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28 fon of the late Sir Wm. B. and brother to 14. Near Dartford, in Kent, Sir Joseph Wm. B. esq; member for Hertford. He was Montagu, knt. Sheriff of the county laft year.

15. At Dulwich, Tho. Charing, esq; for, Ar Wandsworth, Iltac Smythson, esq; merly a wbolesale linen draper in Grace. Near Sale-Hill, Crayle Grayle, cra; church-ftreet, aged 83. A. Clerke, ela; adjut. of Suffolk miliria. At Brighthelmstone, Miss Nelthorpe, fis,

3. At Winchelsea, John Stewart, esq; late ter to Sir John Nelthorpe, bart. of Barton, commander of the Mountftuart E. Indiaman. in Lincolnshire. At Putney, Fred. Richardson, esq;

Ai Kingsland

, Herefordshire, Ric.Ingtam, Tho. Reeve, M.D. of Thrigmorgon-ftr. esg; ayed 94. 4. Right Hon. Lady Helen Boyle.

A Winchester, Mrs. Clarke, aged 105. The rev. Mr. Willion, late fellow of Trin. 17. Jn Battersea, John Camden, esq; Coll. Camb. and vicar of Chefterton, co, Mr. Wm. Chokworthy, of Plymouth, an Cambridge, which his uncle. who was turor eminent minifter among the Quakers. and bursas of the college, had held before At Basingstoke, Hants, Di Hen. Port. him upwards of 30 years. He died, after a mouth, one of the people called Quakers. tedious illness, at Morton near York, where Near Town-Malling, Theo. Hamilton, esq; he would reside, and obliged the bp. of Ely aged 93. to nominate a curate to his living. His ta In the work house at Portsmouth, of a iher was for many years schoolmatter and vie complication of disorders, particularly the car of Wakefield, and the hero of the nove! Mirbus pediculosus and colic, Mr. Ananias called " The Vicir of Wakefield."

Betterworth, aged 69, formerly a dancing5. Ac Padding on, Mr. Wm, Pargifter, matter in that town, but reduced by ili formerly a Glk-mercer.

health and misfortunes. He is said to have Ai Knightibridge, Sol. Chamberlayne, esa; been of a good family, but was utterly negaged 86.

lected by his relations, who were offended at At Illington, Mr. W. Stagg, ttock-broker. nis adherence to his profession. 6. Al Clapton, Rob. Williamson, efq; 18. At Enfield, Mr. John Chippendale,

At Bownham, near Stroud, Jas, Winch head cooper to Mr. Whitbread's brewhouse. comb, csq; one of the most eminent cloihiers Joshua Anderson, esq; formerly a Scotch in the couniy of Gloucetter.

factor in Lothbury. Tho Pakenham, esq; of Hart-tr. Bloomf. Mr. Jas. Atwood, attorney, Hatton-ftreet.

7. At Ringwood, c.. Hants, hon Eliz, St. Mr. Penington, merchant, of Bristol. John, second litter of the late, and aunt of 19. In Bright's-alley, Gray's-Inn-lane, Eliz. the present. Lord St. John, of Bletsoe. She Swanbrook, a poor woman, aged 111. was born Dec. 12,17.3.

At Hillingdon, Charles Crumpton, esq; At Thorpe, Linco.nshire, the rev. Mr. At Caius Coll. Camb. Mr. S. Paternofter, Myres, rector of that place, and of Wa'nfleet. 20. Ac Shadwell, agert 85, Capt. Joseph

8. Mr. Jn. Smith, attorney, Chancery-la. Gibbort, many years in the Ruffia trade.
John Tadwell, esq; of Woodstock Areet, 21. Jn. Peachy, esq; of St. Christopher's,
In Hanover-qu. Joa. Edmonstone, esq; 23. At Bevis Munt, near Southampton,
A Cheney-Place, Hant', T. Whitaker, efq; aged 83, Sir John Mordaurt, K. B. the sea

Ac Moulion, Lincolnshire, toe rev. Mr. cond general on the lift of his Majesty's forces, Williamson, vicar.

and colonel of the 14th reg. of dragoons. At Crowle, in Wiltshire, Mr. Isaac Parks. At Mile-End, Capt. Tho. Mapley, many

9. Wm. Lellie Ham lion, esq; attorney years a commander in the West India trade. general of the Leeward Illands, and a mem 25. Ar Rotherhi:be, Capt. F. Wareman, ber of the council at St. Christopher's. aged 2, many years in the Portugal trade.

Ac Peckham, Woifton Trelawnev, esq; Chr. Kingley, efq; of Chalfont, Oxfordsk. Mr. S. Thornton, timb.-merch. Back lide.

