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HISTORICAL CHRONICLE. by obliging persons to take the oaths of alle. THE junction of the Spanish and French giance or affirmation of fidelity to the state,

ficers in the West Indies has totally and to take a certificate of the same, which defeated the enterprize formed against the certificate they are to produce, or be liable to Spaniards on the Black River, which was such fiaes as the governing party shall think concerted by Gov. Dalling, and was co have proper to levy upon them. And what seems been supported by him (lee p. 345.). In still more oppressive, a resolution has passed, consequence of that alarming intelligence, and public noțice given, that the wives and the third embarkation, which his excellency children of all persons who have joined the was to have commanded in person, was in- enemy do depart that state, on pain of being linnily countermanded, and marcial law pro- proceeded against as enemies to their claimed throughout Jamaica ; some fhips country. were dispatched to bring off the troops from A question arose on the late trials of the St. Juan, under Col. Pollon; and every rioters, Whether persons interefied in the means used to trengthen the force on the conviction of the criminals were admisible island, and to prepare for a vigorous defence. as evidences against them? Which question But other difficulties had arifen, which pro was submitted to the opinion of the twelve bably would have fruttrated the design upon judges, who unanimously agreed, that the Black River, had no this junction taken place. testimony of witnesses claiming reward is

The governor's laconic mode of dispatch. admillible. ing buliness with the allembly is curious : The general rule of law is, not to admit

Kingiton, Jamaica, April 29. His excel- witnelles to give evidence, who, by the tics lency the governor was pleased to command of sifelion, or from the motives of interest, the attendance of the hon, hogíc of allem are likely to be under undue influence. But, bly on Friday the 21st inft. and gave his say the judges, there are cases of neceflity ailent to

that require a departure from this rule. An act for granting an additional subfil. Thus, in cases of robbery, where not only ence to his majesty's 88th reg. of foot, quare restitution of goods stolen, but the title to the tered in this ifland. And to two private bills. parliamentary reward, de; end on the convica

After which his excellency was pleased to tion of the criminals, it has never been held close the session with the following speech : that such interest should operate to deftroy “ Gentlemen of the Council, &c.

the competency of the evidence: if it did, “ The business for which I convened you hardly any highwayman could ever be conbeing at length compleated, I have plealure victed. So vitncies entitled to rewards in granting you a recess.

from the bank, the post-ofice, and other " Gentlenen of the A Tembly,

ohces, have universally been held compe“ Your having made provition for his ma teat. Nor can any danger be apprehended to jesty's 88th reg. demands my thanks. the innocent froin this practice, so long as “Geotlemen of the Council and Allem. the jury are allowed to exercise their discrebly, &c.

tion as to the credibility of witnesses, and " I recommend it to you to hold in re may compare their testimony with that of membrance, that the personal influence of others, or with circumstances attending alpublic characters ought to be sacred to the moit every cofe; but it would be dangerous public service, and uniformly exerted in such to orerturn this long-established practice. a maoner as may beit promote the peace and Some few weeks ago the poil-buy bringing welfare of the community.

the mail from: S:evenage to Welwyn in Hert" I do now, in his majesty's name, pro- fürdhire, Wis robbed by a man on foot, sogue this general altimbly to Tuesday the who at folk was thought to be a farmer in 25d of May next; and it is prorogued ac that neighbourhood, whore calc was fomecordingly."

what linguist. Soon after the robbery was His excellency had suspended Mr. Harri- committed, not being conversant in bank. fon, advocate general; and, not withstand noies, he had joined the half of one note of ing that gentleman had received the board of 101. to the bait of another of 201.and had paid admiralty's lelter, as well as a letter from the same to a tradesman in Hertford. This Ld Geo. Germaine, rejoitating him in the being brought to the bank for payment faid office, the governor has nikufied to him caused a fufpicion, and, on enquiry, the fact by his fecretary, that so long as he has the was eatily traced to the fariner, who, being honour of holding the reins of government under no fear of danger, was taken out of in Jamaica, he [M.. Harrison) can never act his bed without rehliance, and carried to in any department wisatever. To heal this Hertford gaol for trial. breach, Ld Germaine's letter, recommend During the course of lat month, the Lda ing unanimity among his majeity's servants, North and Elitborough were presented with has had no effect.

tbe freedom of the city of Corkein gold boxes, The allembly of Pennsylvania have lately on which were inscrip:ions exprelive of their fallen upon a new mode of distrelling the respective merits. On that to the former friends of this counţiy resident among them, the inscription was as foilows : GENT. MAG. sug, 1780.


