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27. Phi. Jennings, efq; of Newington, Ately, in returning from Barbadoes, Cam. Jas. M'Intosh, elg; a Scotch factor.

28. Suddenly, Mrs. Long, wife of Beeston At Parna, Geo. Hurit, efq; chief of that Long, efq; and mother to the lady of Geo, Settleinent, as before of Dacca, in the E. I. Prescot, erqi jun.

At Calcutta, Hen. Stafford Playdell, era; At his seat at Antermonie, John Bell, esc; • member of the board of trade thére. --And who in 1715, 1916, 1717, 1918, accompa Cape. David Smith, of 20 brigade.

nied, as physician and surgeon, Peter the In Hereford, Wm. Maddocke,esq; aged 77. Great's embassy to Perba, and in 1719. At Whitehaven, lof Deane, csq; 1720, 1721, to that to China, of which he

A: Dublin, Sir Robe, Waller, bart, one of publithes a particular account in 2 vels. 4to. the commiftioners of his majesty's revenue. Glasgow, 1762, fince reprinted in 2 vols. I 2mo.

John Jones, esc; of Rhualt, Flintfire. 29. The lady of the right han. the earl of Mr. Alder, Sraith, merch. of Winchester. Hillíborough, at his lordship's house in HaAt Uley, Gloucesternh. Tim. Gyde, ela; nover-square, Her ladyfhip was only daug. Rev. J. Sargent, V. of Awre, co. Glouc. of Edward Slawell, 4th and last Lord Stawell, At Mount St. John, Yorksh. G. Elley, efq; first married to the late right hon. Henry Mr. Rob. Sanxay, druggist to his majesty. Billon Logge, chancellor of the exchequer,

At Bath, Tho. Weft, efq; who lately came and was created a peeress by the title of Bafrom the West Indies for his health,

roness Sjawell, which trile descends to be Lait year, in India, aged 28, Capt. Robt. Son, Mr. Legge, new Lord Stawell, Grant, in the service of the hon. the British At Wandsworth, Emanuel Brachay, erg; Eat India Company, and secretary, inter- formerly of Pall-Mall. preter, &c. to the nabob of Oude. He was At Durham, the rey. Dr. Douglas, of Cavers, accounted one of the beft Perfian scholars in 30. Hon. Lady Susan Houston, telict of the Eaft,

Sir Thomas.
Ac Cheltenham, Mrs. Dewes, wife of Tho. Carpenter, csa; aged 74. lie was
Barnard Dewes, esq; of Hagley, Worcestersh. formerly a captain in the army, and greatly

At Bath, Tho. Deacon, elg; of Watfurd. diftinguished himself at the liege of Bergen
W.Gomm,esq; of Nethercoti,Oxon,aged 82. op-Zoom.
Hugh Platt, efq; có. Noct. aged 78.

31. Capt, Guise Marloe, formerly of the Ac Simonstone, Mrs. Suf. Erilon, aged 108. Oporto trade. June 11. At Kaith by Lincolo, che wife Axg. 1. Wm, Chalmers, esg; formerly of Jas. Gardner, esq; and mother of the late captain of dragoons. Robt. Brackenbury, elo;

2. Suddenly, Mr. Poole, an eminent brick: July At Dunmow, Dorothy, widow layer in Bifhoplgate-fireet. of Dr. Tho. Mangey, prebendary of Durham, Mr. Joha Hennell, mafter of the drapers R. of St. Mildred's Bread-Street, editor of company, and many years clerk of the incia Philo Judæus, 1742 ; Sermons on the Lord's dents at the excise ofice in London. Prayer, 1917 and 1721, 8vo.; who died Ac Greenwicn, Samp. Waterhouse, clą; 1754; and mother of John Mangey, present Jacob Ferguson, eq; a Scotch factor, aged78, vicar of Great Dunmow, Eflex.

At Loughton, on Epping-Forest, D. D'Au16. At Liverpool, Mr. Wm. Ellis, aged marez, ela; formerly an Italian merchant. 130 years, fix months, and six days. He was On the fame Forest, ja:. Tomlinson, erg; bred a fhvemaker, but has served many years many years in the E. I. Company's service. in the army and navy.

