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merits, he brings in another Altar: Therefore by the ancient Lawes of that unchangeable God that thought it unlust'erablc in .those day es, he thinks it unsufserable now that Priests and Jesiiites should bring in other Altars, other Mediations and Mediators, as Prayers of Saints and Angels ; the Lord looks at it as deeply meritorious of a bloudy death, as in former times. He is the lame Cod, and his zeale and ;ealoulieis deeply provoked against the like kind of vicioufnesle now as ever it was then. That is a second Argument.

And yet in point ofseducement, this I will fay, that isa man upon conviction lliall fee the wickedneiTe ofhis way, and humble his ibule before God,and give satissaction to the Church and State where he Hull be convinced, on such conviction and repentance, we sind liberty to pardon ;but yet stigmatize him, as in the 13. oiZach. If the Prophet shall repent, and say, J am no Prophet, nor the fonne of a Prophet, but an Httsbandman, and mj father taught me to keep bcajls or fljeep, and therefore he will not weare a rough garment to deceive And if any man aske him, tvhat Are those rrounds in thine hands ? he fmll answer, Those with which 1 was wounded in the house of my friends, Zach. 13.4,5,6. That shews in iiich a call* they saved his life, but they inflict some punishment on him, to carry away with him. And this is spoken not of the dayes of the Old Testament,but it is written to be done when there is a fountain opened to the houleof David, and to the Inhabitants of hrnfaUm) forsinne and for uncleannesie, in the 1. ver. And in the 7. ver. when the Lord calls fora sword against his Shepheai'd, and against the man that is his fellow, the Lord J elus Christ, and his companions his disciples, He will smite the f.epheard, and the seep fia/l le scattered, (and those are the dayes of the New Testament) in thole times it is, when the Prophets tTiall be thus cut off that rife up to seduce the people ofGod.

And a third Reason is taken from the due desert of foul- Reds. 3. rnurther: There is none of all these Priests, or jefuites, or Heretiques, that sin in the like kind, corrupting the precious truth of God, in the very foundations of it;but they worry and devour the loules of GoJs people, I meane thole that fliould not die, (though Gods elect cannot be ieduced) yet thole whom we ought to looke fit, that stiould not be thus murthered, and brought to death by such means. In the 7. Mat. 15. Beware of

false Proplxts which come unto you in steeps cloathing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves: Is it not an acceptable service to the whole Countrey to cut oft the ravenous wolves? what. is the wolfe to the sheep? is he not the very death of them all that he lights on, or fall in his jawes? so is it with the sheep of Christ, that fall into the j'awes of these Romish ravenous wolves.

It is laid of those false teachers, iTimoth. 2. i?,. Thy destroyed the faith of some, rrho concerning the truth, have erred. And in the 2 Pet. 2. 1, 2, 3. he telsus, There shall be false teachers amongsl them, that stall bring in damnable herefes, even denying the Lord that bought them, and stall bring upon themselves swift deprutHon, cs"c. They shall make merchandise or you, as the Church of Rome, and her fountaines and rivers doe; they make merchandise of the soules of men, Rev.i8.13. Now to make merchandise of an Israelite, as in the 21. F.xod. 16. it is a capitall crime, lie that jlealeth a man, and felleth him , or if he be found in his hand, he stall surely be put to death. Now thcle fell men, and engage them to perpctuall bondage, under their tyrannie,both in doctrine, and worlnip, and government. This murther of lbules is justly a capitall crime; us Mofcs said before, If they thr-us theefrom thy God, and will not let thcewalke with him, let not thine eye spare such kinde of corrupters and desperate deluders.

Reaf 4. The fourth reason is taken from that which the luflitia Britannia stands most upon, and becomes States-men to doe; and that is the confpiracie and treason against the State: And that unavoidably, by suffering such locust to run up and downe the Cotiutrey, to poison the hearts of men, by their cormpt wayes and meanes : for thcle Ministers, they doe unavoidably, not accidentally, but they unavoidably draw men from their Allcgeance due to their Native Prince , to a fbrrainc State : 1 or if a Prince should profcflse Protestant Religion, ( which is the true Religion) and thereupon be excommunicate by the Bishop of Rome, what then? then by the Lawes of their State he is deposed from his throne.

And they doe notably abuse the old type of Leprosie for this : V<ziah beir.g once smitten with leprosie , then the High Priest removes him iiom the Temple of the Lord, and

.,- .' 'he he may not be suffered anymore to governe; tor if once the Lord Unite a man with leprosie in his judgement, (and indeed , let heresie be one kinde of leprosie) if the Priest pronounce him lo, then he is cut oft* from the government of the Countrey, then his people are not subject to him, and lb subjects are freed from their sidelity to their naturail Prince, which is a notable abuse of that place:, lor Cod doth not intend that the authority of any Minister or Priest in the Old or New Testament should lb sarre prevaile, that what they did in the Old Testament to y<xjab% should take oft' Princes from their Cjoverment in the New: tor even in the old Testament they still retained the Crown, though their power of execution was delegated to another; and that not by the High-Priests appointment, but by himlelfe.

