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put my soul only upon thy only Son, whom I take to be
crifice, bim I offer op unto thee as my propitiation, I have fin-
ned, but thy Son hach dyed for my sins : I have provoked thee;
but chy Son hath pacified thee, I have wronged thee, but thy
Son hath satisfied thee; he did not die for bis own fins, but for
my sins, he was not made a curse for himself, but for me, I lay
hold on bis blood to be my peace, and satisfaction and salvati-
on. As if a man were like to be carried co prison for debt, and
hunting up and down for a friend to stand for him, at length he
findes one only man and bim he brings to the creditor, and faith
here's a man will pay you and ransome me;so faith for a troubled
and obliged finner to God, ic findes our Christ, and faith, Lo
Lord here is thy Son, who is my surety, he will discharge, he is

my ransome.


Or Christ as a Saviour and King and Prophet and Lord what

is it.

It is a work of a believing heart, whereby it doth accept of Chrift, to be the sole teacher and ruler of heart and life, and refigre up himself wholly to him, to be fashioned as it were and guided by him. A man never comes to the truth of beleeving, but he shall finde chis, bai faiib will charge bis Master : For faich changech the heart, and the heare being once changed. will quickly change its Lord : So that to believe on Christ as a King, as a Lord, as a Propber, it is to admit him to give bim up the whole man into his hands to biš holy and spiritual Government; as if the heart fhould say thus much, thou art a Holy. Ebrift and thou art he who are to reigne, now I take thee to be my Holy Lord, and I resigne up my felfe, I passeover my felfe unto chee, I will bave no Lord but thee, and I do with all my heart accept of thee to make me Holy, as thou art Holy, and to fubdue this vile heart of mine, and to rule in me, by thy blessed and mighty Spirit


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Has briefly of the immediate object of faith, on which faith

immediately looks (viz ) the person of Jesus Chrift: to take and receive Chrift, as Lord and Saviour. This is true faith; yet by the way tote a few chings.

First, that this taking is with all the heart, it is not a pretended taking a difsembled work; there is a taking of Christ with the congue, and a caking of him with the heart : O no, when true faith rakes Christ, ie brings in the very strength of the soul : 0 Lord Jesus, I do embrace thee, accept of thee with all my soul, with all my might, and with all my affe&ions.

Secondly, this taking of Christ is of all Cbrift, of Lord as well as 7efur:when the heart is made sensible of fin and Satan, and world, and Christ, and now falls off from them, I will have no more to do with you, I will serve you no longer, Christ only shall be my Saviour, and he only shall be my Lord, I will put wy soul under his Scepter and Government.

Thirdly, chis taking of Christ is onely of Chrift. For it is a como jugall taking, which consists of unity: one ( they say in the Metaphyficks) is divided in ic self, and divided from all belides it felf; fo is it in faiths taking of Christ, One Faich, One Lord, said the Apostle Fph. 4. It takes Christ so as none with Christ, or bės Gdes Chrift: The Patriarchs had most of themra wife, and a concubine, it is not so here, Faith doth match with an absoluce ess clusion of all other matches. It is not the soul, and Christ, and fin: nor the soul, and Chrift, and the world: nor the foul, and Christ, and the Devil: it is not the foul and Christ in chief, and finne in fervice as a deputy,or a corrivall, a secondary ching, &c.

Fourtbly, this taking is freed from mistaking. Faith knowes: what it doch, it sees its way it understands, I. Wbo thac is whom it takes. 2. Upor

ż. Upon what termes he will be taken. 3 Its grounds of taking

First who it is, (viz.) the Son of God, God and man, a moft hos ly person, a mighty Redeemer, and Saviour.

Secondly, upon what termes, (viz.) He will not come in by the by, he will not be taken as a vassaile,as a captive,as a drudge: be will not be taken for base and changeable reasons, meerly to


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stop a gap in che conscience, or only in faire weather, but he will be caken as Lord and King; to command all the heart, to dif. pole all the wares, to rule our very thoughts, he will be taken for his own sake, out of a judicious love and estimation of his person, he will be taken with all the estates and conditions that befail on che crope crucified, as well as in the way to Hierufalem magnified; as one persecuted and distressed on earth, as well as one raised and glorified-in heaven; and thus true faith cakes Cbrift.

Thirdly, upon what grounds, viz. upon Gods offer of Cbrift and promise, that wbosoever believes on him, &c. and on his commandmere, that we should believe on the Name of bis Son; whereupon faith brings in the soul to Christ, ic believeth char God faich b true, that he doth not call upon men, he doth not commani men, he doch not promise men, and allcbis to delude men; so that if you Thould ask faith what warrant had you to bring in such a foul to Chris? Why faith faith, God revealed, and offered his Sonne, and commanded meto believe, and promised not to cast off any that come, &c.

