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No. XIX.


GOSPELS. [The Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke are arranged in three parallel columns in the following tables, in their relative order. There are five tables. On the outer margins of each table are consecutive numbers, for more easy reference to any parallel passages required. Each table is numbered in Roman numerals. Observe the following direction :

• Put before any text shews that no parallel passage occurs in the other two Gospels._?, ? or 1,3 or 2,3 indicate the columns in which parallels occur. The headings introduced, e.g. M. I. 6; L. 1. 8, refer not to chapters and verses, but to the table and the marginal numbers opposite the line in which the passage referred to is to be found.-Ed.]

NOTE. Mark is the most strictly chronological. Luke follows him closest where he is so; but the middle of the gospel is a collection of instructions not chronological, but morally connected.

Matthew orders his materials, or the Holy Spirit by him, to shew the dealing with the Jews, as come to them according to promise, and the change to the new thing; and, though prophetically speaking of Church as well as kingdom, leads Christ, at close, to Galilee, with the residue, and does not follow the history to the ascension, but he alone gives the history of the resurrection itself. Harmonies lose the distinctive power of the gospel.

I believe Mat. xxviii. 1, to mean the evening of Saturday, crepuscule of evening not morning; ver. 5 is a new paragraph. Luke xxiv. 34 alludes to the appearing to Peter, of which Paul speaks. Luke's account as to women is quite general. Mary Magdalene was at the sepulchre when it was dark. Peter and John go, and go away home. Mary remains and sees Jesus. When the women come they see the angels and flee. Mary Magdalene, taught of Jesus, goes and tells disciples. As the others went, Jesus meets them, and desires them to tell disciples He was going into Galilee. Mary Magdalene was to tell them He was going to the Father. It was only in their flight the women said nothing to any one. After meeting Jesus they we: probably re-assured ; and, at any rate, afterwards they told the angels told them, as we learn from the Lord goi ; } Emmaus, and see Luke xxiv. 9. But he unites all in a me statement, as often, and adds other women. Ver. 12 the Greek has not “ then." The accounts are very refer to object of gospel.

Several saw Him. See M and 1 Cor. xv.


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Mark, I. 9. 4:31—372,3Synagogue in Capernaum, casts 10

Mat. I. 13; Mark, 1. 10. 4:40 -44 3 Heals Simon's wife's mother and 11

Mat. 1. 8; Mark, 1. 8. 5:1-11 3Teaches the people, calls Andrew, 12


No. of Line


1: 1–17 "Genealogy to David and Abra-

21:18——251,3Birth of Jesus.

3 2: 1–12 °Arrival of Magi in Jerusalem and

Bethlehem. 4 2:13—23 °Flight to Egypt and return to


1: 5-25 °Zachariah's vision as to John's

1:26-80 Visitation of Mary, goes to see

Elizabeth, birth of John, hymn

of Zacharias. 2:1-20 °Decree of Cæsar, birth of Jesus,

chorus of angels with shepherds. 2:21–40 °Circumcision of Jesus—Simeon

Anna-return of Joseph to Na

2:41-52 With the doctors in temple at

twelve years old.
3:1-22 315th of Tiberius—Annas and Cai-

aphas, John preaches, etc.

Christ baptised.
3:23—38 Genealogy to Adam Son of God.

1:1-11 3John the Baptist - Christ bap


5 3: 3John the Baptist -- Christ bap


M. I. 6; L. I. 8.
6 4:1-11 3Temptation.

1:12,13 Temptation (briefly).


M.M.I. 6.
4:1-13 °Full of the Holy Ghost-Tempta-


M. I. 9; L1.9. 7 4:12–171,2After John in prison — 1,3leaves 1:14,15 1,2After John in prison Nazareth— to dwell in Capernaum.

preaches in Galilee. M. I. 8; L, I. 12.

