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Apr. and secure approaches opened to it. We or fixty men were killed or taken, and every were now within 450 yards of the place. horse of the curps, with the arms and ap

“ My communications had bitherto re pointments, fell into our hands. quired the greaicft attention, but the pre " Although, in a second correspondence fence of the fiect in the harbour relieving me the enery fulicited, they bad shewn in their from apprehensions on that part, and the ad proposals for a furrender far too extentive miral taking to himself the defence of Fort pretenhons, the admiral and myself could Johnson, I was able to detach 1400 men, not refrain from altempting once more to ą. under Liew:. Col. Webster, to briak in upon vert the cruel extremity of a torm. In this the enemy's remaining communication with rencwal of treaty however we did not find the country.

their indi kiretion much abated. “ Your lordhip will observe, that Col. “ The batteries of the ihird parallel were Webåter bad, in the execution of his orders, therefore opened, and a manifett superiority rivers to cross, aud other difficult operations of fare fvon obtained. Under this fire we to effect, in presence of a very superior ca gained the counterscarp of the our works valry, which might harrass him much. It which flanked the canal; the canai itseif was cherefore of the utmost importance to was patred, and works carried on towards the Atrike at this corps, and, as suddenly as por ditch of the place. fible, co seize the principal passes of the “ The 11th Gen. Lincoln sent to us his country.

acquiescence in the terms he had two days “ The surprize and defeat of the collected before objecied to. Whatever severe justice Cavalry and militia of the rebels, and the might dictate on such an occafion, we repoffefsing Biggin's bridge over Cooper by solved not to press to unconditional submirLieut. Col. Tarleton, gave the command of fion a reduced army, whom we hoped clethe country to Col. Webfter, threw into his mency might yet reconcile ta us. The artihands great supplies of provision, and enabled cles of capitulation were therefore figoed, him to take a poft near the head of Wandao such as I have the honour to inclose them. river, forbidding by land all further access to [These articles shall be given in our next.) the town from Cooper to the inland naviga “ On the 12:h Major-Gen. Lelie took tion. An armed naval force which the ad polresion of the town. miral sent into Servee Bay, and another sta “ There are taken, 7 general officers, a tioned in Spencer's lalet, compleated the in- commodore, 10 continental regiments, and veftiture to the sea,

3 bat:alions of ariillery, together with towa “ A confiderable reinforcement joining and country militia, French and seamen, me from New York the 13th of April, 1 making about coco men in arms. The ti immediately strengthened the corps beyond tular deputy governor, council, and civil of Cooper River, which, thus augmented, I ficers, are also prisoners, requested Leut. Gen. Eari Cornwallis to “ Four frigates and several armed vessels, take under his command.

with a great number of boats, have likewise “ On the 6h of May the tbird parallel fallen into our poffeffion, and about 400 was compleated close to the edge of the rebel pieces of cannon. H, CLINTON.” canal, and a lap carried to the dam, by which The general's letter concludes with the means a great part was drained to the bottom. higheft commendations of the consuct and

“ We could now form juller opinions of Valour of the officers and men under his the defences of the town towards the land, command, and with his particular thanks to which extended in a chain of redoubts, lines, the respective commanders, whom he warmand batteries, from Ashley to Cooper. Lighly ly recommends to bis Majesty's favour. pieces of canron or mortars were mounted in Return of the killed and wounded. the extent of these lines.

Total. Bri:ith, German, and Provincial. On the 6th of May our batteries were ? Enfiges, 'I ferjeant, 73 rank and file, kilia seady in the third parallel.

ed; I captain, 7 liquicnants, 2 ferjeants, New and very furrible motives now 179 rank and file, wounded, prevailed to induce the place to capitulate. Omirers killed. 711t reg Ensigns M Gregor Adm. Arbuthnot had landed a force of lea and Cameron. Wounded. 22d seg. Lieut. men and marines on Sulivan's Inland under White; 33d reg. Lieut. Bevo: ; 42d reg. Capt. Hudson, to whom, on the threat that Lieut. Grant; 64th reg. Lieut. Freeman ; tips should batter the fort, the garrison de 7ift reg. Capt. MʻLeod, Lieut. Wilson; livered themselves up on terms.