Fifchly, ebis taking is resolved against unt aking. All takings are not of the same force and power; if I take a servant, I take him fo, char upon good reasons and occafions I can put him off againe; but if I take a wife, there can be no untaking on my part, unless God cakes her, I must never forsake her. Faith cakes Christ this way, co be a Saviour for ever, to be a Head, an Husband; a Lord for ever: I observe that there are two kindes of taking Christ to be a Lord, one is compulsory and violent, as when an enemy is made to rule, a man in a sicknesse, in a terror of con science, in a day of wrath, in an expectation of death, he will cake Christ to be his Lord, he will say, Oh!finne is vile, I abhor it, I will become a new man, I will have none buriche Lord Christ, and he only shall be my Lord, and hereupon the man let's about the work of fhewing that Christ is his Lord, he will command his servants to pray, to heare, to read, to keep the Sabbath, &c. Yet this man as soon as Gods hard is off, as soon as ever he is freed from his bands, he will like a lewd apprentise, break loose from his Lord and Master, he will serve Christ no longer, he will co his sinsagain, co the world again,co his base fociecy again &c. Why? because this accepting was only violent, and no actions

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are stedfast, or constant, whose causes are compelling and violent.

Another is ingenions of faitb, and this caking of Christ, is grounded oncly in Christ, in its excellencies, beauties, perfeGions, which are not like the light of a candle, this houre very cleare, and the next, none at all, but like light in the Sunne, till abiding and remaining; and therefore, when a man doth by faith, take Cbrift, he takes him for ever: for faich can never change for the betcer, and it sees stedfast reason in Chrift, co cleave to Cbrift.

Now I come to the consequent obje&t of faith, and that is, remission of finnes and righieousnessé, and whatsoever geod comes from Christ,

For thus it is, faith doch order its motions, or a&ions aca cording to the word; Now the word reveales, and offers Chrift first, and then the benefics next. It is not; whosoever beleeves eternal life fhall have Cbrist che Sonne of God, but whosoever beleeves on the Sonne of God, fall buve eternal life ; Nor is it, whosoever beleeves the remission of Gianes, shall have. Chrift, but whosoever beleeves in Chrift, shall bave the Remiffion of finnes.

Yet when faich hath made che foule to take Chrift; it goes chen from the person to the portion, from Christ to the good in Christ, and by bim; for if Chrift be ours, all is ours, saith che A. poftle, 1 Cor. 2.



Will therefore speak a word of faith, as conversant a

bout, First, Remission of finnes. Secondly, Rightcorlo nese.

For the first of these, viz. the pardon or remission of linnes, Congder,

That remission of ferones, is an Action of God, acquitting the gilt And obe punishment, to sbar be will never reckon with the soul a. ny more in a judicial way for skole finnes which are pardoned. As when the King tbroughly pardons a Malefađor, he dif


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chargeth him , and takes off che gile, (we speak of it in respect of redundancy) that it tall noi now prejudice che person any longer ; so doth God, wben be pardons lione: Though he doch nor in this annihilace the finne, (that is ) make that to be no linne, which was finne , yet he doth prejudice sin(that is) be takes off che guile, chat it shall never redound to the damnation of the finner, no nor to his dammage.

Jesus Christ hath procured remillion or pardon of sinne for us, bence, Ephef.1.7. In whom you bave redemption through his blood, even

the forgivene (se of your fonnes. His blood was shed for many, for the remission of finnes, Mac. 26. (that is ) he did die, and by bis deach hath mericed, and procured our pardon and discharge : God offering Cbrift, offers with him the purchase of Christ, viz., the pardon of finnes ; If you will take my Sonae, I will pardon your fins. Now faich inclines the foul, which is sensible of its finful guile, to put it self on Jesus Cbrift for the discharge of them: As the wife looks for none, and goes to none but to her husband co discharge her debts; so taich goes to none for co procure remission of finnes, but only to Christ, and on him doth it reft. O Lord Chrift, faith Faith thou didst take these my lioful debts upon thee, and thou didft undertake to fatisfíe for them, and to get them to be blotted out, yea, and I know that thou didnt make a full fatisfaction. Now I renounce all hope of pardon from any thing in me, and do rest my soule on thy precious blood, trusting that it was shed for the remission of my sins; I have taken thee to be my Christ, and therefore I commit the answering of my finful debc, co thy full facisfađion and sufferings. Put the case to a beleeving heart, you have many sinful debts to answer for, finnes before conversion, and finnes after conversion; sins of ignorance , and singes of knowledge; these Ginnes have that in them, which bindes you over to wrath and curse, now to whom doch it belong to pardon chese finnes; your soul answers, to God, who com forgive finnes but God only And I ever I am besbat blotterb our sby fons,&c.yea, but for whose fake will God pardon

them? the soul anlwers, oncly for Christ Jefus fake, for he did shed his blood for their remiffion, and therefore faith goes with the soul to Christ, and faith, O bler.


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