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army consisting of a few inadequate thou Sir Hugh Palliser and five other new meme lands, almost deftitute of every public fup- bers took the oaths and their teats in the piy, tables once abounding with plenty and house. variety, sublisting, month after month, on In the Committee of Supply the estimates one bare ration of dry bread and meat, and of the navy for the ensuing year brought on that, frequently, of the meaneít quality ; & spirited debate, which became rather per. their families looking up to them for their fonal than national. The affair between ufual support ; their children for the educa- Keppel and Palliser was the subject, which tion to which they once had a title. Our terminated in two motions, both made by enemies know human nature too well to ap- Sir Robert Sinith, and seconded by the Earl prehend they thall have to contend long with of Sorry; one, that the minutes and proan army under luch circumstances.

ceedings of the court-martial upon Admiral In faithfulness to our country we make Keppel be laid before the house ; the other, this representation, without the solicitation that the minutes and proceedings of the or knowledge of those officers who are the court-martial upon Vice-admiral Palliser be chief fubječts of it: they, we are affured, laid before the house. are generally determined to resign their com John Cuthbert, of Groombridge, Suflex, mitions at the close of this campaign ; in fhor a heron that measured, with his wings deed it is impossible for them to continue, let extended, upwards of six feet. On his being their virtue and inclination be ever lo great; opened, there was found within him a trout and we cannot but express to you, that we pear a foot long, which appeared to have been thall consider the loss of the present body of very lately gorged. oficers as little Thort of the diffolution of the

Thursday 7. army.

Edmund Burke, ciq. was unanimously This letter is addressed to the President of chosen member for Malton. the Council of New Hampthire, and seems

Friday 8. by the style to be circular.

The mail was stolen between Epping and Another intercepted letter is from Lieut. London, containing 23 bags, of which the Col. Hamilton, Aid-de-Camp to Gen. Wash Norwich and Cambridge were the principal. ington, to Isaac Sears, clg. and is nearly to

Saturday 9: the same effeét:

The feffions at the Old Bailey, which beIt is impollible, he says, the contest can gan on the 5th, ended, when to convicts iebe much longer rapported on the present ceived sentence of death, viz. Patrick Mafooting. We must have a government with dan, John Bailey, and William Chatham, more power. We must have a tax in kind.

for privately ftcaling gold chains and rings We muit have a foreign loan. We must out of the shop of Mr. Storey, in Sidney's have a bank on the true principles of a bank. Alley, value 401. Lawrence M'Dermot for We must have an administration distinct shop-lifting ; Joseph Cook (a boy) for robe from Congress, and in the hands of fingle bing a woman in the freet ; John Price and men under their orders. We must, above Fraucis Mapre for privately stealing ; Saall things, have an army for the war, and muel Blaken and William Colours for house an eft abluihment that will interest the officers breaking; and Mary Carpenter for stealing in the service.

plate. The Jeiter from Major-gen. Phillips, that accompanied this dispatch, chiefly relates to At à general aflembly of academicians at a negotiation for an exchange of prisoners, Somerset House, the following premiums which he hopes will terminate in the exe were adjudged : A gold medal to Mr. John change of all wificers, prisoners of war, on Farringdon, for the best historical pi&ture in both sides. This exchange will likewise oil colours, the subject from Shakspeare's comprchend an equivalent of British and Macbeth. A gold medal to Mr. John Deare, German foldiers, prisoners of war, for those for the best bas-relief, the fubječt from Mila of the enemy now at New York; and one ton's Paradise Loft. Three Gilver medals to effort more will be made for the exchange of Mr. Edward Francisco Burncy; to Canrad. those of the convention,

Martin Mete; and to Mr. Chriftian Burke Sunday 3:

hard. A filver medal to Mr. John HippelAdm. Hood, with ali che outward-bound ley Green, for the model of an academy fileet under his conwy, took his departure figure. A lilver medal to Mr. William Newfrom the Edystone with a fine breeze from mar, for a drawing in architecture of the the cattyard.

front and spire of St. Martin's ehurch.

After che medals were adjudged, the PreA petition from 650 ut his Majesty's sub fident delivered a discourte to the students, is in Bengal, complaining of the inade- raluing more particularly to the sculptor's quate adininiftration of justice under the

art, of which we shall give the substance in fuitem of judicature establithed by the late fone future Magazine. at for regulating the courts of justice there, The affembly then proceeded to the elica was prelented to parliament, rcad, and or tion of officers, when those of the preceding derej to le upon the table.

y car were continued.