M. I. 8; L I. 12.
8 4:18–22 3Calls Andrew, Simon, James, John. 1:16–20 3Calls Andrew, Simon, James, and

M. 1.7; L. I. 9.

L. I.0.
9| 4:23—25 3Goes about all Galilee healing and .1:21,28 2,3Synagogue in Capernaum-casts

out devil.
L. 1. 20; II. 22 (see M. I. 17).
10 5,6,7: - ',Seeing the multitudes. Sermon on 1:29,39 3Heals Simon's wife's mother, and
the mount.

many in desert

M. I. 11; L. I. 13. 118: 1–4 3(Comes down). Heals leper. 1: 40-45 3Heals Leper.

4:14—30 3Teaches in synagogues of Galilee.

°Preaches in Nazareth.

out devil.

many in desert.

Simon, James, and John.

L. 1. 21. 12 8: 5—13',Enters into Capernaum. Heals

centurion's servant.

M. I. 16; L. I. 14. 2: 1–13 3Heals paralytic in Capernaum

after days.

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M. I. 10: L.1, 11. 13 8:14-17 3In Peter's house heals his wife's

mother and many

M. I. 20; L. II. 5. 148:18–273Crosses the sea in a storm--foxes

have holes-dead tobury their dead.

M. I. 20; L. II.5. 15 8:28–34 3Cures two in country of Gerge

senes. Devils go into swine.

M. I. 12; L. I. 14. 169: 1–8 3Heals sick of the palsy in Caper

naum (own city).

M.1. 13; L. 1. 15. 17 9: 9-17 3Matthew called-grace to sinners

-bridegroom there--wine in new bottles.

M. I. 17; L. I. 15. 2:14–29 Calls Levi. Grace to sinners,

bridegroom here, wine in newbottles.

M. 11. 1. 2:23,28 3 Sabbath in corn fields, etc. Son of

Man Lord of it.

M. II, 1,2; L. 1. 17. 3: 1,6

3Sabbath-withered hand healed in

Pharisees would
kill him.
3: 7–12 °General position and career of


M. J. 10; L. I. 18. 3:13,20 3Goes up into the mountain

2,3Appoints twelve apostles.

Mat. I. 16; Mark, 1. 12. 5:16–263Heals paralytic ( a certain day). 14

Mat. 1.17; Mark, I. 13. 5:27—39 3Calls Levi, grace to sinners, bride- 15

groom, wine in new bottles.

Mat. 11.1; Mark, II. 14. 6: 1-5 3Second after first Sabbath in corn 16

fields. Son of man Lord of it.

Mat. II. 1, 2; Mark, I.15. 6: 6-11 3Sabbath, withered hand healed in 17

synagogue-Scribes and Pharisees filled with rage, would kill Him.

M. I. 21; L. II. 6. 18 9:18—26 3Ruler's daughter raised

healed on way.


Mark, I. 17 (see Mat. I. 10). 6:12—162,30n the mountain in prayer, 18

morning chose twelve-names them apostles.

M. II.2; L.11.20.M.11.4; L.II.4. 3: 21—35 "People come together, friends

treat him as beside himself.
3Full blasphemy. of Pharisees
against Holy Spirit-no forgive-
ness—owns disciples, not natural

M. II. 5; L. II. 4, 22; III. 10. 4: 1–34 3Parables from the ship.

L. II. 19. 19 9:27—34 'Two blind healed (Son of David)

1,3Dumb healed--pharisees blaspheme.

M.I. 14; L. II. 5. 4:35-41 Crosses the sea in the

(5:1,20). Heals Legion.

6:17-19 Comes down - multitude there 1

seek to touch, for virtue goes out
to heal.

Mat. I. 10.
6:20—491,3Addresses His disciples in Sermon 20

(on the mount).


20 | 9:35—38 Goes everywhere healing and

preaching - harvest plenty, la-
bourers few.

M.11.1; L. II. 7.
21 10:

3Sends out twelve-(to Israel only).

L.II. 1. 2211:

1,3Message of John—and principles

of change of dispensation.

M. I 18; L. II. 6. 5: 21–43 3Jairus' daughter-woman healed

on the way.