But as things were with them, so though not in the same kinde, but in a typicallway , it besalls Princes in the New Testament. If a man were found a Leper in the Old Testament , hee was sequestred from the administration of his Kingdome, and from his owne houle , Lcviricw 13.46. he must not live in the Campe, or in the Towne or Village, but alone, and in a separate place by himlelfe, (as thole that are sick of thePestilence in our Native Countrey) they are not fufferedto live in the towne, but in Pest-houles, unleiVe there be a general! infection.

. But this thing must not be applyed in the letter to the state of the Church, in the New Testament; for Leprosie was not oncly atype of scandalous, infectious ims, but it wasallb a bodily, noylbme, infectious dilease, and made a man unsit for civill commerce.

Voreover , us Leprore was also a type of scandalous and infectious sinnes, so the sequestring of V^iah from the Temple, doth type forth, not that Chjistiun Kings should be separate from their thrones; Lor he that .gives to a man a Kingdome, or any earthly estate, doth not debarre that man from his house, if he be a private man, nor from his government, if he be a publique perlbn.

But what is the Kingdome that is typed out?

It is the King.iome of the glory of Christ, J E-; sus: If therefore hee be shut out from the holy Temple

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of Israel, he is shut out from the Kingdome of'Heaven indeed, that is true j for what is done by the Churches of God on earth, is bound in Heaven: But yet Christ Jesus never thought it meete to separate any by any Church power, from communion with his wise and children, thole whom nature bound him to; nor from his servants and subjects, whom civill engagements bound unto him; but only from interest in the spiritual! communion of the seals ofimmortality, and yet but for a season, for the healing of his soule, not for the destroying of his person or state, but otherwise to exclude them from their own houses, or Kingdomes,or from any civill right, it was never Gods counsel! nor meaning in the New Testament: But now the contrary being the doctrine osthe Church oi'Rome} and on that ground justified. When Princes are excommunicated, they doe depose them, and being deposed, discharge subjects from their allegeance, and then judge you what treason redownds to Christian Princes, and what confpiracie and rebellion groweth in the state of a Kingdome, when some take part with the King deposed, and others with him that is substituted by the Pope; and ib there is Treason both against Prince, and State, and Kingdome. And therefore it is an ancient j'ustice of God, that hath so ordered it,that those that Hi all draw Gods people from the Allegeance of their Prince, shall be j'udged Traitors, and softer paine of death.

Rcas, 5 And for a sift reason, (mentioned in the Text) it is taken from the law of retaliation; that look how men have dealt with others, they should be so dealt withajll themselves. Now these Priests and Jeluitcs, and their Abettors, in the time of QueeneyW^j, and Henry the eighth, and all the Kings since, the Statute against Lollards in England, as also against the Hugonitesin France,if a man were Inspected of hereticall pravity, and pronounced guilty thereof by the Church, he was to be delivered to the secular power; onely he might have leave to consider of it: But it he sell againe, there was no hope of mercie, but he must looke for blond, as if he were no better then a child of death: And yet they were men that never troubled the State, but quietly suffered for their Religion and Conlcience: So that these J eiuites and Priests, delivering up so many innocent Lambs of Christ,Ministers of the Golpel, and holy Saints, to the Secular power, to be burnt at the stake in Smithfield, and

elseelsewhere, and the Abettors of these Priests and Testates, being very zealous to cut oft* sitch Lollards from the land of the living, it is just and right with God, They have given thy Saints and Prophets bloud to drinks, and therefore looke as they have measured to others, it is measured to them, by the ancient Law of God, that is the fame, andrri11 be for ever, Rev.13.10. He that killeth with the sword, must be killed by the (word. So you see this point is \ laine, That upon the discovery of the deadly corruption of the Religion in the Romish Sea, it was the righteous judgement of God, and liich as argued him to be unchangeable, and ever the same, that the Priests and J estates which carryed the waters of that Sea, that Religion up anddowne the Nat ion, should be condemned to a bloody death: you see the truth oft he point, and the reasons of it.

For the use of the point, it may sirst serve to justisie the holy ype and righteous equity of all thole laws above mentioned, whether in Englandat Holland, for putting Popish Priests and Jesuit es to death, and there was a like law also made in France, upon the murther of Henry the fourth,that all j eluites should be put away out of the Countrey, and thur studies demolished, &c.'but they made it in policie; But the Text speakes of England and Holland, it \\ as a just and righteous law, that t hese rivers and fountains of waters should become blood: you lee there is blasphemy in their worship against the Lord Jesus Christ, they doe seduce the people of Cod, and turne them from the Lord, and thrust them from him, by their j[uUideation by workes, by their callings on Saints and Angels, and trusting in other Vediators besides the Lord Jesus in the intercession of Saints and Angels: It hath beene a j'ust hand of God, that they that worry (like ravenous wolves) the loules of Gods people, should themselves be worried: that they that have made sirebrands of Christians, should drinke blood themselves; they that over-whelmed .Christians in confusion and tumult, it is j'ust with God, that they should be over-whelmed; they that have beene so busie in putting to death innocents, that they should also be put to death : you see this is j'ust with God, it is well becommingtothe unchangeable righteoulneste of God 1 thus it was in the old Testament, and why be changed in the new? . - ;.

You will say it was but a typicall matter then, and you Ob

.. must

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