Tuesday 12.

Minday 4,

Sir Joseph-Yorke prefented another memo lity to the nation, eftablished on a firm and rial to the States General, in a more peremp- permanent balīs. Emboldened by this entory style than any before presented. He couragement, his lordfhip ventured at last to obferved, that the complaint he made was invite a number of perfons, whom he thought the complaint of an offended sovereign; that qualified to be members of such au asociathe offence for which he requires an exem tion, to meet at his housc on the 14th of plary punilhment, is a violation of the Ba November last. To these gentlemen he read tavian constitution, of which the king is a discourse, containing a view of the princiguarantee; that his majesty has put the pų. pal objects in the History and Antiquities of nishment and the reparacion into the hands Scotland, which required elucidation, and of their High Mightineiles; and that it is of the regulations to be observed in the proonly in the last extremity that the king will posed Society; both of which received the take it upon himself.

unanimous approbation of the members preFridag 15.

sent. At a snbsequent meeting, his lordship The cause between Mr. Langdale plain- was prevailed on to permit the discourse to tiff, and the Sun-fire office defendant, came be printed, that the public might have proon to be tried before Lord Mansfield, when per ideas concerning an institution so intera verdict was given againft the plaintiff, esting to the nation. It was then agreed, there being an exception in the policy of ar. that a meeting should be held on Monday the surance against fires occafioned by civil or ani 14th curt. fur the purpose of electing Office litary commotions, &c.

Bearers. The members accordingly met, Saturday 16.

and the business of election being finithed, a By an order of council, all thips from paper was read, giving an account of varia Dautzick, or any other port of Ducal Prur. ous Roman weapons discovered in dragging ha, Pomerania, or from any port in Coura the Marle from the bottom of Doddingston land, Simogicra, or Livonia, are to perform Loch; and we learn that the worthy praa quarantine, certain advice having been re prietor, Sir Alexander Dick, is to give ipeceived that the plague is broke out in the cimens of them, to be preserved in the $oUkraine and in Yolgaria.

ciety's Museum Three passengers in the Leeds Diligence The following is a list of the Officewere robbed on Finchley Common about

Bearers : cight this evening by two most desperate " President, the Right Hon. the Earl of highwaymen, who, besides a tolerable booty Bute; ift Vice President, the Right Hon, in money, got from a young officer a gold the Earl of Buchan; 2d Vice Prefident, the watch which had coft near fifty guincas. Hon. Sir John Dalrymple Hainilton MacSunday 17.

gill, Bart. 3d Vice President, John Swinton, Two Jew ladies of eminence were baptized of Swinton, Esq. 4th Vice President, Alexat the King's chapel, St. James's, by the ander Wright, Esq. Advocate; 5th Vice Rev. Dr. Bailey.

President, Wm. Tyler, of Woodhouslee, Monday 18.

Esq. Treasurer; Sir William Forbes, of PitThe Lord Chancellor sat at Lincoln's-Inn. Aigo, Bart. Secretary; James Cummyng, Hall, to hear the revived motion on the part Eiq. Keeper of the Lyon Records.” of Mr. Morris, to set aside an order granted

Wednesday 20. in the chancellorthip of Lord Bathurst, to Was published in the London Gezette bring in the body of Miss Harford, with Extraordinary, a Manifefto against the whom he had cloped in her infancy; and Dutch, in which his Majefty declares, that also a subsequent order to arrest his person “ since the satisfaction we have demanded is for contempt in not obeying the former order. « not given, we mut, though most reluctantMr. Morris produced the sentence of the “ ly, do ourselves the juftice which we can Ecclefiaftical Court, dismisting the libel pre- “ not otherwise obtain." Then follows an ferred in the Ecclchastical Court by the order of council, That general ropritals be friends of the lady; but his Lordlhip dif- granted against the thips, goods, and fubcharged the application, leaving the young jects of the States General of the United lady's friends to proceed in the best manner Provinces ; so that as well his Majesty's 'they can, to scstore' her to that respect and Acets and thips, as also all other thips and happiness, of which, he said, the had been vessels that shall be commifioned by letcruelly deprived.

