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. Em ef 9 treasures of St. Tho.

Sept. 4. J folicitor generak


Mr. R. Richardson, Atock-broker and lot and Cardigan, the town and county of kee, er, in Cockspur-itreet. fordwest, and the county of the boroughof

Miss Buckworth, of Hayes, Middlesex, , Caermarthen, within the principality of Wales. whose death was occafioned by eating an im. 9. The Right Hon. Lord Oollow, and Lord moderate quantny of walnuts.

Bollon, lords of his majefty's bed-chamber. Butler Lucas, esq; alderman of Pontefract, 12. Tho. Morgan, gent. Tho. Morgan she and treafurer of the W. Riding of Yorkhire. . Younger, gent. his son, and Tho. Kynnerí. He had been twice mayor of Pootetract. ley, ely; the office or offices of prothonotary

24. Jona. Gardener, efq; merch. of Lond. and clerk of the crown in the counties of Jor. Cocklon, esq; a Weft-India merch. Denbigh and Montgoniezy:

Edw. Ingram, elg; one of his Majeity's, 26. Wm. Adam, eq; treasurer and payo comm. of lieutenancy for the city of London. matter of his majesiy's ordnance. 25. At Enfield, Mrs. Hooper, aged 85.


DW. Mr. Nelson, timber. merch. near Tooring. mas's Hofpital. 27. At Brompton, Sir T. Dyer, bt. aged 87. Sir Fred. Flood, bart. a commissioner of acJol. Bolderson, ela; a Virginia planter. compis and Gamp duties at Dublin, GAZETTE PROMOTIONS.

Wm. Crichton, erq; clected aldermas of AMES Mansfield, esq; appointed. Cheap Ward, and heriff of London.

Mr. Jor. Deighton and Mr. Jas. Woode 5. Sir Wm. Gordon, K. B. aod Lovel - houle elected theriffs of the city of York. Stanhope, esq; appointed clerk comptroliers. ECCLESIASTICAL PRI FERMENTS. of the board of green cloth.

R. We!fit, appointed by the Speaker, 6. Lörd North, Lord Westcote, Lord visc.. chaplain to the

house of commons. Palmerston, Sir Rich. Sutton, bart. and Jn. Rev. Robi. Elliot, Wheldrake Yark. Buller, sen, esq; appointed bis majesty's Rev. John Fox, M, A. chapl. to the D. of commissioners for executing the office of trea Gloucester's reg. of foot guards, collated to furer of his majesty's exchequer.

the living of Ecton near Beverley. The Earl of Sandwich, the Earl of Life Benj. Underwood, A.M. nephew to the burpe, Henry Penton, esg; Lord Mulgrave, lord bishop of Ely, collated by his lord/hip to Bamber Gascoyne, ela; the Hon, Charles the third prebend in that cathedral. Fulke Greville, and George Darby, esq; his John Woodcock, D.D. presented to Lugmajesty's commiflioners for executing the of.. wardinc V. with chapels of Hentland, Lan. fice of lord high admiral.

garren, St. Weonard's, and Little Dewchurch The Earl of Carlisle, Lord Robt. Spencer, annexed, co. Hereford. William Eden, Thomas De Grey, Andrew Sam. Johnson, late perpetual curate of Stuart, Edward Gibbon, Hans Sloane, and Cirencester, presented by the bp. of Exeter Benjamin Lan lois, elars. his majesty's com to one of the three perpetual vicarages of millioners for trade and plantations.

Bampton, Oxford th. worth 2col. a year, va. Cha. Wolfran Cornwall, efq; the offices of cant by the death of Dr. Amphlet. warden and chief justice in eyre of all his ma

DISPENSATION. jetty's forells, parks, chaces, and waffens, be Ichard Sution Yales, D.D. to hold Soliyood Trent.

hull R. co. of Warwick, with Tarde. Lord Viscount Crinburn, treasurer of his big V. in the co. of Worcester. majetty's houfehold.