Suddenly, at Beaconsfield, Bucks, the rey. 17. At Hinderwell, near Whitby, the rev. David Muir, paftor of the Protestant DifientNicholas Howlet, rector of that place. ing Church, in Broad-ftr. St. George's, Midd,

18. At Barwell in Leicelier hire, Mr. Sam. 3. Wm. Tho. Jones, esq; a gentleman of Power, a wealthy farmer, aged about 60. a large landed estate in the vale of Glamorgan,

20. St. George Dalley, efq; late lieut..col. Mr. Wyatt, wine-cooper, aged 72. of the 37th reg. of foot.

At Trimdon, the rev. Mr. Barras, rector. At Madley in Herefordsh. the rev. Mr. 4. Sir Joho Jefferson, knt. aged 96. Morgan, many years vicar of that parish. Geo. Durant, clą; of Jonge-Castle, Salop.

21. At Wiftow, near Market-Harborough, Sebastian Creswell, elq; aged 85, formerly Lcicestershire, Sir Cha. Halford, bt. aged 16. in the E. I. Company's service at Madras.

25. At Fulham, Balthazar Thornton, ela; At Bath, Cha. Bowles, clg; of North formerly an American mereh. on Tower-bill. Afton in Oxfordh. one of the verdurers of

The lady of Col. Suiter, of the marines, Windsor Forest, and prothonotary of the

Mrs. Thompson, relict of the late Geo. county palatine of Lancafer. Thompson, efq; and lifter to Sir William s. Rev. Mr. Richard Dillon, late of the Lowther, bart,

Roman Catbolic chapei in Moorfields, where 26. Mrs. Taylor, wife of the rev. Mr. he had refided for 36 years, till it was Taylor, of Hatton-lireet, and hister of Aldere deftroyed by the mob in the late riots ; man Newnham.

at the same time his house having been to Fr. Head, efq; late a captain in the Nore tally pulled down, bis books and household folk militia.

furniture burnt, without even a bed being


left for him to lie on: the frock he received The hon. Mrs. Catherine Maynwaring. from such barbarous treatment dceply attected 15. At Linton, Eflex, Joba Humphreys, his health and spirits, and is supposed to have esg; aged 68. haftened his death. He was a younger bro. Near Windsor-Foreft, Jn. Red law, esą; ther of the antient family of Preudston, in the , At Blackwall, Capt. Tho. Welch, agedigen county of Meath, in Ireland; and his cha. Wm. Raymond, esg; aged 96. tacter was universally respected and esteemed 16. Ac Barwell, Mr. Edward Power, a by a numerous acquaintance.

wealthy farmer, aged about 66. It is fomoMr. John Church man, miniature painter, what remarkable, that three brothers, who in Rullell Areet, Bloomibury.

were all possstsed of coulderable jodependent' At Croydon, Tho.Dockwray, efq; aged 92. fortunes, and were all bachelors, have died 6. Marco Nallo, esq; an Italian merchant. within fix months in the house in which they

Cha. Lambe, esg; formerly a captain in were born. As neither of them hath made the r. reg. of guards.

a.will, their whole property devolves to an At Chelsea, Mr. Jn. Collet, well known only fifter, who is aged, and a maidea lady. as an artif, for his many compositions in the W. Clay, esq; of Coles, Herts, aged 87. comic fine of painting.

