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By R. Cilhert, St. John's Square, Clerkenwell.

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N.B. For Remarkable Passages in the Criticisnis and Extracts, see

the Index at the End of the Volume.




tern Territory of the Address delivered before

United States

524 the Trustees, &c. of the General Theological Se

minary of the Episcopal
Church in the United Barbadoes, Report of a De-
States, by Bird Wilson,

bate in Council, on a D.D....

524 Despatch from Lord BaAdvice to Servants, by the

thurst to his Excellency Rev. J. H. Pinder 79 Sir Henry Warde...... 79 Albigensis, The, a Ro

Batavian Anthology; or, månce, by the Author of

Specimens of the Dutch Bertram, &c. .

509 Poets, by John Bowring, Annual Register ; or, a and Harry S.Van Dyk.. 314

View of the History, Po- Beresford, Rev. J., The litics and Literature of Cross and the Crescent, the Year 1822 ..

.... 587

an Heroic Metrical Ro. Antony Philip D'Orleans,


577 Duke of Montpensier, Boaden, J., Esq. An InquiPrince of the Blood, Me

ry into the Authenticity moirs of, written by him.

of various Pictures and self

602 Prints of Shakspeare .. 309 Apparitions, Sketches of Book of the Church, by the Philosophy of, by Robert Southey, Esq. Samuel Hibbert, M.D.


449 F.R.S.E. ...

494 Byron, Right Hon. Lord, Appeal in behalf of the Dio. The Deformed Transcese of Ohio, in the Wes






years in the

Paul against the Accusa

tion of Gamaliel Smith.. 113 Deformed Transformed, a

Drama, by the Right
Hon. Lord Byron..

403 Discourses, chiefly Doctri

nal, by Bartholomew
Lloyd, D.D....

61 Doctrinal Harmony of the

New Testament exempli-
fied, by E. W. Grinfield,

113 Duke of Mercia, an Histo

rical Drama, and other
Poems, by Sir Aubrey

de Vere Hunt, Bart. ... 348 Dunlop, J., Esq. History

of Roman Literature,
from its earliest Period
to the Augustine Age.. 269

Captivity of James Scurry,

who was detained a Pri-
soner twelve
dominions of Hyder Ali
and Tippoo Saib, written
by himself....

180 Caucasus and Georgia, Letters from the..

50 Central India, Memoir of,

by Major General Sir

John Malcolm ....... 1 Church of Ireland, Case of

the, stated in a Letter
respectfully addressed to
His Excellency the Mar-
quis Wellesley, and in
Reply to the Charges of

J. K. L. by Declan .... 190 Church of Ireland, Case of

the, stated in a second
Letter to the Marquis of

Wellesley, by Declan.. 421 Cooper, Sir Astley, Obser

vations on Fractures of
the Neck" of the Thigh
Bone ......

298 Croker, T. Crofton, Researches in the South of Ireland ......

421 Cross' and the Crescent ;

an Heroic Metrical Ro-
mancé, by the Rev. J.

577 Cushoo: a Dialogue be

tween a Negro and an
English Gentleman, on
the Horrors of Slavery
and the Slave Trade.. 79

Earle, Henry, F.R.S. Prac

tical Observations in Sura


Remarks, by the same, on Sir Astley Cooper's Reply to his Critical Observations on Fracture of the Neck of the Femar....

298 Edict of Nantes, Narrative

of the Sufferings of a
French Protestant Fami-
ly at the period of the
Revocation of the, by J.

70 Edwards, T. C., The He.

cuba of Euripides, lite-
rally translated into Eng.
lish Prose, from the Text
of Porson..

414 Extracts from a Journal,

written on the Coasts of
Chili, Perú, and Mexico,

by Captain B. Hall, R.N. 544 England, a History of, by

the Rev. John Eingard.. 561


Daubeny, the Rev. Charles,

LL.D., Archdeacon of
Sarum, The Protestant's

Companion ....225, 337 Defence of the Apostle St.



Finlayson's, Rev. Joseph,

The Voice of Facts from the Convent of St. Jo. seph, Ranelagh, Dublin 279 Fleming, John, D.D. The

Philosophy of Zoology.. 148

PACE Historical Catalogue of the

Scottish Bishops, by the

Rev. M. Russel, LL.D. 324. Hobart, J. H. D.D. Bishop

of the Episcopal Church
in the State of New
York, Sermons on the
principal Events and

Truths of Redemption. 524 Hughes, Rev. T. S. B.D.

Defence of the Apostle

113 Hunt, Sir Aubrey de Vere,

Bart., the Duke of Mer-
cia, an Historical Drama,
and other Poems

348 Hunt, Leigh, Ultra Crepi

darius; a Satire on Wil-
liam Gifford...


Geologies, Mineral and

Mosaical, comparative
Estimate of the, by Gran-
ville Penn, Esq.

• 387
, Supplement to
Ditto, relating chiefly to
the Geological Indíca-
tions of the Phenomena

of the Cave at Kirkdale 387 Graham, Maria, Journal of

a Voyage to Brazil, and
Residence there

, Journal of
a Residence in Chile,
during the year 1822,
and a Voyage from Chile

to Brazil in 1823 ..... 544 Grinfield, E.W. M. A. The

Doctrinal Harmony of
the New Testament ex-



Hall, Captain, R. N. Ex

tracts from a Journal
written on the Coasts of

Chili, Mexico, and Peru 544 Harte, the Rev. W. M.

Lectures on the Gospel
of St. Matthew .....

79 Hibbert, Samuel, M.D.

F.R.S.E. Sketches of the
Philosophy of Appari-

494 Hindostan, Tour through

the Upper Provinces of, by A. D..


I and J. Inquiry into the Authenticity

various Pictures and Prints of Shakspeare,

by J. Boaden, Esq. . i. 309 Introductory Lectures to a

course in Comparative
Anatomy illustrative of
Paley's Natural Theo-
logy, by John Kidd,

664 Irish Catholics, Vindication

of the Religious and Civil
principles of the, in à
Letter to the Marquis

Wellesley, by J. K. L. . 190 Jeffery, Francis, Esq., Edi

tor of the Edinburgh
Review, on the Evidence
in support of a continua-
tion of miraculous powers

in the Church .... 279 Journal of a second Voyage

for the Discovery of a
North West Passage from
the Atlantic to the Pa.
cific, by Captain W. E.
Parry, R. N. F.R.S. 463

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