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« TO LORD NORTH, - of his punishment, rose upon his officer, at “ In whose administration, and by the began pelcing him with dirt. This the offi. exertion of whose abilities, commercial cer bore with incredible patience, but the rights have been rettored to this kingdom on mob increasing, and the affair becoming fem conftitutional principles, and commercial fa- rioos, Gen. Scyle, with a party of Col. Holvours bestowed of the utmost magnitude, the soyd's light borse, headed by a civil magifFreedom of the City of Corke is preiented, a trate, haftened to the place of action, and a tribute of gratitude to the Protector of the fortunately interpofed before the soldiers had Commerce, a flertor of the Liberties, the proceeded to extremities. The mob, on Patriot and Friend of Ireland."

hearing the riot act read, inftantly difperfed, That to the latter was inscribed and the punishment of the soldier went on "TO THE EARL OF HILLSBOROUGH, without interruption."

« The first act of whole Ministry com The French account of the actions of the pleated, what it had been the business of his 17th of April, and 15th and 10th of May, life to promote, the happiness and prosperity in the Wel Indies, was last month published of Ireland: The Freedom of the City of in the Paris Gazette by authority. It difCorke is presented as a tribute of national gra- fered no otherwise materially from that pubtitude to the ornament and the pillar of his lifhed in the London Gazette, except in country."

claiming the victory, which seems the natuDuring the course of last monih also, the ral characteristic of that vain-glorious nation. liberty volonceers of Dublin were reviewed As to their loss of men they feem less ansin the neighbourhood that city, when ious to conceal that than their disgrace. It their colonel [Sir Edw. Newoham), imme- is thus ftated : diately after the review was over, waited on Oficers killed, or. Wounded, 28. Ld Carnden chen in the field, and presented Subalteras killed, 19. Wounded, 196. the following address :

Of che crews of different ships : “ My Lord, We, the colonel, officers, -Killed, 38. Wounded, 596. and privates, of the Liberty Volunteers, af Total killed and wounded, 978. fociated for our mutual defence againft foreign On our fide there were killed, 788; and domeftic enemies, and firmly determinet, wounded, 646. Total, 834. at the hasard of every thing we hold dear, The fight, which Adm. Rodney counterto maintain the rights of the people, and feited as a means of bringing the French ro. support the real interest of the Crown of action, the French admiral has represented Ireland, take the earlieft opportunity to con as a real flight, “ The Count de Guichen, gratulate your Lordslaip on your safe arrival judging he ihould be able to determine Adm. in this kingdom.

Rodney to come to action, brought up his “ We are happy, on every opportunity, ficet, and cbaced bim tbree days. The fleets to thew our respect to virtuous men, especie were then [the rsth] to the southward of ally at a time when honour, fpirit, and vir- St. Lucia, with the wind at East; but the tue, seem to have forfakea their native foil. wiod seering to the S. E. and S. S. E. gave Your Lordship, who has never deviated from the enemy the advantage."--[Compare sbis the path of virtue, juflict, & manly fupport with our Gazette account, p. 340. col. 2. par..." of your country, claims every mark of re

July 1, fpct and gratitude which freedom can be Was opened at L'foon a new academy of dlew, and conspicuous merit deserves. sciences, of which the duke of Lafoens,

EDWARD NEWENHAM, Colonel, grandson of Peter II., is the first pretident.
His Loruship's Answer.

Win. Julius Mickle, the translator of the Gentlemen, I am very happy that my Lufiad, was at Lifbon with Com. Johnstone, public conduct has deserved the approbation and had the honour of being elected one of of lo respectable a corps as the Liberty Yo the first members. lunteers of Dublin ; respectable not only in

July 4. themselves as individuals, but more eminently The Russian fleet, confiting of rs fail of so, as they are a part of that noble Atsocia- the line and frigates, cast anchor in the bar rion for the defence of their country, in these bour of Copenhagen. times cf danger and distress.

