Catechism of the law of storms


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Página 30 - ... 4. What are the usual indications of a ship being on the line of progression of the centre of a cyclone ? 5. What are the usual indications that a ship is (a) approaching the centre of a cyclone ; (6) receding from it ? 6.
Página 31 - And suppose that the wind during the passage of the same cyclone were found to change toward the* , what would be the ship's position with reference to the line of progression of the centre of the cyclone, and what action would you take ? 8.
Página 36 - In the northern hemisphere, if in the right-hand semicircle, heave to on the starboard tack. If in the left-hand semicircle, run, keeping the wind if possible, on the starboard quarter, and when the barometer rises, if necessary to keep the ship from going too far from the proper course, heave to on the port tack. When the vessel lies in the direct line of advance of the storm — which position is, as previously observed, the most dangerous of all — run with the wind on the starboard quarter.
Página 32 - Describe the track usually taken by cyclones in the t , and state the seasons of the year in which they most frequently occur in that region.
Página 33 - ... 3. Under what conditions would the change in the direction of the wind in the cyclone be the reverse of the above ? 4. What are the usual indications...
Página 29 - The candidate must answer in writing, on paper supplied to him by the Examiner, the following questions, numbering the answers to correspond with the questions.
Página 20 - Investigate the laws governing the interaction of cyclones and anticyclones on the earth's surface. In order to give precision to this, the following suggestions are given to the examiners : — An infinite plane has surface density -£- (where g is gravity) ; on one side of it is air in equilibrium, the density of which must diminish according to the barometric law as we recede from the plane. The...
Página 36 - When the ship lies in the direct line of advance of the storm * * * the most dangerous of all — run. And in all cases act so as to increase as soon as possible the distance from the centre ; bearing in mind that the whole storm field is advancing.

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