ters of marque or general repritals,' thall A Society of Antiquaries was instituted and may lawfully seize all thips, &c. bethis day at Edinburgh. An allociation of longing to the States General and their subthis nature has long been a favçarite abject jects, and bring the same to judgment. of the Earl of Buchan. His lordlhip com By the above Manifesto it appears, that a municated the plan he had formed to fome of treaty with his Majesty's rebellious fubjc&s the moft accomplished and respectable gen was signed so long ago as September 1778, clemen in this country, and was ha;ppy to by the express order of the Penfionary of find that it not only received their approba- Amsterdam and other principal magistrates fion, but excited the strongest withes to fee of what city, the first article of which is : an institution, which promised to mucli urias


« There Thall be a firm, inviolable, and 4 Regiments of cavalry, or light dragoons. universal

peace, and sincere friendship, be 4 Regiorents of artillery. tween their High Mightinettes the Ettates of 49 Regiments of infantry, exclufive of Col. the Seven United Provinces of Holland, and Hazin's regiment. the United States of North America, and 1 Regiment of artificers. the subjects and people of the said parties; That each regiment of Cavalry or light draand between the countries, islands, cities, goons con bit of fix troops, and that each troop and towns, fituated under the jurifdiction of consist of 64 non-commiffioned officers and the said United States of Holland, and the privates, with the same number of commiffio. said United States of America, and the peo ned officers as at present. ple and inhabitants thereof, of every degree, That each regiment of artillery confid of without exception of persons or places.” nine companies, and that each company coa: Friday 22.

fiit of 65 non-comumfioned officers and maBy an order of council his Majesty has been troffes, with the same number of commission. pleased to declare his royal intention to allow ed officers as at present. all ships belonging to the Durch now in any That each regiment of infantry consist of of our ports to depart with their cargoes, ex nine companies, and each company of 64 noncept luch as have contraband goods on board, commissioned officers and privates, and that provided the Dutch pursue ine same line of the regiment of artificers confit of eight conduit.

companies, and each company of 60 non-comSunday 24

miffioned officers and privates. The West India Aeet failed from Spithead A letter from Holland affures us, that Ad. under convoy of the Licorne, Santa Monica, miral Count de Byland's iquadron in the Texand Portland.

el is ordered to be augmenied to ten sail of The greatest part of Admiral Darby's fleet the line, with the addition of iwo 20 go? arrived at Spithead.

thips, and that he is to convoy the East InMonday 25.

diamen and troops as far as the lat. of 25 N. Being Christmas day was observed at Court on their paffage, in concert with the men of as a high festival.

war destined for India. Tuesday 26.

An infiammatory paper bas been handed Letters this d'y received at the Admiralty about at the Hague, greatly tending to alienate Office from Commodore Hotham and Cam. the affections of the people from the Stadthol. missioner Lafurey, dated at St. Lucia, 02. der, disclaiming all hereditary right, and holding 23, bring an account of the effects of a dread their captain general as a useless and unnecettaful hurricane which happened there on the ry load on the public. Strong hints are given 20th, in which the Egmont of 74 guns, the that his removal would be neither a work of Endymion of 44, the Deal Caftle of 24 gang, difficulty or injustice. Diligent enquiry is maand the Cameleon of 24 guns, were driven to king after the authors of this publication. sea, and were mising. Several other ships of P. 539. col. 2. I. 45. and 48. read “ Amewar luffered confiderably, particularly the “ rica would treat, &c." oot break. Amazon, that was miraculously saved with P. 541. 1. 4. The comic opera of “The the loss of 20 of her men. A convoy of above « Inanders" first appeared Nov. 25. fixty fall of French thips bound for Martinico P. 543. 1. 1. read “ At Bach, Mrs. Gideon, were dispersed, and most of them supposed to « at the house of Dr. De la Cour, physician;" be lost. Both the English and French illands the Doctor being in good health. have suffered irreparable loss by this tempeft,

Birtus. which blew with irrehstable fury. A more ADY of the rev. Dr. Powys, brother to particular account of this hurricane will be the member for Northamptonsh, a daug. given in our Supplement.

