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Deaths, Promotions, Civil and Ecclefiaftical Preferments, &c. 543 that a week before he gave orders respecting 21. Ar Bath, Dr. de la Cour, physician. his funeral, and where he would be buried. . 14. Lady Petcus, relit of Sir Horare Pete 6. Barth/Tannier, esq; aged 95.

tus, of Raeca, Norfolk. On Epping-Forest; Jer. Scabrighty efq; 26. At Chelsea, Mrs. Anne Pepperell, wife Mr. J. Gordon, wine-merch. of Rochester. of Andrew Pepperell, efq;

7. Rev. Dr. Musgrave, in the rules of king's At Turnham-Green, Mr. Bentley, in parte beach. He had been a príloner ten years, and nership with Mr. Wedgwood. For his un. exempted, by the nature of his debt, trom every common ingenuity, his fioe taste in the arts, act of insolvency subsequent to his confinement. his amiable character in private life, and his

At Newton-House, néar Exeter, the rev. ardent zeal for the prosperity of his country, James Cummings, fellow of New Colt. Oxf, he was juftly admired ; and will long be moft and reétor of Wraxall in Somerset.

fisicefcly lameoted. 8. Af Marlborough, Jas. Houblon-Marke

GAZETTE PROMOTIONS hyoe, ela; aged 80.

Nog 4. UJIS R. H. Pr. Frederick, bishop In Marybone-Atr. Maj.). M'Farlane, aged 57.

of Osnaburg, colonel in the ar? On Turnham-Green, Wm. Donaldson, ela; my, by brevet, bearing date the ift of Nov, 9. Ac Camberwell, Sam. Darlington, esq;i 1980..

At Amsterdam, the Chevalier Colonel De Lieut. Gen. Wm. Augustus Pitt, colonel of Champigny, well known in the literary world. the roch reg. of dragoons.

II. At Bath, after a lingering illness, the Hon; Maj. Gen. Vaughan, gov. of Berwick, right hon, the countess of Donegall,

8. Right Hon. Cha, Wolfran Cornwall, At Tottenham, Charles Dower, efq; speaker of the house of commons, fworn of the

At Packington, in his 21st year, the hon. privy council. Hen. Arlington Finch, younger brother of the Rev. Mr. Wm. Stevens, B.D. to the re&tory earl of Aylesford.

of Walpole St. Peter's, co. Norfolk. Mr. Elgie, many years as em neat cornface Mr. John Ramsay, advocate, to be theriff tor in Cannon-ftreet.

depute of the shire of Kincardine; and Mr. 12. In Bloomsbury.fqu. Arthur Jennings Wm. Oliver, advocate, sheriff depute of the efq; linen draper in Cheapfide, in partnership thire of Roxburgh. with Mr. Kinder.

Civil PROMOTION3. At Mary-le-bone, Rich. Tomlinson, efq;

RHughes, a ftamper in the treasury: 13. Edward Clutterbuck, erg;

Mr. Larcher, of Littlebury, elected Soddenly, of a fuffocation, the rev. Henry master of the free grammar school at Great Norman, rector of Bledon, Somerset.

Baddow 14. Al xander Frampton, esg;

ECCLESIASTICAL PRETERMENTS, 15. Ac Spetsbury, Dorset/h. aged 85, rev. R. David Jones, A. M. of Chrift Ch. John Walker, D.D. rector of Spet foury, Hin. ton-Martel, &c, canon of Wells, and for half mayor of London. à century archdeacon of Dorset.

Rev. John Barker, master of Chrif Coll, Ac Richmond, Whichcote Turner, elas elected vice-chancellor of Cambridge. aged 4, many years in the direction of the Pev. Mr. Bird, of Carline, Harrington R. East India Company.

near Whitehaven. Ac Lambeth, aged 85, W. Dashwood, erg; Rev. Mr. Wilson, Tatham R. near Lanc.

16. Mr. Benley, a considerable bop factor Rev. Maurice Johnson, chaplain to the D. in the Borough.

of Ancafter, Moulton V. co. Lincoln. Ac Hampstead, Mrs. Fuller, wife of the Rev. Mr. Powell, Heath R. co. Glamorsev. Mr. Fuller ; fee before p. 494.

gan, and Berrymarber R. co. Devon. 18. In Broad-tr. Buildings, Ralph Morsi Rev. M:. Hughes, Ware V. co. Hertford, Scn, esq; one of the commilli. of the lottery. H, Hutton. M. A. St. Lawrence fory V.

