a bush of hair. Char'-ran, Kar-ran, a singing, or calling out, or the heat of

Chi'-os, Ky'-os, open, or opening.
Chlo'-e, green herb.
Cho-ra'-zin, Ko-rd'-zin, the secret, or here is a mystery.

Chu'-sa, Ku'-sa, the seer, or prophet; or Ethiopian, the hus

band of Joanna.
Ci-li-ci'-a, Sil-ish-e-a, which rolls, or overturns.
Clau'-da, a broken voice, a lamentable voice.
Clau'-di-a, lame.
Cle'-ment, mild, good, modest, merciful.
Cle'-o-phas, the whole glory, or glory altogether.
Co-los'-se, punishment, correction..
Co-los'-si-ans, Co-losh-e-ans.
Cor'-inth, which is satisfied, or ornament, or beauty.
Cor-ne'-li-us, of an horn.
Crete, carnal, fleshy.
Cre'-ti-ans, Kree-she-ans.
Cris'-pus, curled.
Cy'-prus, fair, or fairness.
Cy-re'-ne, a wall, or coldness, or meeting, or a floor. a
Cy-re’-ni-ans, people of Cyrene.
Cy-re’-ni-us, who governs.

Dal-ma-nu'-tha, a bucket, or exhaustion, leanness, branch.
Dal-ma'-tia, deceitful lamps, or vain brightness.
Dam'-a-ris, a little woman.
De-cap-o-lis, the ten cities.
De'-mas, popular.
De-me-tri-us, belonging to Ceres, or to corp.
Der'-be, a sting.
Di-a'-na. The Latin word may signify luminous. The Greek

word signifies perfect. Did'-y-mus, a twin. Di-o-nys'-i-us, divinely touched. Di-ot'-re-phes, nourished by Jupiter, or Jupiter's foster-child. Dor'-cas, the female of a roebuck. Dru-sil-la, watered by the dew.

E. East'-er, the Passover, a feast of the Jews. E-li'-as, Elijah. E-lis'-a-beth, God hath sworn, the oath of God, or the fulness • of God. E-li'-ud, God is my praise, or the praise of my God. El-mo-dam, the god of measure, or the god of the garment. El-y'-mus ; this name in Arabic signifies a magician. Em'-ma-us, people despised, or obscure. Em'-mor, an ass. E-ne-as, laudable. E-non, cloud, or mass of darkness, or his fountain, or his eye.

Ep-E-DIS. crezi Et frans.
E-DU-TI-.-II. antradie, handsama ang wham rani

10 tir Pmilinmins.
E-DEL- , juntani. VoIT NAN
E-ptrat, veery, tired, a fr in the ar as a burg
Enh-t-sIX, Desirable.

E-128-I, love!, o amiana
Es-1, Dee me: otherwise be sha: cara in
Es-rom, the dar of jor, o disinn at the song.
Eu-bu-les, a pradeni, a good con ,
E-m-oe, food Tictory
Ex-0-01-2s, sweet scent of that smells wail.
Ex-phra-tes, that makes fruitful, or stoms.
En-ty-ches, happy, fortunata.

Fe-liz, bappy, or prosperous.
Fes-tes, festival, or joyful.
For-to-na-tas, happr, or prosperous.

Gad'-a-renes, surrounded, walled.
Ga-i-us, Lord, or an earthy man.
Ga-la'-ti-a, white, of the colour of milk.
Gal-li-o, he that sucks, or lives upon milk.
Ge-nes'-a-reth, the garden of the prince, otherwise protection

of the prince, or of him that governs. Ger-ge-senes', those who come from pilgrimage, or from fight;

a people beyond Galilee. Geth-sem-a-ne, a very fat valley, or the valley of oil. Gol-go-tha, an heap of sculls.

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He'-brews, descended from Heber.
He'-li, ascending, or climbing up.
Her’-mes, Mercury, or gain, or refuge.
Her-mog'-e-nes, begotten of Mercury, or generation of lucre.
Her'-od, the glory of the skin, or son of the hero.
He-ro'-di-as, the wife of Herod.
He-ro'-di-on, song of Juno, or the conqueror of heroes.
Hi-er-ap-o-lis, holy city.
Hy-men-e'-us, nuptial, or marriage.

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