M. II. 5. 6: 1,6 \?Despised as Carpenter's Son.

Mat. I. 12. 7:1-10 1,3 Enters into Capernaum, heals 21

centurion's servant.

7:11-18 Widow of Nain's son raised.



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Mat. I. 22. 7:19--351,3 Message of John, Jews judged,

wisdom justified of her children. 7:36-50 Simon and the woman that was a

sinner with Jesus.






MARK. M.1.14; L, I, 16.

M. I. 21; L 11.7. 12:1-13 Sabbath in coru fields, another 6: 7-13 Twelve sent out,

Sabbath, withered hand healed.
M.1.15; L 1.17; M. I. 18.

L. II.7; M. II. 6.
12:14–32 3Pharisees seek to kill, afterwards 6.14-29 'Herod's thought, Christ is John.
blaspheme against Holy Ghost,

!, Account of John Baptist's
for this no forgiveness.

L. II. 21.

M. II.7; L. II. 8.
12:33—451,3Nation judged, sign of Jonas, Nin- 6:30--44 [ On Twelve's return) goes into
eveh, Queen of Sheba, evil spirit

desert-feeds 5,000.
and seven more, their last state.
M. I. 18; L. II. 4.

M.JI. 8.
12:46-50 'Disowns relationship bynature in 6:45–56','Walks on the sea--heals in Gen-
flesh. His disciples His brethren.

L. II. 4; III. 10; M. I. 19; M. I. 22.

M. II. 9.
3Parables - despised as Carpen-| 7: 1-231,"Judgment on tradition and Pha-

risees. M. II. 2 (see L. I. 6.).

. .

M. II. 10. 14:1-12','History of John Baptist's death. 7:24—301,2Syrophænician woman.

8: 1-3 Goes preaching, twelve and devoted

women with Him.


5 13:

ter's son.


M. II. 3; L. JI. 8. 7 14:13--21 3Account of 5,000 fed.

M. II. 4.
8 14:22—361,'Walks on sea-heals in Genessaret.

M. II.5.
9 15: 1—20',"Judgment on tradition and Pha-
M. II. 6.

[risees. 10 15:21,28 1,?Woman of Canaan & her daughter.

M. II.8. 11 15:29,39 1,?Feeds 4,000 near sea of Galilee.

7:31,37 "Heals deaf, could hardly speak,

aside, with Ephphatha.

M. II. 11.
8:1-9',?Feeds 4,000.

M. II. 12.
8:10—211,2 Leaves Pharisees judged, Twelve

slow of heart.
8:22—26 "Blind man gradually healed. aside.

M. II. 13; L. 11.9.
8:27-38 3Peter confesses Christ, the cross to

be taken up (not Church).

M. II. 14; L. II. 10.
9:1–29 3Transfiguration and what follows.

Mat. 11.5; Mk. 1.19; Mat. II.4; Mk.1.18.
8: 4—21 3Parables—Disciples not natural re-

lations His brethren.

Mat. I. 14; Mk. I. 20.
8:22—40 Crosses sea in storm asleep, heals 5
Legion in Gadarenes, effect on Legion.

Mat. 1. 18; Mk. I. 21.
8:41–56 3Jairus daughter, woman healed.

6 Mat. 1.21; Mk.II.1 (Mk. I. 22 not here).

Mat. II. 6; Mk.11.2. 9:1-9 3Twelve sent out, Herod's surprise, 7

believes it's John.

Mat. 11.7; Mk.II.3.
9:10-17 3Twelve return-feeds 5,000.

Mat. II. 13; Mk. 11.11.
9:18—27 3Peter confesses Him, Cross to be 9
Mat. 11. 14; Mk. II. 12.

(taken up.
9:28—43 3Transfiguration and what follows. 10

Mat. 11. 15; Mk. II. 13.
9:43–45 Sayings to sink down in ears-of 11

Mat. J1.16; M. II.14 (not all in Matthew).
9: 46–50 3Children a pattern, not to forbid 12

casting out, those not against,

with 9:514-56 Among Samaritans going to Jeru

salem, come to save not destroy.