In Red Lion-str. Capt. Tho, Maynard. with St. Mary Magdalen Milk-itreet R. arre

Mrs. Muxwell, wite of the rev. Fra, Kelly nexed, both in the city of London. Maxwell, chaplain, treasurer, and secretary of Rev. W. Cleaver, Cornwell R. co. Oxon. the Afylum.

W. J. Brickendon, Đ. D. Appulton R. co'. 19. At Richmond, aged 92, Sir Joshua Berks, and Mynly V. co. Sarum. Windham, kot.

H. Hawes, A. B. North Newnton V. co. In New-Broad-Nr. Wm. Black, esq; a S. S. Sarum. director, and uncle by marriage to Sir Abra. Rev. Edm. Itham, Barking, Etex (cic. Dia Home, bart,

Mulgrave.) Edw. Brieges, M.A. of Wotton Court, Kent. John Benson, D.D. Sr. Michael Royal, Coin He was formerly fellow of Benec Coll. Camb. lege-Hill, London, R. (Fenton, deceafed.)

20. At Enfield, after a lingering and pan Rev. Mr. Hand, Dorset archdeaconry (Wale ful illness, Mrs. Wood.

ker, deceased.) Suddenly, at his chambers in Fig-tree-court, Cha. Sardiford, M.A. fellow of Trin. Hall, Jobu Price, clq; one of the Swora clerks in Camb. by Haberdashers company, to Awre V ihe exchequer-office, Temple.

co. Gloucester. Mrs. Collier, mother of the rev. Mr. W..

Squires, A. M. Bratton Fleming R. Collies, Hebrew Prosellor at Cambridge. co. Devon.

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Hughes, Ware V. co. Herts.

Fra.Hen.Shepherd, Shadwell, Midd. fail-mak. Therond, Chefterton V, near Camb. Jos. English, Bocking, Efex, bays-maker. Wm. Steevens, B.D. Walpole St. Peter'. R. Rob. Powel, Llandrinded, and Walter Price, co. Norfolk.

Llanyre, Radnorth, dealers. John Markham, M. A. perpetual curacy of John Cliffe, Harp-alley, near Fleet-market, Northill, co. Bedford,

upholsterer. Hopkins Fox, M. A. Lynstead and Buck. Tho. Pickering, Manchester, woollen-draper. ing Kent.

Hen. Ellingthorpe, Bell-court, Fenchurcb-
Pinnock, of Trin. Coll. Camb. Great Areet, London, linen-draper.
Wymondley V. and Hippolets, Herts.

Geo. Martin, of Bristol, hofier.

Tho. Sutton, Broad freet, Rateliffc-cross,
EV. Wm. Forster, A.M. Thifleton and hopseller.

Nath. Lucas, New Bafinghall-Street, Londa Rev. Wm. Wills, A.M. South Somercotes merchant. and Stewton, and diocese of Lincoln. Sir Geo. Colebrooke, London, banker.

Rev, Edward Townsend, Acherstone upon Sam. Dean, of King-itrect, Hoxton-Square, Stower cum Whitchurch RR. both co. Warw, wine-merchant. B-NKTS.

John Cecill

, of Birmingham, money-ferir. M. Lyddon, Plymouth Dock, currier. Tho. Clay, of Theobald's Road, near Rede

Eben. Evans, Newport-fr. Midd. lion-Square, whitesmith. leather-seller.

Wm. Pollard, of Bristol, dealer in brandy. Jo.Ireland, Maiden-la.Cov.Gar.watchmaker Rich, Hewitt, Edmonton, Midd. carpenter. Rob. Euftace, King-Ar. Cheapfide, merch. Rich. Brown, St. Paneras, Midd. carver. Wm. Daniel, Yarmouth, Norfolk, grocer. Wm. Gramlick, Soow-hill, Lond. upbolder. Rich. Taylor, Aļford, Lincolnh. dealer. Cha. Wallam and Humph. John Payne Wm. Evance, of the Strand, woollen-draper. Cheaphide, London, linen-drapers. Jn. Tilleard, of Clerkenwell, cabinet-maker.

Jos. Bell, Clerkeawell-close, Midd. watch-
John Smith, Stanwix Bank, Cumb. innhold. case-maker.
Matt. Goude, Chatham, Kent, dealer. Tho. Williams Allen, Bow Church-yard,

Jn. Garford, Walthamstow, Ellex, oil-merch. London, horier.
Rob. Lewis, of Norwich, innholder.

