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Aug 16.

10 ounces.

the brewhouse belonging to Cambell and ever, to come to extremities while the girls Co. near Shadwell. The watchman was were in danger, a parley was demanded and kindling the fire under the copper, when granted, when it was agreed to suffer the five men rushed in at the brewhouse doors, women to depart unmoletted. In the mean feized the watchman, bound him, and laid time the young men and maids had changed him on his face; then one stood over hiin cloaths, and when the military énfered, they with a piftol, and two others guarded the found to their mortification, that the women doors, while the remaining (wo broke open on that occafion had all worn ilie breeches. an iron cheit, and itole in money and notes

Aug: 23: to the amount of more than 1col.

The Quchec fleet Tailed from Spithead,

under convoy of the Orpheus frigate, Capt. A complaint was made before the justices Culpoys, of 32 guns, and the Garland, at Bow-ftreet by Mr. Cecil, against one Capt. Chamberlayne, of 26 guns. Villers, an advertising Jew, who, under

Aug. 24. pretence of discounting notes, had procured Was presented to the lord mayor of York from him a bill of 3501. which he neither by his grace of Portland, a chufter of Syrian could get back, nor any confideration for grapes, the largest, it is supposed, that ever the same. Villers pretended to have given grew in England. Its girt round was five the bill to a friend for the purpose of dif feet nine inches, and its weight 11 pounds counting it, but it appeared that he had actually negotiated the note for goods. A shocking murder was committed at

At the aflizes at Guilford James Taylor Milton, near Christ Church, Hants, by a was a third time put in danger of his life, gang of smugglers, who went to the bouse for being concerned in the late riots. He of Mr. John Bussey, officer of customs, was now indicted for forcibly demanding a called him up, and fractured his skull in watch which he had formerly pawned with such a manner that feven- pieces were taken one Davidson in the Borough; but the from it. He lived in great agony. till the judge being of opinion that it was such a 27th, when he expired. demand as did not amount to felony, the

Aug. 25 count for the crown gave it up, and the Certain advice was received of the fase man was again acquitted.

arrival at Jamaica of the Corke fleet, which A:7: 18.,

confilted of 36 ihips, and failed from Corke In a storm which happened off Cape Fi- April 13. This is most agreeable news, as niftcrre, the Duke of 90 guns, and the that isand muft otherwife have fuffered Prince George (Adm. Digby's thip) of 98 great diftrefs. guns, on board of which was Pr. William,

Aug. 26. were driven so close together, that, as the Adm.-Office. Capt. M'Bride, of his Mae sailor's phrase is, " You might have sofred jesty's thip Bienfaisant, acquaints the board, a biscuit from one ship to t'other;" bar for that on the rzth he fell in with and had tunately by the spirited exertions on both taken the Comple d'Artois, of 64 guns, fides they were parted without damage. upwards of 644 men, a private ship of war,

The regency of Amsterdam have apo commanded by the Chevalier Clonard, afproved of the building a 50 gun fhip for the ter an action in which the enemy had 21 French in one of the docks within their juris men killed, and 35 wounded. The Compte diétion, which thip is now ready to depart. d'Arto s attempted to board the Bienfaifant, Aug. 21.

but fuffered feverely for his presumption. Being the birth-day of Prince William A moft dreadful fire broke out among the Henry, who then entered into his oth hemp warehouses at St. Peterburgh, which year, their Majefties received the usual had deftroyed by far tine greatest part of that compliments on that occafion at Windfor. commodity before the express came away, Aug. 223

and was left burning with great violence. The duke of Gordon paid a visit to his brother Ld George in the Tower, who'las Adm. Digby with 12 thing of the line and every indulgence thewn him counttent with two ligaies failed from Spithead on a secret his continernent as a prifoner.

expedition. A serious affair at the beginning ended The Purser of the Southampton Indiajocose dy at a place called Saltcoats in the man arrived at the East lodia House with an weit ni Scotland, where a company of yrung Eccount of the fare arrival of ihat 0.ip and men and maids having met to be merry, an the Natlan at Falmouth from Madras.The imprefs Hier in the neighb urhood tooht Mercury [E. I, company's pocker), Carita it a fine opportunity to pick up fome ufetul Forbes, is taken on ihe count of Coromandel, hands to serve his Majesty, and accordingly ant on the fame coast is luit a country thip marched with a party of folders, and in the richiy laden. evering com, iea'ly invellej the barn where Another express arrived with advice of the they were dancing. Their approach being fale arrival of the Leeward 10 and feet, is adiscovered, the doors were made fast, and fitting of 120 lail, and likowile the fleet reusiance declared. Being unwilling, huwa from 0, or o.