Nov. 28. Lady Boston, a son.
Wednesdy 27

Dec. 4. Lady Galloway, a daughter. A new comic opera, calied " The Lord of 5. Dutchefs of Buccleugh, a daughter. the Manor," supposed to be written by a cele 6. Lady of Ges. Chamberlain, efq; cf Merbrated general officer, and set to music by Mr. ton, a daughter. Jackson of Exeter, was performed for the first Lady of John Whitbread, esq; of a son, tine a: Drury Lane.

which died soon after its birth. Thursday 28.

10. Lady Eliz, Foster, a son. A proclamation was Nued, by au'bority, 21. Lady of Sir Tho. Egerton, a for, for granting the distribution of prizes during 22. Lady Biarriot Foley, a lon. the present hoftilities with the United Pro

MARRIAGES. vinces.

Ately, in Dublin, Rich. Musgrave, ela; Saturdny 30.

of Towreen, M. P. for Li more, to Miss Resolves of Congress, Sept. 21, 1780. Cavendish. From a circular letter found in an iotercep Nov. 19. At Ypres, in Flanders, John Pee tet mui, and directed to the governor of Rhede ter, esq; his Britannick Majesty's consul ac Illand.

Oftend, to Miss E. Herries, filter in Sir Robert, Rcfolved, That the regular grmy of the 23. Rev. Mr. Barry, R. of Hatherley, to United States, from and after the fort day of Miss Ellis. January next, contit of


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28. Mr. Robe. Harris, druggiht, St. Paul's At Bravghing, Herts, the rev. Dr. Spry, Church-yard, to Mrs. Wright, of Beaconsfield. prebend of Durham, and vicar of Porterne, Wilts.

29. John Powell Lorymer, of Porthyre, At Eboft, in the Isle of Sky, H. Maclean, Monmouthshire, esq; to Miss Mary Langdale, esq; of the Isle of Monk. dau. of Tho. Langdale, esq; of Hampfiead. At Bath, where he had retired many years,

Adde. Stainforth, ela; to Miss C. Wilson. George Clive, efq; brother of the late Judge

At Richmond, Surrey, rev. W. Bishop, vicar Clive ; a gentleman of extensive learning, and of Wedmore, Somersetih. to Mifs Huron. one of the first classical scholars of the age.

30. Tho. Scrope, esq; of Coleby, Lincolníh. His philosophic disposition supported him under to Miss Clay, of Burgage. Hill, in Southwell, various affiliations with a refignation and chear, co. Nottingham.

fulness which evidenced the goodness of his At Stockton, Wm. Hoar, esq; of Durham, heart ; his affable disposition rendered his como to Miss Ann Wilkinson,

pany agreeable to all ages. In his friendships Dec. 2. Hen. Atherton, esg; of the Middle be was firm and ficcere. He received the first Temple, to Miss Byrom.

principles of education under that great master His Excellency Baron De Kutzleben, the of all literature Dr. Andrew Spape, the head Heffian minifter, to the hon. Miss Dorothy master of Eton in his time; whom he cele. Wrottelley, niece to the dutchess of Bedford, brated with uncommon praise for his learning, and lister to the dutchess of Grafton and Sir his authority, his politeness; and on mention John Wrottesley.

of whose name he ever paid the grateful tribule 5. Rev. Mr. Ripley, late of St. John's Coll. of a figh. He was in the fricteft intimacy Camb. to Miss Sahia Pemberton.

with Mr. Ince, one of the writers in the 7. Wm. William on, esq; of Shrewsbury, Spectator, who left him a fortune, which to Miss C. Atkinson, of Hatton-ftteet. enabled him to enjoy the remainder of his 11. Rev. Mr. Beck, to Miss Foor.

davs in comfort. He was likewise visited, Ac Maddington, rev. Mr. Legz, to Miss eftcemed, and respected, by Mr. Melmoth; Gibbs.

and the Literati in general thought themelves * 12. At Eton, near Windsor, rev. Mr. Bay- honoured by his acquaintance. ley, to Mrs. Roberts.

A: Wart, Mrs. Reynolds, reli&t of Mr. R. 13. By special licence, at Bedwell-Park, many years master of a flourishing academy there. Heris, the right bon. Lord St. John of Bletsoe, At Newbury, Mrs. Brickenden, widow of to. Miss Emma Whitbread, Tecond dau. of Mr. B. late of that town. Sam. Whitbread, cla; M. P. for Bedford, In Germany, Capt. Edw. Sheldon, in the with a fortune of 30 ocal.

