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j'udiciall laws o£Mofis%th&t are built upon moral equity ;that is, where the reason of a Law holds in one Nation as well as in anothcr; in the New Testament as in the Old. There are sundry Laws particular to that Polity, which had peculiar reasons for them, as to marry in their kindred, to keep their inheritance to their Tribe, we have not that reason: But, where the Laws are of like morall reason,as will hold in all Ages, and In all Countreys,as it is in all the capitall Laws oi Moses, there is no reason why a Jew should be put to death for point of Adultery, or Incest, or for stealling a man,and selling him to a Pagan,more then a Christian. I fay therefore look what was the Law of God by Moses,ifit were of perpetuall reason and equity, it lyes on every Common-wealth to establish the fame, and to take your selves' as much bound to it as the Jews, why ? for the Text tels us, the very right eousnesse of God is in it: And looke as he was then a hater of all wickednes with a perfecT hatred, and as he was just, so he is still, heresie is no more pleasing to him, nor blasphemy, nor lediicing,nor to change the way of his worship,and to draw men to waves wherein they cannot enjoy the Lord in peace; murder of soules is no more welcome to him now, then of old. And therefore if there were a Law to punish such with capitall punishment, it is a like j'usticeofGod to cnjbynefiich Laws in every Christian Common-wealth. And therefore if we look at Gods j'ustice as unchangeable, we may not prevaricate j'udiciall laws, letting aside some typicall considerations, or some peculiar consideration, in regard of their Polity : But such as were to punisti men by death, or were received on morall equity and ground, looke what was for them to doe there, is the fame proportion for us ; put the fame cafe, and you will findethe like reason for the fame punifliment. It is irue,some ceremonies were there punistied with death, and ib the like kind of profaning the Sabbath, is as j'ustly punifliable with us, if profaned' with an high hand ; to gather sticks with an high hand, in contempt of the Sabbath of the Lord, is as j'ustly punishable with death now asthen.Andsoyoumay fay of any other law j'ustly punistiable by death,and that are built on perpetuall moral equity,Our God is the fame God that he was; and so you stiall have him count that righteous whiles the world stands.

Por a sixt. This may serve to take off a corrupt interpretation Vfi 6 which some have made of this place, ora collection that they

C 3 have

have gathered from hence, that the Angels of God are deputed
to feverall offices; here is one Angel of the waters; and lome'
are deputed to governe the earth,lbme sire, some the waters and
sea,as I might tell you, if it were meet to trouble you with hu-
mane inventions, and collections ofmens braines; the colle-
ction is chiefly grounded on this place, but it is wholly mista-
ken/or the Angel of the waters here is not any particular Angel
of God, any of those heavenly spirits, but the Angels and Mini-
sters of Gods justice, upon metaphoricall seas and waters. It is
true,those here were Governours of the narrow seas,and she that
gave commission to execute the righteous judgement of God
upon thole rivers, she was Admirall of the narrow leas, but
that is not the meaning. Biit the Angel that poured oat his vial
upon the rivers and fountains of waters, it is he or she that did
execute the righteous j'udgment of God upon the Popish Priests
and Jesuites j and that didboth Qiieene and he that

had a great hand in executing that j'udgement, and the Angel from under the Altar, they ratisied that Law, and j'ustisied it when they had done. Now it is true, the Angels of God assist the servants of God in this glorious work,but they are lent forth, indifferently, to protect Gods servants by sea or by land: And I sinde no Scripture to shew that they are more particularly sent to the sea, or to the earth, but indifferently to protect Gods lervants in their out-goings and in-commings. J'fi 7» Lastly^ may serve to teach us a true estimation of Ministers. If Pop ilh Priests be rivers and fountaines of waters, drinking bloud, because they have made Gods servants and Prophets drink bloud, then it shews what place other Ministers be in, where the sea is cleare as glaflc, like chrystall, where yon may seethe sace of Christ as in a plane, 2 CV.3.18. what then? where the sea is pure, all Ministers of the Countrey, and Elders of Churches, carry forth the doctrine and worssiip of Christ, they are as rivers and fountaines, and being living water, rivers of fresh water, and water all the Countrey. This is the olsice of of thenvin opposition to those in 2 Pet.2.17. that are wells without water, without sweet water*." Godly Ministers therefore are fountaines offweet water, and from them issue forth streames of living water. In Pjal.$$. ult. Al! my frejb springs arc in thee% I would onely apply it thus, and leave it and the Text with the % time: That therefore looke as a man when he would poe forth


