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R E V E L. 16. V E R. 4,5,6, 7.

And the third Angel poured out his vial upon the rivers and fountains of waters, and they became bloud. And 1 heard the Angel of the waters fay, Thou art righteous, O Lord, which art, and rpaftt and si;alt bet because thou hash iudged thus: For they ha ve fbed the bloud of Saints and Prophets, and thou haft given them blond to drinke * for they are worthy. And 1 heard another out of the Altar fay, Even so, Lord God Almighty, true andrightcom are thy iudgements. . ..

yHese seven Angels (as you heard) that had the vials of the last: wrath of God to poure out, they poure it all nut upon the Antichristian world, upon the Beast, or something or other pertaining to the Beast; for the hrst that poured his vial on the earth, vexed them that had the mark of the beast; he begins therefore with the beast, And the fist Angel poured forth his vial upon the throne of the beast:, in the 10. ver, and when the seventh Angel poured forth his vial, Great Babylon came up in remembrance before God, <$ c. in the 19.ver. So that (in a word) all thele vials being poured out f!om first to last upon the earth, and the earth being the Antichristian state, opposite to heavenly and pure Churches, all the

A vials vials arc poured u£on the Antichristian world orjtate. And fas you fee) they begin with the lowest elements sirst; The sirst upon the earth, the next upon the sea, the third uj on the rivers and fbuntaines, the fourth upon the fun in that worlds the sift upon the throne of the Beast, the sixt upon Euphrates, the seventh upon the ayre. Now the second Angel (or which you heard the last day) having poured out his vial upon the sea, it became as the bloud of a dead man, and all that lived in that sea, dyed.


The sea (you heard) is the confluence of waters and rivers, and doth hold forth the confluence or concurrence qf all the oracles, and ordinances, and mcanes ofgrace and salvation, or those that are pretended so to be. The concurrence, or confluence of them all to one body, which in one word was their Religion in the old Temple, it was resembled to a brazen sea, wherein the Priests washed themselves; In the Apostolique Church of the New Testament, it is resembled unto a lea of glafle, like unto crystall, wherein you might see the sace of thrift, as in a mirrour; In Reformed Churches, it is a sea of glasse, mingled with fire; In Popish Churches, it is as the bloud of a dead man; no living bloud is there to be found to wash the people in, but as the bloud of a dead man, without life, to them that are \\ ashed in it, and rather sit to choake,and poison, and kill, then to give life. Now that being the sea; Then he.c the next vial is poured out upon the rivers and fountains of waters that run into this lea, and derive this lea up and downe the earth, The third Angel poured out his vial upon the rivers and fountains of waters: And the pouring: out of his vial, is described, First, by the iubjecl on .which itis poured, Vpon the rivers and fountains of waters: Secondly, by the effect, and they became bloud: Thirdly, the pouring out of this vial is amplified by the testimony given to it, and the effect of it; What is the testimony? It is double, i. Given by the Angel of the waters.-inthe5 ver. J heard the-Angel of tlx waters fay, what doth he lay ? he gives to Cod the glory of his i ighteoulhefle, and of his unchangeable rightcoulhesle, vrhich art ^ and wast, and st>alt be, because thou haft iudged thm: And the reason of it (he gives) is taken from the equity of the law us retaliation, in the 6.vsrt For they Iraroe shed the blond of Saints and Prophets, and thou haft given them b hod to dn»ke,for they are worthy. The second Testimony stimony by which this nowrjng out of the Vjall U amplified, (and the effect of it is justified) is by another Angell ,out of the Altar in the 7. ver. who faith Amen to thjs: Even so Lord Cod Almightyy true and righteotu are thy iudgments. For the rnea»ning of the words. '--

she sea being Religion, the confluence of ordinances, such ordinances as are dispensed in any religion: The rivers and foun^fains of water that spring from the lea, andreturneto the sea, and derive all their springs and waters from thence, they are , (and it is generally lo received, and therefore with more frees dome of Ipirit a man may declare it) these rivers, and fountains of waters are generally conceived to be the Prie(ls, aijji Ministers of the Popish Church, who carry Popish Religion,asFountains and Rivers do the Sta, up and down the earth; Ib do they Popish Religion, up and down the Nations, carryit to and fro, only there is this difference between them, and ordinary rivers ancl fountains, ordinarily rivers and fountains are freih, though the lea be lalt, but here the fountains & rivers are lalt and brackish allb; -js these lalt springs be, that run through fait minerails, which are of like nature with the sea, and these keep their brackLTinesse still: And lb it is with these rivers and fountains, they run through the earth, on which the first Angel poured out his vial; they run through the cursed earth, as it is plagued of God, and therefore still rctaines the like unwhollome Ureams which are found in the bloudy sea: And therefore it is laid, that as the sea became bloud, lo these rivers allb became bloud, and carryed but the like kind of water which they received from the lea, conupt. As the Religion it seise is corrupt, so are these fountaines and rivers, the Priests and Jefuites, whether secular or regular, that is, the Parish Priests of their Churches, or Her gular Monkes that are in Religious Orders, or who ever are sent forth by these, they are these rivers and fountaines of waters that run to and fro to fill all the world with their iea,with their Religion. It is the fame word which the Apostle Peter hath in exprefling the nature .of false teachers, though there it is wells y yet the words are both one, They are wells mt hots t water, meaning,without water of bfe.,carrying their owne drugs and dregs, 2 Pet, 2.17. A fit expression (therefore) of such kind of Priests or Prophets, as doe convey unwhollome liquor or water up and downe a countrey. Now of these it is laid, that .on the pou-?

