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also of the Licorne; and adds in honour to bart. to Miss Graham, niece of Lord News M. de Charvel, who commanded La Capri- , haven, and to Mr. Percy, sugar-baker, in cieuse at the time the surrendered, that the Friday-itrect, and da, or the late Mr. Graham, colours were not hauled down till the ship' formerly a member of the council in Bengal. trad five feet water in her hold. Mons, de 18. Rev. Mr. Rond, of Hele, in Hants, Ranfanne and Mons. Fontaine, ift and ad rector of Upham, Berks, to Miss Gardner. captains, fell in the action. The Prudente Ac Tottenham, Mir, Pearce, attorney at had 4 inidhifmnen, 12 seamen, and i ma law, to Mifs Mary Walker. riae. killed; I officers, 25 seamen, and 4 Mr. Axtell, bookseller, to Mrs. Kenrick, marines, wounded. Licorne 3 killed, 7 wound. widow of the late Dr. Kenrick. Friday 28.

20. Mr. Joseph Barber, stationer, to Mila The lord mayor, attended by the theriff's, Lines, of Winchmore-Hill, Herts. and accompanied by the aldermen, &c, waila Peter Livius, esa; chie: Juftice or Quebec, ed upon his Majelly with a dutiful and loyal to Miss Bradstreet, of Doké-itrect. soldre's relative to the late riots, and were 23. Jacob Veldt, a merchant of Amftes. graciously received.

dam, to Miss Lane. Monday 31.

24. Wm. Sotheby, er; to Mifs Mary Certain advice has been received of the Ited, dau, of Am. Iried, of Eaton, Northam. mikarriage of an en:erprize to set fire to the Mrs. Primatt, widow of the late rev. Mr. hipping in the harbour of Gibraltar.

Primatt, of Kingston on Thames, to Mr. BIRTHS.

Tho. Goldthwait. June 28. RS. Arkens (late Miss Wal. 25. Rich. Tickell, clo; to Miss Linley,

pole of Drury Lane Thea. dau. of Mt, Tho. Linley, one of the patentera tre), lady of Edw. Atkyos, esq; of Keiter of the theatre royal, Drury-lane. ingham-Hall, of a lon.

DEATHS. July 2. Countess of Shelburne, a son.

T Pontefract, aged 75, Lady Standith, 3. Counters Percy, a daughter.

8. The lady of John Wightwick, csq;, of At Tynmouih, in Cumberland, Daniel Sandgates near Chestley, of a son,

Bennet, aged :07: 22. The lady of Joho Inglish Dolben, esq; At Great Berkhamstead, the sev. George of a fon.

Whitehead, fellow of Queen's Coll. Oxford The lady of the hon. Henry Stawell Bilon At Leeds, in Yorkshire, Mr. Wheatley, Legge, a daughter.

clothier, aged 106. 24. The lady of Sir F. Vincent, a sun. At Ditchley, in Sußex, Mr. Isaac SherThe lady of Sir Tho. Tancred, bast, a son. mon, aged 97. MARRIAGES.

In the county of Louth, Ireland, aged 125, HO. Stanley Malley, cras of Pudding- Mr. Gernon. ton in Cheshire, to Miss Salvin.

In South Wales, Mr. D.Warsam, aged 109. Capt. Cha. Laton, of the 6th reg. to Ac Frampton, Hants, Mr. Robe. Pring, Mits Le Gryse.

aged 103. He rented one farm 75 years. Capt. Read, of his Majesty's, it troop of At Hatch Place, Hants, T. D'Oyley, efq; horfe guaros, to Miss Jacob nf Salisbury. Rev. Porter Briogioe, rector of Bratton in

Ai Arlingbury, in Northamptonshire, the Devonrise. This living, which is worth, rev. Sam. Raymond, of Belchamp-Hall, in becween 300l. and 400l. per ann. is in the the county of Efex, to Miss Margaretta gist of Caius College, Cambridge. Bridges, youngest dau. of the rev. B. Bridges. Ac Great Frantham in Norfolk, aged go,

At Corke, James reiter, efq; capcain in the rev. Dan. Burlem, rector of ihat parish the 67th reg. to Mif. Kellet.