Itthong 7 " This compliment to me is as flattering The cargoes of three Dutch ships, taken as it was unexpected ; and I hope you will and carried into Lisbon by the English, were be pleased to accept, as the only return in publicly fold there, although the Durch con. my power, my poor, but grateful acknow. Sul did alt in his power to prevent it. Amfi.Ga. ledgements of fo high and undeferved a mark of your efteem.

The combined feet, under the command I have the honour, &c. CAMDEN." of Don Lewis de Cordova, failed from Cadiz Among the events of lait month, the riot It consisted of 22 fail of the line Spanish, and at Manchester should not be omitted. It ori- g ships of the line French, 6 frigates, r' corginated among women and children, who, vert, and 3 billanders. out of compassion for the fufferings of a mu

July 22. ous Coldier, and to prevent the execution The king of Sweden arrived at the Geto

Fuly 9.

man Spa, and in the evening was at the ball, fail making signals to each other, to whom under the name of Count Aga.

he immediately gave chate, and about mid. At a meeting of the corporation of York night came up with and engaged one of at the guildhall of that city, a motion was them, which, after à defence of two hours, made to address his Majesty on the taking of truck, and proved the Belle Poule of 32 guns, Charles-Town, and the suppression of the 1 2 pounders, and 275 men, 24 of whom, date riots, which was carried, and an address with their captain, were killed, and the ad drawn up; but on hearing the same read, it captain, with other officers and men, to the was, on a division, disapproved, 28 to 19. number of 50, wounded. The Nonfuch had

Rev. Mr. Ch. Nisbet was examined by the 3 men killed, and 10 wounded, two of whom Sheriff of Forfar touching his correspondence have fince died. with Ld Geo. Gordon ; but nothing criminal Abraham Darnford and William Newton appearing against him, he was dismified. were examined before the Sitting Alderman July 25.

at Guildhall, being charged by Win. Warts, At Oxford affizes a cause wa's tried be- clerk to Mefirs. Smith, Wright, and Gray, tween the city and university; the question bankers, with robbing and attempting to was, Whether a tradesman, living in the murder him. It appeared on their examinacity, but matriculated by the univerfity, was tion, that one of the men had lodged an acliable to serve the office of constable ? which cepiet bill at the banking-house, to be ré. was determined in the affirmative; but the ceived when due, and the money to be reuniversity, it is said, intend to carry the final mitted into the country according to direcdecition into Westminster-Hall.

tión. As this prétended bill was directed to July 29.

an empty house, and had several days to run, Adm.-Office. Cum. johnfone acquaints the villains in the mean time applied to the the admiralty-board with the capture of the persons who had the letting of the house, to Artois French frigate of 40 guns, and 474 take it, had taken it, and got the key, unmen, by the Romney man of war, Capt. der pretence of getting the house cleaned. Home, after an action in which the Romney The landlord, being made acquainted with the had three men wounded, and the Artois 9 hafte his new tenants were in to take por. killed, and 16 wounded.

feffion, and not very well liking their de. Also Cspc. Harvey acquaints their lord. fcription, desired the mihress of the publicfhips with the defeat of an enterprize which house, on the opposite side of the way, to the Spaniarts had concerted, to fet fire to have an eye to their proceedings. Accordo the shipping in Gibraltar bay. They had ingly, on the day when the bill became due, prepared seven fire-hips, with all manner of the observed two men enter the house, and combustibles, but by the good conduct of open the parlour windows, and presently af. Cape. Harvey, and the rest of his Majesty's ter a third man came and knocked at the officers ftationed there, they were all con door, was let in, and the door thut. Are fomed without the leatt effe&t.

tending to see the event, the thought the The Eaft and West India fleets cleared the heard an uncommon noise, and stepping over channel this day. It is remarkable, that a the way, and liftening, was ftruck with the French fhip was discovered Sailing among sound of murder, pronounced in a hoarse them, taken, and sent back to Portsmouth. faint voice, fucceeded by a kind of groan. TUESDAY, Aug. 1.