B-NK-TS. Christop. D'Oyley,elq; comptroller of the OSES Kirtier, Ringwood, Southamp. accounts of his majesty's army, in the room of Tho. Bowlby, eli

Wm. Moores, Lit. Marlow, Bucks, falesmar.. Allo Tho. Bowlby, ela; commissary gene John Lewis Patteur, len, and John Lewis ral of the musters, and chief inufter matter. Pasteur, jun, Melburne, Derbysh. hohers. of all his majetty's forces, in the room of C. Win. Garrud, Hanteri, Nurfolk, dealer, D'Oyley, esq;

R.b. Genderful, of Wapping, taylor.' Henry Strachey, eq; the office of keeper Joan Palmer tie Younder, Arminster, Deof his majesty's stures, ordnance, and aminu vor in re, woolfarier. nition of war.

Enos Whiteley, or St. Martin's le Grand, John Kenrick, elo; the office of clerk o.

woollen draper. the delivery and deliverance of ali manoer of Tho. Walker and Ann Singleton, widow, artillery, ammunition, and other neceffaries of Abchurch-lane, drug. merchants. whaifoever, appertaining to his inajefty's of Edw. Newton, Murpeih, Northumberland, fie of ordnance.

mone ,- lcricoer, Rch. Combi, efi; treasurer and paymaster Wm. Norton, Hall Garth, Durhamn, dealer. of his majesty's citace of orinance.

Wm. Jennings, et Cheap:ide, haberdaher. John Robs Mackie, cig; receiver-general Denrio Biyeraren itr.Strand, surgeon. of the Hamp duties.

Josiah Allen, Wbile, Lancahire, tanner, 3. Archibald Macdonald, erq; one of his Peter Cliften, La.meshurl, Suflex, dealer. majelty's counsel, to be his majelly's justice Cew. Handlord, Ayton, Yorksh. merchant. of the counties a: Cuermarthen, Peinbroke, Jr.Harids, of Core: try, djer.




Rich. Hooper, of St. Aldates, Berkhire, Tho. Moxon, Atherftone, Warw. currict. barge-mafter.

Tho. Green, of Coventry, grocet. Tho. Vellam, Oakham, Wm. Crocker, of Shoreditch, victualler. Jn. Wenman, Maidenhead Thicket, Berks, Tho. Adamson, Whitby, Yorksh. brewer. Salesman.

Joshua Lucas, jun. Northampton, draper. Alex. Robertson and James Robertson, Wm. Nicholson, Croydon, Surrey, dealer Lewes, Suflex, shopkeepers.

in wines. Alex.Patterson, Manchester, Lanc.linen-dra. · Marmad. Clarke, Wakefield,

Jobin Booth, of Whaley, and Dav. Clark, Rob. Turner, of Portsmouth, lineo-draper. of Stockport, Chefter, cotton-manufacturers. Jof. Woodcock and Joshua Woodcock, of

Wm. Rayen, Raynham, Eflex, dealer. Thurlfon, Yorkshire, dyers.
Rich. Ellision, Hammersmith, Robt. Tucker, jun. of Donhead St. Mary,
Jobn Sutton, of Hitchin, Herts, brazier. · Wiles, woolftapler.
Jas. Harle, Boston, Lincolnsh. innholder. Wm. Bruce, Long Crandon, Bucks, shopkeep.
Joba Lowther, Walcot, near Bath, mason. Randle Warham, Aldgate High-fr. hatier.

Wm. Woodman, of Johnson's-court, Lon Cha. Hodges, of Coventry, filkman.. don, mercbant.

Cha. Hofkin, of Plymouth, miller. John Brown the Younger, of Sandford, Jona. Smith, of Oxford-Ite. woollen-draper. Devonshire, sergemaker.

Hen. Levy, Bethnal Green, Lond. mercb. Jas. Peck the Younger, Kingston, Cam Wm.Forder, of Pitr,Southampton, apotbec. bridgethire, dealer.

John Shoulter, otherwise Shoulters, of the Tho.Allwood, Chesterfield, Derbych.grocer. Bail of Lincoln, glaffman. John Kceley, of Norwich, brandy-merch. Robt. Taylor, of the Strand, hoemaker. Jonas Benstead, of Laxfield, Suft. butcher. Jacob Hall, Brighthelmstone, shopkeeper.