56 years. A Doblin, Capt. Wm. Duncan, of the Tho. Ellis, themaker, aged 104. SIA reg. 1o M. Is tierderlon.

June 20. At Chilehurit in Kent, aged Fume 19. Wr. Wcilley, esg; to Miss 40, Miss Margaret Buckle, descenced of a Hewitt

reipeci abic family long letiled at Wet Wit29. Mr. Tho. Cement, attorney at law, ton in Wendley Dak, Yorkshire, where he of Alton, Hants, to Mil Jane Whire, eltelt passed the part of her lite. She was a dav. of Mr. White, bo kieller, of Fleet-str. woman of excellent sense, and of a fill more

Puly 4. Rev. Jobre oore, of Appleby, excellent heari ; poffefing a liberality of senLeiceiterhije, to Miss M ry Huit, of Alder. timent and a liric of benevolence that did warhiey, in the county or Derby.

honour to human nature, and conciliaied the 6. Hon. Tho. Fitzwilliam, of Woolftun repect and efteem of all who were acquainied inn. S'aforim. pin to the late lord si!count with her. In her friend thips the was fincere Elizwilliam, of Mount Meruin, in the king and generous ; in her manners gantle and dom of Irelant, to Miss Agors Maceiesfield, hospitable; in her conversation candid and daughter and coheirets of the late Mac open; to her dependents mild and beneficeni. clesfielt, of Chesterton.

With a taste for polite literature, she was 8. Ai Windlur, Mr. Briarly, of Man. conversant in all the works of our moft ada shefter, attorney at law, to Miss Grape. mired English writers; amongst whom Mile 17. At Gation Park, Sir H. Dalhwood, con, Thomson, and Young, were her fa.



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vourite authors. Convinced of the great On Epping Foreft, Jonathan Nichols, ela; truths of Christianity, and perfe&tly free Mrs. Meynell, relict of the late Liitleton from superstition, her piety was fimple and Poyntz Meynell, elq; unaffected; to this she owed the fingular pa 4. At Bull's Cross, Enfield, in the 86th tience the displayed during a painful and lin- year of his age, Mr. Juba Curteis, formerly gering illoets of five months, and be calm- an eminent filhmonger in Newgate-market; a ness and refignation with which the viewed descendant from a family long resident'in the approaches of death. Her remains were that parish, of whom Thomas, son of John interred at Chiņ«hurst on Monday June 26. Curteis, was lord mayor of London 1557. 21. Mich-el Hawkins, erg;

In Hart-ftreet, greatly reduced in circum22. In Gray's-Inn, Mr. Cartwright. ftances, S. Musgrave, M.D.F.R.S, late phyti.

23. At Plastow, Mr. Taylor, one of the cian at Exeter. Our readers may recollect i he common-council of Tower-ward.

discoveries which this gentleman in 1969 24. Edw. Crouch, esą; formerly a com

boasted he could make relative to the conmander in the service of the E. I. Company. ducting of the last peace, and his threats to

25. Peers Blagrove, esq; formerly a Black. involve some of the firit personages in an well-Hall Factor.

impeachment on that subject, in an address A Battersea, aged 79. Jor. Delander, esq; to the freeholders of Devonshire (vol. XXXIX.

28. At Brompton, Mrs. Oliver, dau, of p. 429.); answered by the Chev. D'Eon the late Gov. Hutchinson, who died June 3. (p. 431); examined and discredited (po8575

At Kensington, Henry Molesworth, ela; and a:cer a full hearing in the house of CODformerly a member of the Irish parliament mons, voted in the higher degrre frondong for the borough of Ardlert,

and unworthy of credit (vol. XL p. 95.). 30. At Dublin, the hon. lieut. col. Fr." The Doctor was a very learned Grecian; and Napier, commanding officer of the marines. the university of Oxford purchased his states

wy 1. In the most year of his age, at his and collections on Furipides for 2001. ubicta house in Woolwich Warren, Wm. Belford, were incorporated into the splendid edirican eq; .col. of the rit battalion of the royal reg. that poet in four vols. 450. 1793, under the of artillery, and a general in the army. He direction of Mr. Holines of New Colleges began his military career at the fiege of Çar- He published at Leyden “ Exercitationes in thagena in 1741, and continued it with great “ Euripidem, libri 2. 1962.” 8vo.' reputation under the late duke of Cumber Sir J. Hobby Mill, of Bisham Abbey, Berks land at the battles of Fontenoy, Colloden, Sir Philip Lawrence, knt. Lefeldt, &c. where he commanded the artile 5. The widow of the late Gen. Hadson, Jery; ani by his spirit, boldness, and activity Mrs.Ibbetson, wife of Mr.l.ofLincoln's Ino. on that day, checked the vigour of the Clans,

