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grieve him in the least measure, who cleave unto him as the only rock of their salvation, who would not relinquish cheir interelt in him for millions of worlds. And yet they weep with Mary, (because) they cannot see their Lord; they confii& day and night with feares and doubts, they have not this reflexive evidence and assurance, that Christ is their Christ, chai Jesus is cheir Jesus, that this Lord is their Lord. Yet ask them, are you willing to accept of him? O, gone in the world rather or more : are you willing that he lhould be your Saviour, he only is salvation can you submit to have him to be your Lord Christ? O blessed Saviour ( laicb cbe soul ) none to rule me but chou; none to fave me bue thou; tby blood is precious, and thy Lawes are righteous, and I could be tow a chousand hearts, and a thousand lives if I had them, on chee, to be changed, guided, ruled, ordered by thee.

And thus the soul, though it cannot see him, yet it beleeves on him; it believes on him, though as yet it cannot say, ibat my be. loved is mine, and I am bis.

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Ow I come to the object of Justifying faith, and

that is twofold. First, immediate, which is Jesus Christ our Lord. Secondly, Concomitant, or Consequent, which is Remission, and Righteous.

nesse, and Salvation for faith:first, cakes Christ him. felf, and cben these,in and for Christ.


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"He immediate object of faith, as justifying, is Jesus Chrift bim.

felf; as it is in Marriage, marriage is an action twixt person and person, not-cwixt person and estate, that is a resulting thing; so is it in the nature of faith and Christ

. Faith doch noc match the soul to the portion, to the benefits, but to the person of Christ.

You heare that God hath put salvation into Christs hand, he hath pat remission of fins into his blood; there is eternal life to be had by him. Now if a person saith, I will have this salvation by Christ, which he hath purchased, but I will not have his person, I will have the remission of sins by his blood, but I care nor for his person, I will have his righteousnesse by which I may stand before God, but I care not for his person; chis now is no faith, it is no justifying faith. For faich, justifyech us, when we take the perfun of Christ. It is true, that we may, and should have an eye to the purchase and benefit by Christ, but Christ himself is that which faich lookes upon .

But wherein is the person of Christ che Obje& of justifying faith.

For the resolution of this I will open two things.
First, chat whole Chrift, is the proper object of faith.

Secondly, bom faich doth exercise, it self about whole @hrift.


Hole Cbrift is the adequate and proper object; Christ you

know(in respect of his person)is God and man, and be mayong be considered as a Priest, or asa Prophet, or as a King. We u. sually lay as a Saviour, and as a Lord. Now he offers himself in all these to finners : faith Christ there is no Name under beaven by which you can be saved but me, 00 Jefus but my self, and I have been the Priest, who have offered my heart blood co procure the pardon of your fins, and salvacion: I bave satisfied my



Father to the simoll, and have fulfilled all righteousnese, Now I am willing to bestow my self on you, as one who can and will assuredly save you. Buç if you would have me to be your Priest to lave you, you must also be willing to have me to be your Prophet to inftru& you, and direct you; and co be your King and Lora to command you; you must resigne up your selfe to my Scepter and Government; for I am a Lord as well as a Sa. viour, and I will be taken in both, or else you shall have part in neither.

There be three things which lay hard on us.

One is the gil: of fin, which expoleth the soul to hell, and wrath, for which Christ is a Saviour and a Priest. He became a curse for us, and bare our finnes, (that is:) food in our stead, and under-went that indignation, which else should have lighted on us.

Another is the corruption or pollution of fin, which breeds iaconformity to Gods Will, and depraves the whole nature, for which Christ is a Saviour and a Prophet, (that is ) he is appoin. ted to informe the minde, and reforme the heart.

A third is the rebellion of fin, rising in finfull notions, and fordid delights and wa; es, for which Christ is a Saviour and a King, (that is ) he is to subdue those iniquiries, to give them the bill of divorce, to captivare all imaginations, and to bring the whole man into the subjection of himself; but then he will be Jesus and Lord too; thou mayest not think that Cbrift must have thee and fin shall rule thee; thou must not think that he will pay thy debrs, if thou wilt give thy heart and service to sinne and the world. How ridiculous is it to conceive that God should raise up, Christ, as the Pope raiseth up his indulgences, only to keep or fetch souls out of Purgatory; as if Christ were given only to pay our scores, and not to rule our hearts, for no other end but to keep us out of prison, that we might do nothing but lin against God, because Christ can take away the gilt of fin.