In Aug. Mag. p. 395. read, 20. In Hill10. Ac Trewinnard, Mrs. M. Hawkins, Ar. Berkeley-fq. Rich. Beauvoir, esq; foraged, 86, widow of the late Chr. Hawkins, esq; merly an E. I. fupracargo, and brother to Mr. Brookland, town-clerk of Windsor. Olmood Beauvoir, of Downham, in Effex. In Sackville-ftr. Fred, Echerington, efq;

GAZETTE PROMOTIONS. At Mortlake, Mrs. Duroure, reli&t of ihe Sept. 26. LAG-officers of his Majesty's late Gen. Alex. Dur ure.

fleet; Matt. Buckle, ela; Rob. 11. In Hatton-itreet, Mrs. Willis, a Man, esq; (vice-admirals of the re") to be maiden lady, aged 93, reputed worth 60.000l. admirals of the blue; Hgh Pigo, elg; rt, non.

'T. Jones, esq; of the Broad Wall, Surrey. Molyneux La Shilohran, Juho Vaugnan, efq; Near Barweil, Herb. Wander beld, eq; (vice admirals of the whu.e) Ribt. Duff, esq; Mr. Faulkner, of Aldermanbury. (vice-admiral of the glue) to be vice-ac mutals

12. In Savile Row, Anth. Chamier, esa; of the red; J ihn Reynold, ela; Sir Hugh under-secretary of state for the louchern de Paliser, art. hon. Jonna Birn, Matthew partment, M. P. for Tamworth, ana F.R.S. Barton elc; Sir Peter Parise, kot. hon.

Mr. Joshua Simpson, wholesale tobacco Sam. Bar jogion, M. riot Arbuthnot, esq; pilt in the B rough.

Rom. Roddam, cio; Geo. Darby, efq; john At Hanimerimith, Benj. Berrenger, erg; Campbell, e'q; (vice ad aurals of the blue) to


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be vice-admirals of the white ; Jas, Gambier, Sir And. Snape Hammond, lieut. gor, of esq; Wm. Lloyd, esą; Fra. Wm. Drake, elas Nova Scotia. Sir Edw, Hughes, K. B. Hyde Parker, e q;


EV. Dr. Dennis, prelijent of St. J ba's Mark Milbanke, ela; (rear-admirals of the

Coll. to succeed Dr. Hoone as vicewhite) to be vice-admirals of the blue ; Nic chanceilor of Oxford.

Vincent, csa; Jean Storr, esg; Sir Edward Offic of Cambridge univerfity for the Vernon, knt. (rear-admira's of the white) to year enluing :-Proctors. Rev. Joan Wilson, be rear-admirals of the red; Joihu: Rowley, A M. of Trın. C.ll. Wm. Wyatt, esq; A.M. esq; Rich. Fdwards, esq; Tho. Graves, eso; of Pembroke Hall. -Scru:ators. Rev. Adam Rübt. Digby, efq; S: lano Lockhart Roli, Wall, A.M. of Christ Coll. Rev. Jn. Tork. bart. (rear-admirals of the blu-) to be rear ington, B.D. of Ilare Hall. Moderators. admirals of the red. And the foll wing cap Rev. Tho. Cantley, A.M. of Trin. Coll. Rev. rains were also appointed fag officers, viz, Geo. Pretyman, A.M. of Pembroke Hall... Cha. Webber esq; Wm. Langdon, esq; Bni. Taxors: Rev. Fra. Barnes, A.M. of King's Marlow, eiq; Alex. Hood, fq; Alex. Innes, Coll. Rev. Job Wallace, A.M. of Benet Coll. esq; rcor-admirals of the white; Sir Chal. Rev. S. Stones, Bawden Chapel. Ogel, knt. Sir Sam. Hood, bart. Mar: bew Rev. Mr. Ironfide, perpetual cura e of St. Moore, efq; Sir Rich. Hughes, bart. Fra. Helen Auckland. Sam. Drake, esg; Rich. Kempenfelt, esg; John Hallward, M. A. chaplain to the rear-admirals of the blue.

countess of Elgin, and V. of Shawbury, Sa29. James Earl of Salisbury, treasurer of lop, ina, to Allington Y. and Milding R. the household, sworn of the privy council. both in cu. Suffolk.