ing, which very much alarmed her, and At Hertford affizes Marieji Lawrence was looking through the key. hole, the faw (wo fried for robbing he mail, and acquired. men dragging the third down the cellar ffairs, Wednesday 2:

on which she cried out violently, Ibey're mur Adm.-Office. Capt. Garnier, of bis Ma- dering a man, knocked hard at the door, and jesty's thip Southampton, acquaints the begged the people in the freet to break it board with his having taken the lugger open; but none would interfere. Being enCompte de Maurepas, of 12 guns, and 80 raged at their brutality, the burst open the men, commanded by Joseph Le Cluck. She window herself, and was entering when one had on board Mr. Andrew Stuart, surgeon's of the villains opened the door, and was run. mate of the Speedwell tender, as a ranlomer.ning off, but on the cry of “ Stop Thief,''

Capt. Pole, of the Huffar frigate, informs he was instantly taken, and the other the the board with his having taken two French seized by the throat berself, and dragged him privateers, the Jeun Lion and Le Reward, to her own house, by which this horrid concach mounting 12 carriage and 8 swivels, trivance was brought to light. They had with 44 men. New veffels from Dunkirk, robbed tke poor man of his pocket book, and Saturday 5.

had nearly throttled him to stop his noise, At the theatre in the Haymarket, a new till they had got him into the back cellar, comedy was acted, called the Chapter of where they certainly designed to have mura Accidents, written by Miss Lee.

dered him, had not the woman by her fortiAdm.-Office. Sir James Wallace, of bis tude providentially interposed to save his Majesty's ship Nonfuch, acquaints the board, life. that while his boats were employed in burn.

Surdity 6. ing the Legsie off the Loire, he obferved 3 The prince of Pruffia fet out for St. Peters


burg, probably to endeavour to counteract amounting to 69 lail, under conray of the what the emperor and the czarina bave been Adamant of so guns, the Brilliant frigate of concerting, or to join in alliance with them. 32, and the Hyena of 28. Twenty-cight of Monday 7.

this feet conifts of transports with troops, His R. H. the Archduke Maximilian of the rest victualers and traders, Auftria was this day unanimously chosen co

Tuesday 15. adjutor to the electorate and archbp. of Co His majesty's thips Bienfaisant, Capt. logne. His Prullian majesty had declared M‘Bride, Charen, Capt. Simms, Hullas, his dilike of this eleion : his letter Thall Capt. Poole, and Licoine, Capt. Cardigan, appear in our next,

with 98 fail of mercbant ships and transports Wednesday 9.

for New York, and one for the Leeward A letter signed WASHINGTON appeared INands, failed from Cork. in the papers, a counterpart to that figned

Tbursday 17. CLINTON some time ago (lee p. 293.). Ac Weedon-bec, a young man and maid

Six rioters were this day executed in playing with a live perch, the lad threatened Hangman's Place, over against the King's to make the girl (wallow it, on which are Bench, in St. George's Fields. All very opened her mouth unthinkingly, and the penitent except one, who took off his shoes fith springing out of the lad's hand, suddenly among the mob, and braved death.

fuck in her ihroat, and killed heron the spor. At Maidfone aflize came on before Baron

Friday 18. Eyre, the trial of Wm. Henry Turton, mid Adm.-Office. Adm. Geary, with part of thipman, for the murder of Ch. Gucherson, the fleet under his command, arrived at Spise a failur, by beating him in a cruel manner, head, and was expecting the remainder. He and fabbing him with a sword, for disobe brought with him a letrer of marque named dience; and Luke Weft, another midship the Hallwiel, 350 tons, 24 guns, and do mon, man, for being present, aiding, and abetting. with sugar, cotlee, and indigo on board ; alio The former was found guilty, but no fufi. an English brig, her prize, bund from New'cient evidence of murder appearing againt foundland to Litbon; and a ligger privatecr the latter he was acquitted. A petition of 8 guns, and 16 men. from the grand jury was immediately pre Capt. Wm. Peere Williams, of his majer. sented to the judge by Ld Lewisham, praying ty's hif Flora, acquaints the board alio with a respite for Turton, which, after some con his having taken a French frigate called the Suitation with Ld Mansfield, was granted for Nymphe, commanded by the Chev. La Rea month.