Wm, Chambers, New Bond-ftreet, Ha Ralph Lodge, of St. Trinians, Yorkshire, Rover-square, perfumer.

iron-manufacturer. Jn. Maddocks, Bearbinder-la. Lond, broker. Sa.Mariteao, Pater-nofter-row, Lond.taylor Jor. Harris, Leadenhall-ftr. Lond. turnér. Wm. Braspall, Chatham, Kent, checsemon. Austin Bettridge, of Totten, Hants, baker. Eliz. Chancellor, of Duke-Str. St. James's, Sam. Cotton, Stourbridge, Worc. druggift. lace merchant. JoboShevyn, Atherstone, Warw.innholder, WoodhouseCoker, Goswell-fr.timb.merch. Wm. Cowell; of Liverpool, grocer. John Hardcastle and Geo. Hardcastle, of Terry Kiernan, of Illington, merchant, Grantham, Lincolnshire, shopkeepers.

Geo. Nelson, of St. Swithin's-lane, Lond. Jobn Randle, North Kilworth, Leicestermerchant.

fhire, woolcomber. Pat. Brown, Gracechurch-ftr. Lon. haberda. Edw.Holton,jun.Havant,Hants,linen-drap. Edm.White, Weff Worldbam, Hants, dealer Rich, Edgerly, Woodford. br. Effex, dealer.

Tho. Howard, Heaton Norris, Lancashire, Robt. Harding and Geo. Titterton, of Ox. cotton-manufacturer.

ford - Street, horse-dealers. Jonat. Shaw, Sheffield, Yorksh. malifter, John Marriott, Uxbridge, Midd. liden-draper. Edw. Willmot, Claverham, Somers, dealer. Tho. Fry Clarke, of Minchin Hampton, Bartho. Nelson, King's Lynn, Norf. merch. Gloucestershire, clothier. Edw. Baker, Milverton, Warw. dealer. PRICES of STOCKS. Jór. Phipps, otherwise fof, Lovel Phipps,

Scpt. 27. of Tvitfted Bank, Stafford th. innholder.

Bank Stock, fhut

Wm.Hughes, Rudland, Flinth. Topkeeper. India ditto,
Ifaac Candler, Shoreditch, Lond.linen-drap.South Sea ditto,
John Afh, of Warwick, money-scrivener. Ditto Old Ann.
J 1. Hales, of Bristol, vi&tualler.

Ditto New Ann.
Wm. Ody, New Sarum, Wilis, innholder.

shut John Lewin Newman and Sam. Ripp, of 3 per Ct. Bk. red. Thut Ave-Maria Lane, lacemen.

3 per Ct. Conf. 61 ans 61 a Wm. Baker, Fort ftreet, Lond weaver.

Ditto 1726, John Gilmour, St. Mary at Hill, merch.

59 Rob. Wintridge of Southwark, leather-feller India Ann.

Rob. Broughton, of Newton, Yorkhire, 3 per Ct. 1758, common carrier.

4 per Ct. Cons. Thut

hut Edw. Atherton, Preston, Lancash. grocer. Dico New 1777, shut 75 ore. Rob. Baas, Yarmouth, Norf, merchant.

India Bonds, 125. a 13. Pr.
Tho. Mediam, East Retford, Notr.ironmon. Navys: Viat. Bills, 11 perce. 11a
John Brown, North Shields, Northumbes.

Long Annuities, 16 Ha. 16
laod, boat-builder,
Tho. Granger, sen, Hedingham Sible, Erex,

Short ditto, dealer.

Scrip: 761

76 Tho.James, Dew Church, Heref.tim.-merch. Omnivm Rich. Stretton, Spalding, Lincolnih. dealer.

Annuit. 1778, 12 faz's

121 John Fearae, Dover, Kent, thopkceper, Lottery Tickets, 131. 6s. od. 131. 45. or.

Sept. 14.

Ditto 1751,



ICS. 23.

ST. JOHN's Gate.

London Gazette
Daily Advertiser
Public Advertiser
Morning Chron.
Public Ledger

Morning Port
Gener. Advertise:
Almon's Courant
Si.James's Chron.
General Evening
Whiteball Even.
London Evening
London Chron.
Lloyd's Evening

3 papers
Bath 2
Birmingham 2
Derby 2
Coventry 2
Hereford 2
Chefter 2
Manchefter 2
Canterbury 2
Nottingham 2

Edinburgh 5
Dublin 3
Newcastle 3
York 2
Lecds 2
Norwich 2
Exeter 2
Liverpool 2


For OCTOBER, 1780.