In Devonshire Ns. Miss Fr. Blake, younge and gave the victory, being eftreined one of dau. of Sir Patrick Blake, bart. the best arrillery officers in the British service, Geo. Neale, esq; lace a Ruba merchant. The mob, which, under the pretence of reli. 8. At his apartments in St. James's Pag gion, like John the Painter, did all in Jace, aged 80, Mr. Rich. Wesley, upwards their power to ruin the country, by trying to of 50 years overseer to the board of works. Jay its capital and its bank in aches, meant Ar Stepleton, Dorset, of a putrid sore throat, also to release the convicts, and destroy at Miss Maria Beckford, fecond daughter of once the ordnance of Britain by burning the Peter Beckford, esq; Warren. Gen. Belford had made fuch difa 9. At Tatton Park, in Cheshire, More positions that forty thousand men could nor Egerton, fifter to the late Sam. Egerton, esq; have forced the arsenal. This important fere and mother of Wm. Tatton, ela; of Tattoa vice, and dispatching trains of artillery to the Park, and of the lady of Christo. Sykes, esq; different camps, kept him on horseback day 10. In Harley-Street, Wm. Malon, ela; and night. Such extraordinary fatigue, roch He was a captain in one of the volunteer regia unremitting application, burft a blood vessel ments, raised by gentlemen, ut theit owe in his lungs, and brought on a fever, which private expence, in the rebellion of 1745. carried him off in a few days. For deep In Great Queen-ftr. aged 89, Mrs. Baffet, knowledge in his profesinn, and great intrea. reli&t of the lare archdea. Ballet, of Durhame pidity of mind, be had no superior. The Lady Goring, wife of Sir Harry Goring, General bas left his great fortune to his two bart. of Highden, in Sussex. fons, who are both in the army, and both 11. At Hale-End, near Woodford, Efex, worthy of such a father. Col. Tho. James aged 86, Mr. Loxham, many years harcer fucceeds him in the command of the battalion. and sword-cutler under the Rnyal Exchange.

Ac Crouch-End, Diederick Nanderesch, At Cambridge, the rev. Hugh Thomas, esq; formerly a very capital merchant. D.D. mafer of Chris Coll, in that univertity,

2. At Balilerden, in Bedfordshire, the to which he was elected in 1734, and was hon. Mrs. Page, seliet of the lace Tho. Page, vicport inrellor the same year. Besides the elq; and aunt to lord visc. Howe.

Tuisterthi of Christ College, and deanry of Mr. John Sortbie, aged 83, clerk of the Lily, be wa ofiified of the archdeacomry of Chamber Newcalle corporation many years. Noitin, bam, the chancellorship of York, the

3. Redmond Macartney, ela; formerly treaturerilap of St. David's, prebendai Halls mernber of parliament for Perthshire.


pier Rate.

in the churches of York, Lincoln, Ripon, At Clapham Common, Mrs. Saunders, the and Southwell, two livings in Yorkshire, and wife of Dr. Saunders, and niece to the late a finecure in Wales. He has left a widow right hon. Sir Cha. Saunders, K. B. &c. She and 3 daughters, the eldest of whom is mar bore a lingering illnefs with true Chriftian ried to Price, esq; of Wales.

patience, and saw the aweful approach of the 12. At Nine-Elms, Mr. Webster, of great change with a degree of fortitude and Drury-Lane Theatre, He was formerly a sefignation, which nothing could inspise, but proctor in Doctors Commons, and had quit. The consciousness of a life well spent, and a ted the ftage with a delign to resume his ori ftedfilt belief and hope in a future and hopginal profeffion.