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ring out orthis-vial, they became bloud, not onely in regard that their waters themselves are bloud, the doctrine and worship which they doe hold forth to the people are corrupt, as their lea is, (like the plague in Egypt- when their waters and rivers were turned to bloud) but that chiefly in regard of the punishment which they inflict on them for ib doing, which is a bloudy death, as bloud is expounded in the 5. and 6. verses, where the Anpel ofthe waters faith, Thou art righteous, O Lord, &c. because thou hast iudged thus: Why ? For they have foed the blond of Saints and Prophets, ami thou hast given them bloud to drinks > }or they are worthy : So this is bloud which God hath given them to drinke. And that is an uiuall phrase, to give a man bloud to drinke, is to kill him: As Tomjris of old laid to King Cyrus, Thou haft been a bloud-thirsty man, drink thou bloud which thou hast thirsted. When you give a man bloud to drink, you put him to death. So this Angel, who ever it was, that poured out this vial, he puts these Priests to death, he gave them bloud to drink, both made themselves to undergoe a bloudy death, to drinke bloud, aud also made ail that received and entertained them, to drinke bloud too; and this was effectually accomplished by Queene Elizabeth, when in the 27. yeare of her raigne, in the yeare 15 Si. by the consent of the Parliament, she made it a Law, that if any Priest or J esuite, that had received Orders from the Sea of Rome, or any authority from that Sea, should come into the Realme,and poe about or practice to seduce any of theQueenes loyall Subjects from their ailegeance, to the obedience ofthe Sea of Rome, or practice to draw them to that religion , he should be judged puiity of high treason , and suffer in the case of a Traitor; And this was another branch of that Statute , That if any gave entertainment to such Priests and Jesiiites (after certain dayes,) and knew them to be such, should suffer as in cafe of telonie, without the benesit of his Booke; so that both of them must drinke bloud both the Jesuites and Priests themselves , and their abettors and entertainers; and the ground was, because they had bloudy intendments in their comming, intending to kill the Queene, or corrupt the State with unwholsome and pernicious Doctrine,to draw the people from their ailegeance, to the obedience of the Sea of Rome, that so as it was said, a generation .of.Catholiques was the

<:orcorruption ofhcr subjects : To prevent which mischiefe, this Law was enacted, and ib upon this occasion, many suffered that yeare, and others in after yeares, most part of .her Raigne.

Now what is then the meaning of the next words,. 1 heard the Angel of the waters fay,Thou art righteous, O Lord, which art, and wast, and shalt be, because thou haft iudged thus: so it wasbloud recompenced with bloud. This Angel of the waters, it was he or she that poured out this vial on these waters: She with the consent of her Councel, and Parliament, they were this Angel of the waters that had this power over these rivers and fbuntaincs, and this was accomplished two or three yeares after,, when she set Secretary Cicill on worke to write a Booke with this Title, Justitia Britanni X,the Justice of Britai/ie, wherein Secretary Cicilly by her appointment, doth make it cleare to all neighbour Nations, (and for that end published his Book in sundry Languages, French, Dutch, and Spanish) that what was decreed in that Parliament was just, according to the Law of God, and the true principles of Christian State Policie, that there was no hope of safety to the Quecnes Person, or of peace to the Common wealth, or of liberty to true Reformed Religion, if such persons were suffered to goe up and downe in that pestilentious manner, to pervert and corrupt the people, and withdraw them from their Allegeance, and subject them to the Bishop of Rome; that they did not luster meerely on point of Religion, though on thole points of their Religion which gave them occasion Ib to "work, he doth not deny that neither, but in respect that the frame of their Religion was not compatible to any Protestant State; And the very Booke it seise holds forth this in effect, that the Lord was just herein -y and as the Text here tels us, Tjhon dirt righteous, O Lord, because thou hast iudged thus: And .he attributes not onely right eoulhefle to God in this, but immuta-' bility, and constancie, which art, and wast, and Jbalt be alway. The fame from the ancient Law of retaliation, in the 24. of Leviticus, 15?, 20, 21. it is there ordained , that look what a man doth to others, it shall be so done to him, Breach for breach, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, &c.They gave thy Prophets

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