main, who died the day he was taken ofibe Thursday 10.

wounds he received in the action. The The er.campment broke up in Hyde Park, Flora had loft her wheel, and must have been and the trooss marched off in ihe following taken it be enerr.y had known her condi. order : in th:ee eivifions for Finchley Com ljon. The Nymphe bad 32 guas mounted, mon, in two divifioos for Blackheath, and pierced for 40, and 291 men, of whom 131 in one body for Chatham.

were killed or wounced. I be Flora had 36 Friday Ir.

guns, and 29 rien, 27 of whom were killed The Welch and N. Hampshire militia, or wounded. and the Queen's reg. encampt on Finchley The parliamert, which stoo: prorogued to Commen, rear Whetstone. The report of the 24th init. was farther prorogued to u.e their lioving been reviewed by the King and 25.h day of Scproinber. Yoyal family on the 14 h was ill-founded.

Saturnoy 19.
Saiurday 12.

About fix o'clock in the afternoon, as the Adm.-Omice. Com. Johoone, of his ma praeton of - Manners, elo; sop of Lord jesty's ship Romney, acquainis the bard W. Manners, was it anding in Arlington-dr. with his having taken the Pearle, a French St. James's, the borses luddenly took trighi, trigate of 18 guns, and 138 men, command ano ran into Piccadilly at a furious tate, and ed by the Chev. de Breignon.

threw down a man who bad a child in his Being the birth-day of his R. H. The Pr.

Both the man and child were greatly of Wales, who then entered into the 19:h bruiled; but it unfortunately happened that year of his age, the same was observed ac the man had a bolue of aqua foriis in his Windror with uncommon splendour. It was hand: the bottle was broke in the fall, aad likewise observed in the several camps with grear part of the liquid pouring upon the ait the military maneuvres of a rejoicing child, occafioned a inof mocking and terriday. By an act of Geo. II. bis R. H. is now ble scene of misery and distress; nor had ibe of age to take upon himself the reigns of go. man much better fortune. The cleaths of vernment in case of the king's death, but to borba were on fire, their bodies moit horridly *60 o her purpose whatever.

burat, swelled, and their eyes closed up, &c. David Reid, tried before the court of sel The cries of the child were truely pitiable. sion for forgery on the bank of Scotland, was Al leng:h their cloaths were cut oif (for found guilty, and is to be executed.

they could not otherwise be got off ), and Sunday 13.

they were put into linen furn: Thed by the Saile: from ?lymouth the New York ficet, neighbouss, and carried to St. George's hula



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pital, but without hopes of recovery. The brigade, to Miss Donaldson, of Calcutta, horses were fopped near Duke-street; the And Jos. B. Smith, esq; to Miss Moreau. pole of the phaeton was broke, and one of At Nailsea, Somersetíh. the rev. Mr. Bad

the horses feet were fcorched by the aqua deley, to Mrs. Bullock, of Nailsea aforesaid. fortis ; but the carriage received no damage. July 27. Edw. Knatchbull, esq; only fon

A proclamation, laying an embargo on all of Sir Edw. Knatchbull, bart. to Miss Mary thipping from the posts of G. B. witn provi Hugesien, second daug. and coheiress of the sions, except to the British colonies or letrie late Wm. Western Hugellen, esg; • ments, among which the 13 United Colonies Philip Gell, efq; of Wicksworth, to Miss

are particularly named. A like embargo is Eliz, Wright, dau. of John Wright, esq; Jaid on ships from Ireland.