Mr. Adamson, coal-merch. in Tooley-str. In an arbour in his garden, near Kingston, At Enfield, aged 72, Theobald Worrell, Theop. Donaldson, esq;

esq; formerly a Virginia merchant. At Caryfard, Ebenezer Duncombe, efq; 17. At Enfield, James Waring, many years

Rev. Mr. Manwarring, one of the prebends master of the stage-coaches there, which he of the cathedral church at Cherter.

had disposed of a few weeks before his death. 7. Mr. Abra. Jones, a wholes. hardwareman, Sam. Yalien, efq; aged.92, late a West At Hackney, Tho. Wilson, eiti

India merchant. 8. A fon of Ms. Coltar, publican and corn In Paradise-Row, Ilüngten, Mr. Wright, chandlet at Enfield, between 2 and 3 years late a wholesale cheelemonger in Thames-it. old, drowned in the New River,

This gentleman, we are informed by a corIn Carey-ftreet, Mr. Dix, attorney. respondent, foretold his own death. On Epping-Forest, Joba Stainsford, esg; Dan. Sloper, ela; many years captain in

John Claridge Fermor, cla; aged 78, the guards. 9. Mich. Miller, esq; mayor of Bristol, Near Maidenhead, Solomon Burrows, efq; In Oxford -Atr. John Redshaw, esq; formerly M. P. for Whischurch, Hampshire.'

Mrs. Johnston, wife of Cha. Johnton, esq; Ac Bath, the rev. Dr. Tho. Camplin, archof the Middle Temple, barrifter at law. deacon of Taunton, and one of his majesty's

10. Miss Harr.Blake,you, da. of SirPatrick, juttices of the peace for Somerietthire. Rich. Greaves, esq; of Afton, Derbyshire. 18. At Hampstead, Abra. Kingftun, esg;

11. At Colytan, Devon, aged 52, Mrs. At Warwick, John Holyoake, M.D. Hia Eliz. Anstis, fifter of the late Sir John Pole, fudden death was occafioned by a fall from bart, and reli& of the rev, Mr. Geo. Anstis, his horse. He made an early school profici. vicar of that garish, son of the late John ency in literature, then ftudied medicine une Anstis, esq; garter king at arms.

der Dr. Mackenzie, and afterwards became a At Bridgewater, Mr. Wetherell, A. B. of domestic pupil to the famous Mr. Sharp. Magdalen Coll. Oxfordo

19. Wm. Ratus, efq; formerly a Ra. merch, 12. Cape. Alex. Ferguson, late in the Ac Peckham, Sam. Tomlinson, elą; Barbadopt trade.

At Chorley, near Hungerford, Ms. Cuth. Mrs. Wright, wife of John Wright, esq; bert Dickson, one of the snof capital clothicra Of Kelvedoa-Hall.

in England. Of convulfons in the Stomach, occafioned 20. In Hill. Atreet, Berkeley.square, Rich. by eating mushrooms fewed in a bell-metal Beauvoir, esq; of Downham, in Elier, forSaucepan, Cha. Maitland, esq; of Rayaham. merly an E. India supracargy, and brother co

At Hapwell, Midt. the rev. Dan. Burnaby, the rey. Mr. Osmund Beauvoir, master of M. A. rector of that 'parish near 40 years.

Canterbury fihool. 13. Mr. Sparado, sugar-baker, Queen-fr. At South Mims, Mr. Edw.Groome, aged 97. At Highgate, Jonathan Cooper, craz, At Chiswick, James Pardae, esq; formerly

At Parfleet, Cha. Bray, erg; formerly of an equerry to Geo. II. Bucklersbury:

Ai Cloyne, Geo. Chimery, D. D. bp. of E. Haffel, efq; formefly merch. in Broad-Str. Cloyne.

14. In Westminster, Nicho. Antony Per At Cambridge, Mr. Steph. Harrison, ageda vier, esq; an Italian gentleman, formerly fe- 79, one of the common councilmen, and facretary to one of the Venetian embassies. ther-in-law to Mr. J. Mortlock, banker there. Near Chertsey, Step. Townley, efq;

21. Mr. W. Oliver, printer to the Society At Epping, Mr. Edw. Brimoa, aged 102. for pratroting Chriftian leading. At Enheld, Mr. Abra. Long, a speaker Soon after eating a heasty breakfaft, at biş of the fraternity of Quakers, and lately a house in Piccadilly,R.Hutchinson, efq; aged 97. man's mercer in Bishopogate-treet.