Aug. 28.

John Butler, convi&ted at the aflīzes beld alteration took place, there would be such at Wells for being concerned in the late riot a flame arise among the people that minisat Bath, was this day executed near the end try was not yet aware of; notwithstanding of Pear-tree lane in that city, without the which the bill did pass as returned, by a least disturbance.

majority 114 00 62. Aug. 29;

Mrs. Atkinson and Mrs. Saville of EnCame on at the Guildhall of the city of field were robbed, at seven in the evening, at Bristol, before justice Nares and a special Salmon's Brook, by a fingle highwayman, jury, the trial between Mr. Caton plaintiff, who took from Mrs. S. her gold watch. and a captain and lievtenant in the impress

FRIDAY, Sept. I. service defendants, on an action for illegally A proclamation was issued by the king impressing and imprisoning the plaintiff in in council, for diffolving the present parliaJuly 1779, he having at no time acted in ment, and declaring the calling of another ; any other capacity than as owner or master the writs for which to bear date on Satura of a vessel at sea; when it appearing that the day the 2d day of this inftant September, whole proceeding against him was to gratify be returnable on Tuesday the 316 party resentment, the jury gave a verdie in day of October following. his favour with gol.damages. The damages Allo a proclamation Atri&tly commanding were laid at goool.

all the peers of Scotland to affemble a: HolyHis Majetty's thip Medway, Rear Adm. rood House in Edinburgh, on Tuesday the Parker, anchored in Plymouth Sound. She 17th day of O&tober Dext, between the. failed from Antigua July 6, with 113 fail hours of twelve and two, to nominate and under convoy.

choose the fixteen peers to fit and vote in Aug. 31.

the ensuing parliament Anthony Todd, «iq. Secretary to the Ge His Majesty in council was likewise pleafneral Poft Office, gave notice to the post- ed to order that the respe&tive convocatioas mafters in the country, that as the parlia- of Canterbury and York should forth with be meat was to be diffolved the next day, the diffolved; and that the chancellor do issue franking of let:ers should ceale on the ad of writs for the election of new members for September till the 20th of the same month, the said convocations of the clergy, the writs when the letters of members duly chosen, or to bear date the 4th of this instant, and to chosen by double return, thould again pass be relurnable the ift of November. free, as also all letters of lords of parliament. The Resolution and Discovery, from a This fufpenfion of franking for only 16 days four years voyage on discovery, arrived at is supposed to produce several thousand Falmouth. The journals of the Capts. Cooke pounds.

and Clarke were previously in the purchion, In the course of the month of August che of the admiralty board, Irith mutiny bill pasied the great seal, and

Saturday 2. was returned to Ireland. By that bill the Being the anniversary of the fire of Lon.' 6th of Geo. I afierting the right of Eng- don, the Rev. Mr. Wight, his Jordfhip’s. land to bind Ireland in all cases, is in a chaplain, preached before the Lord Mavor at great measure repealed. The Irish magitSt. Paul's. His Jordship immediately after trates, a moit to a man, refused to act uns sermon proceeded to smithfield, and proc aimed des the authority of a law pafled by the Bertholomcw fair with the usual ceremonies. Parliament of England; and consequently His excellency the lord lieutenant of Irewould not tind quarters for the army when lind, alter giving the royal atent to the bulls on their march from one garrison to ano. that were presented, put an end to the ferther : They justified their refusal on this fion of parliament by a most eloquent ground, that their own parliament never speech, which shall be preserved verbatim in having passed a law to compel them to billet our nex!. Among the acis paffed on this foldiers, they could not, confiftently with occasion are, the act for regulating the sugar their allegiance to the king and date of trade, and the tenaniry acı; but we do not Ireland, pay obedience to a law enacted hy find the mutiny ael, so that we suppose it 19 a foreign legillature. As no law can in the be dropl. eait avail if it is not coforced, and as is