Hanoverian service, brother to Ralph S. eiq; By special licence, Horatio Robson, efq; of Weston, Warwickshire. to Mrs. Webb, relict of Webb, efq; Dr, Adams, physician, of Beckington, Som. Rev. Mr. Tate, to Miss Moore.

At Nottingham, Robt. Blunt, efq; cornet Sir Geo. Borlace Warren, bart, to Miss Ca. in the blues. roline Clavering, you. dau. of the late Sir J. Cardinal Colonna Pambili at Verona, in his Clavering.

way to Venice. 14. Mr. Lloyd, of Lyons-Inn, to Miss Mr. Jer. Arnold, baron Mahoney, lord of Waring, niece to the lace Mr. Jas. W. coach Rockels and Flengelo, a colonel in the service mafler at Enfield.

of the republic of Holland. Joah Bates, esq; a commissioner for victual Suddenly, Mr. Figgitt, the King's body. ling his Majesty's navy, to Miss Harrop. coachman.

15. Righe hon. Ld George Murray, fecond Mrs. Chitty, widow of Mr. C. coal-merch. son to the late Duke of Athol, to Miss A. C. in Lombard-Atreet. Grant, daughter of Lieut. Gen. Grant.

At Carrickfergus, in Ireland, Mr. James 17. Robt. Wheethouse, esq; to Miss Jarvis. O'Brien, aged 114. He served as a paymaster

19. Rev. Edm. Ferrers, rector of Chariton, ferjeant in the wars in Ireland, in the reign of Hants, to Miss Burmingham, daugh. and sole James II. heiress of J. B. Burmingham, erg;

Near Buxton, Derbyshire, Sam. Fidler, aged Edward Barnard, efq. of Highbury Place, 105. He walked from his own house to Burto Miss Green, of Oulton.

ton, within three days of his death, which is 20. Cerard Noel Edwards, esq; to Miss upwards of five miles. He has been for three Middleton.

years part a constant attendant at St. Anne's DEATHS.

Well in Buxton, and was supported chiefly by A

T Virginia, in North America, where he the company who resorted there to drink the

was a prisoner, from the convention at Saratoga, Lieut. Cha. Williams, of the 24th reg. Sir Chris. Traes, colonel of the Cornish

At Sannide, Wm. Jones, esq; captain in the militia. Su herland fenfible regiment.

At Chingford-Hall, Effex, Major Clarges, Mrs. Pryce, wife of Wm. Pryce, efq; of of Bin in Ireland. Watford, Glamorganshire.

At Liverpool, Tho. Keggan, aged 107. At Barbadoes, Capt. Tho. Mawhcod, of the Rev. Mr. Wm. Crawley, rector of GravelEarl of Huntingdon's reg.

of fooi.

end in Kent, and Flaxley, Gloucesterth. At Stainton, Cumb. Mrs. Smith, aged 1046 At Northampton, Mr. Alder, Edwards.


Ac Alfreton, Derbyshire, John Stewardson, Lady Mary Leslie, youngest daugh, of Dr. azed 102.

Pepys and the counters of Rothes. At Wilmington, in Kent, 'aged 77, Mrs. At Hoxton, Mrs. Eher Willet, a maidea Denne, reli&t of the Rev. Dr. Denne, Arch. lady worth 60,0ool. deacon of Rochester. She was the youngest 4. Mrs. E. Wyno, Gfter to the late Sir John daughter of Bishop Bradford, of that see, Wynn, bart.

io Great Newpori-ftreet, Mr. Fra. Vivares 5. At Clapham, Mrs. Nelson, reli& of the the celebrated landscape engraver.

late alderman. Nov. 19. Ac Exeter, aged 47, James Tol. At Levethan, Cornwall, Sir Chrif. Treise, dervy, esq; lieutenant and paymaster of the bart, colonel of the milicia. Hereford inilitia.

Near Hallet's Cove, Col. Blackwell. At Lyons, on his way to Nice for the reco 6. Ai Sevenoaks in Kent, aged 23, Miss very of his health, Jocelyae Deane, efq; He Frances Ewer, dau. of the late Dr. Ewer, bp, was returned in the present parliameot for of Landaff. Helfton, in Cornwall, and member in the late At Withington, Staffordsh. Maj. Milward, and present parliament of Ireland for Baltimore. of the goth reg.