14. At Clifror, near Bristol, Miss Mary Mrs. Broxell, wife of Mr. Broxell, attorOtto Bayer, of Farley Castle.

ney, in the Borough. Her death was occaShepherd Frere, elq; of Roydon, Norfolk. fioned by the fright the received the night 15. Rich. Farrer, elq; fen, alder. of York. the rioters adembled there. At Burton, in Hampshire, John Bennet, At Humplead, liaac Warrington, esa; esq; near 100 years old. He was a page to S. Atingcon, efq; formerly a Vrgin. mer. Queen Anne at the beginning of ber reign.


ATT. Walker, Chesterfield, Derbysh., ty's exchequer.

grocer. ln Sulicx, Tho. Braybrooke, era;

Hirum Heath, Birmingham, Warwickih. 17. At Buxton, the right hon, viscountess button maker. Dowager Tyrconnel. Her ladyship was the Tho. Black, Rainham, Kent, baker. youngest dau. of the late Wm. Cartwright, John Brown, Great Strickland, Weitmoresq; of Mamham, in Nottinghamshire. land, ironnoncer.

Mrs. Serocold, aged 62, wife of Mr. Sero. Stephen Mear, Compton. Atr. Mijd.carpenter cold, merchant on S. Mary Hill.

J-ints l'arry, Fleifur. Lond. linen draper. 18. Ar Chevening, in Kint, the seat of Joha Hunt, llound vib, Lund. mercer. the earl of Stanhope, Hester Viscounters John Gilbert the younger, Ludgale itr. Mahon, elden day. to the late earl of Chat. L nd, mahniaticalinlirument-maler. ham, in the 25th year of her age.

Jof. Corner, Southamptos-itrece, CoventRev. Edw. Cotes, rector of Bishop's Candel garden, tavior. and Haydon, in D rlet, and vicer of Sher Tim. kuris and Joha Stratton, Wood ftro burne. He was presented to Bishop's Candel London, karehouleñen. 1748.

Wm. Jones, Brood-fir. St. Giles's, potseller. In Derkley-fr. Clerkenwell, aged 75, Mr. Wm.Bloxim, BurtonD.tiett, Hewit, formerly a wholesale tallow-chandler. Tho. Douglass, New North-fr. St. George

Near Hitteld, Sir And. Midd'eron, bart. the Mariyr, Midd, as othecary.

At Thaxled, the rev. Mr. White, for. Wm. Wood, Roibethithe, Surry, mariocr. perly of Emanuel College, Cambridge. jn.Shand, Coldvaih-fields, Midd. quap-niek,

19. Ai Farnham, near Windiur, Chritio Che. Whirurgham,Dunilaule, Bedi. canicr. pher Hurd, erg; a West India merchant. John Lake, Thorington, Elex, grocer.

21. At Sievington, Huntingdonthire, in * Promocions, Prefeiments, &, in our next. his Sith year, the rev. Edirund Holditch.

PRICES of STOCKS. 22. Ar liendon, Fr. Delaporte, e o;

July 15;

July 27. Miss Wright, only dau. of Alex. Wright, Bank Stock, 11o of9; of Bath, and nicce to Lord Chedworth. India ditto,

23. Jacob Marnington, elq; aged 84. South Sca ditto, shut On board the Kingiton E. Injaman, out. Ditto Old Ann. 61

603 ward bound, lieut. John Saville, only furvi Dirto New Aun. fhut

thiut ving fon of the late John Saville, ela; of En

3 Ir Cr. Bk. red. 62 6 4 62 beld, whose great fortune now comes, be(ween the children of his two daughiers, by

3 per Ct. Conf. 62,

62 a 613 Sir Tho. Halifax, kot. and alderman, and

Ditto 1726, that

hut Mr. A'kinson.

Ditto 1751, shut Ac Chatham, Geo. Brisac, barrack-maler there. His father was a French resugee, and 3 per Ct. 1758, lut thut his ciother kept a boarding-school for young 4 per Ct. Courl. 62 ja 62 ladies ar Enfield,

Ditto New 1777, 75 ja 75 a 75 24. At Chidehurst, Wm. Harleag, esq; India Bonds, 196. Pr.

225. a 23$. Ai Camberwell, Duke French, etc;

Navy&Vict.Bilis, Per ct II Ar Mill-Hill, near Hendon, J. Crawley, cíq;

Mr. Speruel, wife of Mr. S. of Batinghai Long Annuities, 16 Areet, Blickwell-hall tactor.