C Ο Ν Τ Α Ι Ν Ν G More in Muantity and greater dariety than any Book of the Rind and Price. Average Prices of Corn throughout England450 Ceremonial of Garrick's Funeral corrected and Meteorological Diary of the Weather 1o. registered

472 Debates in Parliament continued

Particulars relating to the Education of M. Earl Cornwallis's Account of the Defcat of Dacier

473 Gen. Gates


Card to Mr. M. on his Defence of Polygamy 474 Cruelty attending the Slave Trade

Enquiries concerniugthe famous RoyitonClubib. THEATRICAL REOISTER


Miscellaneous Observations, Corrections, and Dr. Franklin to Sir Hans Sloane ib. Queries

it. Oiber Original Letters to Sir Hans, from Mr. Additional Particulars of Bp. Warburton ib.

Pope and Mr. Anttis-Law Care 460 REVIEW OF NEW PUBLICATIONS : Now Curious Notices from L'Estrange sObservator 461 Edition of Sherlock's Letters (with one from Indelicacy of School Punishments exposed 462 the King of Pruitia)-Phil. I sans. HamilBiographical Memoirs of Dean Stanhope 463 ton's reiterated Views of the late Eruption of Remarks on Lindsay's Interpretation of the Mount Vesuvius; Dr. Ingen-Housz's curiLngas


ous Experiments on Vegetables-Hayley's Madan's Notions of Polygamy reprobated 466 Ode to Mr Howard, &c. &c Irrefragable Arguments for Religious Liberty h. POETRY: Short Efay on Churchill concluded Negligence of the Clergy in the Reading del - Verses to the Memory of Mr. Hollisceniured

467 Fathion-Address to the Quakers-To an Prices of Stocks for 21 Years compared 408 Ironmonger on his Birth-day, &c. &c. The Speculator (a new Correspondent). 469 American Affairs, 489-Historical Chronicle, Carte's Account of WatTyler's Insurrection470 492-Liits of Births, Marriages, &c. 494 Embellished with à-faithful Portrait of Dr. STANHOPE, Dean of CANTERBURY,

from an Original Painting by Ellis.

By s r L M N N US

A N vs U

UR B. A N, 'Gent.


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Prices of Grain. --- Meteorological Diary of the Weather.— Bill of Mortality.
AVERAGE PRICES of CORN, from Oct. 9, to Oct. 14, 1780.

Wheat Rye Barley Oats Beans COUNTIES upon the COAST.

s. d. s. d. s. d.fs. d. s. d. London

12 612 411 1012 4

4 9012

1 102


ci 812


4 30 OK Middlesex

80 5

Lincoln 412


612 Surry

512 03
5 52 1 1 2

4' 713 112 812 II
5 10 4) 1,3

4 83

4 il: 112 311 103

Northumberland 4 73 012 311 812

62 6 Cumberland 4 93

11 Huntingdon


62 Wefimeriand


10 i 62 Northampton 4

712 10


Chicbire Leicester 4 312 72 612 Monmouth

4 Nottingliam

82 8:

812 81

| Devon

4 513


50 Salop

5 40

5 Hereford

3 1012

4 410

4. 910

913 4 Warwick

III 102

012 41 1112

Gloucester 4 710 01 gr 913
4 11 9.2 11 Ιο

WALES, 08.2, to Oct. 7, 1780.


4 8

812 9
North Wales

4 53 312 Bucks

Ili 112
Soot Wales


A Meteorological DIARY of the Weather for NOVEMBER, 1779.
Barom. Therm.


