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money to repair the house of God Round the frame :
from yeere to yeere, and halte the Haggai 1. 2. Thus speakerb the Lord
thinge; and they made a procla of bafts, sazing, This people say ibe
mation thoughout Judah and Je time is not come ibat the Lord's
rusalem. 2 Chron. xxiv. 4, 5, 9." bouse foould be built. 3, 4. Is it

time for you, (0 yee) to dwell At bottom:

in your seilled boules, and tbis house “ Amore, veritate & reverentia. So lay wasie? It is written, my bouse

invented, and at my costs, made is the house of prayer.
for me, H Farley 1616 Wrought

On the opposite or left-hand leaf by John Gipkyn. Fyat voluntas

within, is represented the fame church Dei." On the infide of this leaf is depicted fanes, turrets, images of the King and

repaired and embellished, with gilded the old church of St. Paul's, without

Queen, &c. the houses cleared away, the spire; a number of rooks flying

and the gallery, beautified, with the over it. Against the South wall of

arms of England, London, and the the nave without is a gallery with the

fees of Canterbury and London, and King, Queen, and Prince fitting, and

these inscriptions on it: in pannels under each, inscribed, “ Vive le Roy," “ Vive la Reine,

Blefjed be the peace-makers. « Vive le Prince." On their left

Touch not the Lord's anointed, nor hand ten Lords, Ladies and Bishops,

do his prophets any

barm. under whose gallery is written :

Peace be within thy walles, and plen“ Mr. William Parker, citizen and teous prosperitie within thy palaces. merchant taylor, gave 400 poundes

I was glad when they said, Let us towardes repaires of my win

go up to the house of ibe Lord. dowes."

On each side the steeple are 4 angels On the top of this gallery stand 12 with trumpets, founding these verles : choristers in surplices; and in a gal

His roial feed fhall mightie bee and many, lery below fit the Mayor and Alder

And shall encrease as much as erc did any; men : a croud of citizens of both sexes fit before Paul's cross, a hexagon Like as the fandes, or sea, or starres in skye, building, which appears to be leaded So swall his people growe and multiplie. at top, and furmounted by a maffy

This goodlie kinge faall reigne and rule in iron cross : a bishop is preaching in it,

peace, (an hout glass at his elbow) and seve. Because by him the Gospel doth increase. ral persons appear within it behind hiin,

He shall be prosperous in all his ways, a verger waiting at the fteps behind.

And joull būve health, long life, Within the brick wall that incloiis it in

duys : front fit several persons taking dewn the fermon; their inkhorns lying on a step

He shall have conquestes when he goes to fight, , under the preacher, on which one wri

And small put all his enem es io fight. ter is mounted for the same purpose. He shall plant colonies in every nation, By the fide of the cross is leated in a To forward till the Gos;ell's propagation; chair an elderly inan, who, to a person And at the last to ende our blefled Dory, coming up bowing cap in hand, and

He shall be crowned in beaven wiib endless asking, "I pray, sir, what is the

glory, text ?” answers, “ The 21 of Chroni. cles, chap. xxiv." At the west door

Where angells and archangells ever singes is a coffer, superscribed, tbe offering

All praise and honour to the King of Kinges." cbefi; and over the door,

Above are the dove and glory.

Round the frame, “ Therefore the King commanded,

and they made a cheft, and set it Blefeld be the Lord God of our fathers, at the gate of the house of the

which pulteth such things as Ibeje Lord without. 2 Chron. xxiv,

into the beart of our good King, to 8."

beautify the boufe of the Lord. The north side of the nave is built

Ezra 7. Vivat, vincat, reg. up with houses, whose chimnies are

natque Jacobus. Amen. fmoaking, and the following lines pass The deviser of this painting was from them to the King:

one Henry Farley, who for & years so

licited and importuned the King and “ Viewe, o Kioge, howe my wall creepers “ Have made mee work for chimney

people with his schemes and applications for the repair of St. Paui's cathe.