John Laffells, of the Strand, Lond. dealer. Wm. Woodbine, Yarmouth, Norf. merch.

Jas. Watts Romney,Dodenham, Worcefterh. Tho. Hunt, of Birmingham, corn-chandler.

money-Scrivener. Philip Norbury, Brentford, Midd. printer. Eliz. Abbey, of Nottingham, tea-dealer. Jol. Levy, Portsmouth Comm. linen-draper. Hen. Box, Frome Selwood, Som. victuallera Sam. Cresswell, Chancery-lane, taylor. HughCombe, Stanhope-Str.Clare-mar.druge. Mayn. Torin, Walworth, Surrey,wine-merch.

Robe. Sanderson, Ratcliffe-cross, Middlesex, John Sickelmore, Brighthelmstone, Sussex, coal-merchant. malifter,

Tho. Medhurst, of Kippax, and John Meta Tho. Payne and Rich. Payne, of Cheapfide, burst, of Leeds, Yorkshire, merchants. goldsmiths.

Isabella Bray, Deighton, Yorksh. dealer. John Peadle, of Freeman's-court, Cornhill.

PhilipAbbott, of St. James, Weftm. upholder. Sam. Bradbury, of the Strand, Midd. warckouseman.

PRICES of STOCKS. Tho. Biddle, High Wycombe, Bucks, brewer.

Nov. 28 Wm. Shaw, of Liverpool, dealer.

Bank Stock,
Jos. Speck, Newgate-itr. Lond. wine-merch.

India ditto,
Tho. Wcaire, Eafi Grinstead, Sussex shopkeep. South Sea ditto,
John Price and Wm. Burton, Millbank-str.

Ditto Old Ann. 58.a 5733
Westm. coal-merchants.

Ditto New Ann.
Tho. Lane, Croydon, Surrey, iron-founder.
Tho. Escutt, Upper Thames-street, Lond.

3 per Ct. Bk. red. 59 } wine-merchant.

3 per Ct. Conf. 61 Sam.Pyke, Wormwood-itr.Lond. tobacconilt. Ditto 1726,

Tho. Hailes, Berkley-Itreet, Clerkcowell, Ditto 1751, watchcase-maker.

India Ann.

56 a Tho. Parker, Leadenhall-Ats. Lond. vintner. 32 per Cr. 1759, Peter Stoakes, Bexley, Kent, mariner. 4 per Ct. Conf. 59 a 53 ? 5813

Robt. Shearcroft, of Thorpe in the Soken, Ditto New 1777,722 Efex, merchant.

India Bonds, 8s. a ros. Pr.

Robt. Wilmot, of Warwick, painter.

Navy&Vi&t. Bills, 10 } perct.
Elir. Marth, Colton, Staffordsh. dealer.
Nich, Downing, Hoit, Norfolk, grocer.

Long Annuities, 167 16

TE John Hewit, Weliord, Gloucestersh. frame

Short ditto, work-knitter.

Scrip. 7; La

75 Tho. Jernegan, Winchester. Ar. Lond, dealer. Omnium

W... Marih, Mount-ftreet, Hanoyer-Square, Annuit. 1778, 12 16 a 1 uphorieici,

Louery Tickets, 131. 155.

ISI. Ss. a 19.

Nov. 14.

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ST. JOHN's Gate.

London Gazette
Daily Advertiser
Public Advertiser
Morning Chron.
Public Ledger
Morning Polt
Gener. Advertiser
Almon's Courant
Morning Herald
St. James's Chron.
General Evening
Whitehall Even.
London Evening
London Chron.
Lloyd's Evening
Englith Chron.

3 papers

Nottingham 2
Edinburgh 5
Dublin 3
Newcastle 3
York 2
Leeds 2
Norwich 2
Exeter 2
Liverpool 2

Bath 2

Birmingham 2
Derby 2
Coventry 2

Hereford 2
Chester 2
Manchester 2
Canterbury 2

For DECEMBER, 1780.