29. Earl Talbot, and his heirs male, the R. Richardfon, B. A. to Wiron.G.lbert, dignity of a baron of Great Britain, by the John Deere Thomas, M. A. Kirby Mir. mame, Aile, and title, of Baron Dinevor, of perton R. co. York. Dinevor in the county of Caermar hen, with Fra. Woodcoik, B.A.Putley R. co. Herefa semainder to hi: daughter Lady Cecil Rice, Cha.Burkle, LL.D. Worling worth R. with widow, and her heirs male. Lord Visc. the chapel of Southolt annexed, in Suffolk. Gage of the kingdom of Ireland, and bis Rev. Philip Wren, A. M. of Univerfity hers male, the dignity of a baron of Great Coll.Oxford, Tamworth V. cr, Warwick. Britain, by the name, itile, and title, of Wm, Baker, Castle Acre R. co. Norfolk. Baron Gage of Firle in Sufex. The fol. Geo. Athby, B.D. Stanstield R. Suffolk. lowing gentlemen, and their beirs male the

DISPENSATIONS. dignity of a baron of Great Britain, viz. the M. Bell, D.D. V. of Pelham Brent hon. James Brudenell, Baron Bruderell, of

and Furneux, 10. Herts, to hold Deene in che Cmnty of Northampton.--The V. of Christchurch Newgate freer, and Si. right hon. Sir Wm. De Grey, knihe. Baron Leonard's Foster lane. Walfingham, of Wallingham in Norfolk. - A.FownesLuttrell,M.A.Eəft-Quantoxhe ad Sir Wm. Bagot, bart. Baron Bayot, of Ba- R. together with Minehead V. co. Somerset. got's Bromley in Stafforddhire. The hop. John Hey, D D. Partenham R. co. NorthCha. Fitzroy, Lord Southampton, Baron of ampton, with Calverton R. co. Bucks, Southampton in Hants-Hen. Herbert, erg;

Lill of Bunkrupts in our next. Barun Pintchester, of Highclere, in the county

PRICES of STOCKS. of Southampton.

Oct. 16.

Oct. 28. 30, Mr. Perkins, equerry to the Duke of Bank Stock, Cumberland,

Iodia ditto, Od. 3. Alexander Gibson, esq; his majef- South Sea ditto, ty's commiilary at Dantz.g.

Nitro Old Ano. 7. James Earl of Salilbury, high fteward of Ditto New Ann. the borough of Hertford,

3 per Ct. Bk. red. Fra. Burton, efq; recorder of the borough 3 per Ct. Conf. 60 ja

3 of New.Woodstock.

Ditto 1726,
21. Wm. Eden, elq; a privy counsellor in

India Ann.

59 IR Thn. Pye, licui. gen, of the marines. 3 { per Ct. 1758,

Mr. G. Yeats, head bcadle of the mer 4 per Ct. Cont. 58 1 a } 59 cers company, and J. Wallace, under beadle.

Ditto New 1777, 72
B. Thompson, é 9; under secretary of itate India Bonds, jos. a lis. Pr.

8s. a jos. in the Northern department. Hon. Tho. Harley, recurder of Leominster. Navy&Vi&t. Bills, 11 \ per ct.

Il perct. di

161 Rev. W. Wing Fowls, R. of Burmarth, Long Annuities, 16 i mafter of the free-school at New Romney, Short ditto, with an endowment of Col. a year annexed.

Scrip: 75 R v. Hugh Lawrents, matter of the free

Omnium gram mar School of KingAton upon Thames. Annuit. 1778, 12 a 12 121 Mr. Waltthue, mayor of Bath.

Lottery Tickers, 121. 185. 1jl. 25, 5d.


Ditto 1751,




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Prices of Grain. Meteorological Diary of the Weather.- Bill of Mortality. AVERAGE PRICES of CORN, from Nov. 13, to Nov. 18, 1780.

Wheat Rye Barley Oats Beans COUNTIES upon the COAST.

5. d. s. d.fs. d. ss. d. London 5


24 ge 51 8 Suffolk


42 31 712 Norfolk 6

7 Middlesex

012 711 103 3

5 01:


8 Surry 5 92 TO 2

4 93

813 Hertford

5 - 03

4 Too

II 83 5 Bedford

5 43 62
411 9'3
Northumberland 4 73 212

11 612 Cambridge 5 4/2


4 103 412


It 612

5 51
0:41 72


5 23 310 01 8 2 8 Northampton

42 31 73

Lancashire 5 30 02

Ili 83 3

5 13 612 60 Leicester

5 31
812 211 712

Monmouth 5
Nottingham 5 03 012

11 913


5 Derby

5 213
51 103 3

rr 410
5 30 02. 41 913 3


5 40012 Salop 4 82 112 62


5 71

11 103 Hereford 4 103 oli


5 30

11 913 Worcefter

5 30 02
21 1013 3

5 60

02 Ir 913 Warwick 4 90 012 11 312


5 70 05 912 Gloucester 5210

912 Wilts 4 no 211


WALES, Nov. 6, to Nov. 11, 1780. Berks

5 23 82 411 102 8 Oxford

712 IO
North Wales

4 713 3/2 oli 213
5 310 311 1012 South Wales

4 312 I TOT A Meteorological Diary of the Weather for DECEMBER, 1779. Becember 1779. Wind. Barom. Therm.