Nay, whole Christ is eged by faith, taken and received by faith. Do I feel my linfull gile? I now by faith rake fesus Chrift,whom the father bath appointed, and offered to be my Priest, to be my furety, to beare my fias, to stand 'cwixt God and me? Do I feel my linfall nacure and mocions, I now take Jesus Christ, whom chs


Father hath appointed to be my Prophet and King: He hath undertaken to be the teacher of hearts, and conquerer of fin; as fo do I take him to be my Lord.


Herefore consider in the second place, How faith doth excrcise it self about whole Chrift:


you please I will discover it in the particolars. For Christ, as a Saviour and Prieft : Thus faith looks on bim, not only that he is so, but to be so to me; he was God and man; and dyed, and satisfied, and took away fin; God proclaimes chus much, and offers him to me, here is the Saviour of the world, this is my Well beloved Son, here is the blood of atonement And peace. What doth faith now? O faich cakes hold on him; I acknowledge him, I receive him O Lord, co be my Saviour and Priest; noe I, O Lord, not I could ever have fufteined thy wrath, or satisfied chy justice, I could never have made my own peace, I could never have blotted out the hand writing, I could never have paid my debts, but thou hast set forth Christ to be the propia riation for fin. O Lord, I embrace bim, my life is in his death , my healings in his sufferings, my fatisfaction in his obedience; in none but him;I rest on none but him, on him do I believe, he hach satisfied to the utmost, and I crust on him that he bach done it for me.

Brethren, the case stands thus, a man is borne in fin, and he goes on in much fin, ( a long time ) atlength God awakens his conscience, makes him co pollese the iniquiries of his heels, of his birebi

, of his youch, of his age, of his life, and perhaps besets the foul round about with some tensible dread of bis infinite displeafure. Now the man knowes not what to do : good Lord faith he, what a miserable creature am I? here's sin commicced over and over, the Law broken, God provoked, conscience raging, hell gaping; I am violated faith the Law,wronged faith Justice, thou hart lined faith Conscience, I will be satisfied raich che Lord, saith the poor soul, what shall become of me? what have I co quiee God? I can finde nothing, what shall I do to


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pacifie bim. I cannot imagine ic : If I say that I have not sinned my conscience tells me i lye, if I say I will not fin hereafter, Why ! yet how will this satisfie for former gile? Itell you brethren chat a heart brovght to this sensible experience is marvelously oppressed, the very heart cracks, and the sins of that soul snap a funder, under the sense of manifold gile,and Gods displeafure,

But chea God comes in the Gospel, and calls out to the poor and distressed sinner, come bither faith God, I will shew thee a way of salvation? O how the soul listens to such a message! but how Lord can this be, what am I, or what can I do! Nothing faith God for thou art an enemy, and thou are without strength : But I have laid Salvation upon one that is Mighty. Who is that Lord! It is my own Son, whom I have out of my love sent into the world to be made man, and to dye, and facisfie for finners, to beare their iniquities, to answer for all their transgreffions, and he is become a (urety, and a Priest, and hath sacrificed his own Soul, to be an offering for sin,and I offer him unco thee, to be thy Surety, to be thy Priest, to take a way thy Ginnes Now cake him saith God co the soul and with him the discharge of thy sins. Hereupon the soul being perswaded of the truth of this good testimooy, and with many teares admiring at the riches of divine love and mercy, it doch now by faith close in with Cbrist, put it self on bim, embracech him with all the heart, as a Sufficient and perfe&t Saviour. As if the soul now fastning it felf by faith on Christ in this respect should thus be speake che Lord.

O Lord, thou art pleased justly to charge my sins upon my conscience, I confesse and am ashamed that I have thas finned against thee; yen, and I acknowledg that I am ocver able to asswer thee for those fins ? But thou hast appointed thine own Son to be my Saviour and Prief, whole office it was to beare the fans of the people, these fins therefore which conscience now chargech upon me, I do by faith charge upon chinc own Sonne, for he was made fin for us; thou did it ordaine him to be a surety, and therefore I beleech thee Lord look for satisfaction of my debts in his precious blood, and take away thy curse from my soul, for he was made a curse for us, he did susteine chy wrach in our steed to deliver from. Wrach: Now therefore O Lord! I


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