Graff's Grenadiers, Lieuts. Friesch and “ Lieut. Gen. E. Cornwallis had been no Oerhanss. less successful in the country. The cavalry Hy Adm. Arbuihnot's letter to Mr. Steunder Lieut. Col. Tarleton overlook at the phens it appears, that the enemy had funk Sapiec a body of horse the enemy had with the Bricole, Notre Dame, Queen of France, infinite difficulty collected together. They Truice, and General Moultrie, frigates, were moft spiritedly charged, and defeated, with several mercbant thips, fitted with Mott of the riders ned to the moralles, or chevaux de frize on their decks, in the chanthrew themselves into the river, from whence nel between the town and Shute's Folly; a few can have extricated themselves. Fifty bpoma was extçadey açouls, composed of saj


bles, chains, and spars, fecured by the ships • Though I trust it is not necessary, yet maits, and defended from the town by strong I think it right at this time, to renew to you batteries of pimento logs, in which were my solemn assurances, that I have no other mounted upwards of 40 pieces of heavy cannon. object but to make the laws of the realm, That in paffing Sullivan's Illand, with the and the principles of our excellent conficuRebuck, Rihmond, Romulus, Blonde, tion in church and state, the rule and mcaVirginia. Raleigh, Renown, and Sandwich fure of my condu&t; and that I Mall ever armed fhip, he lost 27 seamen killed and consider it as the firft duty of my fation, wounded, the Richmond's foretop-mart was and the chief glory of my reign, to maintain thot away, and the ships in general sustained and preserve the eftablished religion of my damage in their matis and rigging; the Ace- kingdoms, and, as far as in me lies, to fetus tranípo e grounded, and received so much cure and to perpetuate the rights and libertics damage that fee was obliged to be abandoned of my people." and burnt. That preparations having been His Majesty, before be left the house, gave made to attack sullivan's Inand, the fort the royal aslent to the following bills: for a was summoned by Capt. Hodion, when, af- Joan on exchequer bills; additional duties in ter a little confideration, the garrison sur. thelfe of Man; additional duty on tobacco rendered themselves prisoners of war. That imported from abroad; explanatory bill rethe reduction of the city followed four days specting militia ; :o prevent the milapplicaafter. That his whole lors in the ships and tion of money granted for naval services ; for gallies, and in the batteries on fhore, is 23 putting the creditors of insolveat debtors upTeamen killed, and 28 wounded ; among the on an equal footing; and to several priv, bills. latter is Lieux. Bowers of the Europe; bút Mr. Wedderburne, now baron Loughboin a fair way of recovery. He adds, that sough, and the earl of Lincoln, were inirorebel privateering has recently received a fe- duced, and took their seats in the h. of peers. vere check ; the Iris and Galatea having The duke of Dorset moved for an address lately, in the space of ten days, taken 9 pri on his Majesty's speech, which, after some vateers (2 of which were thips of 20 guns, conversation, was unanimously agreed to. and none less than 16), and soo seamen. In ihe H. of C. the address was carried uA lift of rebel chips of war taken or dettroy, nacimously, but much conversation paffen

ed in the harbour of Charles-Town. on the events that had happened, and Ld The Bricole, Truite, Queen of France, North gave notice, that he intended on some General Moultrie, and Notre Dame (brig), future day to move for a bill of indemnity. funk, the captains,officers,&c.taken prisoners. This day the foreign ministers, re@jent at Providence, Boston, and Ranger, taken, and the court of London, had private audiences the officers, &c. made prisoners. French respectively of his R. H. the Duke of GymThips; L'Avanture, Polacre, and fome emply berland, in consequence of his late reconcibrigs, with other small vefsels, and 4 armed liation at court. At the same time most of gallies, taken. (Gaz.

the nobility and persons of distinction in

town attended to pay their compliments on Born houses of parliament met according this occafion. to adjournment, when his Majesty went to A riot happened near Leeds, occafioned cheb.of peers, and made the following speech: by the erection of a scriobling mill in that “ My Lords and Gentlemen,

neighbourhood, which was presently sup“ The outrages committed by bands of pressed by the interpofition of the militia, lawlers and desperate men, in various parts and the ringleaders taken. of this metropolis, broke forth with such

Tuesday 20. violence into acts of felony and treason, had Both houses of parliament waited on his so far overborne all civil authority, and Majesty with their respective addresses, and threatened so directly the immediate subver were graciously received. fion of all legal power, the deftruction of all The H. of C. went into committee on the property, and the confusion of every order in Proteftant petition; and, as might well be ihe ftare, that I found myself obliged, by expected, were of different opinion. Some every tie of duty and affection to my people, were for a total repcal of the obnoxious law, to fuppress, in every part, those rebellious and a new bill; fome for an amendment of insurrections, and to provide for the publick the old ; and not a few for suffering it to resafety, by the moft effe&tual and immediate main as it is. The committee is to fit again. application of the force intrusted to me by

Wednesday 21. parliament. I bare directed copies of the At a quarterly court of proprietors of Eat proclamations issued upon that occasion to be India stock, a dividend of 4 per cent, was de laid before you.

clared for the present half year, ending at : “ Proper orders have been given for bring- Midsummer, ing the authors and abertors of these insur

Wednesday 28. rections, and the perpetrators of such crimi. Fifteen prisoners were tried at the Old aal alls, to speedy trial, and to such con Bailey, of whom fix were capitally convicted. dign punilament as the laws of their country prescribe, and as the vindication of pube Certain advice is received of the arrival of fick justice demands.