Tuesday s. cannot be enforced but by the magiitrates, Adm.-Office. Adm. Sir G. B. Rodney de, The Irith adminiftration were obliged to fires to acquaint the board, that ihree or ine fuller a bill bus punifting mutiny and de Spanish shpis of the line were seen to pass sertion, and ior ile better regulation of the the land of Santa Cruz, féering to the army or liciand, to be brought into the H. south ward ; that he impatienily wa'fet the of C. of that kingdom. The bill paired by junction of Mr. Wallinghain's Cuadron, a great majority, and was transmitted to when the numbers of the enen.y nhill Doc England, where iç was imagined it would prevent his looking them in the face.omnis bc imeihered; but, instead of that, it was is the subftance of the dispatch from that adfent back with some alterations thai have miral, as publilhed in the London Gazette.. penafoned a new serment in that kingdom.

Thursday 7 Afr. Grasian obferred upon it, that if the About a o'clock in the ar.prning the bu




faners of the election for Weftmirfer' was

Sunday 24. opened at the huttings ere&cd under the The corpfe of Mr. Ald. Kirkman xap porrico of Cov:nt Garden church. Mr. De- brought in a private manner about 3 o'clock mainbray pro, ofed the carl of Lincoln; Mr. as far as the obelisk in St. George's Fields. Taylor nominated Sir George B:idges Rod. it was there met by the gentlemen of the ney; and Mr. Byng, Mr. Fox. The carl of military associations, and condu&ed to BlackLincoln Said litle; but Mr. Fox made a friars bridge, where the lord rayor, alder. long and spirited (peech, which was well al men, city marhals, &c. joine the procestended to The High Biililt üeclared the fon. They proceeded from thence up Lado majority of hands tor lord Lincoln and Mr. 54e-hill, through Cheapfide, to the church Fox, and then he poll began, when the of Baffilaw, for interinent, in the follownumbers were, for Mr. Fu! 296, Sir G. Rod. ing order ; ney 243, and L şi Lincoln jou.

The two city marthats.

Four Paff-men on horseback.
Svon after one onick the business of the

Drums ane fifes, muffled. clection 1. Į London camc or at the bodlings

London foot allocation. at Guilthail, when the following altermen Trumpets founding the horse dead march. were puc a nomina:ion, viz. Mefirs, Hayley,

A quarter matter.
Bull, Sowbridge, Nrwnham, Kirkira, Tw-ive light horle volunteers,
Townshend, and Clarke. The show of hanas

An officer. was declared in favour of the four former,

Board of Feathers. but a pull heing demanded by the friends of Pall Bearers.

Pall Bearers. Mefirs, Kirkman and Clarke, the same was Mr. Dunlop,


Mr. Rafhleigh, instantly begun. Mr. Townshend declined. Mir, Ewer,

Mi, Grore, Four thips arrived at Hull from Green. Mr. Watson,

(Mr. Ruffell. Jand, with the produce of so whales. Such a Band of mulick on horseback piaying the successful fiery has hardly ever been known,

dead march in Saul. Mindig II.

An officer. Adm.-Office. Adm. Rodney further ac. Light horse volunteers, two and two. quaints their lordihips of the Cailing of the

An cfficer. combined fleets from Martinique on the sin

The chief mourner's coach, of July, without making ligoals, and with. Three other mourning coaches. out lights; of their being seca on the gih off

Lord mayor and aidermen. Santa Cruz, 26 in number, Ateering Weft


The two feeritfs. of his g ving ncrice thereof to șir Peter Park

The election committee. ker at Jamaica ; of his making the utmalt Suodry carriages with friends. disponii atiér being jo'n«d by Mr. Walling The concourse of people asembled on this ham; and of his having put to sea on the occation was the greatest ever known.

7th, and proceeded with the whule convey A boy about ten years old, son of Mr. és St. Kitts, in order to hold hinileli in mo Ward, of the Broad Wall, Christ Church, mencarý readinels to artist any of his Majel. whilt the funeral was going by, fell trom the sy's colonies on which the enemy may át. baliufirades of Blackfriars bridge into the tempe to make an impreßion, and hopes to Thames, and was drowned, be secun'ed by all the alliance in their iord

Tuesday 26. miss power to grant.—The Gozette from The dispatches from Gen. Clinton'at N. whence the above is extracted contains fit. York, brought to Ld Germaine's office by tering addresses to the admiral from the ai- Gen. Dalrymple, are known to be of the femblies of S. Kitts and Nevis.'