More in Muantity and greater dariety than any Book of the Kind and Price.
Average Prices of Corn throughout England 546 Remarkable Particulars from the Collection

of Royal Wills

ib. Debates in Parliament continued

547 Short Memoirs of James Parsons, M. D. 566 Remarkable Death of the late Mr. Hollis 554 Profe Tranfarion of Pindar's 2d Olympic 567 The Speculator, a Moral Ellay

ib. Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Mr. Extraordinary Fortitude of Nundocomar before Say and at his Execution

555 Particular Description of the Storm at RoeVindication of Archbithop Secker 557 hampton

572 Miscellaneous Remarks on various Subjects 558 On St. Margaret's Church

ib. Letters of Bolingbroke and Lytt lton

On Alp. Secker and Mr. Hollis

ib. T. Row's Remark on Virgil

sto REVIEW OF NEW PUBLICATIONS: Letters to and from M..Garrick ib.

573–580 Of an antique Reprefentation of Hercules 561 THEATRICAL REGISTER

ib. On the Marriage of Near Kin

ib. POETRY: Mrs. S. F. a late Portons. Who? 562 Dr. Béattie's Hermit- Epilogue to the AnQueries concerning Magnetism

id. dria, 581-Epilogue to Lady Craven's MiSchool Anecdote

563 piature Picture --Prologue to Deaf Indeed, Tour ihrough the Peak of Deri thire 1b.

58:— The Indignant Muse-A True Story, On Negro Siaveryand on Fail Prayers 561 Yearly Arcrage oi Rain

Hilirical Chronicle, Mr. Trumbal's ExamiCurious Original Letters on several very in nation for Treafinable Practices, Lifts of tereting Subjects

ib, Births, Mariages, Deaths, &c. 584-592 Embellished with a fine Plate, repreheating accurately a Romax Tragedian in the Character of

HERCULTS ; and a group of Roman Players in a Varicty of Comic Characters.



By s r. V A N U g

URBAN, Gent.

LONDON, Printed for D. HENRY, at St. John's GAIE...

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Rickshire, maltter.


Prices of Grain.-- Meteorological Diary of the Weather.--Bill of Mortality.
AVERAGE PRICES of CORN, from Dec. 11, to Dec. 1o, 1980,
Wheat Rye Barley Oats Beans COUNTIES upon

thé COAST.
s. d.fs. d.fs. d. fs. d.
London 6 41: 51: 01 642 6 Effex

6 ob





710 Middlesex 6 130 4:2 03


412 7 Surry 6 Il 02 51 103


5 513 21 83 Hertford 6 2002 o 13


5 412 31 83 8 Bedford

2 416 93
Northumberland 4

8 Cambridge 5

5 02


5 5,3
572 72
Lancashire 5 5,

13 Rutland


Chethire 5 23 5261





5 112
31 913 4 Devon

414 Stafford

2 1 8;3

5 go


5 8002

II 103
ole 4 Hampshire 5 SO

912 Worcefter

4 916
92' 1


5 Warwick 4 60 02


200 511 912 5 Gloucefler 5 Ilo 02

1 Wilts 5


WALES, Dec. 4, to Dec. 9, 1780. Berks 5 5jo 02

8 Oxford 5 40 02 II 8,2 North Wales 4 913 512 241 313

5 Bucks

5 80 02
31 102 South Wales

4 513 orult 21

Isaac Gibson, of Egremont, butcher.
Ich. Woodhouse, Surton Coldfield, War Wm. Somerton, of Bath, carrier.

Wm. Tuting, Newmarket, Suff. watchmak. Tho. Staron, Crooked-lane, Lond. gunmak. John Curties, jun. Grefien-ball, Norfolk, Brown Skelton, Grimley, Worc. dealer,

Jarver Clarks, Lower East Smithfield, coal Rob. Anseli, Edward-ftr: St. Mary le Bone, merchant.

James Hall, of Hunslet, Yorkh. butcher. Jas. Clarke, Scarborough, Yorkth. mariner.

Edw. Trelawny, George-fireet, Lond. coal John Barber, Wedington, Warw. miner. merchant.

Roger Crompton, of Manchcfter, and Elias Tho. Sanfbury, Calthorp, Oxfordsh. baker. Crompton, Lawrence-lanc, Lond. dealers. Geo. Slack, High Ireby, Cumberl. drover. Geo.Sowden, Ratclitt-rov, Midd.caal-dealer.

Jas. Buckhan, Wooler, Northuraberland, John Weston, of High-itreet, Southwarky drugz ft and apochecary.

glass-feller. Sam. Rutter, jun. Red-lion-ftr. Clerkea Jas. Geo. Snowdon, Holles-str. Hanoverwell, carcare-butcher.

fqu. Itonc-mafon. Tho. Attley, Newcakle upon Tyne, lugar Stanford Halford, Hendsworth, Staffordsh. refiner.

horse-dealer. Tho. Daniell and John Wall, Forer-lane, Rob. Richardfon, Fulham, Midd innholder. Lond working-goldsmiths.