Monday 19.

Friday 3o.

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Jas. Dickson, Robt. Forrester, and Tho: 6.

Arl of Dalhoufie, high commis Buckley, of Manchefter, filk.manuta&turers. boger of Scotland.

Patric Lawson, of London, mariner. Benj. Pingo, gent. Rougedragon pursuivant. Wm. Finch, New Bond-its. Midd.jeweller.

ģ. Frederick Flood and Rob. Waller, etqrs. John Lifton, late of ivy-lane, Newgatecreated baronets of Ireland.

Atreet, jeweller. 13. Geo. Lord Rivers, la lieut. of the co. Wm. Richardson, of Milland, in Suflex, of Southampton.

timber-n:erchant. 23. Rich. Carter, esq; receiver of the de Christop. Fry, jun. of Exeter, grocer. ductions of one chilling in the pound on places Wm. Tanner, of Bath, taylor. and pensions.

John Hyde, of Wigmore-Street, St. Mary27. Rowney, Noel, D. D. dean of Sarum. le-bone, coach-marer.

June g. Right hon. Alex. Wedderburne, Tho. Tuman and John laman, of Cheferefq; appointed chief judice of the common field, Desbyshire, grecers. pleas, and sworn of the privy council.

Gev. Lowe, of Chefter, silk-mercer. 13. Rt. hon. lord chief justice Wedder Sam. Hill, Topfam, Devon, merchant. burne, created lord Loughborough.

Wm. Todd, Kingston upon Hull, dealer. 20. John Campbell, esq; gov. of Milford Alex. Ross and Jas. Dunbar, both of Iron. Haven.

monger-lane, Lond. warehouse men, 21. Tho. Babington, esg; appointed the John Hyeit, Balinghall-ftr. Lond. hofier. riff of the co. of Leicester,

Walter Symonds Muyaard, Holborn, grocer. CIVIL PROMOTIONS.

Herbert Ingram,jun.Boflon Lirc. linen-dra. Ichard Stanley, of the Inner Temple, John Middleton, South Moulton-ftreet, dean of St. Asaph, and son of Francis, rector Rich. Ruttell, jun. Wellclole sq. Midd dealer of Much Hadham, co. Herts, and preben Christ'. Rouch, jun. Leeds, Yorksh. grocer. dary of St. Paul's, recorder of Hertford, in Wm. Moriimer,jun. Birdail, York.corn.fac. the room of Paul Fielie, efq; resigned. Wm. Sills, Ratby, Leicestersh. glazier.

John Parsons (professor of anatomy and Jas. Wainwright, of Altrincham, Chester, Student of Chrittchurch) elected Clenical corn-factor. profesor in phyfic at Oxford.

Tho. Page and John Christian, Norwich, ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. clock and watch-makers.

M. Wallby, senior fellow and preli Tho. Hunt, Salford, Lancashire, brewer.

dent of C. C. C. Camb. and junior Anth. Brooksby, Oskhim, Rutl. draper. proctor of the university, to Lamborn R. co. Jas. Leigh, Stoke upon Trent, Staffordsh. of ENex, worth 200l. per ann.

potter, Fellowes, of St. John's Coll. Camb. Wm. Taylor, Burnlein, Staffordsh. potter. to Hanbury R. co. Worcester, 400l. per ano. Wm. Hicks, Bakewell. Derbysh.innkceper.

Rich. Halke, M. A. dean of Op. pringe, Catha. D'Oyley and Sarah Welsford, of Feversham V. Kent.

Baib, milliners. Dr. Kent, Erchfont V. Wilts.

Gommiffion of Bankruptcy superseded. Tohn Perkins, R. of Arkesden, Essex, and Henry Cock, of Wapping, biscuir-baker, of Rampton Lille, co. Cambridge,

PRICES of STOCK S. Wm. Cawthorne Unwin, R. of Stock with

June 19.

June 28. Ramsden Bellhouse, together with R. of Bank Stock,

1134 a 1123 Ramsden Craies, co. Ellex.

India ditto, 1501

fut Tho. Willis, R. Buston, near Lincoln,

South Sea ditto,

Cha. Hen. Parry, student in civil law, of Ditto Old Andi.
Queen's coll. Oxford, Speen V. near New Ditco New Ann.

bury, Berks.
Jn. Cooke, M. A. Wentnor R. co. Salop.