At Ixworth, Geo. Boldero, esq; to Miss Mr. Alder. Townsend and Col. Barré re Griffien. turning from an excursion into Norfolk, were Aug. 1. The hon. Wm. Ward, brother to overturned in a phaeton by Socon Econ, by lord viscount Dudley and Ward, to Miss which Mr. Townfend's arm was broke both Bosville. . above and below the elbow, and one of the Geo. Armstrong esq; to Miss Sur. Cooke. colonel's arms much bruised. They had for. 5. Rev. Mr. Law, related to the bishop of the preceding itage borrowed the chaile of an Carlisle, to Miss Eliz. Harrison, of Kirbyacquaintance, who came behind it to drive Stephen, Yorkshire, it back again; Mr. T. wishing to proceed 6. Miles Sotherton Branthwayt, efq; to on in it for another itage, and the owner of Miss Colborne. at refugog, a ftruggle ensued, and by pulling At Whitkirk, Yorkh. Jn. Brooke, eq; the reins in contrary directions the carriage to Miss Smeaton. was overturned in a ditch just out of Etor. ; 7. Rev. Mr. Law, vicar of Brotherton, to Mr. T. was carried back to the Cock inn Mits Lowe, of Ferrybridge. there, where his arm was set by Mi. Purkis, In Dublin, Dennis Daly, efq; of Dumansurgeon of Huntingdon, and is in a fair way. dle, to Lady Harriet Maxwell, only daugh. Sunday 23.

of the late earl of Faroham. Abou: noon a rick, containing near 30 8. Mr. Debaufre, attorney at law, to Miss loads of new bay, belonging to Mr. Fletcher, Hodgkin. farmer at Enfield Highway, took fire, nor 9. Tho, Drake Tyrwhitt, esa; to. Mifs withftanding every precaution to give it air, Wickham, of Garfington, Oxfordshire. and was entirely consumed. Another rick Rev. Bayley Wallis, nephew of Charles contiguous, and a bara full of oats and peale Payley, esq; to Miss Eyre, piece of the lord adjoining, were with difficulty saved. bishop of Ely. Tuesday 22,

Cha. Claypole Smyth, efq; to Miss Elisa A soldier of the 62d reg. quartered at En Anne Smyth. field and the neighbouring towos for the de 10. Tho. Hunter, esq; to Miss Wilkinson. fence of the New River, received 100 lathes. Rev. Rich. Gregory, fellow of Jesus Coll. at the Frame by Bun-hillfor desertion, which Camb. to Miss Tucker, of Falmouth. he had been guilty of more than once.

14. At Edinburgh, Jas. Chalmers, esq; We have the satisfaction to inform our to Mila Eliz. Campbell. readers, that the two lads mentioned in our 15. At Canterbury, Wm. Hougham, jan. Taft, p. 343. to have been committed for rob- esq; of Barton near that city, 10 Miss Robinbing the Cambridge waggoo on Enfield fon, dau. of Cha. Robinson, eiq; recorder. Highway, and to have escaped by the ill 1-n, Ord, eiq; to Miss Dealery. conduct of the constables, have lince, by the 16. Tho. Hawys, esq; to Miss Sealy. · vigilance of the same officers, afiiited by a John Collins, efq; to Miss Eiiz. Malon.

file of mulqueteers, been retaken, in the 17. Mr. Fors, altorney, to Miss Rose. • very house of ill-fame where they were rel At the earl of Hardwicke's in St. James's. cued, and are now is safe custody.

Square, by the lord bithop of Cheiter, under * Msxy material Occurrences of ibis Meneb a special licence from the archbishop of Canere unavoidably deferred.

terbury, the right hon. Thomas Lord GranBIRTHS.

tham, late his majesty's ambaslador at the HE lady of John Inglish Dolben, esq; court of Spain, to the Lady Mary Grey,

of a lon; who has fince been christea- younger dau. of the marchionels Grey and earl cd John Somerset Dolben.

of Hardwicke. Hug. 11. The lady of John Gough, esq; of Peter Chevalier, esg; to Miss M. Hotham. Perry-Hall, Scaffordshire, of a lon.

19. Rev. W. Lipscomb, to Miss M. Cook. 23. Lady of Dr. Blair, a son,

At Norwich, rev. Mr. Beloe, sub-master MARRIAGES.

of the grammar-School in that city, to Miss R. Hayden, of the stamp-office, to Rix, daughter of Wm. Rix, esq; town clerk Miss Harwood.

of London. Tho. Heels, csq; to Miss Bird, of Carlife. 20. Tim. Longbottom, csg; to Miss Dor.

At Calcutta, Sir John Doily, bart, to Mrs. Hutchinson. Coates, relict of the deceased W. Coates, esq; 29. Geo. Thornbill, efq; to Miss Haw. Also the hon. licut. De saftruthes, of 30 kins, dau. of Sis Cæsar Hawkins, bart.



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