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fion, 55


of, 240.


Nrle, and the Sea, a fable, 481. PRETENDER, Charles Edw. anecs
NUNNERIES, in France, abuses in, dotes relating to his enterprise in

Scotland, 271. Of the religious

part of his character, 435. Pre-
Ath, obligation of, highly re fent declenfion of his interest at

garded by the old Romans, Rome, ib. and 438.

PRITCHARD, Mrs. poetic enco,
Oil, remarks on its influence in mium on, 389., &c. 54. Lessens (he PROPERTY, nature, and origin of,
friction, but adds to the cohe.


PROVISIONS, dearness of, causes

afligned for, 415. Engroffers,
Apists, not to be trused by &c. apology for, 478_-479.
proteftants, 404.

Flour-trade considered, 479.
PARSONS, Dr. his account of the PRUSSIANS, character of their fol-
Pholas Conoides, 449. Of the diery, 82.
white negroe, ib.

Psalm lxviii. Dr. Chandler's pa-
PATAGONIANS, humorous account raphrase of, 208

PYNSENT, satirical elegy to, 1636
Paul, St. his with to be accursed PYTHAGORAS, his golden verles

from Christ, meaning of, 26. praised, 540.
PEASANT, happy life of, poeti-
cally represented, 323. "The

scene reversed, ib.

UAKERS, vindicated, 487.
PENDULUMS, remarks on their
· vibrations, 52.

PENNINGTON, Mrs. her letters, in EID, Dr. a material principle

vind, of her own conduct, 466. in his Inquiry contraverted,
PERSECUTION, religious, its horrid 545
nature, 173.

REIMARUS, Dr. his letter to the
Philip, of Macedon, his policy Reviewers, 567.

for acquiring the fovereignty of REVELATIONS tenth and eleventh,
Greece, 502. His fuccefles ruin new explication of, 279. Ap-

ous to his own family, 505. plied to the conversion of the
PHILOSOPHERS, reproachfully re Americans, ib.

prefented, 252. Always pro- RHEUMATISM, remedy for, 309.
moters of peace, 543.

RHUBARB, cultivated at Edinburgh,
PHYSICIANS, Curious consultation

of four, 113.

RICHLIEU, Cardinal, his charac-
PLANTADE, Mr. his notion of the ter, and splendid manier of liv-
homunculus in femine mascu.

ing, 520. Famous epigram on

him, ib.
PLATO, the Moses of Atrica, 555. RIDICULB, how far the test of
PLEURISY, method of treating, 308 truth, 226.
POMPADOUR, Mad. her character, Romans, whence originally de-

256. Her description of Lewis scended, 491. Religion the
XV, 267.

grand engine of their state, ib.
Pope, Mr. twice in danger of be Their pious regard to oaths,
ing drowned, 133.

POPERY, vindicated, on the prin. ROME, grand re!

ciple of church-authority, 303. there, 432
PRAGUE, account of the famous

battle of, 84.


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lino, 553,

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great en

ing at a very low ebb there, and TIME-KEEPERS, by clock work, why, 438.

observations on, 50. Reusseau, Mr. quarrel between TORRE, Father de, his new-in

him and Mr. Hume, 390, Let vented microscopes, 452.

ters between them, 394--400. Turks, character of their troops, RUSSIAN S, character of their fol.

83. diery, 82,


AGRANT beggars, the re.

ACRAMENT of the Lord's Sup. V proach of aceste:y, less SACE


case of, 327.

per, a typical facrifice, 24. VAMP, a look seiler, dialogue beSaxons, converted to Christianity tween him and his patron, 154

by the sword, 173. Pursue the VANDALS, origin of, 170. same method to convert their V'AN 10 MR167., Mils, her unhappy neighbours, ib.

pafiion for Swift, 143. SCANDAL, observations on VENEDI, account of that people, laws against, 67.

171. Their peculiar aversion to SCHWERING, Count, his descrip Christianity, 172.

tion of the battle of Prague, 84. VENEREAL disease, remarkable SERMONS, the old methodical com

johtion of, vindicated, 195. VENICF, gallantry of the ladies SIMPLICITY, in the abstract, an there, 332. Apology for them,

incomprehensible term, 539. 333. The lawyers there, extraSMUGGLING, true means of lup vagant warmth of their pleadpressing,

446 SOCIETY, human, progressive ftages VETERINARY Academy, account

of, from the state of nature, considered, 223,

VOLTAIRE, his unfair manner of Solon, imperfection of his laws, ridiculing the scriptures, 168. 500-501,

Some account of his splendid SPANIARDS, character of their fol. manner of living, 330. His diery, 82.

fondness for Mad. Clairon, ib. SPONGES, indued with animal life, His Pbilofophe Ignorant, 537.

450. STILES, Sir Eyles, his account of

W. some new microscopes, 452 ALPOLE, Mr. author of the

ings, ib.

of, 534•


King of Pruflia to M. Rousseau, SUESCRIPTIONS to points of faith, 401. His treatment of Mr. R. &c. the right of church gover

cenfured, 469. nors to exact chem, vindicated, WARBURTON, Bp. droll construc217. This doctrine controvert tion of a passage in his sermon ed, 298.

relating to the colonies, 408. SUTTON, Mr, his practice of ino Humorous explication of his se

culation for the finall-pox, 188. cret intentions in writing the DiSwift, Dean, his importance

vine Legation, 424; with Queen Anne's tory-minif. Wesley, John, remarkable incontry, 36.

filtency in his notions of im

puted righteousness, 166.

WHITFIELD, Mr. satirically cha-
Heft, absurdity of our laws racterized, 320,
relating 10, 250.



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