and happy

weeners **

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dral, which had remained without a cross. In 1622, Farley printed " Port(pire ever fince it was burnt by light land Stone in Paule's Church.yard; ning in 156s, and otherwise defaced, their Birth, their Mirth, &c. Buy or The money collected and the timber go by."' 410.. Bishop Mountaine, who prepared for its repair lay unapplied fucceeded King, dildurit a confideratill 18 Jan. 1620. when the K. came ble fum to provide stone from Portin procellion to the church, where a land for this work. (Dugd. ib. 137.) sermon was preached by Dr. King, This painting was

for many years in Bishop of London, from a text chofen the family of the Tookes, of whom by the King himself, and a feast ferv. 3 had been

successively rectors of Lamed up in the Bithop's palace. The borne, in Eliex, from 1704 to 1776. royal commision issued the year fol On the decease of the late rector, it was lowing for the immediate repair ; as purchased as a neglected piece of furnidid another 7 C. I. but nothing was ture, which bad never quitted the garcarried into execution till 8 C. I. when ret, for a few fillings, by Mr. Webit proceeded with vigor, till the civil ster, a (urgeon at Chigwell, who is war not only put a Itop to the repairs, the present proprietor. but defecrated and ruined the church by every possible means.

Defcription of CASTLE CALDWELL, This display of Matter Gipykn's art ibe delightful Seat of Sir James Calda must be confidered only as one of the well, on the Borders of Loch Larne, many efforts of Farley's zeal and in in Ireland. From Mr. Young's vention to prompt his sovereign to this Tour I brough that Kingdom, lately good and necessary work, which at last publijbed. (See ibe Plate.) brought himn to Ludgate piton. The

R Eached Castle Caldwell at night, painting is dated 1616, and James I.

where Sir James Caldwell received did not go to St. Paul's till 1620, and

me with a politeness and cordiality then in great itate on horseback, with that will make me long remember it all the lords and great officers of

with pleasure. his court; Sir William Cokain, Knt.

Nothing can be more beautiful than being then Lord Mayor, who, with

the approach to Castle Caldwell; the the city in their liveries, then also gave

promontories of thick wood, which their attendance. Dugdale's Hift. of S:. Toot into Lough Larne, under the Paul's, first edition, p. 135. The or Thade of a great ridge of mountains, der of the procession may be seen in the have the fineft effect imaginable. As Appendix. After hearing an anihem

foon as you are through the gates, the in the Choir, he went to the Cross to

whole domain lies beneath the point hear the fermon by Bishop King. This of view. It is a promontory, three sermon was printed by his Majesty's miles long, projecting into the lake, a command, 1620 ; and Mr. Oldys says, beaniful assemblage of wood and lawn, the Bishop Mhewed his knowledge of one end a thick shade, the other grass, hiftory in it. Mr. Farley published, in

scattered with trees, and finishing with 1616, “ The Complaint of Paule's to

wood : a bay of the lake breaks into all Christian Soules, or, an humble the eastern end, where it is perfectly Supplication

wooded : there are fix or seven islands To our good King and nation,

among them ; that of Bow three miles For her new reparation.” 4to.

long, and one and a half broad; yet

they leave a noble (weep of water, And, in 1612, “ St. Paule's Church bounded by the great range of the her Bill for the Parliament, as it was Turaw mountains. To the right, the presented to the King's Majesty on lake takes the appearance of a fine Midlent Sunday last, and intended for river, with two large islands in it. The the view of that most high and ho. whole unites to form one of the most nourable Court; and generally for all glorious scenes I ever beheld. Rode fuch as bear good will to the re to the little hill above Michael a Quin's fourisking Estate of the said Church. Cäbbin (marked ..): here the two Partly in Verse, partly in Profe; pen great promontories of wood join in ned and published for her Good, by Hen. one, but open in the middle, and give ry Farley, Author of her Complaint." a view of ihe lake, as if a diftinét wa. 410. To this farrago of prayers, peti ter : beyond are the islands scattered tions, dialogues with the Church, over its face; nor can any thing he and dreams and vitions about it, for 8 more picturesque than the bright flver years together, is prefixt a print of the surface of the water breaking through