Ac Wandsworth, Jonath. Atcerbury, eiq; At Margare, aged 50, the hoo. Mrs. Ger At Richmond, Surrey, the dowager countrude Agar, wife to Werbore Ellis Agas, elei tefs Cowper. Her ladyip was third dave.

of John earl Granville, first married to the Rev. John Teth, B. D. and fellow of Cor. hon. John Spencer, and mother of the pre pes Chrifti College, Yarnton Oxon. sent earl Spencer, afterwards married to the Rev. H. Kent, D.D. Urchfont Wiltså late earl Cowper, but was not mother of the Rev. Wm. Neville, M. A. to the valuapresent earl.

ble living of Bishopítone, near Salisbury. At Sudbury, Derbyshire, George Venables Rev. Rich. Kaye, LL.D. one of his majes: lord Vernon. His lordihip was born Feb. 9, ty's chaplains in ordinary, and sub-almoner, 1709 and was created lord Vernon, and ba sector of Kiskby in Athfield, Nottingham h. ron of Kinderton, May 12, 1762. He is and prebend of York, Southwell, and Dur. succeeded in his title by the hon. Geo, Vena. ham, colluted to the archidea. of Nottingham, bles Vernon, born May 9, 1735..

C. Watts, B. A. Drigg and Irton, co. Oxon. 22. Rowland Lascelles, enq; of Mount-ilr. J.Smith, M.A. Bratten Devo. Grosvenor-square.

Rev. J. Beevor, chapl. to 16h reg, of drag. 24. Mr. J. Hambrough, of Crutched-friars. Rev. W. Tuder, Kingston-Seymour R. R.Churchill,eiq; formerly of Austin-friars. co. Somerset.

25. Mr. Wm. Axford, grocer, the corner Rev. Fitzjohn Brand, Egmere R. co. Norf. of the Old Bailey, and deputy for the S. part Rev. R. D. Waddilove, prebend of Ripon. of the ward of Farrington Without.

Rev. Mr. Laborde, prebend of Oxton, in 26. At Enfield, in his Both year, Mr. the collegiate church of Southwell, co. Nott. Benj. Sabbarton, many years a calhier in the j. Filher, B.D. Lingham R. co. Edex. bank of England. The bulk of his fortune Rev. Mr. Kyhin, Middlewich goes to his niece, wife of the rev. Mr. Walier,

J. Rennie, A.M. Altley, co. Warwick. chaplain of Portsmouth-Dock, who went Dr. 9ım. Glafie, Hanwell R. co. Midd.. round the world with Lord Anson.

Mr. Gibbon, elected lecturer of St. Gregory 27. At Plaistow, Capt. W. Montague, aged97 and St. Mary Magdalen in London.

At her apartments adjoining to the house J. Briggs, M.A. Methley R. co. York, and of peers, Miss Blackerby, who, with her fur.. and collates to a prebend at Chester. viring filter, for several years pait, enjoyed the Marmad. Lawion, M.A. prebend of Ripon. place of housekeeper to their lordfhips.

Rob. Gwilt, Ickingham All Saints R. Soff. 28. At Harefield-place, J. Truesdale, efq; Di. Pierson Lloyd, collated to the chanAt Affington, the rev. Brampton Gurdon, cellorship of York church, and prebend of official of the archdeaconry of Sudbury. Laughton en le Morthen, and the finecure R. GAZETTE PROMOTION.

of Kirkby in Cleveland,
Ev. Dr. Cooke, prov. of King's Rev. Mr. Dealtary, prebend of Stillingtone
Coll. Camb.-dean of Ely.


TOHN Shuckburgh, M. A. to hold Bauf-
TR. Wm. Harrod, elected by the lord ton R. with Woolston y, both ca.

mayor and aldermen of London male' Warwick. ter of the free-school of Market. Harborough, Sam. Gauntlet, M. A. Andover V. with Leiceftershire.

Horsley V.and chapel of Sherborne,co. Hants. Wm. Ward, elected master of Dunstable Cha. Plumptre, M.A. to hold Teversal R. free-school,

c. Nott. with S. med. of Claypole R. c. Linco. Geo. Heywood, esq; verdurer of New Fo * Bankriipis at large in our next. reft, Hants.

