Czechoslovakia Between Stalin and Hitler: The Diplomacy of Edvard Beneš in the 1930s

The Munich crisis of 1938, in which Great Britain and France decided to appease Hitler's demands to annex the Sudentenland, has provoked a vast amount of historical writing. But historians have had, until now, only a vague understanding of the roles played by the Soviet Union and by Czechoslovakia, the country whose very existence was at the center of the crisis.

In Czechoslovakia Between Stalin and Hitler, Igor Lukes explores this turbulent and tragic era from the new perspective of the Prague government itself. At the center of this study is Edvard Benes, a Czechoslovak foreign policy strategist and a major player in the political machinations of the era. The work analyzes the Prague Government's attempts to secure the existence of the Republic of Czechoslovakia in the treacherous space between the millstones of the East and West. It studies Benes's relationship with Joseph Stalin, outlines the role assigned to Czechoslovak communists by the VIIth Congress of the Communist International in 1935, and dissects Prague's secret negotiations with Berlin and Benes's role in the famous Tukhachevsky affair. Using secret archives in both Prague and Russia, this work is an accurate and original rendition of the events that sparked the Second World War.


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1 CzechoslovakSoviet Contacts from the End of World War I to Adolf Hitlers Machtergreifung 19181933
Beneš and Stalin in Hitlers Shadow 19331935
Central Europe 19351937
New Evidence from the Archives in Prague and Moscow
Austrian Anschluß and the May Crisis
Western and Soviet Policies Toward Czechoslovakia from June to Early September 1938
7 September 1938
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Igor Lukes is University Associate Professor of International Relations at Boston University and a Fellow of the Russian Research Center at Harvard University.

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