to a new Plantation, or sit downe in any place, or if he would set his dwelling house in a place, he would wifely fore-cast to have a fountaine of living water, a living spring neere to his house, or some sweet spring run neere him. Why ?;If he be without fresh water, it is a great want for the provision of his houshold: Water they must have, either a fresh tiver, or a fresh spring, the one of the two; if they can have both, they covet . both : and there is great need, not onely to quench fire, and water gardens^ &c.but for boiling of meat and drink, washing of cloathes, and sundry victuals. Water is ever necessary, as any thing; nothing mure. This is mens care, when they goe about Plantations, cr whether they plant townes or villages, or their owne dwelling houses,they have a care to provide for fresh water. All I would fay is this. Take heed you doe not provide forfountaines of ordinary water, and neglect rivers or sweet water: That is,be ware of going about such work, without carrying such fountaines with you,as may from the sea of pure Religion, pure doctrine, and pure worship, carry forth some fiich sweet streams as may make glad the hearts of your families, and Church of God where you goe.

But you will fay, Have not Christians so much liberty, a Ob* company of godly men liberty to enter into covenanted make seme beginning of things, and so call some or other, whom they know are well gifted men, furnished with gifts, may we not call them to come and help us,and have we not that liberty purchased by the bloud of the Lord Jesus?

AU this is true brethren, I would infringe no part of it: One- j\nsw, ly this let me fay, you would be loth to provide no better for temporals, you would be loth to set a to wne where there are no rivers nor fountaines; and ityou doc sit downe where there are no fountaines, yet you have liberty to fetch water from other places, Christ hath purchased it: True, he hath purchased all li. berties for his Church, but you will not think it wifdome to sit downe where there are no rivers, because you have no right to them by the bloud of J esus ; that would not be a sufficient reason in things concerning this naturali life: why then doe not build further on the bloud of Christ for spirituall rivers,then you will doe for naturali; but rather prize spirituall rivers above naturally more worthy then all naturali comforts to be looked afteri Therefore when ever you are about such a work as this,


take the lord Jesus Christ along with you, and take rivers and fbnntaines ofwaters; that as you look for rivers and fountains for the refreshment of your cattle , and servants, and children, •you may findeia living fountaine of the bloud of Christ, conveighed and running in the plantation where you intend to sit downe; otherwise you will finde the springs there, and the fountains and rivers you sit downe by, rife up'in judgement against you, that these are the things you sought for, and out of regard to these, you left the fountains and rivers of Gods house, the ordinances of God behind you, and goe and live in the outmost corners of a countrey,or in some other countrey,ail is one; Therefore sit downe no where without good Ministers, if it be possible, and sure possible it is, else Christians may resolve to tarry whgre they are, as Ezra tarried by the river Ahavay. in the 8. ofEzra i^. till he had got some Levites to goe with them, that they might goe and make a comfortable worke of it, that they might not leave the Ordinances behind them; and yet there were some there before, whither they went. It is true, some may goe and make a beginning, but yet never, make a beginning, but where you may come and partake of the waters of Gods house every Lords day,and let them that cannot so tra\ ell, let them continue where they are, and drink of the waters ofeternall life, rather then run luch hazards. You have seene when some have made a beginning without Ministers, they have staid three or foure yeeres before they have got any help, and when they have got them,they have had much adoe to settle-.they have been suddenly unsettled, though they have not gone rashly about it,but with good advice: but for want of this there, not taking these rivers and fbuntaincs with them, they have been at a losse, and therefore in such a case let it be the wisdome of sincere hearted Christians/that come from old England for liberty and purity of Ordinances, not to leave them now for fresli medows and fountaines: and for want of planting ground, and the like, it will not be suitable to these ends for" which you left your native Countrey.

THE The Fourth


Revel. i£. 8, p.

And the fourth Angel poured out his vial upon the Sun, and poiver Jvjs given to him to scorch men ivith fire.

And men were scorched ivith great heat s and ILifphemed the name of Goch which had power over these plagues and they repented'not to give him glory.

>L1 the seven Angels that are described to pour cut the seven Vials of the last fierce wrath, arc all of them faid to come out of the Temple of the Tabernacle opened in heaven in the $ Verse of the 15 Chapter: That is to ^So^j^^^ % > aM of them to proceed , and to come

forth out of reformed Churches, such as had gotten the victory over the Beast, and his Imagcymd his Name* and the number of his Name. In the 6 Verse of this Chapter, they arc all of them further described, to be cloathe J with pure and white lumen, and to have their breasts girded with golden girdles; that is tofay> all of thsmtobecloathed wish the rightcousnesse of Christ (which is pure linnen) both justifying and (an&ifying of them, the one imputed, the other inherent, and all of them to be sincere professors of the truth of Christ, their breasts girded with the golden girdles of truth. Further, they arc all of them said Co receive a command

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