1 59 | hazy dull warm day

ditto 29 87 57 a very fogsy moilt day

little; 29 2 58 / ditto
VN W fresh ! 29 811 59 cloudy morning and evening, bright mid-day
ditio:29 8:59

a little rain, but in general fair 6/WN IV

3? 55

fair and sometimes bright, crisp air

29.9 57 a very fine bright loft day 8 SW

158 a tine fort grey day, but no fun 9 Ditto

155 a very tine bright day

a black, cold, charlith day ditto


clouds and funth'ne at intervals, cold wind 12 WNW

freth 298

49 togs: heavy day, clear evening 13 SSW

49 Soudy heavy day, very wet turbulent evening firung 29.2 45 tempestuous wet night, dry and frufty in the day

44 a black, cold, wet day 16 NNW

ditto 29 | 43. clear frody morning, black milling afternoon 17 NW disco 29 st 43

? heavy, black, cold day 18 NE

freth 29 57 41 cloudy morning, bright afternoon 19 NW



41 {mart bright iroity morning, cloudy afternoon

39 hard frost in the night, heavy day, wet evening little 291

41 heavy black day, but neither rain or fruft

ditto 29 21 | 42 clouds morning, bright afternoon

29 2

40 hard frost in the night, very bright day

39 frott rather abated,clou inorn.andeven. bright mid-d. 25 NE


42 an exceeding fogsy day, with much rain 26 W NW

stormy | 28 | 143 turbulent, wet night and morning, bright afternoon E

freth 29 41 inart frott early, very wer dark day 28 SSV

1tormy 23 8 48 turbulent night and morning, very wet black day 29 SW

41 Inow early, yet day, tempestuous evening 30 Ditto


29 I 46 fair day, and tolerably bright

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Bill of Mortality from Sept. 26, to Oc. 17, 1780.

2. and 5 146

50 and 60

5 and 10 61 60 and

70 Females 844

10 and 20

41 70 and 80 Whereof have died under two years old 594

20 and 30

90 30 and 40 1.12

a ico Peck Loaf 25: 4.

40 and 50

Females {}1236



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Feb. 21.

Debates in Parliament, continued

from deration, and their grievances redrer. P: 404

sed; but, unwilling to distress govern

ment, was for raising the money R. C-ke presented wanted by a vote of credit

. He in. a petition from the veighed bitterly against miniflers for

county of Norfolk, A protracting the American war; and M to which Mr.B-c-n folemnly declared his belief, that na

objected, as not be- tional bankruptcy would be the confe.
ing the petition of quence of continuing it.
the county, a pro-

Ld N-th did not deny the tencur telt having been Bof the peritions that had been preentered against it. But on Mr. C-ke's lented, but combated the propriety of fiating to the House the methods made the measure pri posed. It might be use of to procure the protest, the pe- the wilhes of the people, he said, to tition was received, and ordered to lie establish a system of economy in matupon the table.

(ers of ftare, but it could not be the Mr. C-ke then coinplained of the C wishes of the people to stop the meainatiention of minifters to the protec- fures of government by withholding tion of trade on the coasts of this king, the necessary supplies; or it it were dom, and instanced some recent in their wishes, he should not think himsults committed on the coasts of Nor- felt bound to obey them. He made folk by the enemy's privateers ; toplight of the peritions, as not con:ainwhich both Mr. R-6-1, secretary jng the senfe of the people, but of 2 to Ld N-th, and Mr. B. G-c-ne, party; and particularly initanced the replied in detence of the admiralty. petition of the county of York, figned,

Mr. B-ke then rose to iniroduce as it was boasted, by 9000 freeholders, his bill for a general reform, which which were scarce a third of the freewas read a first time, and after a long hoiders of that opulent hise. conversation, in which a variety of Sir Geo. S--le remarked on the miscellaneous matter was warmly dif- fallacy of his lordship's calculations, cufled, was ordered to be read a fe- which, he said, were of a piece with cond time.

his estimates, and generally differed The order of ine day was then callo , from the truih confiderably. In this ed for, and the House in committee Finstance he affured the House that his went into the supply.

lordship had exceeded at leait or e half. Mr. B-ell— moved, that a fum, He cautioned his lordship againft des not exceeding 385,3851, be granted ceiving himself, or loutkring him.elf for the ordinary Service of the navy. to be deceived a second time by fatThis gave rise to a very warm debate. terers and fycophants. He would not

Mr.D_dH--objected to the believe that the voice of the Colonies granting of money till the petitions of was contained in their peritions ; he the people were first taken into condi- would not give car to virtuous admo


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