GENT. MAG April 1779.


the dark shades of wood. Around the land is a wood of forty acres, and a
point on which we stood, the ground more agreeable circumstance, so near a
is rough and rocky, wild and various, mansion, can scarcely be imagined.
forming no bad contrast to the bril Take my leave of Castle Caldwell,
liant scenery in view. Crossing some with colours flying, and his band of
of this undressed ground, we came to music playing i go on board his lix-
a point of a hill, above Paridy Ma oured harge for Enniskillen: the hea.
guire's Cabbin (2); here the lake pre vens were favourable, and a clear sky,
sents great sheets of water, breaking and bright fun, gave me the beauties
beyond the woody promontori-s and of the lake in all their splendor. Pass
jjlands, in the moit beautiful manner. the scenes I have described, which, from
At the bottom of the declivity, at your the boat, take a fresh variety, and in
feet, is a creek, and beyond it the all pleasing.
lands of the domain, scattered with
noble woods, that rise immediately Mr. URBAN,
from the water's edge. The house, al. AVING seen in the papers the fol.
molt obscured among the trees, seems
a fit retreat from every care and anxie- . fubjoin the aniwer annexed.
ty of the world : a little bevond it, Query. “ Easter · Day,” (say our
the lawn, which is in front, thews its Common Prayer books,) « on which
lively green among the deeper shades, the rett depend, is always the first Sun-
and over the neck of land which joins day after the full moon, which happens
it to the promontory of wood called upon or next after the zilt day of
Roflergole: the lake seems to form a March.” The full moon this year
most beautiful wood - locked balon (3), (say our Alinanacks) was on the 20th
ftretching its silver surface behind the of March, at 31 min. past two in the
Items of the single trees. Beyond the afternoon; consequently the next full
whole, the mountainy rocks Turaw (4) moon after the 21st of March happens
give a magnificent finishing.

on the 19th of April ; why then was Nothing can exhibit scenes of greater not Easter Day on the 23d of April ? variety, or more beauty, than the rides Anfw. This mistake (!or such it is) about this delightful seat. Tire islands arises from the queriit's not diftinon every fide are varied, and of a dif.

guishing between the ecclesiastical and ferent character : fome are knots or the true astronomical full moon, by tufts of wood, others thrubby; here the former of which the observation of are single rocks, and there fine hills of Easter is always governed. Now the Jawn, which rise boldly from the wa rule for finding the ecclefiaftical ter. The promontories form equal dil. changes of the moon is founded on a tin&tions : fome are of thick woods, supposition that the moon's motion is which yield the darkest Made, others always uniform, and that she returns open groves; but every - where the to the fame points of the ecliptic excoast is high, and yields pleasing land actly, in the space of 19 Julian years, scapes. Little of ihe sublime, but the neither of which are true; for, by later very range of beauty, gaiety, and improvements in astronomy, it is found, pleasure, are the charačiers of the spot : that the astronomical anticipates the Nature makes no efforts here but those ecclesiastical changes pointed out by to please : the parts are of extreme va the above rule, in that period, 1 h. 27 ricties, yet in perfect unison with each m. 311. 55 thd. So that in 312 year's other. Even the rocks of Turaw have this anticipation amounts to a whole a mildness in their aspect, and do not day, of which no notice was taken break the general effect by abrupt or from the year 325, when this rule was sugged projections. Rode round Ror. established in the church by the Counfergole, the promontory in front of the cil of Nice, till the alteration of the house, from which the views are ex ityle in 1752, when it amounted to ceedingly beautiful, commanding a 13

34 m.

The whole days noble hanging woud on the banks of were then rectified, and the golden Rollinore, and the woody necks that numbers placed (allowing for the difstretch from the land beyond the house, ference of Ityle) four days earlier, or with several islands, which yield the higher in the calendar, than they were greatest variety. On the point Sir before, but the odd hours, &c. must James has built an octagon temple, go on till they amount to another day, which takes in several views that are which would be about the year 1885, exceedingly pleasing. This neck of were it not for a new regulation, pro


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