PRICES of STOCKS. The rev. Wm. Cooke, M. A, fellow of

Aug. 16.

Aug. 26. King's Coll. Cambridge, elected Greek Pro- Bank Stock, 115 feftor, in the room of the rev. Mr. Lambert. India ditto,

Mr. Meeke, A.B. of Emanuel Coll. Cam. South Sea ditto, bridge, appointed to the vacant travelling Ditto Old Annafellowship, on the foundation of Wm. Worts, Ditto New Ann. efq; formerly esquire bedel of that university,

Capt. Sir W. Burnaby, to the command. 3 per Ct. Bk. red. 62 I a I of the Diana.

3 per Cr. Conf. 62 § 61
Lieut. Panton, to the command of the Ditto 1726, 59 *
Gen. Clarke, lieut. gov. of Quebec.

India Ann.
Henry Howarth, esg; king's council, chosen 3 { per Ct. 1758, 611
recorder of Abingdon; and Mr.Ostery of Exeter. 4 per Ct. Conf. 62 &

Mr. Hanforth, late matter of the Swan Disto New 1777, 75 a with Two Necks, in Lad-Lane, elected one India Bonds, 215. Pr. 235. a 25. of the lord mayor's marshalmen.

Navy&Vict. Bills, 11 per ct.

per ct. die ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. Long Annuities, 16

16 a 16 R.

co. Wilts. Rich. Watson, D.D. Northwold R. co.

763 Nolke.

Caroline Robert Herbert, Saxmunde Annui. 1778, 12 a 15

July 29. R



60 a 61

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Dito 1751,

61 at

F.KW. Maxwell, el. M.A. Enford : Short dista



ST. JOHN's Gate.

London Gazette
Daily Advertiser
Public Advertiser
Morning Chron.
Public Ledger

Morning Post
Gener. Advertiser
Almon's Courant
St. James'sChron.
General Evening
Whitehall Even.
London Evening
London Chron.
Lloyd's Evening


Edinburgh 5

Newcastle 3
York 2 papers
Leeds 2
Norwich 2
Exeter 2
Liverpool 2
Chester 2
Manchester 2
Canterbury 2
Nottingham 2

Bath 2 papers

Birmingham 2

Derby 2
Coventry 2
Hereford 2

For SEPTEMBER, 1780.

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Dore in Quanticg and greater Cariety than any Book of the Rind and price.
Average Prices of Cornthroughout England 398 Original Letter of Dr. Byrom on Divine
Metcorological Diary of the Weather 10. Proscience

423 Debarcs in Parliament continued

Some Account of that learned Writer

424 Anecdotes of eminent Men enquired after 404 REVIEW OF NEW PUCLICATIONS : THEATRICAL REGISTER

ib. Memoirs of Thomas Hollis, E1q; 425-4:9 Monastery at The:ford, curious Particulars Young's Tour to ireiand

430 ot it ib. Irwin's Vovage up the Red Sea

431 State of Rome in its Decline and of Great Estiern Eclogues

ib. Britain compared

Elegy ou Cast. Cook

432 Farther Illufirations of Dorfley's Poems Poster: Brief Account of the late Lord Vernon

Elay on Charles Churchill, with Notes and Miftake of the late Bn. Pearee corrected


433 Memoirsof Bf. Warburton conclude: 409–41; Habakkuk: a College Exercise

435 Narrative of the Procerdings in Ireland on the The Mahometan Hox: a Tale

16. Sugar and Mutiny Bi!!

414 Epitaph after the Manner of Gray Painters and Paintings in the la:cExhibition415 Eastern Ode

16. Rule for finding Eatter corrected 419 Epitaph by a Lady

ib. A Grammatical Nicety discutled 4:9 To Lady Craven's Heart

ib. The List of Circumnavigaters augmented ih. To W. Jones, Erg;

ib. Notes concerning St. Edmundíbury

American Affairs- Hiftorical Chronicle enconcerning the Billioprick of Bath And larged-L its of Deaths, with Biographical Wells

Remarks-Promotions, &c. &c. 437-448 With a beautiful View of the CluRIAC PRIORY and Free School at THETFORD ;

copied by Permifion from Martin's H.ftory of that ancient Town.





