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The plan of these Exercises was first suggested to the author whilst connected with a pastoral charge. In the course of his lectures to catechumens, he often felt the necessity of something of this kind. The Catechism in its naked form, must remain, in a great measure, a sealed book to most catechumens, as well as be difficult of study wo children in the Sabbath School. To facilitate the labors of ministers and Sabbath School teachers, and, at the same time, to render the study of the Catechism both easy and pleasant to catechumens and Sabbath School scholars, was thought, in these circumstances, to be a desirable as well as acceptable service. The author could not, however, prevail upon himself to go forward in carrying out his plan until recently: partly on account of the great labor the preparation of the Exercises required, and partly from a fear lest the plan itself should not meet with such acceptance, as seemed necessary to justify the undertaking. After he was connected with the press for some time, the Exercises were commenced and published in successive numbers in the “Weekly Messenger,” in compliance with the wishes of several personal friends. The reception with which they met, was much more flattering than had been anticipated, and this circumstance, together with a desire further to subserve the interests of the Catechism in connection with Catechetical classes and Sabbath Schools, has induced him to revise the Exercises and give them to the public in their present form.

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