M. II. 9. 12 16:1-12',»Leaves Pharisees and Sadducees

judged. Twelve slow of heart.

M. II. 11; L. II. 9. 13 16:13-28 3 Confession of Peter, Son of living

God, the Church, the Cross.

M. II. 15: L. JI.11. 9:30-32 3Teaches the cross.


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God the Church on ofession of Peter, Son of living

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Amount:.. salom, SON



M.11.16; L.11.12 (first part M. II. 12; L. II. 10. only partially in Matthew.).

Mat. 1. 14. 14 17: 1-21 3Transfiguration. Elias, unbelief, 9:33-50 $Children a pattern, not to forbid 9:57,62 1,3Nowhere to lay His head, the dead 14 Devil cast out by Jesus. the caster out of devils-not against,

to bury their dead, not to look with-warns against offences, all

back. salted with fire, sacrifices with salt. M. II. 10; L. II. 11. M. II. 18.

Mat. I. 22; Mk. II. 1. 15 17:22—27 STeaches the cross. Didrachma. 10: 1–16!,7Question of divorce,children owned, 10:1-16 °Seventy sent out, Judgment on 15

of such Kingdom of God.

Chorazin, Tyre, etc.—despising of

Christ-despising Him whosends.
M.II.14; L. II. 12.
M.II. 19; L. IV.2.

Mat. I. 22; Mat. II. 5.
16 18: 1-14 Children owned as regarded of 10:17—27 Young ruler loved, danger of rich - 10:17—24 °Best portion, names written in 16
God, Kingdom of Heaven of
es, salvation possible to God.

heaven_3all given to Son, their such, those like them great

eyes blessed who saw what they
warns against offences.

M. II. 20; L. IV.3.
17 18:15–35 °Church. Two or three met in 10:28–34 Leaving all, hundred fold and eter-
Jesus' name take place of Syn-

nal life-disciples follow amazed

10:25—37 'Lawyer's question on eternal life, 17

neighbour, grace, good Samariagogue, directions given, for

to Jerusalem, Jesus to be rejectgiveness in grace.

ed-His place in resurrection.
M.II. 15.

M. II. 21; M. II. 22; L. IV.17.
18 19: 1-15',?Natural relationship rests on divine 10:35–45',2 Zebedee's sons — 3lowliness disci- 10:38—42 "Mary hears His word – Martha 18
ordinance, but something above
ples' place.

it, not universal, in marriage,
question of divorce, in children.
M. 11. 16; L. IV. 2.

Mat. 1.10.
19 19:16–26 3Young man of upright amiable nature, but rests on it

11: 1,15 1,3Prayer, gift of Holy Spirit. Dumb healed-Pharisees 19
for goodness, danger of riches--salvation God's work

-impossible to man.

Mat. II. 2; M. I. 18.
M.II.17; L. IV. 3.

11:15,26 ?Blasphemy against Holy Spirit. Unclean spirit goes 20
3Cross to be taken up, leaving all, fruit in regeneration,

out-takes seven more.
20:19 all grace, hiring of labourers, Jesus to be rejected,

Mat. 11. 3.
has his place in resurrection.

11:27—32 Reception of the word better than natural relationship 21 M. II. 18.

1,3 judgment of generation by Jonas, Nineve, Queen
21 | 20:20-23','Zebedee's sons. Christ gives share in cross necessary

of Sheba.
place in the kingdom for those for whom prepared

Mat. I. 10; M I. 19.
of Father.

11:33–36 3Light set on candlestick — but what is eye to 22
M. II. 18; L. IV. 17.

receive it.
22 20:24-28 'Lowliness disciples' place.

Mat. IV. 14; Mk. IV. 14; II. 9.

11:37,54 3Judgment of Pharisees, lawyers. Scribes press Him. 23 23


20 19:27

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