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LONDON, Printed for D. HENRY, at St. John's GATE.





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31 82


4 Ilo

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Prices of Grain.– Meteorological Diary of the Weather.-Bill of Mortality. AVERAGE PRICES of CORN, from Sept. 11, to Sept. 16, 1780.

Wheat Rye Barley Oats Beans COUNTIES upon the COAST,

s. d./s. d./s. d. s. d, London 4 1012 612

Eflex 312 02 4

4. 43 912 01 102 Suffolk




4 42 31 101 Middlesex

012 712


4 52 72 II 72 Surry 4 102 102 42 03 5


4 912 IT2 21 812 Hertford

4 713 72
6 2 213 3

4 103 312 93 3 Bedford

4 412 82
311 92



3 02 21 Cambridge

4 52
8ļr III
72 5

4 73 2 2
4 olo



5 613 Northampton

Lancashire 5 70 01 8

31 72

012 51 Leicester


8/2 21 82 8 Monmouth 4 80 31 Nottingham

31 212
Somerset 563

09 Derby



ID 712

5 Tjo Salop

21 713


O2 31 IT 3 Hereford 4 413 01 UI 60 Hampshire 4 90

TT 103 Worcester

012 21192



02 Warwick

Cl2 Oi IT 2



012 , 31 1112 Gloucester

4 70 911 93 1 Wilts

4 103 9 2 31913 5 WALES, Sept. 4, to Sept. 9, 1730. Berks 4 93

92 7 Oxford

North Wales 4 113 312 313 5 Bucks


211 102

9 South Wales 312 81111 22 A Meteorological Diary of the Weather for OCTOBER, 1779. October 1779. Wind. Barom. Therm.

Weather. 294 65 | an exceeding fine warm day 2 N

little 29 7 57 a finc bright day, dry frosty air 3 Ditto

freth 20 93 52 an exceeding bught frosty day 4 NE

letle 30 1 Ditto freil 30 2 49 ditto,

cloudy evening NE

little, 29 93 59 chiedy cloudy, some little rain, very warm

29 8 WNW

freth 29 91 152 Smart frost in the night, exceeding bright day N to S

55 Ditto day, but cloudy evening 10 WNW

ditto 29 557

a good deal of rain, with bright intervals

53 an exceeding fine bright day, wet evening 12 ditto

29 61 59 several thowers, very moift and warm

29 7
59 ditto,


2.9 5
62 ditto,

58 a good deal of rain, with bright intervals
strong 29 11 59 smart rains night and day with little intermiffion

57 a very fine bright day 18SSW

dicto 29 531 58 dicto 19 ditto

29 3, 160 ditio, two or three smart thowers S

freth 29 459 a:fto
littic 29 7 54 fossy morning, very wet afternoon
ditto 29 7555

a very finc bright day, frosty air

29 94 53 foggy moining and evening, bright mid-day 24 ESE

58 very ingay moist day 8

59 foggy morning and evening, very fine mid-day ditto


61 mo it morning, wet mid-day, fine bright evening 29 59 wet morning, finc bright day

ftrons 29 44 53 mostly mitling rain, but fome heavy showers 29 Ditto



8 56 la tine bright day NW

ditto 29 8158 an exceeding fine bright day SW


59 | hazy dull warm day
Bill of Mortality from Aug, 29, to Sept. 19, 1780.

2' and 5 106 / 50 and 60 88 Males

Males 57202 1145

5 and 10


43 / 60 and
Females 710s

10 and 20
33 / 70 and 80

74 \Vhereof have died under two years old 680

20 and 30 89 8o and 90

30 and 40 98 90 and 100 Peck Loaf 25, id.

40 and 50 105

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