3 per Co. Bk. red. 59 { a } Peploe Ward, M.A.Cottenham

3 per Ct. Cons. Thus

63 Į ad

W. Leech, North Cove R. co. Norf.

Ditto 1726, shut



India Ann.
VEO. Neale, of Otley, Yorksh. maltser.

Robe. Grimshaw, of Liverpool, merch. 3 t per Ct. 1758, shut

61 a601a Jobn Woodward, Pershore, Worc. malift. 4 per Ct. Cons. 59 { a } Sam. Topp, Chesterfield, Derbysh. mercer,

Ditto New 1777, 73 fa74 fai Rich. Abbs, of Sunderland near the Sca, India Bonds, - Pr.

pr. merchant.

Navy&Vi&.Bills,11&perct.d. 11 per cto Sam. Bedford, of Worcester, maliler.

Long Annuitics, 16 17 a 175 a 3 John Fenton, of St. Margaret New Filh.

Short ditto,

thut treet, London, glazier.

Scrip: 24 ja Wm. Harper, of Worcefter, diftiller.

7612754a1 Fra. Milner, Droitwich, Wurceft. grocer.


Thut Sam. Parkes, Chiswell-iti. Midd. chymift.

Annui. 1778, 12 Yea Rob.Fowler, Newington Batts, Sutry, furriet Lottery Tickets, 131. 25. 6d. 131. 6s. 64.


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Prices of Grain.-- Meteorological Diary of the Weather.-Bill of Mortality.
AVERAGE PRICES of CORN, from July 17, to July 22, 3780.

Wheat Rye Barley Oats Beans COUNTIES upon the COAST.

s. d. s. diss. d. s. d. s. d. London

Effex 3 1012 CI 712

8 4 4 02 211 1012 Suffolk




91 810 Middlesex

4 110


4 312 612 oi 72 Surry

4 U2
13 4

4 103

3: 92 Hertford


$ 23 510 011013 Bedford

Northumberland 4 913


812 Cambridge 4 3 2

4 10 3 -32

612 6
4 30 31 72

8 Welimoriand 5 63 310 Northampton


60 oli 83 Rutland

712 3

71 60
4 412
6 Monmouth

81 80 Nottingham 4 82


5 do


II 610
4 rolo

it 40
4 73 512

21 913 4 Hereford 4 Ilo


02 11 23 Worcester 4 40


4 5


913 5
4 40


21 1112 4 Gloucester

4 50 0,1 101

10 t 93 Wilts

4 100
21 8 3 3

WALES, July 10, to July 15, 1780.

4 310 Oxford 4 40 03 oji 72 9

North Wales 4 1013 712 of 313 Bucks 4 40. o'2 41 912 South Wales

4 313 II TIT

3 A Meteorological Diary of the Weather for August, 1779. August 1779. Wind. Barom. Therm.

Weacher. little| 29 7 1 63 | fome flying clouds, but in general bright 2 Ditto

freth 29 6 61 clouds and funthine at intervals, wet evening 3 ditto

29 6

64 ditto SSW freth 29.51 64 disto,

some thowers Ditto

65 | ditto,

ditto SW

63 cloudy heavy morning, very wet afternoon NN W

64 rain all night, and very littic interinition all day 8 ditro

29 5 164 clouds and sunshine at intervals, a few drops of saine

65 | louring hcavy day, a little milling rain
disco 29 64 65 chiefly cloudy, but bright mid-day
29 6166 ditto,

bright at times

29 6 66 close, gloomy, sultry day, fome thund. and lightni 13 NW

6 ditto 14 ENE

ditto 29 67 68 many flying clouds, but a fine day 15 SSW

05 cloudy morning, very fine day 16 ditto


68 clouds and funihinc alternately, a pleasape day Tit!: 29 616; ditto

63 a very fine brigit day, cloudy evening 19 SE

65 ditto,

ditto 20 N to E

8:00 29 81 65 chiefly cloudy, but little sun


8 67 very bright, and very hoc ditto

67 ditto NE

Titule 28 567 ditto 24 Ditto

freth | 29 64 65 hot fun, fine cooling wind 25 ditto

29 7 65 fome flying clouds, but a fine day 26 ESE

freth 29 65 66 an exceeding fine bright day 27 ditto

29 7 67 ditto, a trilling rain or two

little 29 7767 very bright, and very hot SW

ditto 29 71 67 a few flying clouds, but sultry hot
68 ) ditto,

294 70 l ditto,

Bill of Mortality from June 27, to July 25, 1780.

2 and § 133 / 50 and 60 149
Males 787

5 and 10 53

60 and

104 10 and 20 68 70 and 80

74 Whercof have died under two years old 522

20 and 30

1:8 80 and 90 45 30 and 40

149 | 90 and 100 Peck Loaf 25. od.

40 and 50 155

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