Bost importance, though the particulars have The remainder if the feet under Adm. not yet been published my authority. What Darby failed from Spithead.

hust:201 ired are to the following purport Veidnesday 13;

ibat Niunf. Ternay arrived ai Rhode Illand The sessions began at the Old Bailey, at on the roth of July, and on the Tib landed wh'ch 140 prisoners were to be tried: 6000 men there without oppofition; that * Arrived in Fairlie Road the 'Bellona prin Adm. Graves arrived at New York on the vateer of 25 güns, bulonging to Glasgow, po:h of the same month; inat Gen. Clin. with her prize, a Spanish regifter ship of e in hid embarked 10,000 men'in order to qual force, said to be worth 200,cool. have dislodged the French from Rhode Illand, Tburflay : 4.

but that he had been obliged to reland his doel was fought in Hyde Park, between troops fur prudential realons; that Gen. eb: rer. Mr. Date and M.B. one of the pro Corowailis had been unable to maintain his prietors of the Morning Poit, occasioned by ground in N. Carolina, and had retired to fome reflections tant by the former on the Charles Towa; that many of the provincial thule body of the propreto?:, which was groops had deserted his army, and inlifted jelenied by the larter. Mr. Este fired fift, with Gen. Gates; and that Washington ard wounded bis antagonist in the muscular was in force ready to attack N. York, if : part of this arms in other without effect ; favourable opportunity offered ; that the antiten the seconds interpolent, and the Quebec fleet bad been intercepted by the


American frigates, and 22 of them captured ;

DEATHS. that Canada was the great object of the French conquests, which they had engaged Southwell. His lord ship was born to cede to the United Provinces ; and that May 4, 1721, and succeeded his father in the combined feets of France and Spain in 1760. He married Miss Hamilton in 1741, the W. Indies had been seen sailing, as it by whom he has left issue 3 sons and a daugh, was supposed, for Jamaica.

At Bristol, Rich. Combe, era; member in Other advices bring an account of the re. the late parliament for Aldborough, in Suff. volt of the Spanish settlements in Chili and At Twickenham, Sir Patr. Hamilton, kot. Peru in S. America ; but these accounts one of the aldermen of the city of Dublin. come by the way of Scotland, and are not Near Bridgnorth, Shropsh. W. Jordan, efq; much relied upon.

At the Leeward Illands, John Lucie BlackSaturday 30.

man, esg; of the island of Barbadoes. A Nole of Observation. It has been held At Inch, in the county of Wexford, Mr. as law, that a witness produced in evidence Henry Grosvenor, surveyor of the cast at of the declarations of a deceased person is Black water, aged 115 years. He was of inadmissible. This is material, as there are French extraction, very sparing in his diet, many cases that may depend entirely on the and used much exercise; no one preserved evidence of a person who may be suddenly more what the French call the youth of old taken off, and whose dying declarations, if age, being an agrecable chearful companion, attested, might be supposed to have equal at the age of 100, when he married his last weight with his testimony had he survived. wife.

Mrs. Maynwaring (not obe bon.) whose At Ghent, - Sheldon, esg; of Sheldondeath was mentioned in our last, at her feat ball, co. Warwick, near Stantted in Sussex, was the reliet of At Lyons in France, the hon. Jn. Roper, Capt. Arthur Maynwaring of the Marines, second ton to Lord Teynham. who died at the fiege of Carthagena in 1741, The hon. Mrs. Clarges, fifter to Lord Bar, and was the son of the celebrated Mrs. Olde rington, and mother of Sir T. Clarges, bart. field, by Arthur Mayawaring, esq; Her Near Whitby, Mr. I. Richardson, aged 72. maiden name was Pine.

Joba Oliver, efq; one of the aldermen of

Shrewibury, and deputy-recorder.
Sept. 17.
ADY Porchester, a son.

At Groningen, in Germany, Peter Mavier, 22. Her MAJESTY safely der a fisherman, aged 109 years. livered of a PRINCE, at Windsor.

Yuly 12. Capt. Edwards, of the Cornwall. MARRIAGES.

