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Rush on with fury, and by storm prevail.
Others with thrift dispense their stores of grief,
And by the sap prolong the siege of life;
While to the grave we for deliv'rance cry,
And promis’d still, are still deny'd to die :
See cholic, gout and stone, a cruel train,
Oppos'd by all the healing race in vain;
Their various racks and ling’ring plagues employ,
Relieve each other, and by turns annoy, }
And tyrant-like torment, but not destroy.
We noxious insects in our bowels feed,
Engender deaths, and dark destruction breed;
The spleen with sullen vapors clouds the brain, e
And binds the spirits in its heavy chain;
Howe'er the cause fantastic may appear,
Th’ effect is real, and the pain sincere;
Hydrophic people by degrees decay,
Growing the more, the more they waste away;
By their own ruin they augmented lie,
With thrist and heat, amidst a deluge fry,
And while in floods of water they expire,
More perish by the yellow fever’s fire;
Stretch'd on our downy, but uneasy beds,
We change our pillows, and we raise our heads;
From side to side, in vain for rest we turn,
With cold we shiver and with heat we burn;
Of night impatient, we demand the day,
The day arrives, then for the night we pray,
The night and day successive come and go,
Our lasting pains no interruption know.
Tho' man is born to so much woe and care,
Yet from fierce tyrants, still more sorrows bear;
Unfeeling monsters, who enhance the woe
Of human kind, and heav'n's relentless foe :

God ne'er afflicts the sons of men with pain,
But to reform, and prove their pleasures vain,
And yet our dire rebellion calls for more,
Terrific judgments then he's got in store; -
Yet happy for the virtuous human kind,
There still presides a good almighty mind;
Who nature's universal ship does steer
Averts our danger, and prevents our fear,
Who when implor’d, does timely succor give,
Solace our anguish and our wants relieve ;
Father of comfort, he our souls sustains,
When press'd with grief, and mitigates our pains, }
Without respect of person or of names;
He lives to bliss the virtuous, save the poor,
And punish lawless ruffians ever more.
And, O my king, hail pow'r, immense abyss,
Father of love, exhaustless source of bliss,

Thou uncreated self-existent cause,
Control'd by no superior being's laws.
Ere infant light essay’d to dart the ray,
Smil’d heav'nly sweet, and try’d to kindle day
Ere the wide fields of acther were display'd,
Or golden stars carrulean spheres inlaid :
E'er yet the eldest child of heaven was born,
Or silver pride young nature did adorn,
Thou ART ' ' and didst eternity employ,
In peace supreme, in plenitude of joy,
In its ideal frame the world design'd,
When Chaos reign'd, lay finish’d in thy mind,
Conform'd to the divine imagin'd plan,
With perfect ease, th’ amazing work began ;
Thy glance survey’d the solitary plains,
Where shapeless shade and night in silence reigns:

Then in the dark and undistinguish’d space, Unfruitful, uninclos'd, and wide of face, Thy compass for the world, mark'd out the -] place ; Then didst thou thro’ the fields of barren night, Go forth collected in creating might, Where thou almighty vigor didst exert, While from thy brows the golden gleams did dart; Thro' the black bosom of the empty space, The gulphs confess th’ omnipotent embrace; And pregnant grown with elemental seed, Unfinish’d orbs, and worlds in embryo breed: From the crude mass, omniscient architect, Thou for each part materials didst select, } And with majestic hand thy worlds erect; Labor'd by thee, the globes, vast lucid buoys, By thee suspended, floatin ambient skies; By thy cementing word their parts cohere, And roll by thy impulsive nod in air; Thou in the vacant didst the earth suspend, Advance the mountains, and the vales extend.... People the plains with flocks, with beasts the wood, And store with scaly colonies the flood; Next man arose at thy creating word, Of thy terrestrial realm vicegerent lord; His soul more artful, labor more refin'd, A specimen of bright seraphic mind.... Ennobled by thy image spotless shone, With joy divine and splendors not her own, Prais'd thee her Author, and ador'd thy throne; } Able to love, admire, enjoy her God, Know his injunctions, and obey his nod.... Since thou didst all the spacious worlds display,

Homage to thee let all obedient pay

Let twinkling stars that dance their destin’d ring,
Sublime in sky with golden planets sing ;
Confed’rate praise to thee, oh! great Creator king 1
Let the thin districts of the waving air,
Conveyancers of sound, thy love declare ;
Let the wild winds that whistle in the skies,
Call in each vig'rous gale, that roving flies
By land or sea; then one loud triumph raise,
And all their blasts employ in songs of praise ;
While painted herald birds thy deeds proclaim,
And on their golden wings convey thy fame ;
Thus while the tuneful warblers mount the skies :
From ev’ry hill and vale and grove arise,
With soft harmonious notes all symphonize....
Let eagles which in heav'n's blue concave soar,
Scornful of earth, superior seats explore;
And rise with breasts erect against the sun,
Be ministers to bear thy high renown,
“And carry ardent praises to thy throne;
Ye fish assume a voice, with praises fill
The hollow rock and loud re-active hill:
Let the huge monarch of the silver train,
Who sails incumbent o'er the surgy main;
An animated isle, and in his way,
Dashes to heay’n's blue arch the curling sea;
Let him shew forth thy goodness in the main,
And all the wonders that the deep contain;
Let lions with their roar, their thanks express,
With acclamations shake the wilderness;
Let thunder, fire and hail, from pole to pole,
And mighty storms salute thee as they roll....
Amphibious ministers, and ye roaring waves,
strike with applause the rough resounding caves;
1-et rain and snow let meteors form'd of fire,

And lambent flames in this blest work conspire;
Let the tall cedar and the mountain pine,
Lowly to thee Great King, their heads decline,
And nodding groves all praise thee as they shine ;

Their blushing heads, let rose, flow'r, lily raise,
And free from pride show forth their Maker’s praise;
Let ev'ry spicy, odoriferous tree,
Present its incense and its balm to thee,
And thou, my soul, heav'n's viceroy here below,
In this blest task superior ardor show ;
To view thyself, inflect thy reason’s ray,
Nature's replenish'd theatre survey;
Then all on fire thy Maker's love adore,
And in loud hymns adore creating pow’r.
Tyrannic minds in impious error lost,
May combat heav'n, and yet presume to boast....
May all the future joys of love forego,
And live like brutes, and die with mighty woe:
Yet while my veins feel animating fires,
And vital air this beating breast inspires;
Grateful to heav'n, I’ll stretch a pious wing,
And sing his praise, who gave me pow'r to sing,
And while his love, (spark of celestial flame)
Pants in my breast and animates my frame;
To him my ardent praises shall arise,
When first Aurora gilds the purple skies;
The ev'ning star shall hear the joyful sound,
And smiling nature join in chorus round,
And when my soul, with angels wings her flight,
To the empyrean realms of sacred light;
Big with immortal love to him I'll pay,
My grateful thanks, and join th’ angelic lay;
Then, nor till then, I’ll see the wondrous grace,
That crowns his blessing to the human race.

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