Weather. fresh 29 31 48 | cloudy heavy day, but no rain

ftormy | 29 I 55 very wet day, tempeftuous evening 3 Ditto

'ftrong 29 1 57 tempestuous night and morn. fine mid-day, wet evena 4 WNW

ditto 29 51 50 some flying clouds, but a fine day SWSW

46 tharp frost, an exceeding bright fine day W NW

43 ditto, grew foggy, moist evening freth 29 6 45

an exceeding wet, black, churlith day & NNE

49 | frosty air, fair bright day

ditto 29 8 44 an exceffive wet heavy day JOSSW

ditco29 6

50 rain night and day, with little intermillion

ftrong 29 51 52 cloudy morning, fair afternoon 12S

a very moist heavy day, fair bright evening 13 SW

50 heavy rains (with little intermifiton) all day freth

29 3 47 fair bright morning, cloudy afternoon

little 29 81 44 a heavy moist day, with a good deal of snow ditto

29 0 45 an exceeding foggy heavy day, attended with rain linle 29 42 50 ditto,

a great deal of rain 18SSW

53 very moist and heavy, but no rain, fume bright interve 19 SW

54 fair day and partly bright, turbolent wet evening

formy 28 71 53 tempestuous night, coarse day, with heavy rains 21 S

little 28 9

53 fine bright morning, wet afternoon

43 Inuw early, hard frost all day

little 29 6138 hright day, frost continued
SW to N freih

37 ditu,




33 some flying clouds, but the froft continued

30 33 heavy with a little fleet, very hard froft 27 NE

freth 29 91 38 very night thaw, a good deal of scattering (now 28 Ditto


29 38 an exceeding foggy, mifling, heavy day 29 ditto

30 41 ditto 30 ditto

30 231 40 a fine bright chearful day

30 2 36 | a smart froft, bright day
Bill of Mortality from Oct. 24, to Nov. 21, 1750.

2 and 5 147

50 and 60 157 Males

Males 8402

5 and 10 55 / 60 and 70 147

10 aud 20

70 and 80 78 Whercot have died under two years old 541

20 and 30 11880 and 90 32 30 and 40 133

90 and 100 Peck Loaf 15

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Gentleman's Magazine ;



Debates in Parliament, continued from effect, in which he meant to make p. 455

provision that the commiffioners should March 2.

be respectable, intelligent, independORD N-th, in ent gentlemen, of neither House, and order, he said, to consequently liable to no bias. His

give the public the Alordship then read the motion he inL fullest satisfaction tended to make, when

respecting the ex Col. B-ré rose, and with some ve penditure of the hemence expressed his deteftation of a public money, pro- proceeding, of which he believed there

poled to the Houfe B was no precedent in the history of para commission of accounts; and the liament. He had, he said, a few days reason for preferring a commission of fince told the House that he had a plan accounts to a committee of accounts to propose for the investigation of the was, because the foriner might be in- public accounts. He had called upon vested with powers which the latter the noble lord for his assistance, to could not without tranfgressing the ef-C which he bad given a favourable antablished usages of parliament. His fwer; but now the noble lord, instead lordship said, when he was lately called of the promised affiftance, comes with upon for assistance by an hon, member a proposal of his own of a quite differwho had urged the necessity of en- ent nature from that which he meant quiring into the public accounts, hep!o propose, and which had for its obhad declared his readiness to complyject the direct contrary effect. He as far as he could; but it had after. meant, he said, to bring forward the wards been stated that his fincerity various charges, deductions, and perwas to be doubted; that what he had quifites of office, attending the colsaid was plausible enough; but was it legion of the public revenue, from its not a mere parliamentary trick? was Efirit payment from the peasant to the it not an attempt to throw duit in the tax-gatherer, up to the instant of its eyes of the public? an attempt to being itlued from the treasury, and gain a momentary popularity, by af- applied to the public service. This, secting a readiness to do that which he he faid, would of itself thew the apo had no real intention to perform? Such plication of a very confiderable part of remarks, he owned, had not been a " the public revenue, and he crusted to species of comment very welcome to his hon. friend's plan of reformation him, nor, he believed the House would to lay open the reit. The noble lord, be of opinion, very candid in itself; he said, kad declared, on the day that he was determined therefore, in order he offered his assistance towards ento put his fincerity beyond a doubt, cquiring into the public accounts, that to seize the first opportunity to move for leave to bring in a bill, to carry mittee to be appointed whether he the proposition he had just opened into was fincere, or whether t'ae whole en

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