His ship was funk going into the harbour of EV. Dr. Bathurst, canon of Christ.Ch. St. Lucia, in consequence of damages it re

ceived in repeated engagements. He was Coote.

coming home passenger in the Actæon, and Rev. Geo. Metcalfe, to Miss M. Pierson. died of a bilious fever,

Rev. Langham Rokeby, only son of Tho. Aug. 13. Right hon. John Drummond, Rokesy, esa; of Arthing worth, to Miss commonly called Lord Drummond, eldeit son Davies, of Wigmore, co. of Hereford. to the earl of Perth. Wm. Harris, esa; to Miss Collins.

24. At Knutsford, Lady Betty Warbur. Hugh Ambrose Roberts, efq; to Mi's Blink, ton, relict of the late Sir Peter Warburton,

Aug. 23. Alex. Murray, esq; of Ayton, to and daughter of the la'e earl of Derby. the hon. Miss Mary Ogilvie, daugh. of the 25. At Winterborne, Hants, Susan Eda Jare Lord Banff.

monds, aged 104. 30. Barth. Huber, esq; to Miss Strutt, 29. At Great Chesterford, Cambridgesh. dav. of Sam. Strutt, csq; of old Palace-yard. James Sapleton, ele;

Mr. J. B. Dickenson, of Ware, Herts, to Sir Joshua Molyneux, knt. aged 84. Miss Dickenson, of St. Margaret's. Hiil.. At Bath, Col. James Kioneer, of the goth

Sept. 6. Benj. Buddington, erq; of Enfield, reg. of foot. to Miss Peorię, of the same place.

At the Devizes, John Riebarde, ela;. 14. Clorworthy Gowan, efq; to Miss Aone Rev. James Miller, yicar of Marston Sç. Mauleverer.

Lawrence, in North.mptonshire. 18. Mr. John Finch, of Abingdon Atreet, 30. Ai Lawford - hall, Warwickfire, Sir Westmin. to Miss Şidney Jenour, of Edgware. Theodufius Edward Allenay Biughton, bart.

19. Rev. Nicholas Bacon, A. M. rector of by whose decease the title and principal part Burham, and vicar of Coddenham, Suffolk, a of the family estates devolve to the late lineal descendent of Sir Nicholas Bacon, lord Shuckburgh Boughton, esq; the residue, to a keeper, to Miss A. M. Browne, of Ipswich, very conuderable amount, pailes in the fe.

Ac Great Hollingbury, Esex, the rev. Mr. male line to the late baronel's lifter, TheoGibson, grandson of bishop Gibson, to Miss dofia, Anna Maria Replay Besuchamp Savage, of Great Hollingbury.

. Boughton Donellan, wife of John Donellan, 21. Capt. Whiteley, of the goth reg. to elq; fate in the service of the hon. the E. I. Miss Suence

Company, by whom she has fine living, inė Rev. Brian Lerry Cullins, to Mila Windsor. son and one daughter. The friends of this


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young baronet, having found reason to lulpet At 10ington, Mr. Sam. Harding, formerly that some unfair pradices had been u'ed to a wholesale tobacconift and inuff-maker. put a period to his life, caused his grave to At Godalming, Mr. Bond, formerly malbe opened, and the body taken out, theugh ter of the King's Arms ins there. more than ten days after its interment Four 9. At Bedford, the rev. Philip Hen. Molsurgeons attended, and among other shock. ther, one of the bishops of the church known ing fymptoms which seemed to confirm the by the title of Unitas Fratrum.' current report that he had died by poison, the Ja. At Weedon-Bec, Northampt. Samuel toogne was found projeEted from his mouth, Jemson "A.M. upwards of 30 years vicar' of fwelled to an enormous fize, and turning up

the faid parith. wards, so as nearly to touch his nose, and • U. A. Hackney, J. Wil on, esq; merch. the whole corpse was a spectacle of horror At Twickenham, Hen. Probyn, ela; carce to be endured. The surgeons were 12. Rt. Hon. Lady Camilla Wallop, second unanimouily of opinion that he had been pois dau. of the right hon the earl of Partsmouth. Coned; but who were the inftruments re Mr. Lemaitre, surgern in Bithopsgate-fr. mains to be discovered.