Short ditto, shut

tut 25. John Mcicton, efq; chief justice of Scrip: 76 faj

76f Cheiter, storney general to the Queen, de Omnium puiy high-leward of the university of Oxford, Annui. 1778, 121 and microbe: for Wigan in Lancashire, Loftcry Tickets, 131. 45. od. 131. 48. Och

India Ann. 59 $

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Prices of Grain.-Meteorological Diary of the Weather.-Bill of Mortalits. AVERAGE PRICES of CORN, from Aug. 14, to Aug. 19, 1980.

Wheat Rye Barley Oats Beans COUNTIES upon the COAST.

s. difs. d./s. d.fs. d. s. d. London

112 112 112 3
4 612

4 4 012


O ir



912 Middlesex

012 812


4 82 712 Surry 4 1013 310 02 23


4 102 10TI 82 Hertford 4 54 02 712 2/3


5 213 710

01103 Bedford 4 soolo 01 102


Northumberland 4 93 012 21 812 Cambridge 4 5.2

712 4

Cumberland 4 103 412 II 512 Huntingdon 4 oo 82 10 Westmoriand 5 73 312

60 Northampton 4 72 412 31 712


o 83 Rutland

4 100
71 rolo

5 03 92 51 60 Leiceiter 4 713 62 8 Monmouth

02 21 60 Nottingham 4 812 102

31 113

21 1012 Derby

4 7
OI I13


610 Stafford 4 TIJO


4 Itlo

OI 7 Salop 4 93 31 813 3


012 31 103 5 Hereford 4 90 411 80 Hampthire

4 910

C2 211 1013

4 70
OI 912


60 012 I 1012 15 Warwick

4 410
со OI 012


4 7lo 012 41 112 5 Gloucelter

4 70

OI IOI 913 Wilts


31 83 3 WALES, Aug. 7, to Aug. 12, 1780. Berks

4 713


II 1012 6 Oxford 4 710 02 41 92

North Wales. 4 1013 712 3/3 3 Backs 4 510 411 1012 9

South Wales
4 413 II illi. 212

4 A Meteorological DIARY of the Weather for SEPTEMBER, 1779. September 1779. Wind. Barom. Therm.

Weather. little| 29 4 169 Lultry day, cloudy evening, with some drops of rain ditto

29 4

66 a fine bright day, but more temperate 3 ditto


66 clouds and sunthine alternately 4 SW

fresh 29 467 gentle rain, most the morning, fair afternoon ditto

29 4 63 chiefly cloudy, with some little rain, cool air NW

60 a fine fair brighe day W

Krong 29 62 63 chiefly cloudy, but fair 8 ditto

65 some flying clouds, but a fine day 9 N W

fresh 29 764 dicto 10 NNW

little 29 61 65 chiefly cloudy, but fair


64 a very bright tine day

63 ditto 13 TV SW

ditto 29 61 64 chiefly cloudy, but a fine day 14 SV



63 wet day, fair evening 13


60 a very fine bright day

29 77 64 ditto 17 SW

Itrong 29 764 dtio 18 ditto

29 5. 64 cloudy in general, one exceeding strong shower 19 ditto

29 5 61 clouds and sunshine at intervals, a smart thowerortw SW

fresh / 29 656 a very finc bright day Diito

Itrong 29


57 cloudy, with a good deal of small rain ditto

29 41 61 ditto 23 SW

62 a good deal of small rain night and day 24 divro

62 thunder early, fine bright day, milling evening 23 ditto

29 11 6 thowers at intervals all day

fresh 29 31 65 fair day, very wer evening, with great deal of lightne Ditto

Itong | 29 3

64 wet morning, fine bright afternoon 28 Ditto

frein 29 6104 a very fine bright day S 29

ftrong 29 6

64 ditto WNW 30

63 cloudy at times, but a fair day

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Bill of Mortality from Aug. 1, 10 Aug. 22, 1780.


50 and 60
Males 632

5 and 10 42 60 and

70 Feinales 661

19 and 20

70 and 80 Whereof have died under two years old 507

20 and 30 96 8o and 90

30 and 40 1091 90 and 100 Pack Loaf 25. cui.

40 and 50 714 |

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70 62 49

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