Sir James Stewart Denham, of Colteress 7. Geo. Lewis Scott, esq; commissioner of and Weffield, bart. author of many works excise and of the board of longitude, F.R.S. of genius.

and Latin preceptor to his Majesty. 20. Ac Forrester, Mrs. Helen Duff, Lady In Mount-fr. Philip

Groves, esq; aged 92 Braco.

At Worcester, Jas. Thompson, efq; 25. At Chelsea, aged 70, Mr. Jas. Porter, At Plaistow, Mrs. Barwick. many years head manages at Ranelagh,

Mr. Binks, master of Green Park coffee-h. At Scriven, Yorkth, aged 82, Sir Savile 8. Capt. T. Heathcote, of the royal reg. of Slingiby, bart. He is succeeded in title and artillery. estate by his nephew, Tho. T. Sling by, esq; Mrs. Mary Lane, aged 81, only surviving

26. In Morden College, Mr. Wm. Pallaid, daughter of Sir Rich. Lane, who formerly re. formerly British Consul at Barcelona.

presented the city of Worcester in parliamen:. 27. At Kenfington, John Grant, efq; In Broad-fr. Stephen Tesier, esq; At Lenox Love, the hon. Miss M. Scuart., 9. Mr. Bowley, wholesale woollen-draper A: Wimbledon, John Brown, etq;

in Aldermanbury At Liverpool, Mrs. Stanley, relict of the At the Hot-Wells, Bath, rev. Mr. Thorpe, rev. Dr. T. Stanley, late rector of Wicwick, vicar of Marshfield, Gloucestershire. and moster of T. Sianley, esq; one of the re At Canterbury, Miss Along, only child of presentatives for Lancashire.

the righit hon. Lady Frances Anong. At Radbourne, Derbyshire, in his 638 year, 10. At Lingley-Broom, Bucks, the rev, Edw. Sacheverel Pole, esg; formerly colonel of Dr. Cutts Barton, dean of Bristol; clerk of tue Welch fufileers,

the closet to the late prince of Wales, which 28. In Margare:-1:. Brabazon Ellis, esa; he held for life; and rector of St. Andrew's,

At Tottenham Court, London, the Rev. Holborn, which he had enjoyed 46 years, and Dr. Jenkins, late tutor of the academy at was the oldest rector in the city of London. Carmarthen. His great abilities and exten This valuable living is worth from 8ool. to hve learning; his activity ard diligence in 1000l. per ann, and consequently the beft in discharging the duties of his station, his London, next to St. George Hanover-square readineis rodo godio persons of all forts to and Marybone, (the latter of which is peculi. the utmost of his power, his uncommon arly valuable, as being a perpetual curacy). It sweetaets of temper and deportmeni, his was held by Dr. Barton's father and grandfameeknes and patience under the inoft inju ther; and is now given to his son, by the duke rious treatment from men, and above all his of Montague, the patron of the living. The piery and refignation to God, rendered him late duke, we are informed, to guard against the object of admiration and delight while the presentation's lapsing to the crown, reliving, and makes his inemory dear now ceived a bond from Dr. Barton, to pay 10,oool. dead to every lover of real excellence that if he should ever accept a bishoprick. knew him.

At Lleweney-Hall ia Denbighshire, far ad29. Near Bloomsbury.squ. T. Warren, esq; vanced in years, the right hon. the counters

At Leyden, aged 26, Dr. Jerome David dowager of Shelburne. Her ladyship's large Gaubius, profeffor of medicine and surgery of jointure devolves upon her eldeft lon, the right the university of Leyden, first physician to the hon, the cari of Shelburne; and her real and Prince Stadtholder, and member of most of the personal ettate, being very confiderable, the academies and societies of the learned.

hath given to her youngest son, the hon. Tho, At Vienna, the Empress Queen of Hun- Fitzmaurice, and appointed him sole executor. gary, mother to the present Emperor of In U. Groivenor-itr, J. Smyth, esq; aged 79. Gerniany, and to the Queen of France.

11. la Hatton-Ar. Jo eph Green, esq; late 30. David Waterhouis, rector of Langley, one of his Mejeity's council at Bolton in New near Maidstone,

England Dr. 3. Mr. Ald, Parker, chamberlain of In Henrietta-Str. Jacob Hinde, esq; æt. 60. Canterbury.

12, Mrs. Haywood, wife of Col. Haywood,


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