Fra. Wiliams, Shoredirch, Midd, innholder. Holloway Brecknock, of Aldgate, London, Jas. Chritinas, Guildford, Surrey, grocer. Tinen-draper.

Fra Byrne and Joira Jordan, Clement s-la. Rich. Hilditch, Newnham, Glouc. merch. Lond. merchants.

John Fletcher, New Broad-street, Lond. Jas. Badnall and Hev. Yeomans, of Leek, insurer.

Staffordshire, button-makers.
Edw. James, Wrexham,,Denbighsh. merch. Rich. Coleman, Ludlow, Shropsh. malfier.
Rob.Haselioot Gerrard, Holborn,linen-draper Wm. James, of Bristol, srocer.
Tho. Payne, Godalming, Surrey, grocer. John Hoggey, Shadwell, Midd. dealer,
Colebron Hancock , John Mulhall, Bartlett's-buildings, Hol-
Johu Winto11, Horsham, Suflex,money-fcriv. born, merchant.
Sam. Daniel, Watford, Cheshire, grazier. Cha. Phillips, Warminster, Wilcs, draper.
Jas. Roope, Kingsbridge, Devonth. Ironmon. John Alderson, Hartlepool, Durham, innhold.
John Esam, of Goodman's Fields, bahor. Fas. Ogilvie, Elthaia, Kent, mariner.
Tho. Bewley, of Carlitle, whipmanır. Hugh Dowoman, Piymouth, thipwright.

Bill of Mortality from Nov. 28, to Dec. 19, 1980.

5 149 50 and 60 369 Males 753 Males

5 and 10 1666

5: 60 and 70 139 Females 33:5

10 and 20
581 70 and 80

91 Whercof have died under two years old 492

30 and 40 177 Peck Laf 25. 7d.

9 and ico

5 40 and 50 182

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Gentleman's Magazine ;




را در اوست : آء


Debate previous to the second Reading of felf; and it gave him great satisfaction Mr. Burke's Bill, lee p: 505 to find, that a bill for constituting

REVIOUS to the commission of accounts was in con

reading the title of templation, by which he hoped some

The bill, Mr. R--by me: hod would be clevised for facili.

rose, and repeated A tating not only the passing the accounts
what he had for at the exchequer, but for compelling
merly said, that the payident of the balances.
there were some This was the


of the bill proparts of the bill of posed which he approved of; and what which he highly approved, and others B he disapproved of was the interference which he could by no means give his of parliament in the expenditure of assent to. He approved of that part the civil list. He said, he had drawn of the bill which had reference to the up a motion on this subject, which reformation of receiving, auditing the expressed fully his own ideas, and accounts, and issuing the monies at meant to move it if he had not been the exchequer ; after which he spoke precluced by that of Ld G. G-sd-n of his own particular office, the ac (see p. 504.); but he would thus far counts in which were not passed so freely contess, that he ever thought, early as inight be wished for, owing and ever should do, that the civil lint solely to the present dilatory method of revenue was as much his Majesty's as accounting at the exchequer, a bur-Dany effate enjoyed by any person preden he said which lay heavy upon his sent, which was determinable. The mind; for nothing was more painful civil revenue was fettled on his Mathan to lie under imputations, the jesty on his accession for lite, his inground of which it was not in bis terest in which no power on earth -power to remedy.

could deprive him of without mani.

E He instanced the case of a noble felt injustice. lord, who, about the time he came Mr. I-liffe highly approved of into office, was called the grand de. the doctrine laid down in the proposifaulter of unaccounted millions [Ld iion fuggested by the right hon. gen. H-I-d]. He made it his business sleman, but was always averie to to enquire into the cause of the gene- meeting abstract questions.

F ral outcry, and after contuliing iwo Ld C-d-sh could not hear withe persons perfectly acquainted with the out indignation gentlemen maintain bufinels, and of high integrity and that parliament had no controuling abilities (the deputy pay masters], he power ever the civil list revenue ; if found that the charge was rotally un that doctrine was true, the people of founded, and that the fault was not his Gthis country were all slaves ; there was lordships, but arose, as has been said, an eslential distinction between private from delay elsewhere. He now ftood property and that species of interest partly in the same predicament him. perions enjoying public emolument

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