His death was occafioned by a fall from his, Right hon. Wm. Flower, Id viferunt Ann- horse about a fortnight ago. brook, and baron of Castle Durrow, in the 14. At Milc-End, aged 85, N. Haron, efq; king om of Ireland. His lordship was born At Can'erbusy, John Geekje, esq; of the June 25, 5744, and fucceeded to the pretage M. Temple, nep. to the late rev. Dr. Geekie. une 27, 1752. His lord ship married Mils 15. Ai Mareate, Jhn. Kukman, esq; Rudge, by whom he has left ilue two foos, alder an and thenfi cket of ihe city of and four daughters.

London. See p. 444. Jn. Dewes, efq; Welfbourn, Warw.aged 86. At Pampaic, Miss Drake, filter to the

Ai West Cowes, doed 53, John Rush rev. Mr Brockruan of Beachborough. worth, ela; a senior poit-captain of his Ma 16. Mr. Hart, closet-keeper to his majesty, jerly's feet, and regulating the impress ser Robi. French, elq; a West India merch. . vice in the Ile of Wight.

17. In Southampion Row, Bloomsbury, 31. Ac Chichester, aged 67, the lady of Rich. Elliot, eíq; lare mader of the apochethe lord bithos of Chicheller.

caries company: Sept. 2. Of a morufication, at Woolfton Neir Herr.el. Hempted, Herts, Theop. ball, acar Chiguell, Efex, Geo. Scor, esq; Haverficld, efq; aged 74, furinerly high nacaged 59, che luft of an antient family settled nff for that county. tbcre from the ome of Edward the Second. Rev. W. Scele Maxey, rector of North

Near Peter Mam, Surrey, J. Albert erg; hill, Bedfordshire; a donative Selonging to the 3. Richard i oringhain, eiq; agrd e9. grocers company.

At Loughton, Sam. Drew, eiq; late of 18. Ac St. Andrew's, Dr. Geo, Hadow, Milk-ftreet.

profesor of Pebrew in that university. At Richmond, Surrey, Phil. Palmer, efq; 19. The right hon, the Earl of Salisbury, brother of the late Six Charles, of Dorney. viscount Cranbourne. Court, Bucks.

The only fun of Cornelius Dennc, esq; of Wm. Honeywood, efq; formerly of Bi Bedford Ryw. thopsgate-ftreet.

Jonat. Brudenell, efq; of S. Audley-Ar. At Canterbury, Wm. Aflong, ero; He 20. Ac Enfield Highway, Mrs. Burgess, married Lady Frances Bennet, youngest filter wife of Mr. B. a considerable maltfter there, of the earl of Tankerville.

Mr. Woodward, a matter butcher of Chel. 4. At Brom; ton, near Knightsbridge, Sir hunt, drope down in the ball of Goc. Prescot, John Fielding, knt. one of his majeftris juf- ciq; at Theobalds. tices of the peace for the counties ot Middle. Mrs. Gape, of Stutterton in Bere Regis, fex, Effex, Flerts, Kent, Surrey, and the Dorset, aged 9o. city and liberty of Weitminster.

21. Mrs. Evers, mother of Col. Harper. In Great George Rs. Fred. Brudenell, efq; In Queen-fq. Bloomsbury, J. C.Vernon, efo; Mr. T. Manwaring, woollen-dra. Cornihil. Mr. S. Sherring, Neward to the dutchess of

5. Chi, Madock, ela; one of the melien Kingiton. gers in ordinary to his majeity.

Wm. Bouchier, doctor in physic, aged 87, 6. John Deane, sen. esq; brewer, of Read formerly fellow of New Coll, Oxford. ing, one of the ałdermen of that borough, who 22. The hon. Lady Mary Ramiden, relict had twice served the office of mayor.

of Sir J. R. bart. 7. Ar Hammersmith, Wm. Southwell, Ar idirgton, aged 85, Mrs. Martha Pav!. cro; aged 84, formerly a commander in the Mrs. Morse, relict of the late governor of royal navy.

Eort St. George in obe E. Indies, mother of A Benwell, rear Newcastle, Jn. Waldie, the late lady of Charles Boddam. esq; of era; of Hendersyde, near Kello.

Bulls-cros, Enfield, E. India director, and At the Hague, univerfally regretted by all of the widow of the late governor Vanfittant. the mufcal cogn freoti, Mr. Lamotte, the 23. Mrs. Rowley, at the London Coffee-ha. Çelebrated performs on the vicin.

And. Mackenzie, efq; formerly member 8. Mr. Benj. Bradfield, a Barbadoes tuerca, fur Dumfries- hire, in Scotland.



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